This is EXACTLY How I Train a Dog! Daily Puppy Training Routine! NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE (Ep 13)

This is EXACTLY How I Train a Dog! Daily Puppy Training Routine! NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE  (Ep 13)

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Today i’ll show you everything that i As a dog trainer do with kona for the Entire day From sun up to sundown when things go Well And when they don’t okay I’m zach george i’m a dog trainer meet My new project Kona i’ve got just three weeks to train Her and set her up for the most Well-behaved life Possible that means i need to work on The most common puppy issues like potty Training how to actually pay attention Stopping things like play biting chewing Separation anxiety getting along with Other animals Leash walking and teaching her Everything a good dog needs to know Real dog training doesn’t always go Smoothly and that’s why i’m going to Show you Every success and mistake and how i work Through all the most Challenging parts of raising a new puppy Welcome to your new puppy survival guide The daily routine you establish with Your dog is what makes All of the difference when you’re Training them today i’m going to give You an example of that but if you’re Looking for a general 30-day Overview of training your dog that will Help keep you on track check out 30-day

Perfect pup It’s a completely free digital dog Training class that will show you how to Train your dog all the basics Over the course of 30 days in that Course you’ll get exclusive video Lessons from me Access to an incredible private Community of dog trainers and pet Parents and all kinds of extras To help make your training go super Smoothly there’s even an App so you can have all of your training Lessons and schedules with you wherever You are Sign up for free at the link in the Description and you’ll have access Forever Really it’s completely free now let’s See how this day of trading with kona Is going to go wish me luck good morning Youtube how are you just woke up And first thing i’ve got to do is take This beautiful lady Outside so it’s like you know 7 a.m ish I’ll let them out to go potty here i’ll Give them a little bit of time to have Some Fresh air and we will get started with Our day And hopefully it’ll be an interesting Day where we can make a lot of progress And hopefully kona will continue on her Amazing trajectory

Of rapid progress so there’s number two This is good the dogs are extra wired This morning and ready to go All right so check this out because She’s barking this is this is something We don’t Really do excessive working i mean Making high-pitched sounds of course Inertia comes running good girl kona All right so now that they’ve had their Break i’m gonna put her back in the Crate i’m gonna go get ready and we’re Gonna get started with our day Oh i know you you do you do have a clue Don’t you Come on can you get in your crate You still want some assistance with Getting in your crate huh It’s fine with me as long as you go in Voluntarily See how she’s not trying to get out too I like that a lot Being much more accepting of her crate All right getting camera ready here Just for you guys all right so i’ve Gotten ready you can see she’s Really ready to get outside ready to Come out Wait oh struggling with that weight this Morning Isn’t she A little tougher to summon the Discipline here first thing Okay good girl stay

Okay okay good girl so even though They’ve already been out this morning to Do their business it’s a little bit Later now I want them to just kind of get some Fresh air walk around They’ve got to relieve themselves Further as kona is doing right now That’s fine as well This is a good way for kona to start her Day just to romp around with another dog If possible or if you didn’t have Another dog you could get out there and Play with them maybe Do some fetch we may do some of that Later as well she’s had a good night’s Sleep it’s just a really good Opportunity for her to calibrate to Today And get in a good mood indy you want to Come out you just want to stand there Watch Indy just likes to have her own time She’s like when those crazy young dogs Settle down i might come Out inertia really seems to be enjoying Kona for the most part She’s getting a little rougher in her uh Play and corrections look at that You see this look at those teeth man Inertia i understand though conan is a Little obnoxious huh just think back to The first day when they first met and How nervous

Kona was she was like i don’t know about This and now If anything a nurse is like man you come On strong leave me alone it’s kind of Funny to see That role reversal nonetheless this is Really good interaction for both dogs to Have with each other i mean kona being So young Getting these social skills in with a Slightly older dog and inertia who’s Only 18 months old hasn’t played with Every dog in the world or anything so It’s yet Another good experience for her to get Social time in with a puppy so it’s all Good i’m loving it i’ll probably sit out Here for at least 20 minutes with them Just to let them really adjust to the Day kind of calm down get that initial Layer of curiosity out of their system If you spend too much time indoors with A dog they are going to be extra excited In many cases at least when you go Outside and it’s going to be really Challenging to communicate with them It’s as though inertia has detected that Kona is growing like three inches a day And it’s just trying to stay on top of Her to make sure she can still win these Play battles Because it’s getting harder every day For inertia you can see i mean kona is Just

Gripping her skin and inertia’s being Super tolerant inertia you’re allowed to Knit better you know measured Corrections are something that conor Probably needs a little bit more of Last night tona was going up to indiana Who isn’t quite so accepting of this Youthful behavior and gave kona a really Good Measured correction we just happened to Catch it on video which is nice Conan responded really well she backed Off and even though she started barking She wasn’t being quite as physical with Indy so she seemed to get the point That kind of communication between dogs Is wonderful A lot of people will use the logic that You know a dog might forcefully correct Another dog and nip at them or something Like that and a lot of humans Have taken that to mean that oh well That means We should use force on dogs in order to Get them to comply but I want you to keep in mind that we are Human beings we’re a little bit smarter Than these guys And we’ve come up with more effective Ways that really keep training fun and Enjoyable for dogs that don’t require us To be overly physical and primitive with Them but as far as dog to dog Corrections go those social skills are

Quite important This is an area where kona has been Coming over here and kind of digging Away At the dirt it’s the only spot i’ve seen So far where she’s done that and i’ve Been trying to intervene but she’s quite Fascinated by this particular soil over Here I’m a little extra tolerant to puppy Digging because they’re learning how to Use their paws and dig at the world and Explore it but the digging can really be A habit that gets out of control so You’ll want to Redirect them consistently so in this Case i’ll redirect her and say kona come On over here girl And get her to go away and get her mind On something else like Inertia or whatever puppies think about What do puppies think about and so this Is a real part of starting the day Just getting a dog mentally right Getting them mentally satisfied that They’ve gotten to do some stuff on their Own before we put them in school And ask them to do certain behaviors in Certain places Kona leave it yes good girl Nice real life leave it and i’ve got Trees out here just on standby you know I mean you can get multiple bags of Treats and

Have them all over pupford has such a Variety of different treats these are Freeze-dried sweet potatoes kona Loves them as you can see easy Don’t see the jumping is getting better But that was a good example over there Yes she’s pretty good if i’m sitting Still but if i’m moving she’s like i Want to jump all over you So the idea is to intervene before that Before the jumping occurs and she’s so Predictable i mean she’s a puppy you can Read these guys like a book There you go look at that nice work okay Come And get in your crate A little confused all right let’s give Her a little bit of help There we go one kibble does it yes Staying in there gets her her entire Meal there I think it’s a really good idea just ask Your dog to do two or three easy things When you’re gonna feed them in the Morning Maybe later in the day you might Consider doing a whole training session Out of a meal So today before we go out i’m going to Put a variety of different treats in my Pouch i like to mix it up just to keep Her guessing and You know just like people sometimes She’s more in the mood for meat

Sometimes she’s more in the mood for Potatoes right and if you’re like me Sometimes you’re just in the mood for Both So she doesn’t know how to hop into the Crate that we have back here In the car yet so i’m going to give her A little bit of encouragement Come here let’s see do you want to hop Up here what’s this yes Good girl A little awkward for her to hop in there Which is fine but i do want to put some Treats in there That ought to encourage her to walk Right in which i appreciate And now we’re going to go into the real World and see how puppy training goes So kona is loaded up i want you to Notice how quiet she’s being right now She’s chilling out which is really good So we’re headed out to a place called Ottoman park right now it’s an iconic Place in new orleans it’s a great place To train a dog so yesterday when we took Her to the park she Whined and cried quite a bit and i did My best to condition her by giving her Treats when she was quiet and trying to Alleviate the stress by giving her Something that she liked but today No whining right no no yeah so far i Mean we still have to go home but we’ll See

This just suggests to me that she’s Really adjusting well to everything All right let’s let her out okay come on I’m gonna definitely secure that harness With my hand And then make sure i definitely secure Her i want to be so extra safe It is 100 our responsibility to keep Control of our dogs in public that’s why You’ll often see me with a leash clip to Me I don’t know how long this can last but I love how she is on leash Why couldn’t i get inertia to do this Kona What’s this yes This is a nice house and apparently kona Feels right at home here she’s got good Taste Sometimes puppies will do this though Right they’ll just lie down So maybe i can inspire her to continue On with the walk let’s give it a shot Here Kona come on yes I’m gonna offer her a treat let’s see if She’ll take a treat i don’t know What’s this no Right there i just wanted to test i see She’s not receptive to taking treats Right now And honestly my primary science Objective for this particular Training session is to give her exposure

To new environments We were at another park recently but This is a completely different Park in a dog’s case it’s not really a Matter of if you’ve seen one you’ve seen Them all Every one is kind of a completely new World to them so in the long run At some point you do hope that they Start to Generalize and act normally At a variety of different parks but the Way we ensure that is by showing them Lots of parks often Good job okay we’ve got some barking Dogs over here I’m gonna bring her off to the side just To give her some room we have a lot of Dogs Coming up over here easy That’s very good Hey nice job girl isn’t that cool that’s A dog It’s good for dogs to get desensitized To audio like this here we have a Chainsaw going off back here they’re Doing some tree work I mean she notices that and if she Notices it while in a relaxed Calm state of mind even better i’m also Happy to let kona take breaks along the Way she’s still very young So it’s beneficial for her to take two Five ten minute breaks here and there

It’s just great that she’s able to Absorb everything that’s going on around Her we’ve got fast-moving people We have chainsaws we have people on Devices with two wheels that they’re Pedaling and she’s just looking at it All I mean if you really look into her eyes Right now you can just really get a Sense That she’s captivated by these things Around her she’s doing so well i’m gonna Bring her a little bit closer and let’s Do some screen saver training over here The reason i like to select a place like This is because you get pretty Significant and heavy distractions At close range if you want them there or You can get far away and let your dog Take in those distractions from a Distance and then if you want to kick The distraction level up one more notch You cross this path And we have lots of birds she’s been Doing really well with her bird Desensitization which is so important In this part of the world because They’re everywhere you see how wonderful A place like this can be for a young dog Who’s extra sensitive To new things believe it or not this Relaxed calm behavior right here Is absolutely perfect for an environment Like this because

This tells us she can take in Distractions while in a relaxed state of Mind meaning she can just chill out Kona look at me Come yes Good even with a bike riding by i gotta Sit on the first request And okay there’s a Fast-moving dog yeah I don’t know rollerblades what Why don’t we go walk past the birds and Just verify that she is Going to act acceptably i think we’ll Just pass by over here A little distracted come on kona Going to gently encourage her to keep Moving didn’t have to do much Encouragement Look at that i’m just gonna give her Some space here She looked at him and now she’s back to Just looking around Everything she encounters she’s like i Guess this is just normal stuff this World just keeps throwing all sorts of Weird things out there and the way she Responds to them has just been really Favorable look at how close she is to The bird And she’s not chasing the bird that’s so Far again i need to say so far and Everything Good girl yes kona good She offered attention there so i decided

To seize on the opportunity and call her Over to me It was a good opportunity to get some Compliance around something that is Potentially distracting Squirrel you can see her body language Is now pretty alert i don’t want to over Excite her by getting too close to the Squirrel but we’ll let her look at it Bree often jokes that Squirrels are just designed dog toys They’re little fluffy tails that wiggle So abruptly i put a long lead on kona i Thought i might see if she wanted to do Some free play here or even play a game Of fetch what do you think let’s see if We can give her an outlet that’s more Acceptable than chasing squirrels She goes a little half-heartedly but That’s fine she may not be in the mood For fetch right now i guess we can test A frisbee What’s all this stuff kona Kona come Yes good girl very good I definitely want to practice come when Called out here in this setting Got a dog over here come Good look at that that is Nice nice work gonna sit Yes rather than repeat sit sit sit you Know give them a chance to think about It they’re young Okay good girl kona

Come yes her recall Is just getting better and better all The time Kona come good Sit lie down Yes very good she’s got it She’s already getting an audience let’s See if we can have a breakthrough on Rollover Rollover yes very good Let’s see if i can get her to go yes Good sit lie down Yes good now i got what i asked for that Is a breakthrough On that one example i had to do an Obvious lure in a Less obvious way so that was cool Yes good girl Yes fun and let’s try one more i’m just Trying to get a bunch of reps in while She’s doing so well right now Yes there you go i mean that was her Best rollover of all time Right there good girl you’re so great And at no point so far has she attempted To Lunge or bark or anything doesn’t mean She won’t though i’m not gonna let my Guard down i don’t ever trust you Puppies Ah let go look at me Yes my logic there to get her to leave The pine straw loan was to get her to Look at me voluntarily and if you’re

Feeling really brave And you want to really tackle this Head-on get a handful of debris maybe Leave it look at me yes Give it movement movement’s more Distracting for dogs and Stuff that stays still leave it Kona yes perfect That was yet another really great way to Practice here Dogs walking by multiple distractions at Different ranges from her and still Being able to get that attention I’m now going to try and because she’s Fixated on these people walking by i’m Going to try and get her to Come this way kona come Yes that just really verifies me that She’s interested in something And that i can semi reliably get her Attention off that thing and on to me so That i can Direct her and guide her okay come on Let’s go home There’s a squirrel a crow an egret And you’re just walking being a good Girl what a pleasurable walk in the park It is with you today young lady Oh easy kona come That’s the closest thing to a lunge We’ve had kona Come on yes oh i lost her i wasn’t able To get her to come to me i’m still going To try but

That happens sometimes i don’t want to Push her when she’s in the state of mind I’d rather make it easier for her so Hey kona sit look at me Yes come come on Come on let’s go yes I was able to get her back there but You’ve got to be careful about the level Of requests you throw at a dog when They’re not yet prepared because you Don’t want to condition them to just Ignore that time and time again if you Called them and they didn’t come to you They’re like oh i guess that one must be Optional so you want to keep those to a Minimum but you can never know for sure If your dog is going to reply that’s why You have to practice so much And try to reinforce and use requests Like come and stay when you’re Reasonably confident they’re going to do It when you catch them succeeding they Learn oh that is how i live my best life Big truck right here look at this it’s a Big dumpster moving do that Wow see how she does Come on okay that was really good You can hear how loud that is She reacted so appropriately Really productive session here i think We can move on and continue with our day Time to go home we’re gonna put her back In the crate here Throw some treats in give her something

To look forward to so she walks in there So we’re back home now Kona is super excited i’m gonna go let Her outside First thing because we’ve just been on The road for 20 minutes or so so may as Well be extra careful since Potty training is important here we are Back in the backyard This is a really good place for the dogs To decompress and do their potty breaks And Rump around if they decide to so to me This is like a transition Time in the day where we just had a lot Of stimulation a lot of playing a lot of Checking out a new place Practicing her training and now i really Want her to just kind of rest and fall Asleep And take a nap and since one of our Objectives is to get her more Comfortable with Being in a house without having Accidents i’m going to encourage her to Take a nap outside of the crate this Time or i suppose she could take a nap Right there So i’m going to give her a second to see If she naturally relaxes i’m not even Going to tell her to do anything Oh goodness there’s a screen there all Part of the learning experience huh kona This is the spot where she often does

Settle down naturally i’m gonna see If she decides to lie down on the cold Floor And she does see i’m getting to know her This is good As you get to know your dog they become Pretty predictable don’t they so i Really like to go out of my way when i Notice that she’s going to likely be Good outside of the crate Let’s really build that up and give her That experience of Being good outside the crate i think With all the stimulation she’s had today She’s very likely to just pass out and Relax for a few hours Which means i can focus on getting me Things done And as moments arise like this where she Starts barking we have A vehicle in the back right there it’s Important to be able to snap into Training mode when your dog does these These are called secondary training Sessions And these will happen all the time okay I’m gonna try to get her attention kona Come Here yes good work sit Lie down yes good job very good So you know a number of situations like That might arise where Your dog gets focused on something and Has an outburst and you want to

Contain that inertia come Good girl yes i like that you’re being Quiet I like that you came and i like that You’re old and beautiful So now i’ve got to get her back into the Subtle position Inertia come inertia isn’t helping Matters she’s being a little barky so I’m going to put her up too Look at the irony i’m having to put Inertia up in the crate And trying to give you time alone kona Come Settle Good girl relax it’s very good Why can’t you guys just be like indie i Think order has been restored at least For The moment so that’s good throughout the Day you’ve seen us do a lot of primary Training sessions that’s where i’m being Very deliberate about the things that I’m training for example we worked on Rollover And we worked on and stay and General Obedience out at the park but here was An unplanned training session the dogs Got thrown off we had an outburst of Barking And we had to address that to try to Show them how to behave in the moment We call those secondary training

Sessions so the lesson here is know the Difference between your primary training Sessions And your secondary training sessions so She’s had a good Long nap and she has slept every second Of I mean at least two or three hours i do Want to point out too we’re gonna let Her out Immediately right after she gets done With her nap because potty training is a Major concern of ours so There we go Yes let’s go pee Good job good start she may have to go Again there just because your dog goes Especially her just because she goes one Time Doesn’t mean she’s done sometimes we’ll Go two or three times out here So especially after a long nap like that I’m gonna give her ample opportunities To pee Multiple times to poop to do all that Fun stuff A lot of you will be wondering well how Often are you supposed to let A puppy in potty training outside to to Relieve themselves and the answer is If you have to ask it’s probably time to Let them out In other words i’d rather see you let Them out way more times than they need

To Just to really make sure that they have Ample opportunities I mean twice an hour easy for a puppy i Would say if possible that doesn’t count When they’re sleeping Taking their naps sleeping overnight but If they’re up and thinking and Playing they’re probably also Considering peeing or pooping in your House too so Yeah that’s the world i’m living in Right now let’s go inside and see if we Can teach her a new trick i’ve got the Perfect one in mind Kona come Yeah there you go love that come wind Called Looking good i want to teach her a new Trick That she’s actually on the right track Except for the biting part i thought we Had this under control Seriously look at this let’s redirect Her into a sit Good girl that’s very good i do want to Say before i teach this that remember The reason we teach tricks to Ouch a puppy is so they have something To do other than bite you All the time no the real reason we teach Tricks because It brings us closer together and we can Learn so much more about one another

So one thing i want to teach her is Pause up Taught great pause up is where your dog Jumps up and rests their Their paws on something of course that’s Not exactly how i want to do it Kind of let’s see if we can just lure Her up here yes I want her paws to stay on my knee there Yes Yes yes Okay good girl so right there i mean That was a really good first attempt And did you notice the rapid fire Succession of three treats as she was Maintaining the position We wouldn’t always do that but sometimes Getting in multiple Tiny treats can be more effective than Just giving them one and it may really Help them understand the concept Much better yes Good work very good yes Pause up is cute for posing for pictures Or is a cute trick because you can teach Them to probably do it on something like A chair i don’t know let’s see Pause up stay Okay good girl nice work Pause up yes good And okay i’m letting her know it’s over So she doesn’t just wonder do i just Stay up here forever Or what she’s trying to be very clear

With her now Some of you might be wondering if this Is going to conflict with teaching or Not to jump I’m not saying she might not experience A little bit of confusion but you ought To easily be able to work through that To me anything with permission is okay Including jumping up on things assuming You give them permission to do so and This is a great way to build Communication Stay yes okay Good girl i mean does she catch on Instantly or what That went incredibly smoothly now let me Show you why i Personally wanted to teach that it’s Kind of a prerequisite to this next Easy trick and i don’t know how this is Going to go we’ve not done it i want to Teach you how to give me a hug Get her attention with a treat that’s a Little awkward whoa Yes okay good girl So similar thing right teaching her to Put her Paws on my shoulders it’s a good Opportunity to practice stay In a different way too stay Gotta kind of contort yourself here we Go Stay yes oh yeah Yes yes

Here yes okay good girl Getting her attention over here i’m Gonna go ahead and give her a reward for Listening To the end of that request too which was Basically get down Here let’s just stay I love my life okay good girl Come on stay And i should mention you notice how my Other dogs aren’t present right now That’s because i want to give kona A lot of one-on-one time during this Particular training session right i Don’t want her to easily be Distracted during training apparently my Shoe is enough distraction And of itself she gets plenty of social Time with the other dogs throughout the Day in fact i’m about to do that right Now but when i’m really focused On training her something new i want to Keep the environment As easy as possible around her that’s Why we’re doing it inside and not Outside as she gets better we would Graduate to the more challenging Environment Kona here yes Thank you for looking at me when i asked For your attention i want to just check In on bao real quick Yes yes Stay okay come on almost almost

Yes yes Yes okay good girl All right so you can see bao definitely Coming along nicely and one of my Favorite puppy tricks to teach It’s so cute it’s easier to teach than You might think i mean Dogs are quite willing to go into that Bowel position assuming you can get the Lure right The hardest thing about it that was Releasing them before they put their Butt down so that’s something i’m trying To get better at with her so believe it Or not It’s been many hours since she’s had a Play session with the dogs because She had her one-on-one time at the park We did some training here she’s had a Long nap So it’s time for more recess and free Time for her In general as long as i get those two Main training sessions in a day where I’m teaching him something new Then i really just want her to be a dog For the rest of the day so That’s kind of my plan here letting her Chill exist in the house Play with the dogs and just casually Exist because i don’t want to overwhelm Her you know It seems that that’s where dogs really Absorb all of these new things is in

That down time So really walk that line finally with Your own dog And be prepared to adjust accordingly so It’s about time for bed conan’s had a Really Nice active day more or less she’s been Pretty good about sleeping through the Night The last four nights in a row or so it’s Time to go to bed Yes nice job so she’s getting into the Routine and More importantly she’s getting Comfortable with being alone I can’t emphasize that enough that’s Really my primary objective with her I’m gonna go to bed now i hope you guys Have found this helpful Seeing what a day in the life of Training a puppy is like for me And as i said before every day is Completely different every dog is Completely different But i think you get the idea of the Spirit of what we Try to do when we’re working with a dog Either way you’re going to see how this Whole Dog training project evolves sign up for My totally free digital dog training Course 30 day perfect pup and check out Puppet’s other awesome products too Follow us on instagram facebook and tick

Tock and check out both of my books i’ll Have all of the links below We’ll see you guys next time

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