This Takes Minutes To Train And Will Save Your Dog’s Life

This Takes Minutes To Train And Will Save Your Dog’s Life

Training “Stay” When Distracted takes minutes when you break it down into easy steps. This is a potentially life saving skill. I’ll also work with her in her new park! In this episode, we’ll get Inertia aquatinted with our new home in Atlanta while teaching her some critical life skills!

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I think this is the happiest I’ve been Since my wedding day right now every dog Should learn how to do this I’m Zach George I trained dogs this is my new dog And I’m gonna show you how I train her From day one things definitely won’t Always go smoothly you can start from The beginning Or you can pick up anywhere subscribe And hit the bell notification so you Never miss an episode when you put into Motion an approach based on love and Respect your results will forever remain In motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience In this episode we’ll start to get Inertia acclimated with our new home and Our new park here in Atlanta recently I Purchased a second house in my hometown Of Atlanta and I want to begin to show Inertia how to behave here because there Are some things here that are different Okay guys so our big news is that we’ve Recently gotten another house here in Atlanta where I have lots of family so It gives us an option to be closer to Them I want to get her introduced to the House but there’s one really pressing Issue that I want to make priority Number one at this house see this house Is positioned on a very busy road this Is by far the most urban setting that I’ve ever lived in I mean we’re in the Heart of Atlanta there’s so much going

On around us here there’s gonna be a Process here in getting inertia to adapt To all of this and we’re gonna work Through it together so those of you who Have dogs in cities might find this Helpful you have to hold a dog to a Higher bar when you do live in a city Because there are more dangerous things Going on around them like traffic you Have to navigate sidewalks that have Pedestrians so you have to keep your dog From jumping on strangers every time They meet someone new so bottom line is I want to get inertia very reliable About staying at the front door so I’m Gonna put her into a sit right good job Tiny piece of meat right there is a Treat and I’ve done this with her in a Number of settings so I’m hoping she’s Going to do well and I literally have Her attached with a d-ring here so I Have that extra safety net in place and It’s one of the easiest things to teach If you just go in slow motion watch Jiggle-jiggle right reward Opening for a brief second as to not Constantly tempt your dog to run out Initially during the early stages Because you want to keep her stayin at All times yes very good you’re doing Great by the way and just to be really Obvious to her I’m gonna give her a Serious hand signal here stay open it I Love how she’s looking at me

Automatically And again those smells and sounds just Coming into the front door here are Gonna be very tempting for most dogs Stay look at that see she’s starting to Get a little tempted I’m gonna go ahead And close the door look at me I want to Make sure she knows how to stay at all Times stay I’m gonna open it for a Little bit longer Regardless of where you live every dog Should learn how to do this very good Yes excellent I’m satisfied that she’ll Do a rehearsed stay when I open the door When using a really good value treat but I want to proof this a little bit and Make this exercise a little bit harder For her now your goal is always to try To train for something that’s more Exciting than they’re likely to Experience in real life that’s hard to Do though it’s almost impossible to do But you try your best I’ve been saving This toy for something just like this Everything about it the texture the Sound is really exciting I mean she can Tell it’s a new toy and she’s never seen It I’m going to use this as my major Distraction I don’t know what to expect Here I would like to think that she’s Gonna hold her stay but I mean nothing Surprises me she’s still a young dog and She’s very curious I’m just gonna really Empathize stay here stay look at me I

Don’t think I’ve heard the sound of that Like to that degree it kind of startled Me she did flinch so it wasn’t ideal but She ultimately passed I’ll give her a B-minus for that one stay Yes very good All right so now she wants to do it down Stay I’ll take any kind of stay I can Get right now the important thing is That she stays and doesn’t run out of The door stay Good girl you’re doing great Inertia is doing a great job and since This skill is so important I’m going to Continue to work on this often for many Months to come there’s an awesome park Near our house too let’s do a training Session there and see how she likes it I Kinda want to see how she’s gonna react In this brand new place as you can see She’s a little anxious right now she’s Like what is this what are we doing Right now and I’ve chosen this spot Because it puts you kind of in the Middle of a semi-decent size field but There’s a pretty well-traveled Pedestrian path that circles us here so It allows me to give her long-term Exposure to things at reasonable Distances where I can easily modify the Distance between her and those things Happening like people walking by dogs Walking by maybe some bicycles things Like that so my objective is to kind of

Hang out here and do some screensaver Dog training looks like I’ve got a Little work to do here she is kind of Reacting to her world let me see if I Can call inertia off these distractions Intersect come here come here yes good Job I’m using a lead today to make sure That I have full control over at all Times what’s this go oh good that was a Nice little example they’re using a toy As currency okay so we inertia is Getting distracted by a dog my goal here Is to get her attention on me by getting Her interested in playing with me I have No issues with inner so socializing and Playing with dogs on playdates but Sometimes I just need her to be Interested in me so I’m doing a lot of Real short tosses with a stick right now Inertia has a pretty soft bite and this Is a tough green stick she found so I Didn’t think it was likely to splinter I’m also throwing that stick nice and Easy to prevent any potential injury but In general I don’t recommend playing With sticks it just so happens that She’s really into this right now And I’m gonna throw it very carefully Good yeah that’s good can you give me a Come around I’d like to do this come Around a lot when I play fetch set a dog Up and a nice straight forward moving Motion right now I know she’s captivated By that dog I want to see if changing up

My currency might make a little More reliable right now hey inertia What’s this what’s this that’s it so in This case the treat that I’m using is Reinforcing enough to her to pay Attention to me instead of the dog I Love it when that happens cuz that’s not Always the case Inertia come oh look at that so I’m Actually getting her to voluntarily walk Away from the other dog if you can do That in any capacity without having to Force your dog you’re in really good Shape especially with an eight month old Dog like this stay nice long extended Stay we’ve got going on here She’s getting a little distracted leave It yes okay good Nice job that’s cute okay there’s a Little girl running by that inertia is Distracted by let me see if I get my Dog’s attention on me good job inertia Yes Nice work and she voluntarily came to me There it’s that classic fine line of Letting your dog like check out what’s Going on around them and also getting Them to listen to you okay I guess I Spoke too soon but rather that she come Over here and settle down maybe into a Down stay given that inertia is in an Excited state of mind I’m going to make This exercise easy by luring her into Position even though she could do this

Without a lure under less exciting Circumstances she’s really responsive Right now with currency without currency She would be much less reliable but Remember in a place that’s exciting like This there are many instances where you Can use the environment itself as the Currency so food toys environment those Are the three main types of currencies That you can use so granting your dog Access to run and smell around could be Very reinforcing to them if they earn it Okay lie down good give me a plate egg Good job oh right there look look at This and we have the little girl who’s Run by yet again and an Ursa is really Starting to learn how to stay keep in Mind that my main focus is simply giving Inertia exposure to this brand-new part So I’m happy to be a little axe on her Obedience training in exchange for her Gaining some general life experience but Of course it can’t hurt to try hey come Here come on good yes can He’ll look at me okay easy yes good and So we have distractions over here a Family having a picnic in the background And she’s really holding that heel and Her should come let’s go so my my goal Here heel good girl yes good come on Let’s go you’ll this point right here a Little reluctant on the turn there we go Come on let’s go yeah that’s it good Heel wait she got a little confused on

Wait there I’m curious to see if I can Get her to crawl crawl spin one of our Harder tricks to evolve she still likes Me to be fairly close to her when asking Her to crawl so let’s see here I’m Really trying to get her crawling Properly crawl yes crawl still needs a Ton of work because I’m having to take a Step back on crawl to keep her hips more Aligned because she’s kind of dragging Her hips and I don’t really like the way That looks and remember it’s not that We’re teaching all these things we’re Teaching all these things in this a new Park with all of these distant Distractions going on some of them Pretty close like the girls over here Playing frisbee with each other and the Dog in the distance there are many Depths here you have all sorts of Interesting things I love training in Places like this because it gives you so Many training opportunities in a really Short period of time and if you’re Willing to spend an hour or two on a Beautiful day like this at the park then Why not stay to me there’s nothing more Important than teaching a dog how to Stay when they’re anywhere especially in Public I’m gonna work on having her stay While I walk around her this is Important because you know sometimes you May need your dog to hold an exact Position while you walk behind them to

Go address somebody else I’m gonna take A step back here since we’re in a new Environment that’s a major variable Change and I’m going to just walk a Quarter of the way around her and then Reward you know I’ll do that a couple of Times then I’ll work up to walking Halfway around her and coming back and Rewarding and not insisting on an Eternal stay and this is a lot more Difficult than it might look here we’ve Been working on this so she’s making it Look a little easy but most dogs will Almost always break their position when You walk behind them and a stay unless You’ve practiced for it Could make you dizzy too and eventually The goal again here is to be able to Walk all the way around her while she Holds that stay and before she fails I’m Gonna let her know this day is all done Okay good job nice work I’m thinking That we can let her have recess now You’re being really good she’s being Anxious but do you see how she’s holding The state here you want to play Oh What’s this let’s see if she’s into Frisbee right there okay good sign right So she was distracted I’m gonna keep her On lead because she’s gonna be running Around a lot more now so I don’t want Her running up to the other dog ready go Good I’m gonna start off with some Rollers here this is great I love that

She’s playing frisbee in this Environment I’m gonna do some tug here To see if that gets her to behave a Little more intensely good yes ready Come around and this way go I’m gonna Keep it kind of short good job girl yes Let go come around go and I don’t care If she catches it or not I just love That she’s playing right now and look at That she’s playing frisbee with a dog Just several feet away right now my mind Is blown come here come around go Come on she’s bringing it back really Well right now good girl you’re doing so Well come around and I’m intentionally Keeping the throw short because it’s Easier to encourage your dog to come Back to you from a shorter distance then A longer distance there’s less Opportunity for failure good Keeping the leash short as she comes in So she can’t change your mind and run Back out come around ready go I think this is the happiest I’ve been Since my wedding day right now come Around ready go hi he’s after that round Of frisbee you can see inertia is a lot Less antsy if he’s not barking at the Kids of the dog trying to get them to Play so exercise really tends to chill a Dog out in a way that nothing else does And check this out we have two beautiful Dogs over here inertia gets really Excited by new people so let’s see if

She can summon enough strength to hold Her stay while meeting this brand-new Friend very good that’s wonderful that Was actually pretty good for her I Appreciate that so it’s a great Opportunity for me to work on stay here I mean look at this we have two awesome Fetch train dogs over here and she just Has to sit and watch just a few weeks Ago she would have found this an Impossible task so I’m really proud of Her look how she’s just chill being good Mentally and physically satisfying your Dog will yield this result every time in Our next episode we’ll see how many more Challenges we can find for inertia here In Atlanta Georgia there’s definitely a Lot to see here if you want to see how Inertia is doing today follow us on Tik-tok and Instagram subscribe to my Channel and get my books for all of my Training advice in one place see you Next time [Music] You

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