Train your Dog to be OFF LEASH: The First Steps

Train your Dog to be OFF LEASH: The First Steps

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I’ll show the steps you need to take to teach your dog to listen to you while off leash! Enjoy!
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So your dog listens well at home maybe Even in the backyard but when you go in Public or take the leash off forget it Sound familiar today I’m going to show You the formula to teach your dog how to Listen to you everywhere today’s video Is sponsored by peplum slashes at to Work if you have a high-energy dog like Jacob it’s vital that you exercise them Before expecting them to listen to you In an unfamiliar place or if you’re About to teach them something new you Guys often ask me what kind of food is Best for your dog and of course that Really depends now a high-energy dog Like Jacob needs a real high calorie Food because he’s really active Regardless of which food you get you Should get it from pet flow comm slash Zack George the miracle of pet flow is That Jacob come here The miracle pet flow is that your dog’s Food is always there when you need it You just choose the brand that you want They have hundreds of brands even Prescription foods and how often you Want your food delivered good job buddy You’re looking good come on teach your Dog with 21st century principles and let Peplos 21st century innovations bring Your dog food to your front door now I Can assure you that you’re gonna like it But if you don’t feel free to edit or Cancel when you do set up automatic pet

Food delivery just enter code Zach 20 You’ll get 20% off of your first Purchase now you might have noticed that I have Jacob on a really long lead You’ll recall the fastest way to throw a Dog off and to confuse them is to change Their environment or surroundings so I Want to make sure that I have control of Him even though we have a fenced area Here I love double controlled Environments the best but I don’t want To get cocky I mean what if a squirrel Runs out or something I want to make Sure that I’m one step ahead of him at All times let’s go back here come on Jacob come so right now I mean you can See he’s not listening to me I’m asking Him to come if I were to let go of the Slush he would go straight over there he Wouldn’t listen to me at all worse yet He would have that association of not Listening to me when using a long lead This one’s about 25 feet or so do use Caution make sure you don’t get tripped Up on it or anything like that you’ll Also notice we have a harness on Jacob That’s a bit of a safer option as well Make sure you have your dog’s favorite Currencies available jacobs currencies Are of course frisbee and also food Before even considering asking your dog To listen to you in a new exciting Environment like this or before you Introduce new concepts to them make sure

That they’re very solid on their basics And a home environment first for those Of you with puppies especially under the Age of five months or so don’t make the Mistake of thinking that just because They stay near you off leash that They’re just pretty reliable off leash That’s very normal for young dogs so Keep them on leash in the beginning be Prepared for intermittent compliance Because of course your dog is very Excited that’s normal don’t be Discouraged if they don’t listen to you As well see the trick to teaching your Dog to listen to you in an unfamiliar Place like this is to simulate an Uncontrolled environment don’t be Tempted to take the lead off during the Preliminary phases of teaching your dog How to listen to you off leash even in a Fenced area because this is a big area Out here if Jacob were to bolt after a Small animal for example I wouldn’t have Much way to get to him if you are one of Those people out there who has taken the Lead off your dog and they have Repeatedly experienced getting away from You then just simply take a step back on Your training put the lead back on your Dog taking a step back on your training Is completely normal expected and Required during the first several months Of teaching your dog now that Jacobs Energy is out and he’s become acclimated

To the area and smelled around he’s Starting to get used to it out here our Next step is to go over the basics that Jacob already knows for example things He does flawlessly at home now I’m gonna Be using tiny pieces of real meat today I’m just gonna give him one to warm him Up about lie down hey this is looking Really good now if I had tried this Before exercising you know he wouldn’t Be quite as reliable stay I’ll take a Play dead I’m gonna try and keep things Really easy and I’m gonna reinforce by Giving lots of good treats and authentic Encouragement along the way Good nice work buddy it’s important to Change as few variables as possible when You’re introducing new concepts to them In this case even though we’re not going Over any type of new training I’ve Changed his environment dramatically You’re so smart you’re doing great are Now I’m going to up the level of Difficulty a little bit I’m gonna ask Him to do his basics with a little bit Of this It’s like he does at home Jacob Syd Snuck up a little bit on me there I’m Gonna let him get by with it though Because remember I want to be kind of Liberal with my rewards because I’m Asking him to do it in this strange Exciting place Jacob look at me stay lie Down

Yes stay rewarding for each individual Thing whereas at home I probably reward Every third or fourth time uneasy stuff Like this like with all of your training The more you practice it the more Reliable your dog becomes the less you Will have to reinforce them with food Rewards or Tory rewards it’ll just Become second nature to them will you Play dead well it’s a little tougher Isn’t it Play dead go on yes good job sir that’s Good stay Jacob come on I’m kind of Picking up my energy a little bit cuz He’s starting to kind of wane off a Little bit so I want to be more Interesting to him now comes the most Major test of all and I really have no Idea how he’s going to do with this we Want to make sure that he knows how to Stay when confronted with a distraction The way that I like to do this is to Introduce a concept called the surprise Stay I’ll have a link in the description If you haven’t taught your dog to Surprise steak because you want this Pretty tight and flawless at home first Before doing it in a place like this but The idea is that I’m going to throw a Distraction at him that he doesn’t see Coming at all okay no really good there Comes day good and you can see I mean Your dog has to be good about resisting The urge to chase a toy like that before

You can expect them to not chase a Squirrel other dog or cat for example I Know yes good boy really good moment Right there he really wanted to go for That toy but he held his stead surprise Stays and other exercises like this Along with taking advantage of real-life Organic circumstances that arise for What’s required in order to teach your Dog to listen to you under a variety of Different circumstances it takes months Of doing this and going to lots of Different places but if you want your Dogs listen to you in lots of different Places you got to teach them in lots of Different places too did you know videos Like this are made possible by our one Patrons on patreon calm and are very Loyal sponsor pet flow calm those are Two ways that you can help us continue To educate the public about humane Scientifically sound principles you can Make a small monthly contribution to our Patreon campaign or something as easy as Changing the way you buy dog food I’ll Have all of the details in the Description about how you can do that But Jacob did an awesome job giving a Big thumbs up make sure you’re Subscribed to my channel too I’ve got Lots of fun videos coming and of course Like me on Facebook good job okay Object Take him come yes

We’re out what Job sir

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