Train ANY Dog To Listen Around ANY Distraction! (New Puppy Survival Guide EP. 19)

Train ANY Dog To Listen Around ANY Distraction! (New Puppy Survival Guide EP. 19)

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We’re at the dog park that’s exactly What we don’t want our dogs doing right There I’m zach george i’m a dog trainer meet My new project Kona i’ve got just three weeks to train Her and set her up for the most Well-behaved life possible that means i Need to work on the most common puppy Issues like potty training how to Actually pay attention Stopping things like play biting chewing Separation anxiety Getting along with other animals leash Walking and teaching her Everything a good dog needs to know real Dog training doesn’t always go smoothly And that’s why i’m going to show you Every success And mistake and how i work through all The most challenging parts of raising a New puppy Welcome to your new puppy survival guide Today i think we’re really going to Start to see our Efforts take off with kona because today We’re really going to focus on expanding On the foundation that we’ve already Laid with her I know a lot of you out there with new Puppies are really struggling with The decision of what to feed your new Dog solid gold is like the original High-end dog food they’ve been around

Since 1974 that’s older than both of us Combined the reason i really like Recommending solid gold pet food Is because they have a really strong Emphasis on putting in Superfoods and their ingredients are Really good they’ve been shown to be Very nutritious for dogs and that’s Important because there are So many foods on the market and you Can’t be assured that all of them are Using really good ingredients in fact Many of them don’t so if you’re on the Fence or you’re looking for a new food To try with your dog Give solid gold a shot just for our Viewers you can get 30 Off of select solid gold products by Going to Zach i’ll have a link below not so long Ago we worked with kona On staying at open doors i went through All the steps that you would go through To teach your dog how to stay At a front door when it’s open and i Really just want to test her on that and See how she’s doing And just because she was doing well on Stay at the front door doesn’t mean She’s going to generalize that to this Gate so if i said Stay and i open the gate well that’s no Good right she just goes right out of

The gate because if she wasn’t on leash You never know there all right kona look At me good Like starting off training sessions with Look at me a lot verifies that i can get Their attention Look at me good All right stay Yes and again i’m just going to pretend She doesn’t know stay At in this context at all no point in Giving her the benefit of the doubt At this age look at me Kona yes but i don’t want her to think That Stay never has an end so we’ll say stay Look at me okay good girl and then let Her go through the gate see only with Permission and so in this case you can See she’s eager to get around and sniff Around in this new environment because She’s used to being on the other side of The gate lots of dogs walk past here so I’m sure she’s interested in those Scents Here’s the thing to remember though even If i practice stay at this gate Every day for the next five years but i Failed to practice Stay in other contexts she’d be really Good at staying here But probably not very good at staying in Other scenarios and situations We’ve got some dogs coming over here on

The levee and you can see that Kona is intrigued by them which is good Timing This is part of our lesson plan today Actually to see if we can get our Focusing Around other dogs i have a plan kona Come Good job girl all right well that’s good Here we go sit good work Okay that’s good but if you want a dog That actually listens to you Everywhere no matter where you are then You’ve really got to go beyond these Easy basics and i’m pretty convinced That kona is ready because she is a Puppy prodigy She’s doing pretty well and as if the Other side of the gate wasn’t Distracting enough let’s try and make it A little bit more distracting In order to proof this concept that is Make sure that She’ll perform this skill even when more Distracted because Distractions are what throw everything For a loop when you’re trading a dog’s Steak Pretty good look at me stay Throw out some treats look at me Stay look at me Kona look at me Yes come good so it took a second there I mean you can just read her eyes she’s

Processing so much I mean she’s looking at everything she’s Sharing everything she’s smelling things It’s really a little more challenging For her to focus there One of her favorite things stay Look at me Okay come on let’s go she loves those Sticks so that was a good one She has certainly reached the point Where i think we’re ready to go beyond Even these basic distraction training Drills and see if we can really get her Listening around more significant Very realistic distractions that she’ll Definitely encounter in the real world Moving forward Well we are here where you might wonder One of my favorite places to train we’re At the dog park if you’re wondering This is how you know you’re on the right Track with your training when As a trainer you feel like your dog is Ready to start Learning how to listen to you around one Of the ultimate distractions for Probably most dogs and that’s other dogs All right let’s move on girl come here She’s gonna discover hey there’s a bunch Of dogs over there so I may have to jump into training but so Far she’s doing great come on Real good yep Good girl come on come on girl let’s go

Keep moving let’s go good girl yeah So since we have just arrived here We know by now that we don’t just jump Into training mode with a new Dog we have to allow adjustment time Fortunately Kona does tend to adjust relatively Quickly though this is a completely Unknown variable how distracted will she Become by Many of her own kind just feet away as Much as i like to change one variable at A time That’s easier said than done i mean look At how many variables we’ve changed on Kona just in the last few minutes here Not only do we bring her around other Dogs but we’re bringing her to yet a new Park that she hasn’t been to before We have frisbee golfers behind us Pedestrians everywhere so lots of brand New smells sights and sounds to contend With I guess i just say that to make you Aware of all of the different things That your dog Has to process and if they’re new to the World or new to training That can definitely delay progress a Little bit hey don’t underestimate the Power of screen saver dog training Either if you can just let them Completely focus on what they want to Focus on especially if they’re behaving

Like kona is That’s really healthy for them because It’s how they gain new understanding Of the world around them let me remind You of all of the steps we’ve gone Through Over the last two plus weeks to work up To this Remember we started off with a really Easy leave it and look at me drill The idea was that we gave her an easy Distraction And then got her attention off of that And then graduated to More and more distracting things like Having her stay for a toy and then Having her stay at an open front door While we throw a toy out of the door And even just today we had our stay at The open gate while we threw treats out So we’ve been introducing distractions We’ve also given her lots of play time With inertia and indy and now we’re Ready to see how kona does around more Advanced Distractions so as the dogs have been Running around and doing their thing in The distance she’s been just Naturally relaxing like this so she’s Been kind of this like daydream-like State so Let me see now if i can get her to Actually do things when i ask her to do Them let’s start with come when called

Let’s see She looks a little like low energy right Now i feel like if i just say kona come Like that she’s gonna be like huh so i Think i might need to be pretty animated With her I really want to do everything i can do To guarantee a success on the first Attempt that’s why i’m Telling you about this coda come on Let’s go Yes good Good job girl you can see i’ve got a Variety of different treats so i’ve got Some jerky treats here i’ve got some Freeze-dried sweet potatoes i’ve got Some kibble I mean sometimes your dog’s in the mood For one thing over another it’s a good Idea to be prepared Kona right there she’s starting to get Into things i called her She’s super responsive on that oh i love It i love it Good job girl i really want to balance This particular training session with Asking her to do things while letting Her absorb her surroundings at the same Time kind of like A little give and take you see what i Mean i really want you to see how Flexible you’ve got to be on these early Training sessions and really all of your Training sessions moving forward

Out here i’m definitely not expecting Kona to listen as well as she might Listen in the living room for example Those of you with dogs you’ve noticed That before right like how your dog Seems to understand something so Perfectly in a Place they spend a lot of time like Their own house but you go to somewhere Different And they don’t seem to remember what you Taught them right let’s see how she does With stay with Dogs in the near distance i think we can Get a little closer to the distractions Since she’s doing so well Kona come Good girl let’s see if we can get a sit Stay Don’t want her to break that state okay Good until i say okay That’s very good nice job and keep in Mind even though there’s not A dog right at the fence right here we Still have the scents of other dogs and Dogs are very keenly aware of those Things let’s throw some distractions at Her some food distractions Maybe this stay Stay okay come There it is good girl See how she’s not even interested in the Treats but she is interested in Continuing to explore

Your dog really gets to decide what’s Most Exciting and reinforcing to them so it’s Our job to really try and provide those Exciting outcomes when they do what we Want of course I think we really have to give kona an a Plus on her leash walking Especially considering the context even Though i have a little tension here She’s not like Lunging forward good girl look at this She just Was like hey i’m just gonna move on now A little apprehensive looks like she’d Rather go on over here so Nothing wrong with that kona look at me Lie down Yes very good i mean this is just great Like being able to have her sit look at Me and lie down while dogs are Actively playing in a very excited Manner just yards away Now not all dogs are this great you’ll Remember my own dog inertia Definitely was more intrigued by dogs at This point in her training than kona is And we documented how we work through That on the dog training experience Heavily But good low-key experiences like this At places like this Can really go a long way towards setting Your dog up for success in the future

Oh and you can see so she’s thrown off Hi i know that’s that throws us all off Doesn’t it Cute dog how are you Good nice Good job yes good girl you got it Good yes good So hey really good example there i mean There’s these awesome playful dogs just Feet away from her And i was able to get her attention on Me and they really want to play and There’s a time and a place for dogs to Play today though we’re really just Focused On getting kona to offer her attention When encountering heavy distractions Like other dogs Good job yes sit Lie down stay Kona okay good and how about you Give me that spin in the heel there Stay how about that and now that i’ve Had that wonderful success I’m not just gonna keep drilling her and Drilling her i’m gonna let her take in Her environment some more here Okay kona let’s go this way yes good Good What a prodigy and while today we’re Dealing with dogs remember your dog’s Definitely not going to be able to leave A squirrel alone or stay in the presence Of something else that’s really exciting

Like a cat that suddenly runs across Their path If they can’t do more basic versions of Stay first because often people Really want to know okay how do i get my Dog to stay when they encounter another Dog teaching dogs really at all levels Is about taking Two steps forward and one step back Don’t resist this though embrace it this Is really just part of the process If your dog has an off day and they need To be reminded or you need to make the Training session a little bit easier By all means do it and even in some Cases if you found that you put them in A situation where they’re just having a Really hard time Even consider foregoing that training Session and making it more of a Socialization or Screensaver training session now would Be a good time for me to give you A very honest update on her potty Training progress you might remember the Last time we talked about potty training She had Seemingly regressed a little bit and it Was completely my fault i wasn’t Managing her quite well enough you’ll Remember that i was really prioritizing Socializing her which is Extremely important and probably more Important than potty training

Nonetheless They’re both extremely important and you Can have them both with Better management that’s what i’ve Discovered so in the last four days Kona has had one accident so Not perfect but still getting really Good it was she peed I had let her out like five minutes Before and then i kind of had her Hanging out with me in the living room And she still decided to pee i’m just Saying i tried everything I was following my own advice and it Still happens but i’m pretty satisfied With one potty accident she’s probably Really due for one so i’m gonna be on Extra guard To make sure that i’m getting her out Frequently having her spend lots of time Outside Supervised time outside and watching her Like a hawk and controlling that Environment i mean she’s not peeing or Pooping in her crate or anything like That when i have her on the indoor tie Out on our dining room table for example She’s a little more likely to have a Potty accident because she probably has A bigger Area to explore so the larger the area The tougher it is for them to Compute that they shouldn’t go potty Anywhere in that area

Just some weird thing about dogs even When you do everything As close to perfect as humanly possible You’re still likely to have relapses I you know i get a lot of messages from People with puppies around kona’s age Along the lines of zack i’m doing Everything you say and my puppy’s still Peeing in the house And really you just have to stick with It for several months you want to be Very consistent i wouldn’t even start Getting excited about having a Potty trained puppy until they’re about Eight months old and even then you want To be extra vigilant Through that first year especially so to Those of you with really young puppies Who are having issues understand It’s normal your goal in the short term Is to reduce the number of accidents Not necessarily to eliminate them Get an eliminate potty training joke That’s why you’re subscribed to me right There so even though kono was a little In and out during this training lesson She ultimately did Really well today i was able to actually Get her attention on me around A really exciting dog and while she was Thrown off by that she quickly recovered And to me I mean that is worth it for this Training session there’s no need to

Overwhelm her and keep going When she’s new to places like this so We’ll let her take that in and absorb it And future training lessons should be Done in places like this For those of you who have been following This series from the beginning you’ll Know that Puppy separation anxiety is something That we’ve been dealing with With kona and she has shown such great Progress on this but We’re going to try something today that We haven’t quite done before and that’s Leaving her alone not just while we Leave the room or Not just while we go to bed but while we Go grocery shopping Although she’s making me think maybe i Should second guess this this Training exercise right now so we’ve got A camera set up right over here So i’m going to be able to check in with Her throughout the process to see how She does Just to make things a little bit easier I’m going to give her a chew That i think she’ll like here what we’re Going to do Is we’re going to try to be nonchalant When we leave we’re not going to make a Big project we’re not going to say bye Kona We’re just going to walk out the door

Let me make sure my camera feed is Up and running all right there we go we Got a nice View of her right there so we’ll see how She does when we first got her the Second we would Go outside and she would hear that door Close right there she would start Barking so far she looks like she’s Doing pretty well I think we’re ready to go into the real World here and Get some groceries and hopefully she’ll Be okay So she’s doing okay so far we’ve been Away from the house a couple of minutes She’s still into that chew Looks at ease i’m not seeing any obvious Signs of stress now i will point out She’s had some exercise this morning She’s had about two or three p breaks Already it’s early in the day for us So i can rule out that she probably has To go potty so i wanted to make sure i Did everything i could To set her up for success there okay Here’s a big moment here i haven’t Gotten any barking alerts Look at this she’s still on her chew Does she look stressed out to you Not to me no barking we’ve been away now For about 10 minutes So far so good i mean this is what i Would have expected so it’s nice to see

That the actions we’ve been taking are Able to be correlated with this behavior At least this calm behavior i’m actually Going to be using this for a dog Training Session so that’s perfect and this is The dog I’m going to be training let’s see how She’s doing I just got a verbal alert actually let Me see what it says oh activity alert Okay Looks like she’s just moving around There She’s still interested in that too how Long can i keep her attention for Nope no barking or anything nope she Just went into a lie down looks a little More confident here All right let’s go check out Oh i know i heard a little bit of Whining there The goal here isn’t that your dog just Never whines or never gets a little Uneasy or bored or anything like that The goal is that you get them to an Acceptable level i mean They’re still puppies they’re still dogs Just like us we feel anxious sometimes But we really just want to make a good Faith effort on our end to put them at Ease and make them as comfortable as we Reasonably can right Let’s see how she reacts when are you

Serious look at this on cue a barking Alert See that the barking alert right there I think no she’s looking right at where We are i think it’s us let me show you What i do here if your dog’s acting like This when you get home come on here i’ll Show you Exactly what i do now it may just be That she’s like hey What is that i’m thrown off by that i Mean she’s quiet now i’m not gonna look In her direction right now i’m just Gonna let her go It’s okay this is great because i don’t Even have to look at her Looks like She’s obviously excited and happy but You know yes Relax so i wanted to wait till i had A moment of calm behavior look at this Nice and calm Good girl let her outside since it’s Been a little while Not too long but she’s still a puppy so Lots of potty breaks Hey stay a really good example of how You deal with an energetic dog whether They’re barking or jumping Or being crazy when you come back in the Door just give them a second to calm Down they’re just excited to see us But we don’t want to reinforce that Hyper behavior good example to give you

Every advantage possible check out Furbo get 30 off of select solid gold Products by going to Zack to this channel Follow me on instagram facebook and Tick tock and get both of my books too I’ll have all the links below See you guys next time You

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