The Secret to Teaching Your Dog COME and STAY

The Secret to Teaching Your Dog COME and STAY

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You This episode of the dog training Revolution is crowdfunded by you and Sponsored by pet flow comm just when I Thought it couldn’t get any cuter I met Teddy the Chow and you’re about to Meet him in just a second by the way did You know that Chows are among the most Ancient of all dog breeds click thumbs Up to let me know you’re enjoying our Videos also make sure you’re subscribed That way you’ll see all my future videos And it’s completely free consider Supporting us on patreon as well with a Small monthly contribution I will have That link in the description I loved Today’s question tell me what your Favorite thing about teaching your dog Has been so far and also tell me what Your least favorite thing has been I Look forward to reading those comments Today I’m going to show you exactly the Steps you need to take to teach your dog Come and stay and I’m also gonna go over A concept with you that will help Accelerate your training in all areas of Teaching your dog yet very few people Know it the response from pet float Calms offer to viewers of the dog Training revolution has been incredible I want to thank all of you who have Taken 5 minutes to change the way you Buy dog food because you’re helping Change the way people teach dogs by

Buying your pet food from pet float comm / Zack George you’re helping us do more Videos like this and continue to improve While also showing people all over the World how to teach their dog more Enjoyably and more ethically let me Briefly explain to you how it works why I like it why I think you’ll like it All you have to do is check the link in The description choose the brand of dog Food that you like best and then when You check out you can choose the Frequency with which you would like your Food deliver now I choose every two Weeks for me but you can do it between Every two and every 16 weeks of course You can edit or cancel this at any time If you do opt to have your dog food Auto-ship – you just enter code Zach 20 When you check out you’ll get 20% off of Your first purchase Susan what is it About the chow chow that you were Attracted to why’d you decide on the Screen I do like the history of the Child Charles the post Charles ID that Their personalities are awesome with Family and kids I’ve had great Experiences with them too other one of The oldest breeds they’re one of the Most distinctive looking breeds his name Is so appropriate Teddy hey I love you Bear negative things that I’ve had Trouble with was um Coming one call okay um stay okay and

Just and puppy biting he is a puppy Puppy biting is a huge issue I’ll have a Link in the description for those of you Who are dealing with that I’ve made a Lot of videos on puppy biting because I Know we can really try your patience and It lasts for many weeks sometimes even Months today I’m hoping to concentrate On come and stay I mean this is these Are potentially life-saving skills the Huge advantage you have with teddys that He’s 11 weeks old you are in such a Golden position to make sure that Unwanted habits don’t emerge in the First place So you can really set them on the Perfect trajectory to be a really Well-behaved dog aside from teaching Come and stay today I want to go over a Greater point that I think a lot of you Will benefit from as well that is Breaking things down into smaller steps Now I’ve got to tell you this is very Non-intuitive for people who are new to Teaching dogs I’m gonna make it very Easy for you to understand and if you Guys embrace this logic you’re going to Really accelerate your progress in Training Why is stays so important the importance Of teaching stay is usually greatly Underestimated especially for those who Are new to teaching dogs remember that If you have a young dog under the age of

Five months they tend to be pretty Obedient largely speaking compared to What they’re gonna be like once they hit Five to six months of age so you don’t Want to be caught off guard when Teaching our dogs stay it’s important That we teach not only in training Sessions like we’re about to do but in Real-life scenarios as well when the Opportunities present themselves the Thing that I see most people do when They’re beginners when they teach stay Is something like this they’ll go stay And they’ll walk away like that and then Their dog gets up just like that and Then they’ll come over here and they’ll Reposition their dog they’ll say sit Stay and the walk away and their dog Gets up like that and that pattern Continues until a couple of things Happen to you that the dog eventually Gets it or the person gets frustrated And then they give up on training and Settle for mediocrity you don’t need to Do that step one that’s teaching your Dog to stay for a period of time now This my hires a little bit of discipline On your part to look for small moments To reward your dog Teddy here we go Ready stay yes did you see that that was Like a half second staff that’s what we Start with Honestly it’s that simple stay Nice obvious hand signal there to really

Communicate with them you also notice That well on the ground here dogs are a Lot more responsive to listen to us well We’re close to them versus farther away Stay whoa almost I actually pushed him To failure that time I asked for too Much time apparently two seconds he Wasn’t quite ready for that state yes Good and I’m saying yes that’s what we Dog trainers call a marker word to Really let them know exactly what we Like the moment yes they do that stay One two three or five yes oh you’re so Good very good now we may as well teach Him a release word as well let’s get Into that stay one two three four five Yes okay good Nice work so by saying okay you let him Know okay the stay is over now nothing To it right right it’s doing great with This step two is teaching your dog to Stay while you walk away the biggest Marker of distance is the distance Between your eyes so the more your eyes Move away the less likely your dog is to Listen to you in the beginning because Generally speaking dogs like to be close To us so check this out stay yes good I Just lean back a little bit right there That’s all I did That is a variation of distance stay Nope your dog doesn’t do it right one Time make sure they succeed the next Time by taking a step back on your

Training and setting them up for success Stay yes good I didn’t even stand all The way up because I wanted to make sure That he succeeded there and he did stay While my eyes got farther away I love That yes good boy very good you’re doing Terrific okay get up that was two or Three successes in a row okay I’m Thrilled with that if I got that for the Whole training session I would be happy With that and so eventually work up to Two three four or five steps away take Your time with this you know step three Is teaching your dog to stay while They’re mildly distracted we don’t want To wait until we’re confronted with a Real-life distraction to then introduce This concept a lot of people are guilty Of this when they’re taking their dog on A walk or there enough distracting Exciting situation and they expect what My dog should stay Worked on it in the backyard so we have To prepare them for that I’m gonna Squeak this toy okay if he holds that Stay for a half a second you go ahead And reward him make sure you let him Know I love that you stayed in the most Sincere way that you can that make sense Stay yes reward right there so you want To look for those tiny bits of time when You’re introducing a new concept to your Dog to really you know reward them nope Sit they go ahead and reward him Derek

Because he broke stay on the last one so We want to make sure on the very next Attempt he succeeds to the best of our Ability yeah stick and then okay release And let him know it’s okay to get up Start here don’t throw your dog in the Deep end when it comes to stay now let’s Go over how to teach your dog to come to You when you call them teaching your dog To come to you is vitally important I Spend months training reinforcing and Practicing come when called in a massive Variety of environments before I let my Own dogs off leash in an uncontrolled Environment make sure that when you do Introduce this concept of coming to you When you call your dog that you do it in An environment that they are familiar With first the best thing you can do to Set your dog up for success is calm it In a happy enthusiastic voice make your Dog when it comes running to you in this Kind of environment he’s familiar with It it should be a relatively easy Process at first but we’re gonna Gradually increase the level of Difficulty so I’ve got this long lead we Have him on a harness so this way he has Room to roam but we still have control Of him so he can’t ignore us Indefinitely why don’t you take a few Steps down over here Teddy come Teddy Come he’s not very interested in me you See that so I’m gonna try and get a

Little more exciting now hey Teddy Teddy Jake come on come on almost yes good Right there and giving your dog an extra Big reward A couple extra pieces of chicken can go A long way to making them want to repeat That behavior all right so he’s got his Attention on me right now so that’s a Mild distraction this would be quite Good if he would come to you if he so Much as takes a step towards you give Him a yes and To encourage him be animated too That’s it that’s good and I love your Sincere energy here – that’s wonderful It’s not good dog give him a treat you Got a really authentically let your dog Know you love when they listen to you Make them want to repeat the behavior Over and over again he’s got this down Now we’re gonna increase the distance Remember dogs are less likely to listen To you when you’re farther away Hey look At that Look at him run yes you can’t have that Guys living in Seoul that’s fantastic I’m thrilled with this let’s move on to The next step now which is off leash Come when called but still in a fenced Area still in a contained environment This may not look like a significant Step but dogs are smart they know when They have a lead on versus when they Don’t I want to see if he comes to me

Hey Teddy come nice work so if your dog Isn’t coming to you but you’re still in A contained environment like this here’s A tip for you shorten the distance Between you and your dog hey Teddy come Here let’s go let’s go and look at that Dogs like to chase you when you run from Your dog they’re likely to chase you all Day long come on Teddy look at that good Job here we go let’s go look at him go Being exciting is really important when It comes to teaching your dog now he’s Doing a little bit of play fighting Right here cuz I got him excited we’re Putting that on the back burner we’re Not gonna focus on correcting that right Now because the fact that he came to me Far outweighs the fact that he’s jumping And play biting with me right now if you Guys enjoyed this video click thumbs up Set up automatic pet food delivery with Pet flow comm slash Zack George today All the details will be in the Description like me on Facebook at slash these act orge and Consider becoming a patron on patreon Calm that’s our crowdfunding campaign And that really helps us put together Top notch videos for you guys all around The world and for those of you who are Already patrons thank you tell me in the Comments below what’s been your favorite Thing about teaching your dog so far and Also tell me what’s been your least

Favorite thing about teaching your dog Our next video is gonna be awesome we’ll See you guys next time Teddy obviously has a very bright future Ahead if you missed my last video on Teaching bet check that one out remember Fetch will resolve most unwanted Behaviors if you’re having issues with Jumping check out jus the jumper and I’ll show you exactly what to do if You’re brand new to having a dog or you Need help with puppy biting make sure You don’t make these five common Mistakes and you must see recoup the Shiba Inu to learn how to teach your dog Eight things and seven days I can’t wait To see you guys in the next one and of Course make sure you’re subscribed

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