This Dog Wouldn’t Listen Until We Tried This! Train Your Dog In Minutes, Easily!

This Dog Wouldn’t Listen Until We Tried This! Train Your Dog In Minutes, Easily!

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Pop box is a monthly box that you get With all sorts of surprises and supplies For your dog based on their age let’s See what’s in your pup box the first Thing that every pup box comes with is a Training guide it really kind of helps You focus on the most important things For your dog’s age that particular month Pup box isn’t just about toys and treats Either get essentials like poop bags This month we even got some puppy Shampoo it’s important to use like a Really mild shampoo when you have a Young dog so club box understands that Oh check this out look how innovative That toy is so you’ve got a squeaky toy And it’s also a tug toy and it’s got a Crinkly sound so this has a lot of Dimensions to it dogs love it training The dog is about stimulating them Mentally this is a fun puzzle toy so you Put treats inside of this and your dog Plays with it to try to get the treats Out six month old dogs are still going Through the teething phase too because They got brand new teeth so they really Like that stimulation and the Ever-important training treats we have To have that if you’re gonna train a dog Pup box is gonna give all of you 50% off Of your first pup box when you sign up For a 3 6 or 12 month subscription go to Pup box comm slash Zac and enter Discount code Zac I’ll have a link below

Click thumbs up for Linus make sure You’re subscribed to my channel and for Daily dog training videos and tips Follow me on Instagram at SAC Jorge I’ll Have a link below and get a copy of my Newest book guide to a well-behaved dog If you go through the simple steps that We’re gonna cover today you can get Phenomenal results with your dog in a Very short period of time let’s find out How training with Linus is going from Sarah I’m Sarah this is Linus – is 6 Months old now last time we worked with Zack Linus was teeny tiny and now he’s Not Linus is amazing he jumps on the Counter and steals food and we haven’t Really worked on stay alive so I’d love To stop his counter surfing Zack please Help me train Linus hey Sarah welcome Back hey she does it better than me – is So huge now I mean last time I saw him He was like this big and now he’s giant I know you’ve been having issues with Him jumping on the counter stealing food Things like that before you can expect Your dog to stop doing that sort of Thing they need to know how to stay with Basic distractions so I kind of like to Walk you through that and see how much Progress we can make you game awesome so You know what training stay probably From watching the videos that we have to Start small and kind of work him up to a More advanced

Stay but I’m pretty confident we can get Good results why don’t we start getting Them warmed up with a two-second stay Given what good hand signal and tell Them to stay and then release about 30 Seconds be very clear with your hand Signal when you tell you stay because This this is speak and this is stayed Even though those hand signals might be A little similar that should get worked Out what time as long as you’re Consistent I think he’s perfectly capable of Differentiating between all of those Hand signals okay say ignore the Jumpring ignore the barking oh I would Go ahead and reward and then say okay And so we kind of tell them okay let him Know all right you’re done staying right There that’s really common with young Dogs they’ll do all the things that they Know they’ll no bark they’ll lie Down just ignore the things that you’re Not asking for and that’ll get worked Out with time okay no sit stay good dogs Really picked up on that genuine Enthusiasm and love from us Linus was Having a hard time on stay but we broke It down and we made things a little bit Easier that’s what I’m talking about Look at this yes good boy I think we’re Ready to move on to the next step of Stay so stay for a short period of time Is the easiest version of stay but now

It’s time to add a little bit of Difficulty so we’re gonna try staying While we walk away I just say stay and I Walk away he almost immediately got up It’s harder for dogs to stay when we Walk away because they like being near Us so watch this stay yes right there Just my eyes went back stick yes see I Hustle back there and reward him Instantly to let him know hey I love What you do so right now you’re not Gonna pause but just take one step back And immediately get back to him and Reward – sit sit boy remember Linus even Though he’s a big dog he’s only six Months barely six months old rather than Repeating son sit sit it’s sit well no Wait good Stay okay good job stay yes stay stay Teaching your dog to stay for a period Of time being able to have them stay When you walk away a couple of steps That’s where you need to be before you Start introducing distractions our next Step is to get lioness to stay when There’s a really amazing treat in front Of them if your dog won’t stay when you Have a treat in front of them well you Can’t really expect them to stay under More distracting situations even though He looks like a grown up dog he’s still Very much a puppy impulse control is Much tougher for younger dogs and it is Older dogs so if I say stay and then I

Throw it obviously he’s like I’m not Staying I’m gonna go get that so our Goal is to be able to drop that treat Down in front of him and have him hold That stay so let me see if we can get Him to stay while I hold the Treat in Front of him first of all I’m going in Slow motion the moment he goes for that Treat without permission I’m immediately Pulling it away yes Good so right now he’s kind of holding That stay when I put the treat way up Here but I want to improve upon that the Whole point of this is teaching him hey Look I know there’s gonna be stuff in Life you want but you can’t just go for It cuz you feel like it the reason we’re On the ground like this is that it’s Easier for your dog to learn when you’re Closer to them you want to lie down that Seems to be working better see I’m Dropping it letting him see it he’s like Oh I can get it no you can’t and I’m Waiting for him to show some voluntary Restraint just on his own yes good boy Very good so that was a really good Moment right there it’s he’s learning Okay if I listen then I get what I want And that’s how learning happens He loves this toy so much that I think It would be a great way to show him how To use some self-control we’re gonna let Him go into that down he’s comfortable There stay I’m gonna start easy staying

And you can see just by going through This training here just take a few Minutes to really let him understand it He starts to make dramatic progress so Sara this is good he’ll stay under these Controlled circumstances when we’re Really focused on it but I’d like to Work up to something a little more Real-world this is gonna be a bit Tougher because you know this is a new Object any time we change a variable on Our dog it’s gonna be a bit tougher for Them just because a dog will leave a Treat alone doesn’t mean they’re gonna Generalize that into real life so we Really want to Like walk them through it every little Thing that they’re likely to encounter Stay what I’m doing here is I’m just Puttin motion to it to make it a little Extra tempting do you see this kind of Self-control he’s getting just in this Short period of time it was a little Clunky there at first but light bulb Really seems to be going off let’s Continue this training we’ll see you if We can make it even tougher for a turkey And bacon sandwich is probably a bit More tempting wouldn’t you say whoa all Right this one’s gonna be a bit tougher Here stay he like glanced at it and he Looked right up at me as if to say wait A minute I’m seeing a pattern here I’m Gonna try and increase the distance

Because that adds complexity they’re not Dumb they know hey if you get too far Away I can probably get to it stay look At me Yes very good stay so my goal here is to Be able to just set that sandwich down Right in front of him and be able to Walk away and have him stay stay see you You’re not giving that sandwich stay These are the kind of exercises that you Need to do when you’re just hanging out In the kitchen take those extra moments To put something tempting in front of Them like that really enforce stay these Are the very beginning steps that you Need to take in order to teach your dog Not to steal things off of the counter Top box is giving viewers of this video 50% off of their first pup box when you Sign up for a 3 6 or 12 month Subscription go to pup voxcom slash Zack And in or discount code Zack follow me On Instagram at SAC Gorge for more dog Training content every day subscribe to This channel and get a copy of my new Book guide to a well-behaved dog see you Guys in the next video good job Linus [Music]

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