These Are The BEST Things I’ve Taught This Dog!

These Are The BEST Things I’ve Taught This Dog!

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Even though it’s kona’s very last day With us i want to make the absolute most Of it I’m zach george i’m a dog trainer meet My new project Kona i’ve got just three weeks to train Her and set her up for the most Well-behaved life Possible that means i need to work on The most common puppy issues like potty Training how to actually pay attention Stopping things like play biting chewing Separation anxiety Getting along with other animals leash Walking and teaching her Everything a good dog needs to know real Dog training doesn’t always go smoothly And that’s why i’m going to show you Every success and mistake and how i work Through all the most Challenging parts of raising a new puppy Welcome to your new puppy survival guide Today is kona’s last day with us am i Sad yes Am i looking forward to life without a Puppy for a little bit maybe a little I want to give kona something a little Extra special today and she’s 15 weeks Old but I’ve got the one year pup box and of Course i’ve got one for inertia too So if you had a one-year-old dog they Have a nice little happy birthday Message in here

Look at this look what it’s a squeaky Piece of birthday cake I know that’s what i’m saying go get it Oh look at this you even have little Hats they can wear yeah you look so Beautiful with that hat on Oh man this texture is unreal The squeaker comes out of his butt That’s hilarious Sorry kona that’s a nurse’s party hat No that’s not a toy they even send you Cake mix to make your dog a birthday Cake And popcorn these are microwavable dog Treats like in a popcorn Bag the thing that pupbox gives you that You won’t find anywhere else is this Detailed training guide it’s front and Back they pack So much information onto these get 50 Off of your first putt box when you sign Up for a multi-month subscription at use my special code zack If i’m being honest yes i am a little Emotional that today is kona’s last day I mean she’s been my Obsession for the last three weeks and I’ve enjoyed Just about every moment of it maybe some Of the sleepless nights were A little tough and so even though it’s The last day with kona i still have some Things planned with her that i Really want to button up and make sure

That i’m doing my absolute best To teach her there are still some Unresolved issues she’s A bit of a hole digger we have a fresh Hole over here she was digging at and I’ve been relying on redirecting her by Calling her to me because she has such a Strong recall Honestly a lot of this digging is super Normal for a puppy i’m not too concerned About it being a lifelong habit unless She’s not getting enough exercise or General training in her life because That’s usually where Digging tends to be a problem as long as We’re consistent about calling her off Of Digging or picking up sticks or doing Anything else we don’t want her to do That she’ll learn pretty quickly and Because inertia And kona have enjoyed each other so much I really want to give them as much time As possible Together you’ll remember on day one kona Was really apprehensive really nervous Of inertia inertia was coming on Super strong and they’ve almost Completely reversed roles it seems Because sometimes kona just like Launches her body into inertia and Inertia has been so Tolerant this reciprocal play that we Are seeing so much of how they like

Trade positions sometimes inertia will Plop on her back other times Kona is so easily willing to go down and Let inertia be on top of her Really really healthy behavior you want To make sure that both dogs Are enjoying it when they’re playing Together so sometimes when dogs are Playing really rough and putting their Teeth around the neck of another dog it Can be concerning to some people but if Both dogs generally appear to be having A good time this is just a natural way For Dogs to communicate with one another and Play with one another i mean they don’t Have hands like we do so that’s how they Grab Each other and play when your dogs rest Like that all by themselves This is the sign that you are doing your Job as a pet parent to satisfy your dog You’ll remember the single biggest issue That kona had when she came to me Was separation anxiety she couldn’t get Through the night if you walked out of The room she would immediately start Crying And that’s the type of issue that does Take a significant amount of time to Resolve but we have made incredible Progress so i’ve been having to wake up Between Zero and one time a night which is a

Tremendous improvement because on the First couple of nights at least i had to Probably let her out every 90 minutes or So So i want to give some last minute Attention to her separation anxiety Throughout kona’s life she’s going to Need to be alone in two main capacities When she’s out and about in the house Eventually and she’s going to need to be Alone In her crate where she’s comfortable at Least over the next year because She’s not gonna be completely reliable To be left alone while you go to the Store or whatever for A good bit i’m gonna give you the recipe For teaching your dog to be completely Reliable Over the long haul when you leave them Alone in the house and remember in Kona’s family they have a new baby on The way so They’re going to be times when she just Needs to check out while they tend to The new baby right Kona will go in this crate without a Treat Don’t make a liar with me come on corner Get in the crate Go on yes Good girl stay but I would still say for the next many Weeks

If your dog were in a similar situation Like you’ve got them going in the crate Don’t be afraid to keep them going in The crate by throwing a treat in we keep Treats by the crate at all times with Puppies Because we want there to be as little Friction as possible when it comes to Getting them to go in there we want them To like Going in there and as you can see Inertia Is a fan of going in a crate as well Good job guys I want to do my best here to emulate That like we’re taking a break Can you settle good Very good yes love that inertia Understands the concept of settle pretty Well And kona is really starting to learn I’ve been kind of using a combination of Relax Or settle to kind of calm her down and When she barks like that I almost never let her out i always Insist on A relaxed mindset before i even do that So i think i mean she’s generally Actually pretty good in the crate but Right now we’re seeing a little bit of That barking mainly because we’re Probably just doing some Food training and she’s a little excited

By that so I think if i just give it a second here She’ll dial out And and settle hey Can you relax [Applause] A little frustration there she probably Needs a little bit more exercise to feel Completely content i can see she’s a Little worked up there but There are times when you’ve got to be Able to focus on you and you need to Know that you can put them in the crate And that they’ll be comfortable I’ve worked really hard on this with Inertia and this is kind of what A settle in real life should look like So she’s gotten them out Kona is in the process of getting the Memo Settle [Music] That’s right good girl but in the Interest in moving on with this training Session while she’s being good i’m gonna Go over here And let her out this is exactly what you Would do you know see how she’s like not Being pushy not being Loud good girl now when i open it i want To make it clear Stay but she doesn’t rush out of the Crate Stay

[Music] And then rather than just having her go Out and ever come to me Come sit Good girl lie down Yes good relax i mean keep in mind kona At this point still has her baby teeth So she’s going to be teething for Several months and even though she’s Doing really awesome She still doesn’t have enough life Experience to be left alone in the house And not to chew on a couch or a shoe or Something that’s been left out for Example So now and over the next few months Kona’s family is really going to have to Lay That foundation a strong foundation of Getting kona To behave acceptably while inside the House and Outside of her crate one of the bricks That i put in this foundation here Is i’ve been having this 10 foot indoor Tile when i’m supervising her i’ll put Her on this and inertia will come over Here and play with her Sometimes they’ll take a nap but the Point is she’s comfortable but she’s Still managed And it’s a little bit more freedom than The crate for example allows her to walk Around a little bit

Settle Relax thank you appreciate that A real world natural settle is the best Thing ever i mean of course you’ve got To meet your dog halfway by giving them The stimulation and exercise they need But dogs like kona are just so happy to Chill out And relax for a good bit she’s pretty Low-key you can start to really see her Getting the concept that settle doesn’t Just mean lie down settle is more about A state of mind a relaxed frame of mind Basically Whereas lie down is a physical position I think she’s just repositioning here Let’s see if she goes back into a Natural settle Because i’ve gotten to know her pretty Well and i think that’s what’s about to Happen She may want a cooler area yeah or Whatever good job girl you’re relaxing You’re settling It’s still important to supervise your Dog when they are on a tie out like this So you want to make sure that you don’t Leave them unattended this is really Good because you’re in a great Position to acknowledge what you like When they’re behaving Well settle yes settle is just such A super valuable skill i really Recommend that you teach this

With your own dogs too and by observing Her body language you can see she Does appear to be in a very genuinely Relaxed State of mind so i’m gonna take kona off Lead let her play a little bit with Inertia right now she was doing great on Settle He’ll probably do this for a second Which is really its own brand of Entertainment right then i’m gonna Attempt to verify that i can get kona And then off leash Settle and relax here in the living room Kona come All done kona still wants to play with Inertia but i still want to make sure That i can get her to shift gears when i Need to this will be a good opportunity To practice So i’m gonna have to restrain her a Little bit because this is a little bit Too much for her Let me get inertia in her settle now That inertia is stable I can restrict kona’s access to inertia By standing between her and really Encouraging her To relax over here come on relax Good girl chill Settle the general road map Moving forward with kona is to really Manage her in these three main ways get Her comfortable with being in the crate

Get her comfortable on the tie out with The aim of making that a way to ease in Being comfortable in the house when Unattended eventually and just the other Day we went grocery shopping we left her Alone For like 30 or 40 minutes she was doing Really well She’s improved by like a thousand Percent on her separation anxiety She rarely starts barking when i leave The room at this point and if she does There’s a good chance she’s either got To go outside Or she’s hungry or thirsty okay one more Thing that i want to do Is give kona a bath so that she smells Delightful when her family Picks her up she did really well in her Very first bath training session with me I’m not just going to assume because That first bath went well that she’s Just going to be great now i mean maybe She’s had time to process it and she’s Thinking What was i thinking being tolerant of That let’s see i’m going to Throw a treat in advance so she gets Focused on that These are jerky treats we got in our pup Box i’m just throwing crumbs down there She’s doing great with that i’m gonna Turn that on i’m gonna turn it off just In case she gets nervous but so far so

Good We’ll wait for the water to warm up this Is a good time to Go ahead and condition her she doesn’t Care if those treats get a little bit Wet Look how muddy she is from playing oh my Gosh We have some peanut butter on this mat Right here that i’m hoping Will help i’m going to go ahead and Stick it to the bath Yeah it’s on there that’s going nowhere And you can see how it’s textured there So that’s pretty cool it really Keeps her attention i’m going to test Her just by going slow here Making sure that i’m extra Nice see we’ve got a pretty good flow Going on she’s not getting too nervous I’m gonna give her a moment to see if She gets fixated back on that Peanut butter you’re so predictable dog I’m going to gently pour some water on Her see that that’s all it is Let her check it out if she’s curious no Rush here It’s only the second bath i’ve given her So Yes good do you see how she’s not trying To get out of the tub or anything right Now Looks like she might be a little thrown Off on me pouring that on her so i’m

Just gonna Head her here like this here i’m giving Her access to more and more of it as i Pour you see that so it really keeps her Interested Nice she’s doing so well i’m going to Try and get this whole picture poured All over her With those hind legs get her nice And wet want to be really delicate Around her head I can always wipe her head down if i Have to or her ears or whatever By the way the shampoo came from a past Pup box and i’m still using it I got this with a nurse’s pup box a While ago So you can see how carefree she is when There are treats involved i Get that shampoo everywhere she keeps Going to my stash over here which is Okay because she’s not trying to jump Out Get that tummy tummy tummy gotta get That tum Oh man you sneaky dog gosh Who’s being careless with their treats Today Oh yeah i love how easily that shampoo Rinses off Look at that i’m gonna throw some treats In here when we’re done As well just to keep it an all-around Great experience

Now what are we gonna do with you we Gotta get you dried there’s a shake off You look so clean now i’m really trying To put myself In the mindset of kona’s family right Like what would they expect Kona spent this time with this dog Trainer for the last three weeks I feel like if i were them there are Three things that i’d really want to Make sure that she did really well First of all i’d be getting her Attention when i asked for it and then Having her come to me reliably i’d also Wanted to stay reliably kona Come nice sit good Look at me good eye contact there stay Come and the automatic sit really nice Touch at the end So pretty good basic come when called But that’s been one of kona’s strong Points she’s got a fantastic recall And the secret to that with a puppy is Going the extra mile And reinforcing when they do come to you By giving them a positive outcome to That action So if you’re giving them a treat they Really love or a great toy That’s much more likely to inspire them To want to come to you Later on in the training process we Phase out the treats but Right now we get the behaviors any way

That we can kona come Good so even here i mean she’s really Not supposed to be running all over the House right now i should have a restrain But It’s nice to know that she will come Running to me uh when she does get out Of sight i really like that So i would also expect her to be able to Stay with a variety of different Distractions so stay Look at me come nice work Good now that’s one type of distraction That’s a pretty easy one But we’re gonna try a more significant Distraction this is a real world Application of stay while distracted Because you’ll know that just simply Being outside is heavily distracting to A dog So i’m going to give her a very short Notice first attempt today Stay let me get her warmed up just to Make sure Stay yes See how her eyes are coming up at me i Like that a lot stay Look at me I would like to be able to know that i Can call her away from a distraction in This case Outside a car is about to pass I got her attention come yeah Good girl she is really doing well

Overriding her desires to go and Investigate the outdoors and pay Attention to me instead [Music] Look at me Yes took her a second but she focused Stay look at me Being able to get that kind of focus With that level of distraction you hear Those cars going by out there that is Why we teach this Your dog’s safety is not guaranteed if They get out of that front door And even though she’s doing so well with This i want you to take note of the fact That she’s on leash right now There’s no shame in making sure that Your dog is always under control Especially when they have unrestricted Access to the entire planet like this Your parents are going to be here in a Little bit so i want to see if there’s Any last-minute issues i can address With brushing her right now she’s Feeling a little bitey with the brush Oh okay see stop that can we sit Yes good Very good stay Wait can you sit there leave it alone Yes so we’ll just direct her attention Onto the treat so she doesn’t bite the Brush It’s normal for puppies to want to bite At the brush i mean how they know it’s

Not just another toy So really by diverting their attention To the treat there We’re in good shape she’s doing so well I mean if you can just get them like Focused on something else and go real Slow You might remember we want her to check Out the brush you don’t want to be Sneaky about it or mysterious you just Want to be as transparent as you can And here she’s happy to just hold still If i release little bits of treat here As i brush her Look at that even her legs are doing Great this came in a past pup box Actually So it’s really nice here look at that Hair you’re not so curly when you’re Brushed are you Of course you’re not always going to Have to do this this is the first many Times you’re getting them used to Something Like a brush let’s see what happens if We do that yes So i’m able to kind of pull it away and Then give her a reward Good girl look at that yes i also like How she’s Defaulting into a stand right now i’m Not even having to ask for it i mean i’m Kind of Encouraging her to hold the stand by

Putting the treats at her nose here it’s Easier to brush a dog when they’re in a Stand that’s one of the main reasons i Like teaching a dog to stand on all Fours let’s see She’s willingly following the treats and See this is really what you want you Want your dog In a good mood when you’re doing things Like grooming or bathing them to the Best of your ability you want to go out Of your way To try to make them as enjoyable as Possible for your dog i mean see them From your dog’s perspective they’re not Used to a brush they don’t know why this Prickly thing needs to be touching them You can also see she’s not biting me too Much or anything like that So lots of slow steady progress On puppy biting for sure i’ll be honest With you even though I’m done training her for now her puppy Biting still needs to be addressed but We are making tons of progress you can See she’s licking there for example Which is a nice ouch okay she’s biting There But as long as a dog has those baby Teeth like that They’re definitely going to be in a Bitey phase our goal is to minimize it And really communicate with them when The biting is excessive versus

When it’s tolerable all right you rock Star i think you’re ready to go home i’m Gonna miss you so much We’ve made a ton of progress with kona But i do want to remind you It really takes a good couple of years To fully train a dog where you really Get them listening to you in a huge Variety of situations And get that really as close to perfect Behavior as we could ever hope for During these first few weeks of training With a puppy like this you’re really Laying the foundation and trying to Teach them basic language and then once You teach them That basic language you can really build On that And there are so many different things You can teach them but they do need Life experience so a dog is not trained In three weeks But you can make incredible progress in That time nonetheless So as long as kona’s family really keeps Up with training And they will because i know them kona Is going to have an amazing life It’s time Look who’s here hey guys Come on in look who’s here say hi Oh my goodness she’s been playing all Day too and look at this energy It’s great wow she just goes right on

Mama’s lap too After she gets that initial burst out oh I can tell she missed you she’s like i Don’t know who to love more now I can’t wait to show you guys everything That she’s learned over these last few Weeks Get 50 off of your first pop box when You sign up for a three six or 12 month Subscription At zack use my special code Zack too i’ll have a link below Follow us on instagram facebook and tick Tock and get both of my books all of Those links will be in the description And we’ll see you in the next video You

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