This is my LAST CHANCE… We’re not even close. Reality Dog Training Episode 4

This is my LAST CHANCE... We’re not even close. Reality Dog Training Episode 4

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Today is day five and i still have to Get moira behaving Much much much better in public outside Of the house And at this point we are not ready this Is moira and i’m zach george Moira the german shepherd dog is looking For a home and i’ve only got Two weeks to teach her how to behave so That someone will be willing to adopt Her okay we have a situation And as you can see it’s not going to be Easy she jumps Excessively lunges at almost any Distraction Moira loves to bark and she definitely Pulls on leash and uses her teeth to Interact with the world A little too inappropriately i am Feeling a little bit overwhelmed If that was a dog she would be like i’m Not paying attention to you i’m paying Attention to that I will train this dog look at this loose Leash right now Shake yes much better yes Look at me is she getting trained this Is reality Dog training Today we’re going to cover some of the Most challenging issues there are And i’m showing you how we deal with Everything including how to give your Dog breakfast you’ll remember that moira

Goes crazy when you give her food but we Started working on that last time we’re Making it a little bit more difficult Because we’re giving her Nom nom which she’s going to go nuts Over i mean you can see the squash and The sweet potatoes of the chicken Nom nom basically sends you Pre-portioned meals for your dog i love How it arrives freezing cold every two Weeks You would not want to cook a homemade Diet for your dog unless you really knew What you’re doing Dogs require different nutrients than we Do in different amounts So i love that nom noms meals are Designed by a veterinary nutritionist Who takes into account your dog’s breed And weight and more Okay remember every moment is a training Opportunity so let’s go What’s up moira don’t you jump on me Good can you sit That’s very good yes Awesome she didn’t jump on me we’re Making great progress on this look at That she’s devouring this If you guys want to try nom nom for your Dogs you can get 50 Off of a two-week trial by going to Zack i’ll have a link below hey squeaky You ready to learn something

We’ve got so much to cover today i’m Hoping to teach her not to jump on the Furniture how to walk better On leash how to prevent resource Guarding i’m really hoping the teacher To calm down wish me luck On that one and i’m gonna update you on Her crate training progress or Lack thereof i have got one more day of Serious training to lay a foundation With moira before i take her out in Public for her first training session We’re teetering right here oh gosh i Mean she’s thinking about jumping Yes good girl i’ll be with you in a Second camera Here the first thing i want to cover Today is her first formal Leash walking session you saw on day one How unruly She was on leigh she was lunging at Ducks she was spinning around in circles When she saw my own dog inertia in the Distance As well as other dogs we encountered on A walk just yesterday we were taking Some photos with her A couple of dogs walked by and she lost Her mind Leash training can be one of the most Challenging things to teach a high Energy dog Like moira a dog like this walks much Faster than we do they have more energy

Than we do and their curiosity is 11 out Of 10. In fact for her first leash training Session i won’t even be going outside i Need to make sure I can get her attention on me in a Really distraction free environment like This With artificial distractions before i Can ever hope to train her to listen to Me around something that’s so Over stimulating like other animals as With any training session i like to First verify that i can get the dog’s Attention on me And right now those ears are facing Straight ahead they’re not they’re not Paying attention to me at all let me see Something watch your ears Moira yes good did you see them twitch Back there Good girl leave it look at me Yes i like to start with a leave it look At me combo because it verifies that she Has it in her To be no here Sit it verifies that she has it in her Yes To pay attention to me over a Distraction Yes good girl i’m making it very clear To her i’ve got a strong currency right Here i’m using some jerky treats today That she loves

Oh nice so i want her really focused on That i’m gonna even hold up the treats Up here to my eyes Okay it looks like moira isn’t quite Getting this yet Ideally we’d like that to look a little Bit better the main thing i’m looking For here is just that she’s focused on Me right there she’s not focused on me Yes There she is look for those small Moments when they’re paying attention to You at first Anytime she glances up at me going to be There to reward her with a small treat Yes i’m being very liberal with the Treats because this is her first Leash training session that i’m aware of Ever yes i even like that she’s Following me there i want to point out Too So far we’ve had a very loose leash in The house but i’m gonna make this Training session a lot more difficult For her in a second but First things first here yes Come on let’s go she’s really dialed in Right now so this is Actually a pleasant surprise good here Let me see if i can get her to do a Basic sit Yes sit So good you are so smart okay easy peasy Right

She’s walking she’s paying attention to A treat most dogs will do this But what happens when she gets Distracted paying attention while Distracted in Any form at all is the other major part Of preparing moira to listen while in Public So i’m hoping to use this to simulate a Barking dog or something during our Indoor leash training session i mean the Fact is i want her listening to me when She’s excited And wants to pursue something and that’s Arguably one of the hardest parts of Training a dog to walk on leash or Anything else Okay fine but can i break her focus and Get her to go the opposite direction Like she would have to do If we encountered a dog in public come On let’s go nope See i mean you see how she lunges Towards that but i know she’s got it in Her to stay she’s just It’s early in the day and she’s really Amped up right now we saw it yesterday She did really well but right now she’s Having a tough time so i’m trying to Make it easy for her and again this is All related Stay while distracted is related to Leash training because we have to get Them to pay attention to us

Stay here Good right now she cares more about that Toy than she does the treats but she’ll Take treats Stay of course there are many options we Can even use this to help Train leash walking moving forward but First things first okay Stay Here come on let’s go nope See look at that she’s pulling towards The toy If that was a dog she would be like i’m Not paying attention to you i’m paying Attention to that i’m trying to guide Her away from the distraction and Man this is going to take longer than Two weeks If she can’t leave that toy burrito Alone there’s virtually no chance she’s Going to disregard A dog anywhere within 50 yards of her Okay i think i’m gonna need to mix up Some variables here I’ve decided to upgrade my treat here to Real chicken do you want this Look at that this this is really really Awesome actually i mean it can be a Little frustrating when you’re trying to Teach your dog how to leave a toy alone For a leash training session like this But i mean Real chicken you want this instead put It right on her nose look at that

She’s saying i would rather play with This toy than eat that chicken okay Obviously we have a lot of work to do on Moira’s impulse control so bear with me As i keep troubleshooting here i know She wants to play tug i mean that’s the Thing she wants to do So maybe i can use that as a currency The risk is with a Early training session like this with a Dog Like this is that you risk really Getting them amped up And leash pulling is very compatible With being Amped up but if i can get her really Focused on me for a toy it could still Work So that’s what i want to try so i’ll Probably do that in a minute but i’m not Quite ready to give up on asking her to Ignore A toy right now i’m going to try maybe a Lower value tug toy And see if i can call her off of this Before we move forward she just keeps Throwing me lots of curveballs then Maybe we’ll work our way up to the Burrito later Here okay sit stay Look at me okay much better good Not quite as exciting as the burrito i Understand here come on Yes oh that was that was really good did

You see how she looked at the tug toys She still likes the tug toy but She decided to pay attention to me Instead come on I just want to kind of walk back and Forth a little bit here Get her really focused on me look at That she looks like a show dog Come on let’s go this way come on Yes nice stop too did you see that so When you see your dog struggling Sometimes with something you’ve got to Say all right maybe i’m Asking too much of them what can i do to Make it a little bit easier And then work my way up to it that’ll Actually give you much faster results Rather than just trying to power through At least that’s been my experience Good girl Moira yes she thought about it did you See that you could read her like a book I just wanted that to play out now let’s Give the distraction a little motion Here Come here boy yes that’s particularly Tough for her when it has motion Good girl yes I love how she’s looking at it and then Looking at me and look loose leash this Is what we want All right but let’s see if we can do a Little bit better than this let’s go Back to the burrito now

Boy come on good Yes that was great good girl Here moira come on yeah good there we go There we go here ah oh Man i got too excited let go Let go leave it good let go Stay moira come on Yes but i’m really trying very hard not To pull her at all Because i want her thinking from the Inside out moira Here yes i mean she’s like okay I think i get it like once she gets it She’s happy to comply Much more easily so let’s up the annie Moira here come on yes Very good now we’re getting traction Good in fact Go i’ll even go ahead and reward her With the thing this can be controversial But i really want her to know that Sometimes She’s going to get exactly what she Wants when she listens Let go stay Sit here moira Wait until i get our attention stay Here Good yes okay come here Nice moira Here good she will get Triggered in a second over that burrito Stay So i am having to do a little more

Interrupting than i would like to have To i don’t like having to say ah And remind her notice that years her Ears are fascinating To watch from a training perspective you Can see when she’s like Paying attention to me versus when she’s Locked onto yes see that i’ll reward That right there When those years come back towards me With her i’m looking to Reinforce all kinds of things that i Want her to keep doing in the future With a high-energy german shepherd Rescue dog like moira You’ll take anything you can get early On i want to prove this a little more i Want to make this even more exciting [Music] Stay good here This way you can see the inner monologue She must be having there like i Really want that but it’s not working For me i need to listen to this guy over Here And then maybe he’ll give me what i want Stay very good yes So getting there getting there not Perfect Little messy the only way that i’m going To be satisfied that moira is going to Listen to me in public Is if she can show that she’s got an Enter to listen around all kinds of

Distractions So let’s mix this up even more and use The chicken as the distraction And the toy as the reward now good Let go ah she hadn’t forgotten about it You gotta be quick You’re probably wondering if this is Confusing since i was just telling her To leave the burrito alone I don’t think so because anything is Okay with permission This is only going to help broaden our Communication moving forward So this is one way to bring context to Your training so that your dog learns That Sometimes something is okay and Sometimes that thing is not okay Obviously this is not what we have in Mind when we’re taking a walk playing Tug of war With our dog but i’m learning what Motivates her and see this is what i Mean you’ve got to be prepared to Communicate with them Through these uh through these energy Outbursts So using a toy to teach a dog like this To walk nicely on leash Is an approach that can have side Effects but you can work through Them good leave it Moira come on Come on yes there we go i mean notice

How i resisted the tension On the leash and that specific example To really let her think and that’s what We want she’s got to do that a few dozen Times in a lot of different contexts for Her to really start to understand what It is we want And we have to make sure with dogs like This that we’re fulfilling their Energy and mental needs that’s why fetch Is always a great thing to do with a dog Like this Let go here and she’s not forgotten About that Chicken either that nice i’m trying i Mean By getting her to tune out an obvious Amazing distraction over here I’m planting the seed on future walks For her to Tap into that logic self-control is not Something dogs get overnight so you’ve Got to practice with them like this Really often moira Good i love that when your dog shows you They’re starting to pick up a concept Sometimes you really want to take Advantage of that learning momentum they Have Good girl good all right let go so i’m Going to pick up the pace and try to get A lot of successes in a short time while She’s getting it i mean that’s the power Of a toy so you can see

Using a toy can definitely take a lot More energy out of you But it can be very effective if your dog Is into it because Right now she’s walking right over Cooked chicken it’s not like she’s just Forgotten it’s there I love that we’re doing this series Because there’s so much troubleshooting That has to go on And so it’s going to be interesting to See how this all unfolds when we go out Into the real world For a first leash training session Though i’d say we made a lot of progress With her i feel like every lesson we Have we just Really get to know each other even Better she learns what i want i learn What she wants And we use that to build communication So remember those early leash training Sessions are just about Getting your dog to pay attention to you While on a leash and moving And sometimes we need to make that as Easy as possible for them Only gradually increasing the difficulty Level now as you’ve been seeing so far It’s been A bit of a challenge to control moira’s Environment The crate has not been successful with Her at all to this point when you put

Her In a crate she really becomes frantic She starts pacing back and forth she has Excessive Panting and she just visually appears Distressed However controlling the environment is a Key part of training any new dog and This is often the case with adult rescue Dogs you don’t necessarily know their Past you don’t know what they’ve been Through i mean for all we know she could Have been living in a crate 12 hours a Day or more Or maybe she was destined from the Beginning to just not be a dog that does Well in a crate Those exist too i addressed this topic Specifically in my book Guide to a well-behaved dog and we’re Going to put it into practice today I can’t just let her be completely free In the house she could become Destructive Bad habits could get created i mean for Example she could start chewing up Things Or she could start ignoring me when i Call her more difficult to get to So there are so many reasons to make Sure that your dog is in a controlled Setting Not the least of which is their safety But even if for whatever reason you

Weren’t concerned about those things Because your dog was good on that You still must have a way to keep your Dog safe When an unexpected guest comes a Delivery person comes there are so many Different scenarios where you cannot Give your dog 100 of your attention During various parts of the day so you Have to make sure they’re safe so one of The ways that i’ve been relying on Keeping her contained is having her on An Indoor tie out and she does much better Here she enjoys playing with her toys She has more room and she doesn’t Exhibit the same symptoms that we saw in The crate for example And even overnight i’ve still been Sleeping downstairs with her letting her Sleep With me on the air mattress i know a Potential big no-no when you’re Trying to train a dog however this is Literally the only thing that i’ve seen So far That eliminates all signs of anxiety to Me it’s kind of a small price to pay In order to get a less anxious dog if Her sleeping next to me causes her to Feel better And this might make matters a little More challenging when it comes to Training or how to stay off the

Furniture which we’re going to address Later but if i were to leave the house i Wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable With her being on the tie out Unsupervised So my challenge right now is to find a Way to keep moira completely safe While also keeping her stress level as Low As can reasonably be expected i think i Have a plan The main reason we use a crate in the First place is because it’s a Safe dog-proof area and almost all of us Have A way to accomplish the same thing Without a crate as we do Over here so this is our dog closet you Know where we keep a lot of our dog Supplies there’s plenty of room to walk Around in here In fact i even have a crate here just For general use in case i have a dog That prefers to be in a cozy area And it’s climate controlled it’s really Comfortable in here as well and i have a Hunch that she’s going to be more Comfortable In here for at least short periods of Time long term we’ll have to see I mean that’s the thing about a series Like this you just have to go with the Flow so i’ve got a camera set up in here She’s about ready for a nap i’d say so

We’re gonna see how she does let me see I’m gonna just go in here with her give Her a tour And make sure we’re recording nice i Love how she’s exploring the crate Already nice girl Here you go and i’m just going to keep That door open my goal is not to get her In the crate unless she chooses to be in The crate that’s fine so i want her in Her voluntarily Another thing i could do is give her a Really good marrow bone that she likes You can see she’s into that so i’m gonna Throw some chicken lots of tiny bits Over here and then i’m gonna back out And close the door Good job we’re gonna close it She’s doing okay the phone’s blocking Her here but you can see she’s not Jumping on the door she’s not whining You can hear the bone clacking And moving about in there i mean this is Immediately better Than the crate now we’ll see what Happens when she gets done with her bone My hope though she’s gonna chew her bone And she’s gonna take a nice little nap And everything’s gonna be great And she’ll view it as her happy place We’re not seeing the same symptoms we Saw before in the crate we’re not seeing The panting we’re not seeing the pacing The refusal to take a chew toy

There’s still the chance she might Become a little stressed i’m not saying That this is going to be absolutely Perfect Uh but the hope is that she’ll adapt it Appears to be the case that confinement In and of itself Doesn’t stress her out in the extreme Way that confinement Via dog crate stresses her out part of Being a good trainer to your dog and Good teacher to them is being flexible And always being able to change your Game plan Moira is throwing so many curveballs at Us i’m having to Change protocol all over the place to Adapt to her i’m sure you’ve noticed by Now i’m not In a hurry at all to introduce my dogs To moira because she’s had a lot of Experience playing with different types Of dogs that better match her play style And she does well with those kinds of Dogs Our oldest dog indiana is over 15 years Old now and there is no way i’m gonna Make her put up with this kind of energy From moira Inertia in a similar way will not do Well with a dog that has This kind of play style and hersha does Not like getting bowled over and jumped On

She’s a much more polite reader to other Dogs but right now there are bigger Priorities in making sure that moira Knows how to take direction from a Person before i just let her loose to Play with any random dogs It’s been i don’t know 15 minutes or so The bone seems to be Keeping her interest you can see she’s Playing with it Oh my goodness now that is nice look at Her going in the crate with the open Door So this is a way to potentially counter Condition her to the crate you know when She sees okay i get to go in I get to come out let her get Comfortable with it on her terms I’m really satisfied with her stress Level right now Being acceptable [Music] It’s been a little while since we’ve Seen one of these barking outbursts Moira hey can you relax Why is she doing this i’m not Well wait a minute what is this My new classic reeboks why is this on The floor you can’t have these that Would be tragic There’s a time to ignore barking and There’s a time to ask yourself if your Dog is being reasonable when they’re Asking for your attention

I think right now moyer is just bored i Totally understand that So i’m gonna stop what i’m doing for a Second and make some constructive use of Her desire to interact with me So i’m gonna try to lower her energy by Engaging her In a training session we need to work on Lie down she’s been pretty tough on lie Down It’s a new concept yes good That’s it stay i’m trying to shift her Mind from Antsy to let me pay attention to this Guy Sometimes you just have to snap into Training mode one thing i do want to see How she does Is she really seemed to respond well to The heel position here I like how she’s on my right side here Doing well Let me see if i can lure her into a Stand Here oh she’s thinking about yes See how she thought about shake and then Figured stan Was what i was looking for i’m feeding Her really small pieces of treat in Rapid succession to encourage her to Hold that stand position Okay she doesn’t really know how to Nibble a treat just yet Yes yes okay come here good girl

That’s it good lie down We’ll do some puppy push-ups here to get Her mind off of the barking And she’s already is appearing a bit More calm Lie down yes so i’m going to put her Back on the tie out here for a second Leave some bits of chicken there And then i’m gonna try ignoring her for A few seconds we’ll see how that goes I’m gonna stay in sight So i don’t want to just totally freak Her out by walking out of the room right Now And so for the time being her parking Has subsided I’m gonna leave her with that toy to Play with she kind of likes to play with That one i’ve noticed So i’m gonna let her entertain herself For a bit and it should go without Saying i mean you can’t expect those Outbursts To be zero if you aren’t putting in a Lot of time with your dog as well She is a high maintenance dog dogs like This with this amount of energy do Require A lot of time and attention from us Particularly in the beginning A lot of people are caught off guard by That which is why high energy dogs Like moira end up in pounds and shelters Hope here is that she’s just gonna

Settle down and relax For a minute and if she does i’m gonna Go ahead and put a word to it I think we’ll call it relax i see it She’s looking at me i’m not gonna look At her so right now i’m just Gonna make a cup of tea i want her to Get used to seeing me Not pay attention to her see me doing Other things Just because she’s the center of our Universe right now Doesn’t mean she needs to know it she Looks so fierce with that toy in her Mouth There we go perfect relax Good girl relax so teaching her Something like relax Or settle down really requires you to Use the term in context we call this Capturing A behavior which will take a good bit Longer to teach but It’s really one of the better ways to Teach settle because you’re not Acknowledging her lie down physical Position there you’re acknowledging The fact that she’s becoming more Relaxed and checking out a little bit That to me is what relax means and i’m Noticing that giving her An animal bone really tends to pacify Her and satisfy her from time to time But i also want to alleviate

Some potential concerns that she might Be a resource guarder it’s natural for a Lot of dogs to want to Protect something like a bone i Definitely want to make an effort to Prevent that from happening I haven’t seen any signs of it just yet But then again i haven’t Had to take a bone from her just yet so I’ve got this very normal size bone that I’m going to offer her Let’s take this off here let’s go ahead And let her investigate that one for a Minute I mean at some point in the future i’d Want to feel comfortable taking that Away from her You know i want to caution you to be Really careful about this if you have a Dog who’s a severe resource guarder you Probably Wouldn’t just want to go ahead and give Them a big bone like this so far i don’t Think she is Let’s say that you did have a dog that Was a resource carter and you wanted to Get them Away from something that they were Protecting let me show you what you Would do Because you’ve got to be able to manage The situation And going in there and taking it away or Pulling them away can sometimes

Trigger a dog and really get them to Snap at you So here’s what i want to do moira get Our attention i’m going to throw the Chicken over there So that’s a good way to have a dig up It’s a good way to create a decoy but i Also want to go ahead and give it right Back to her in this case Because i don’t want to verify to her That i’m going to steal something she Values i’m going to give her some Chicken over here And this is very deliberate i’m just Raining tiny pieces of chicken around Here she’s going to get every bit of it I’m not worried about it To let her know that when a human comes Near her while she has something she Likes Only good things happen let me see if i Can call her off the bone Moira Sit here A little tub here There we go we’ll just toss some chicken Here pick up the bone Sit here stay Here up here i want those eyes stay Stay i’m just really working with her on Basic impulse control wherever i can Since i have such a short period of time With her Good i mean the goal of this series is

To see How far we can reasonably go with a dog In two weeks like moira so the bottom Line here is we’re trying to create this Positive association With people being near something she Values like a bone Here girl what’s that i’ll go ahead and Pick it up I’m avoiding pulling it away from her Because i don’t want to provoke her I want to keep a good thing going here Unless it’s a really dangerous object Avoid just pulling it away from your dog But this is all quite good here I mean you know she’s allowing me to Hold it While chewing on it which i like i feel Comfortable here i’m reading her body Language she’s not raising her lips She’s not freezing up or Really acting protective but i think This bone is actually Going a little too quickly it’s probably Not very healthy for her to consume this I more just wanted to give you a good Example of preventing resource guarding So i’m going to pick that up and put it Away good job here you go girl One habit that was obvious the moment Moira Stepped foot into the house is that she Loves jumping on furniture Now of course i want to remind you guys

If it’s okay with you there’s no harm in Your dog jumping on your furniture i Mean that’s case by case Nonetheless i think that moyra really Needs to understand though That when she is asked to stay off of Furniture She listen to that i don’t want a big German shepherd dog jumping on my couch Without permission What are you doing moira i think a great Place to start with this Is to practice to sit and stay while i Sit down and Really teach her that this is how you Conduct yourself when there’s a person On the couch Sit yes Stay yes And okay come on good girl very good I mean you saw how we taught sit stay When we introduced the concept of stage You were and we’re just going to do that Here in a slightly different context So that she can understand the practical Application of sit and stay This is how we show them the concept of Staying while we’re on the furniture Just to introduce the general idea But i do find with dogs who are in the Habit of already doing this jumping on The furniture That you need to be quite quick about Snapping into training mode and being

Able to redirect them into that sit stay Down stay Or whatever else and this actually is Probably a good way To work on impulse control with the Furniture as well just to do my training Sessions from the couch i mean she has The desire to get up there yes good girl So we don’t get mad we don’t yell at her She just learns that Every time she gets on the couch i’m Going to redirect her Off of the couch in other words we make Sure the behavior doesn’t work for her There’s nothing good that comes from Jumping On the couch now if she were to try to Jump on the furniture again which i hope She doesn’t i would just simply redirect Her By you know calling her away come on Over here not yelling at her not Scolding her But showing her the right thing to do Which is a sit or down stay or Relax or whatever very good and like With your own dog if you have company Over Really focus on practicing sit stay in That different context here she’s Feeling a bit more playful Okay come on let’s go and that was an Example of redirecting so i’ve got to go Over here

Grab a treat and give it to her Nice and surely at this point you know When we Put these videos condensed like this People will comment on how many treats We’re giving Yeah we are kind of giving a lot of Treats but i’m trying to keep them small And high quality Yes good girl so case in point obviously We still have work to do On that and hopefully eventually we Teach her to relax and notice right now She’s completely off leash that’s Because I’m focused on her and showing her very Deliberately how to behave Sit stay Yes got a little excited there on Purpose just a little bit there I want her to understand that stay even Means stay when she’s super excited and Doesn’t want to Sit stay Yes good girl okay Nice and let’s try again sit Stay oh boy And you can see how she’s confused there I’m being relatively Inviting to her okay that didn’t work All right back here girl let’s go stay Don’t want her fail twice in a row stay She’s good with movement Hey moira good girl yes sit

Stay yes Okay come on there we go so this is Great we’re teaching her The concept of staying while i sit or oh Jump on the couch again that’s more Exciting to a dog if you’re wondering Why i’m doing that And if she’ll stay there she’ll most Likely stay while i’m just chilling out Here What a good dog stay Ah stay you can see how that’s confusing But again we’re proofing it i mean maybe You have a kid over here who’s being Very inviting we want her To listen stay and like i’ve said before Anything is okay with permission If it’s okay for your dog to be on the Couch sometimes fine They’re perfectly capable of Understanding sometimes it’s okay And sometimes it’s not yes good girl In the meantime when you’re not focused On training them make sure you are Managing them Have them in a place where they don’t Easily have access to the couch if you Go away to work and you leave them in Your living room and you don’t want them Jumping on your furniture you’re not Setting yourself up for success right This behavior is by no means completely Resolved now that we’ve had this lesson This is something i’ll have to be

Consistent on Moira did pretty well today and i think She’s ready to do some public training Tomorrow but Barely my days with moira are going Really fast right now And we’re in for a wild ride from here And if you want to try a cutting-edge Diet for your dog go To zach to get 50 percent off Of a two-week trial of nom nom subscribe To my channel follow Us on instagram facebook and tick tock And get both of my books too I’ll have all of the links below moira i Can’t wait Until tomorrow

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