This is All I Do To Train My Dog! And it’s EASY!

This is All I Do To Train My Dog! And it’s EASY!

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I think she sees squirrels look at that In this episode I’m gonna show you what We do to get inertias barking under Control our daily routine and more I’m Zak Jorge I trained dogs this is my new Dog and I’m gonna show you how I trained Her from day one things definitely won’t Always go smoothly you can start from The beginning or you can tick up Anywhere subscribe and hit the bell Notification so you never miss an Episode when you put into motion an Approach based on love and respect your Results will forever remain in motion This is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience It’s true inertia is so lucky today Because she’s got two different boxes to Check out when you’re choosing one of These boxes though consider your dog’s Individual personality this is a bark Box and it has so many different toys And treats that virtually every dog Loves this month’s theme for bark box is The squeak easy and this is Bud the Bouncer these toys have so much Personality this is a nice crinkly cup Here oh and it’s got an ice cube in it Bark toys are the best they really know What they’re doing and they always have Top-of-the-line treats and shoes to the Super chewy boxes for those really rough Players who are hard on toys and shoes Or dogs that just love tougher toys

Every super chewy box comes with two Bags of treats and you can see how they Rank them right here from chewy to Crunchy this toy is called the treat Giver River and what you’re supposed to Do is you put this Treat in here and as Your dog plays with it that treat should Find its way out the other end and you Always get to chew sticks to a nurse is Very delicate with her shoes so you can Choose which one that you think your dog Is gonna like or you can get them both I Mean it’s two different experiences Every month for your dog you can get a Free extra month when you sign up for a Bark box a super shooter box or both When you sign up for a 6 or 12 month Subscription go to my special URLs bark Box comm slash dog training and super Chewy calm slash dog training I’ll have Both of those links in the description a Lot of you guys have asked what a Typical day of training looks like fur Inertia and me so today I thought I Would show you what an average day of Training looks like and give you an Updated version of where we are on some Things naturally the very first thing I Do with inertia is take her outside for Her potty break and I actually might be Ready to say that she is Potty-trained and then on an average day Like today where the weather’s good I’ll Come out and do some exercise with it I

Think it’s important to exercise a dog Early in the day because they’ve just Woken up they have all of this energy And it’s nice to get that layer of Energy out plus it gets them in a really Good mood and optimistic about training And just makes the whole day go a lot Smoother especially if you have a more Energetic dog There ya go good nice leaping catch come On Oh a little distracted we’ll look at That decision good girl she loves this Toy come on bring it to me and again This is the value of a new toy by Exercising her like this she’s gonna be Much more behaved on a walk because she Doesn’t have all that extra energy let Go good come around ready Go get it it’s a super – err – Oi so in Nurses doing relatively well here she’s Pretty focused she’s not running after The other dog who’s actually playing for It’s me today what a great looking Frisbee dog when they’re panting like That that’s the time to take them on Their training walks where they’re Leisurely walks and that is a dog primed For training right there that’s what I Love to see what do you think are you Ready to go take a walk Typically our morning exercise sessions Or walks will last 45 minutes to an hour Or so on these walks like the emphasis

For me is more on exercising her at Least on the morning walk so I’m much More tolerant of things like the pulling And letting or look at the squirrels cuz It’s important for her to just get out And check everything out wake up be Optimistic about her day I think how Lovely it is when we as people take our Morning walks in the neighborhood or a Park or whatever it helps us get our Head straight and I I really think the Same is true with our dogs good girl I think she sees squirrels look at that Good 1 2 3 4 of them right there now I’m Gonna try to get her attention okay Let’s go come on bye yes there we go Good job good wait Lie down Okay sit look at you showoff Can you hold it yes I’ll take it I’ll Take it that’s a good effort also during A walk I’ll briefly ask her to do basic Things every few minutes or so but I Don’t dwell on strict training during The morning walk she’s been sleeping all Night and it’s only fair that she get Out and enjoy this wonderful place just Like we do one of the things that Inertia loves doing on her walks is just Looking at the squirrels or the Ducks or They geese I mean this park has so many Different forms of little critters so I Find that if I just meet her halfway and If I let her observe the squirrels and

Check them out that she’s much less Likely to react negatively in other Words by trying to rush her past Distractions she’s more likely to be Like hey wait a minute I want to see Those personally I think it’s very Important to let our dogs satisfy their Curiosities like that and check out These different things if you’re having Issues on walks at all I’d strongly Recommend getting my book guide to a Well-behaved dog in that book I fully Detail what every walk should look like So if you want to teach your dog to walk Politely check that book out I’ll have a Link below and when we get home from her Exercise session whether it be walk or Fetch I like to then give her a nice Extended break I know that she really Loves hanging out here on the deck you Want this treat there you go take – good Job and so this is a good opportunity to Practice her real-life settle and see How she’s doing In ersten you want to come over here lie Down and settle very good this is one of Her favorite places to hang out she Likes being in the shade under the tree And who wouldn’t right inertia is so Well-behaved Around the house especially when she Gets that morning exercise she’s just Like the perfect dog and you can tell a Difference and contrary to what you

Might think you don’t need to be Constantly training your dog all day Long give them some time but you’re Entitled of time for yourself as well so This is a time of day when I’d like to Get a lot of my own work done so at some Point in the day after she’s recovered And she’s mentally fresh I like to focus On doing just general training here in The house in order to make sure that She’s mentally exercised as well so the Way I like to start off a training Session with her is to see if I can get Her plane With the toy and you can see she’s Really ready to interact for it she’ll Do all sorts of things lie down Play dead play dead okay I’ll take it Very good look how she just snaps up Right there she loves playing go keep Going keep going keep going yes good job Stand lie down Stand lie down okay good job we haven’t Done this one in a while Get your tail yeah I mean the spirit of It is there She didn’t grab it but she’s trying it’s Really hard for her grab her tail but Let’s try it let’s see if we can get Lucky here get your tail keep going get It get that tail get your tail get it Get that tail yeah good girl she’s Retained that one good job yes there we Go okay okay get down

So you know you can see she’s feeling Pretty confident here she’s doing a good Job then I’ll work with her on something New so one of the things that I’m Currently trying to teach her is how to Do a back stall while I move she’s Really good at staying up there but if I Start to move she gets a little unsteady Yes that’s actually quite good okay Good nice job so that was pretty good I Wonder if she can do it while I stand Though that’s the harder type of back Stall stay so oh good girl very good That was that was a good try right there That was her first time holding it but You can see how she started to get a Little uneasy I want to be able to walk Around all day long with her on my back Like that you know so let’s see if we Can practice that ready stop stay wait We’re gonna move wait stop so it looks Like holding a treat up as a lure seems To really keep her focused on getting Her a little bit more stabilized good Girl okay Good job nice work okay so inertia is Showing some progress on standing on my Back wall I move around but we’re gonna Have to practice that a little bit more One of the things that I like to work With her on pretty regularly too is Retrieving new and random objects so for Example I’m gonna put this toy right Here stay it’s not moving get it good

Bring it to me it’s a start that’s good I appreciate that She’s doing well with retrieving the toy Let me see if she can retrieve something A little more unorthodox come on bring It to me let’s go it’s a start I haven’t Actually worked with inertia on fetching Food yet you can see she really wants to Pick it up but she’s also struggling With this inner conflict of what it’s Food not a toy and you know you might be Asking why is this useful this is just a Really good mental exercise that can Come in very handy later maybe if you’re Interested in service dog training this Is something that you’ll want to teach Your dog as well sometimes you Want your dog to get you a banana this Is for me okay you can have some light Out that’s pretty good here you go you Know it gives me an idea she likes this So much and her nails are ready for a Trim I wonder if I can use this to get Her to be cooperative on getting a nail Trim stay yeah so a nurse is very Tolerant of her nails being trimmed or Dremeled like this she doesn’t exactly Love it but she puts up with it and She’s steadily improving on her reaction To it I mean who could blame her it’s Got to be a little ticklish right since Inertia has so much hair I like to brush Her often as well keep those tangles out It’s a good time to inspect your dog and

See how they’re looking overall and he Issues developing good girl she loves it On her chest right here it’s her Favorite part and I like to end our Grooming and training sessions like this On a positive note let it go chase her Toy I might even let her run around with That one for a little bit and now I just Like to let her do her own thing explore Walk around play with things and just be A dog you know Indiana nurse show we’ll Probably have a play session we’ll see How they’re doing with that and I’ll Show you what I’m doing when inertia and Now much larger than Indy or at least Taller gets out of control and I get her To calm down on cue but they get into These wonderful play sessions but I Don’t want inertia coming on too strong And being too rough with Indy You can see Indy Indy has been afraid to Let inertia know what’s up and inertia Definitely respects Indy’s Eldar status And so this is a balance between having The two play together but making sure That inertia doesn’t get too rough with Her inertia and he’s done playing that’s Enough come here lie down relax very Good and so the moment she gets a little Too rough for my liking there I’ll just Intervene and say something like Indy Doesn’t want to play anymore or that’s Enough or whatever and then I’ll escort Her away by calling her and having her

Settle down over here and just relax for A second and then depending on context Sometimes they’ll say okay go play again Or That’s enough we’re all done just Depending on mainly Indies mood and what She’s feeling like and I’m looking at Indie and indie looks like she’s still Receptive to playing a little bit so I Guess I’ll let them continue okay go on Go play with indie but this is something That both dogs really enjoy every day Just playing a few times throughout the Day and wrestling around and just be in Dogs together I can watch dogs play all day long one Of the nurses favorite activities to do Throughout the day is just to stare Outside and watch people walk by and she Especially loves it when dogs walk by It’s a pretty populated part of town so This happens on a pretty consistent Basis throughout the day I don’t mind at All if inertia looks out the window she Seems to find a lot of gratification and Then she’s learning stuff about her World that’s great however what I don’t Like are the barking out first so right Now I’m trying to teach her how to look And enjoy what she’s seeing without Completely losing her mind and so when She does that my protocol is call her to Me so let’s give it a shot Inertia come and you can see she snaps

Right into it I love that good girl I’m Gonna give her a treat so the reason That I choose to call her in that Situation is because it’s completely Incompatible with standing at the window And barking whatever’s out there Plus Come Lane called is such an important Skill I practiced this really often all The time throughout the day but like Right now everything’s died off she’s Not really interested in barking at the Thing let’s see if she comes to me Inertia come good job that’s right and Wherever possible I try to let her go Back to doing whatever it is she wants To do provided it’s not working out of The window or something else Unacceptable to let her know that hey Coming to me doesn’t mean you’re gonna Be restrained and have to sit and stay Though sometimes it does mean that but a Lot of times I like to let her know just Come to me then you can get back to Doing what you’re doing She’s getting excited here when packages Get delivered you can see she tends to Bark at that inertia cub we do have a Lot of packages delivered good girl lie Down good girl she’s here slide into her Down light up Good girl this gives you an idea of what An average day looks like for us now Some days we’re gonna do a little bit More some days we may even do a little

Bit less I actually give her a couple of Days off every week where we don’t do Much at all just to let her completely Be a dog and do her own thing at this Point in the game she’s 11 months old it Doesn’t take as much time to work with Her an absolutely every little thing Because the communication between us has Been built so well so we just tried to Build on that communication pretty Regularly on a daily basis in the next Episode I’ll show you what we’re doing To improve a nurse’s conduct around Other dogs remember you’ll get a free Extra month of barkbox or super cheer or Both when you subscribe to a 6 or 12 Month plan by going to my special URLs Barkbox comm slash dog training and Super cheer comm slash dog training I’ll Have both of those links in the Description below subscribe to this Channel follow us on Instagram and Tik-tok to keep up with inertia’s latest Progress and see where she is today get My book guide to a well-behaved dog for My most detailed training advice on Every common issue people deal with with Their dogs see you guys next time You

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