The Next Things To Teach Your Dog 🐶 ! (How to go from BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE)

The Next Things To Teach Your Dog 🐶 ! (How to go from BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE)

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Today’s episode is sponsored by Rover Click thumbs up for pancake the Corgi Puppies subscribe to my channel and get A copy of my book now available in German pancakes are supposed to be sweet Once you’ve taught your dog the basics You’ll want to know where to go from There today we’re gonna go over how to Phase in intermediate level training With your dog really dogs require lots Of mental and physical stimulation to Really be content I mean obviously right But often that’s easier said than done Fortunately there’s a great new way to Solve this Rover is an app and a website That lets you quickly find in book 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers the App gets a 4.9 star rating on the App Store so obviously people are really Loving the Rover app and you’re gonna Find that it’s really user friendly I Think that’s why it’s so popular there Are so many real services available here At your fingertips Let’s take dog walking for example right Away you can see I’m when these stars Someone has and their price per walk in This case Catherine’s got 14 reviews she Charges $15 per walk and you can see a Full list of Catherine’s skills here and The reviews on Rover are verified Reviews that way you can feel really Good about finding someone that you Trust meet and greets with potential

Caretakers are completely free and you Can do as many of them as you want once You find someone that you trust they’ll Send you photos and detailed updates About how your dog’s day is going How about doggie day care in someone’s Home let’s check that one out so it Looks like between twenty and thirty Dollars a day you can have someone take Care of your dog for an entire day for $25 off your first booking visit Rover Comm slash Zach George and enter promo Code Zach George I’ll have that link in The description once your dog has Learned a few of the basics like sit lie Down maybe stay for a short period of Time it’s so easy to fall into that trap Of remaining content and just stopping There but if you want a really Well-behaved dog for life you’re gonna Have to go a bit further so in general There’s three types of training sessions You’ve got primary training sessions Surprise primary training sessions and Secondary training sessions up to this Point you’ve probably been doing mostly Primary training sessions that’s where You’re really focused on your dog Teaching them something new so once your Dog is starting to get the idea of what You want it’s so important to reinforce That training with what I like to call Surprise primary training sessions those Are where you plan a training session

But you do Best to surprise your dog so that you Mimic real-life distractions these types Of training sessions are the ones that Really help your dog make quick Real-world decisions right now pancakes Really enjoying his bone the last thing He’s thinking about is doing basic Obedience training let me see if I can Get pancake to come to me even though He’s chewing on that bone and he’s Really interested in that come on let’s Go pinky let’s go okay see it’s not that Easy to get your dog to listen to you in The face of something that they’re Distracted by okay you can bring your Bone with you that’s fine that’ll work Come here Come on pancake I got a treat come on Little tough come on yes good I’m gonna Go ahead and jackpot that right there That was really good I love that the Point that I really want you to get here Is normally what most people do is They’ll focus on those primary training Sessions where they’re teaching their Dog something new inside their living Room and then they assume that when they Go in public their dog is going to draw On that training to just listen to you But actually this is the missing link Right here you have to set up these Surprise training sessions so that your Dog is accustomed to listening to you in

This distracted state of mind see these Training sessions are more challenging To your dog because they’re not Expecting them that’s key if you wait For a real-life distraction to emerge When neither you nor your dog or Expecting it you won’t get great results Yes good job we’re starting to see Frequent improvement here my goal is to See if I can get pancake to just come to Me when I call them one time without Having to beg him to come in cake come On yes really good job now you’ll Remember that secondary training Sessions are where you and your dog or Caught off guard may be a surprise knock At the door or your dog starts lunging Towards a squirrel on a walk it’s Important to snap into training mode During those secondary training session So you’ll have to work on getting extra Sharp there but you’ll find that Secondary training sessions are so much Easier once you put in time with these Surprise training sessions that we’ve Covered so far snow cone cake is going Through a puppy biting issue right now And so if I’m picking them up I’m not Really anticipating a training session Right now but I’m gonna focus on let’s Do a desensitizing training session with Him I’m letting him nibble on these Treats in my hand right now and I’m Gonna focus on kind of touching them

Real firmly just so you It’s used to being touched this is the Kind of in the moment training you have To do when you have a puppy you don’t Always get to determine when a training Session starts and that’s the whole Point of a secondary training session Next teach your dog to listen to you no Matter how you ask them to do it this Should be interesting now one of the Ways I like to evaluate how strong the Training is between a person and their Dog is by having the person tell their Dog to lie down and what I’m looking for Is do they have to have their dog lie Down by touching the ground like that Okay Don’t bite me please or can they stand Up like this and just tell their dog lie Down let’s find out with pancake lie Down okay so we have some work to do to Get pancake to lie down when I asked him To if I want to stand completely up you Likely taught your dog how to lie down By doing something like this just luring Them into it down like that and if You’re like a lot of people you might Have even stopped there but maybe you’ve Worked up to the next level which is Being able to have you which is being Able to have your dog lie down by Touching the ground okay I’ll take that Really good so that’s excellent I know That pancakes mom has taught him how to

Lie down with a hand signal like this I’m gonna see if we can evolve the hand Signal to the final product in other Words with me standing up without me Having to be right here six inches away From them I mean being six inches away From you as an occupational hazard man Lie down not quite there but let me see If you lie down hey pinky lie down hey Pretty good he’s used to the hand being Lower below his eye line see that so It’s weird for him when the hands up Here to be like what what does that mean Down still a little confusing let me go Ahead and make it easier down yes good Job throughout this training I’m Periodically taking a step back to try And find the line where the Communication is reliable that’s normal I mean it’s a delicate process sometimes Whenever you hit a roadblock it usually Means that you’re taking steps that are Too big that’s just you to take a step Back on your training and make things a Little bit easier for your dog You can’t take very big steps though cuz You have little legs Okay good so we’re really stuck right About here you’ll find that sometimes You get stuck at these little points Where you have to focus on tiny Incremental success Sinking down yes good boy really good I’m giving him a jackpot reward

Don’t confuse jackpot rewards with Giving your dog a whole bunch of treats But rather you’re giving them a whole Bunch of tiny treats to really let him Know wow that really just opened up the Floodgates of treats the ultimate test Will be to see if we can get him to lie Down while I’m standing completely Straight up like this yes good and I Think he thinks down means bark twice And then lie down but I’ll still take it Cuz he’s learning down yes good job so Much quicker that time he’s doing great Next place a strong emphasis on training Outside see before it’s realistic for Your dog listen to you on a walk or in Public they have to be really solid Outside many of you will know from Experience that at first your dog Listens to you way less reliably Outdoors and it’s no wonder because Those smells sights and sounds are Highly stimulating to dogs in order to Get your dog listening to you outside They must first be desensitized to these Things and that means spending tons of Time outdoors until outside is normal That might mean dedicating five to six Hours a week to exposure and just General training outside if possible try To focus on just being outside for an Hour a day with your dog if you go to The park on your day off and maybe spend About three hours just focusing on some

Light easy training and just letting Them experience the outdoors you want to Notice that after doing this for about a Year or so that your dog really comes to Listen to you much more reliably in that Type of highly distracting setting a Whole year yeah that’s right it takes Time to work with it all by setting up Surprise training sessions teaching your Dog that you want them to listen to you No matter how you ask them to do Something and by training outside and in Public often you ought to be well into Intermediate level training click thumbs Up for pancake he did a good job and if You need help from time to time check Out our sponsor Rover visit Rover comm Slash Zack Georgia and enter promo code Zack George to get $25 off your first Booking make sure you subscribe to my Channel pick up a copy of my book too We’ll see you guys in the next video Good job pinky Rakh

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