This is How You Punish a Dog. Real World Dog Training For Real Dogs! This is legit!!! (NPSG Ep 17)

This is How You Punish a Dog. Real World Dog Training For Real Dogs! This is legit!!! (NPSG Ep 17)

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Oh boy tight situation here this is why We call it puppy survival guide right Here Help but we happen to have a hurricane Coming through that got Real out of hand really quickly i’m zach George i’m a dog Trainer meet my new project kona i’ve Got just three weeks to train her and Set her up for the most well-behaved Life Possible that means i need to work on The most common puppy issues like potty Training how to Actually pay attention stopping things Like play biting Chewing separation anxiety getting along With other animals Leash walking and teaching her Everything a good dog needs to know Real dog training doesn’t always go Smoothly and that’s why i’m going to Show you Every success and mistake and how i work Through all the most Challenging parts of raising a new puppy Welcome to your new puppy Survival guide i really hope you guys Are enjoying kona’s first few weeks of Training for those of you looking for a Crash course in getting your puppy Trained you need my completely free Digital dog training course 30 day perfect pup i designed 30 day

Perfect pup after my in-person beginner Training classes And it’ll teach you how to train all of The foundational skills that every dog Needs to know so of course you’re going To get exclusive video lessons from me And access to an incredible private Community where you can interact with Other Pet parents and dog trainers but you’ll Also get an amazing app that will help You stay on track And give you easy access to all the Lessons no matter where you are I’m gonna have a link in the description Where you can sign up for 30 day perfect Pup And download the pupford app when you Think about all the ways and the Condition and the context In which we expect our dogs to behave Weather is certainly Included within that i mean our goal is To show our dog what the entire World is like even when the weather is Less than ideal we talk about how Important training outdoors is All of the time but even outdoors Changes from day to day so today We happen to have a hurricane coming Through honestly i just wanted to get Out here for a few minutes Do some walking do some basic training And just give her this general

Experience Of being out here under these different Conditions Kona there we go i love how she Responded there Look at her just walking like a little Prodigy Looks like she wants to bite her tail For some reason i like that That’s a cute trick you know hey up here Kona can you sit thank you Nice work i mean you can see that wind Just blowing on her face and if you Think that that’s not overwhelming to Her olfactory system Think again it might seem silly to us as People why that’s important But wind can majorly influence the way A dog responds i mean they’re just Getting flooded with different smells And remember that Dogs really experience the world in huge Part Through their nose we’re gonna practice The leave it look at me combo yet in a New environment in a different place And if you think i’m redundant on this You’re right because every chance i can Practice this Leave it look at me Here in a new place The better so she’s distracted by these Birds who are really fascinating corvids Are amazing

Kona come yes look at that look at how Eagerly she’s Prancing to me i love that i love that She’s enthusiastically coming to me Right after looking at those birds but Look at her she’s getting a little far Away from Me this is a habit that i kind of want To discourage so we just kind of pepper In those mini training sessions Throughout these Socialization experiences kona come Yeah woo Okay i got a little too excited there Coda come on Yes nice job girl there it is Stay yes stay Yes It’s great it’s the best thing ever okay It’s like getting hugged by a real world Teddy bear it’s amazing Oh ow jeez why Why she goes so cute just so hurtful So fast ouch this is why we call it Puppy survival guy Right here help gosh Sit that got real out of hand Really quickly now if you’ve read my Books or you’ve watched my videos you’ll Know that i’m big on Changing as few variables at a time as Possible when you’re introducing your Dog to new concepts or in this case To the world in general the weather now

Is the variable change i mean we don’t Have any additional people any Additional distractions out here so this Is a good example of changing as few Variables at a time as possible That’s not always possible but sometimes You want that to be your goal especially If you’re struggling With getting your dog’s attention in new Places even though we’ve got a hurricane Coming we’re not gonna let that affect Our training plans the show must go on So our plan is to continue working on Training After this hurricane blows through we’re Gonna go downtown into the french Quarter and do some training in a super Distracting public environment So it should be a lot of fun it’s Supposed to be a near cat 3 When it makes landfall the eye is going To go right over us Yes all right double reward environment And food okay i’m really hoping to get a Successful potty break in before this Hurricane hits for Obvious reasons kona Yeah come on good girl come on over here Keep coming There you go so i’m just trying to Motivate her to walk on the grass you Can see how she didn’t want to come on The grass I gave her a little bit of inspiration

And motivation Let’s go that’s what i want i’m trying To get our mind off the treats and on to Sniffing And there we have it a successful pee Conan you have skills Go pee yes Here’s a treat for good measure i just Realized she’s never seen an umbrella Opening i guess i’ll let her smell it Before i Open it oh there we go Look at her you can see how it’s got her Attention She doesn’t want to come out here in This weather She’s a little thrown off by it kona What’s this come on Let’s go let’s go come on you can you Can defeat the hurricane No okay You good i guess she’s good it’s okay To get a little rained on water isn’t Going to hurt him I’m just checking it out this is really Cool You know i mean obviously You have to be concerned about the Health and safety of everyone who’s In the path of our storm including us Wow look at that oh i wonder if i can Lean into it With the nope not yet I always wanted to do that

Nope look at this The eye is literally gonna go right over Us You’ll have to trust me on that but We’re Super close checking out the umbrella She’s doing well she’s just waking up From her nap I wonder if i should take her out Actually Come on She’s a little apprehensive of the Hurricane You’re doing so well look how great you Are We’re out here i’m just trying to give Her the opportunity to Relieve herself should she want to But right now the force of the hurricane Hasn’t come through yet You can get a sense there how fast it’s Moving We somehow are the only people in town Who have not lost power yet I’ve done wood told i have to do that So look how calm she’s being Oh Get back inside here you get the points What wow we keep dodging bullets here Hey girl how you doing All the dogs are doing pretty well well That hurricane Came through and it was the first Hurricane i’ve ever experienced

That close and we ended up losing power And it was incredible i’ve never seen Anything quite like that well anyway we Need to get back to training kona You know what’s really strange a serious Hurricane hit here Hours ago power’s out everywhere but you Know what we’re not gonna let that stop Us We’re still gonna do some dog training Today oh got a dog over here I’m gonna pull off to the side kona Yes good girl You want to sit as we’re standing here Another dog comes up some people walk by She gets a little thrown off Good job stay the other dogs seem to Vocalize and growl a little bit so it’s A potentially dicey situation maybe i Don’t know i don’t know that dog at all Maybe that dog is the biggest teddy bear On earth No that’s not possible you’re gonna be The biggest teddy bear on earth And then as the other people came by She’s continued to bark You can see i mean you know Kona sit yeah nice So i got her to do a couple of things Stop barking look at me sit And then i gave her a treat at the end To let her know that i liked that If on the other hand while she was Barking i had issued a harsh physical

Correction to her I might risk her correlating oh when Other dogs or people walk by I often get a harsh physical correction That to me is one of the huge benefits Of positive reinforcement training you Can see i mean there were some serious Wins that came through But you can see how even this change of A variable changes our training a little Bit she’s gotta deal with tree branches On the sidewalk where normally She wouldn’t kona what are you doing i’m Gonna let her i’m just gonna let her Smell it why not Yeah that’s a palm tree that’s what it Smells like that’s what it feels like These are the moments when you’re Socializing your dog to new places And letting them get to know the world That you just kind of have to let them Do i mean think about how that feels on Her head As it touches her think about how it Smells from her unique perspective and How it looks And where it is [Music] Okay let’s go she looks satisfied that Was healthy i don’t want to let her Necessarily sit there all day long but i Mean It’s give and take i mean i’m happy to Give a young puppy

The outlet to check something new out Like that rather than being like pay Attention pay attention pay attention Get some silkies or yorkies ahead There’s even a chihuahua Looks like toy dog central no doubt lots Of dog pee over here Okay kona come yes there you go So i said yes there i thought about Giving her a treat but i’m happy to let The environment Serve as the reward this sign looks like It almost got blown off In the wake of a natural disaster like This is actually Kind of a good time to come down here And train because it’s typically a lot Busier this allows me In that spirit of changing as few Variables At a time as possible to come down here When it’s not packed on a sunday Afternoon And instead you know it’s more sparse Because people are at home And of course we would only do that if It’s safe from a dog training Perspective this is an Ideal way to introduce a busy city Because there are still remnants and Scents and still the occasional person And dog coming by And so they still get a lot of that city Experience in without being so

Overwhelmed I mean think back to inertia’s first Time down here it did happen to be a Little busier than we had anticipated And she did have a tough time ultimately She came through But if you can introduce it slowly all The better and i love that she’s lying Down and i also love that she’s Comfortable Getting a bath because after lying down On the ground in the french quarter in New orleans You’re gonna need one and while this Could have the appearance of bringing Our Walk to a screeching halt i also like That she’s existing while in a calm State of mind In this place so i’m happy to tolerate This for a minute or two and then Encourage her to move on Or looks like she’s ready to move on Kona come Good girl cool keep going keep going Man her leave it is coming in handy here She’s doing much better with the real Life leave it she’s not fixating on Things Very much at all nonetheless she still Does it so here she’s getting so focused On a ground scent That i can’t get her attention let me Just give her a second like we’re doing

And now let me see if i can encourage Her Kona come yes Good girl here Do you want okay fine and again i’m Still getting to know her at that point Where it’s like Does she prefer to continue on the walk Or does she prefer the treat she’s so Interested in the walk And i’m even happy to let her smell the Ground for now as long as we’re Moving along and getting to our Destination so upon first arriving here I’m more tolerant as we’ve been here Longer and longer i tend to expect just A little bit more of her but this is Going to vary tremendously from Dog to dog good girl you can see how We’re walking past pedestrians we’re Actually Now navigating to a busier portion of The french quarter So she’s going to get a little more Exposure to people this alley is one of The more ancient parts Of the french quarter it’s like what 300 Years old or something Kona yeah so right there Look let’s just let her she’s got flags Up here she’s looking at She’s never seen flags like that before Got a cute little puppy walking by over Here

She’s a little thrown off by that hey Good job girl She’s gonna catch a scent trail there I’m gonna let her do that Let her check out the dog from a Distance and this is a good example here Of how the dog is getting farther away Right Sit [Music] A little distracted hear the bell in the Background sit Yes Okay that was a really good example as That dog got farther and farther away She became a little bit more willing to Pay attention see it’s easier for dogs To listen When there isn’t a dog nearby or a Recent scent trail from a dog Left i mean it can be any number of Things right so we found her working Distance then she was a little more Willing to pay attention Kona okay look at that responsiveness Good girl When i’m training a puppy i like to Offer a lot of positive reinforcement Usually in the form of really good Treats A fun toy that they like or even just The environment itself In fact i use treats so often with dogs That many times

Many of you ask me zack you’re using so Many treats What are you doing man i really think That By rewarding dogs for doing the right Thing that’s where you’re gonna make The most gains in your training and That’s because you’re really providing Desirable Outcomes around things that your dog Does that you want to stick around or be Repeated i love to Use treats to bridge my communication With a dog when they’re learning Something new That’s because dogs at first don’t Intuitively Understand that we expect them to pay Attention to us For sustained periods of time come on Girl let’s go That’s it Sirens I’ve never heard a siren like that did You hear that like different Lower pitch there that really got her Attention Really good auditory experience for her That siren sounds a little different She notices that good girl that’s normal Since you guys ask about a fair amount i Do want to touch on why i don’t use dog Training tools like Choke prong or electric collars i really

Like to minimize the amount of Punishment that i use in training do i Punish dogs Yes i do but i’ll get to that in a Second many dog trainers use positive Reinforcement and punishment in their Training And what you find is that some dog Trainers will lean more towards the Punishment side of training and some Will lean More to the positive reinforcement part Of training right why definitely lean More to the positive reinforcement side In other words and if you get this point You really get this lesson I want to use the least harsh method That’s likely to actually work Let’s say we were teaching kona to lie Down for the first time There are a lot of trainers out there Who would simply step on the leash like This With a leash attached to the collar and Wait for the dog to eventually succumb To the pressure Of lying down now of course i’m not Going to do that but i’m going to tell You what my logic is behind this And even if they reward after the dog Goes into the down They still are not teaching a lie down Through Reinforcement training primarily anyway

They’re relying on force aren’t they And so what’s wrong with that you might Ask i mean if it works it works right Contrast that with how a lot of Reinforcement trainers will train this They’ll perhaps lure a dog into a down Position And then reward to communicate to the Dog hey that got you something great but Here’s where a lot of the confusion goes Let’s say you’ve sufficiently gone Through and you’ve taught your dog how To do various skills right And then they don’t do it when you’re Reasonably confident they understand What you mean in the context in which You’re asking them to do it It’s not that we never punish right so Think back to the case of leave it Leave it good so simply the act of Pulling the treat away in the case of Teaching a dog to leave a treat alone Is punishment enough there’s no need to Be more physical with your dog to teach Them to understand the concept in other Words no need to pull them away When you can simply pull the treat away To teach them that if you want this This is what you have to do to get it so Back to the example of lie down if i can Accomplish the same thing by luring a Dog Into a down position haven’t i done the Same thing and

Isn’t it more likely that the dog is in A better frame of mind and more likely To continue on with the training session And look forward to training sessions in The future so don’t get me wrong i mean There’s definitely more than one way to Get a dog to do the same thing And using force at any level is a way to Get results but if you can get there Without using A verse of tools why wouldn’t you so i Mean think about the big picture your Long-term goal Isn’t to get your dog to lie down Because they dread the consequence if They don’t do it Instead we really want our dogs to truly Understand our language our customs and How to behave within our lifestyle i Mean regardless of what type of tool We’re using So in the case of using leash pressure To step on the leash to get a dog to Lie down you’re really relying on Teaching them how to do something From the outside in with a superficial Technique Rather than truly teaching them to Understand internally What you want them to do so i find it Much more beneficial to motivate dogs to Want to do things from the Inside out long term now say i was Walking over here close to the river and

Kona Attempted to bolt into the river would i Pull her back And make sure that she was safe Absolutely i’m still using the least Aversive method That’s likely to work in this case Keeping her from falling off of a cliff Into the mississippi river in that Particular example that’s the least Aversive method that’s likely to keep Her safe And that’s okay by the way even in that Example that would still be my fault Because i put her in a position where She doesn’t yet know how to behave So i had to teach her how to behave Better in that situation moving forward Right Absolutely no trainer or person on earth Is perfect at this Especially not me but i think you’ll Come out on top if you train your dog In this spirit just try to use the least Harsh method that’ll work At any given time and you’re seeing in Every training example With kona how we really try to Accomplish that so far it seems to be Working Hi nice dog hey look at me Let’s see what our working distance is See how far the dog has to get Tell me about kona come

Okay at least about there i mean that’s A good example of teaching her to listen From the inside out i didn’t pull her Away Right i motivated her to come of her own Accord to me we’re gonna get another Opportunity here And you gotta do this a lot you know i Mean you have to just really take Advantage Let’s see let me test the working Distance and see if it’s a little better Here with this dog This dog obviously isn’t as interested In kona so it might be easier Kona what’s this Kona come yeah there you go Good girl you’re doing so well i know a Lot of you might be worried that if You’re using all these treats and Various types of rewards That your dog might become treat Dependent you’ll have to use them Forever You guys have seen from the inertia Series dog training experience that i Used a ton of treats from day one But i rarely use treats for things that She has clearly learned and demonstrated She understands anymore Okay so let’s go over the general Formula for phasing out treats Eventually so let’s say we were trying To teach a dog how to look at us we

Might start by Holding up a treat right to our eye line Right here And giving them a little piece of the Tree right what’s this Yes good now a lot of people might say Okay big deal you’re getting them to Look at a treat right but i mean if you Think about it when you’re trying to get A baby to Look at a camera you’ll make a little Sound right behind the camera to try and Get them to look it’s not that you’re Relying on that to teach them how to Communicate forever and ever right You’re just trying to get that little Bit of traction Yes the treats are just a catalyst for Igniting That communication between you and your Dog in kona’s case if you’ve been Watching the series you’ve seen how We’ve phased in Leave the treat alone and pay attention To me yes Just like that but in the beginning just Holding up that treat is where i needed To start to get her looking at this part Of my body up here And at first your dog learns i do a and I get a treat or i do b And i get a toy they actually come to Expect it and at this point in their Training

That is totally fine you’ve got a dog Willingly doing something In exchange for a dog treat it’s a good Deal And using heavy rewards with your dog Needs to last longer than most people Might expect 6 to 12 months depending on the skill or The context in which you’re teaching a Particular skill And there are no shortcuts to teaching Your dog how to behave contextually You’ll need time for that now as your Dog performs more and more reliably on What you’re asking them to do Only then do you start to phase out Treats over time this is important guys This does not Happen at one time but it happens Through Intermittent rewarding so in short you Go from rewarding your dog Frequently to less frequently while Randomly adjusting the rate At which you reward during any given Training session for example Sit stay i’ll take a lie down Okay come sit give me another lie down Oh perfect okay good girl we had a sip Slash lie down a stay which was looking Really good A come when called another sit another Lie down and stay and of course the Release there

We got her to perform all of those Skills for one treat now i could have Probably even skipped the treat but i Wouldn’t want to cut off the treats all At one time right I would then want to reward every third Or fourth time and occasionally mix it Up maybe reward three times in a row you Know to keep them guessing right don’t Feel like you have to remember all of This i do detail it in my book so i’ll Have links below Coda let’s go there are definitely those Times though where your dog is so Excited that getting a treat from you no Matter how good it is Is the farthest thing from their mind This doesn’t mean that you can’t train Your dog with treats It just means you put them in a Situation where they’re a little too Distracted and you have to work up to That and you’ll find that it happens More frequently when you’re in new Places around Heavier and heavier distractions don’t Worry we got you covered That’s why we’re out here today Interesting Happy to let her back away there and see This is a good example the skateboard is Coming closer it’s getting farther away She can watch it at a safer distance Great don’t be in a rush to train your

Dog when you’re doing these types of Socialization sessions give them a Chance to take it in and understand it Before you start asking them to pay Attention to you and perform Basic obedience skills all right so we Have Kona’s first mule here and you can see Her immediate reaction is What the heck is that Very good good girl good mule Well done yeah Kona come sit Yes good girl really good reaction to The mule there With my very own dog inertia she had a Completely different reaction when she First started seeing mules i think That’s the value of doing a series like This you get to really zoom in on each Dog’s Individual issues and understand their Personalities Thereby making it easier to teach your Own dog Hey for those of you with dogs sign up For my totally free digital dog training Course 30 day perfect pup I’ll have all the details in the Description subscribe to my channel Follow us on instagram facebook and tick Tock and get a copy of both Of my books again all those links will Be below


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