Training 3 Things: Come When Called, Leash Walking and Fetch!

Training 3 Things: Come When Called, Leash Walking and Fetch!

How to train your dog to come when called, how to walk on leash without pulling and how to play fetch! This video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today at  

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This video is sponsored by Peplow you Want a huge selection of high quality Foods for your dog but why should you Have to leave your house to get it none Of us enjoy hauling heavy bags of dog Food across town either doing pet float Will most certainly has your dog’s Favorite brand of food it’s extremely Easy to try and to make it even easier Pet flow is going to give you $10 off Your first three automatic shipments you Just choose your dog’s favorite brand of Food and tell them how often you want it To be delivered and it will just be There Andrew Cote Zach 30 at checkout And did I mention that they only support Modern training methods so much so that They don’t even sell outdated relics Like choke prong and electric collars I’ll have that link in coupon code in The description below click thumbs up For Rosie the golden retriever puppy Make sure you subscribe to my channel And pick up a copy of my best-selling Book dog training revolution I’ll have a Link in the description below and if You’re not following us on Instagram be Sure to do that to that link will also Be below I met Rosie when she was only 9 Weeks old now she’s already five months Old so today we’re gonna do a check-up On her and see how her trainings going I remember my last meeting with Rosie Her fetch well it wasn’t exactly

Developed yet of course who could blame Her she was only nine weeks old but Let’s see how that’s going hey go get That okay that still has a little ways To go let’s see if we can make some Progress on that get it Rosie come on Let’s go yes good job good you might Recall when teaching your dog to play Fetch giving them to chase you is a good Place to start come on let’s go right There good job and I don’t just want to Take the toy from her and be like okay That’s what I expected I want to really Ignite that game I took a war because Look she enjoys that when your dog Enjoys something use that to your Advantage So this playtime in tug-of-war is Actually her reward for bringing it back It incentivizes her to bring it back You’re showing your dog hey all the Actions over here it’s a lot of fun We’re keeping the distance really short Here very important good girl yes even If they accidentally bring it back to Begin with that’s okay too the more Repetition you do with vet training the More likely it is your dog is going to Figure out how this game works but by Keeping it nice and short and having That high rep number you’re gonna get There a lot quicker than throwing the Toy really far in the beginning stages So Rosie’s fundamentals on fetch are

And fantastic right now and my first Training session with Rosie come when Called was not really looking that solid Yet I haven’t worked with her and only Her mom has worked with her will she Generalize those skills that’s what I’m Curious to check out here like will she Take that direction from me a person That she doesn’t regularly work with You’re jumping there but she’s using Some restraints stay ok come on off the Distraction over here right there see How she’s distracted that was really Good there you could just read her eyes Really well there she’s like I want this But I’m gonna focus on you instead I Love it when dogs do that I’m gonna give Her a really extra big reward there I’m Actually gonna leave that toy on the Ground because I like that it’s a bit of A minor distraction for right now I mean Real training involves training around Distractions so if that’s a minor one Let’s use it to our advantage Give her some experience of not going After things she wants to go after stay Ok come good really good restraint there She looked at this boy over here and She’s like I want to get it but I’m Supposed to be staying and that was Really good ok Come on sit good what look at you Good job nice work well that was really Impressive there I was able to have her

Stay come sit and lie down before I Rewarded her with one treat there so That’s a really good sign that she’s Starting to get in the habit of going Through a sequence of behaviors and Really keep that focus and stay Motivated so that’s awesome her basic Skills are looking pretty decent inside But we have to measure how well she’s Doing outside outside is at least 10 Times more difficult so I’ve got a Really long lead that’s important you Want to have that safety net at all Times even in a fenced area like this Because you don’t want your dog in a Position to run and play chase and do All of that so you want to easily be Able to get to them rosie is definitely Smelling the ground She’s very intrigued by her environment Can’t even get her attention on me right Now you see that let’s see if turkey Helps good over here She’s only a little bit into the turkey You see that that’s how challenging Outside is it’s hard to compete with Outdoor distractions particularly in the Beginning stages of training sit Trying to measure her compliance yes Good girl I’m gonna go ahead and give Her all jackpot reward there for Listening to me even though it’s just a Basic sit I’m gonna see if I can get her To come to me from just a little bit you

Know a few feet away not very far at all Rosie come here just not listening to me At all Rosie’s all tied up right now but since She’s not really listening to me I’m Gonna shorten the distance and see if That helps dogs are more likely to Listen to you the closer you are to them Rosie Hey Okay distracted by a ground scent I’m Gonna try to use my currency to see if That helps she could not care less about That I’m gonna give her a second here And be a little patient with her let me See if I get her to chase me a little Bit that’s another thing that can help Rosie come on let’s go come on come on There we go Good job nice work picking up that Energy is a really good thing to do when You’re working with a dog who’s Distracted you know there we had to pull Out a lot of different strategies to get Her to come and that’s kind of what you Have to do and the more you practice This the more reliable something like Come wind called will be but it can take Work with a lot of dogs especially when You’re competing with an outdoor Environment come on good job see I Didn’t sit there and hold a 10-15 second Stay right there I just really wanted to Catch her succeeding and really give her That instance of success

Good job Rosie so Rosie still has quite A ways to go and learning how to come When called in a highly distracting Environment like outside but she’s well On the right track she just needs a Little bit more practice and she’ll be Behind leash walking is of course one of The more challenging aspects of teaching Any larger breed dog so I’d like to see How she’s doing in that area that’s Leash biting that’s not least walking Now we’re in the wild we’re no longer in My yard Okay so right now she’s look look at her She’s throwing a bit of a fit right now Saying I want to play with this leash I’d rather that she just pay attention To me so again we’re gonna test for Compliance by having her sit sit perfect That means she’s willing to listen Remember we asked our dogs to sit in the Situation like this in order to measure How compliant they are if they’ll do a Scent they’ll probably listen to some Other stuff but if they’re so distracted And they won’t even sit then you Probably should take a step back on your Training and go a bit slower than in Other words they’re not ready for a Leash walking session in this setting Let’s go good girl this is good look at This I’m gonna turn around quick Rosie oops got to the end that time Rosie come on this way

And she’s saying no I want to go that Way okay so we’re gonna take a moment Here I’m gonna use my currency teacher To think from the inside out motivate Her to want to listen Remember it’s tempting that sometimes Pull your dog that doesn’t teach them Though you’re not gonna get very far With that strategy Rosie come on there We go yes Good job and you see just picking up Your energy like that is a great way to Compete with the environment if you have It in here come on girl Yes over here come on good and sit yes That’s great I’m just gonna walk back and forth for a Minute I don’t mind that she’s sniffing The ground the the important thing is That I can get her attention on me when I ask for it Rosie Yes good girl love it come on good work Look at this many steps in a row here I’m gonna go ahead and reward her good You see we can keep going come on Rosie Yes and abrupt turn Rosie come come on Let’s go She’s a little playful there come on sit Leash walking looks exceptional for a Dog this young this curious and this Inexperienced in this particular Environment she’s doing great I Understand it can be really challenging To be more exciting than the environment

That’s why you’ll want to start out in An environment like this that’s mildly Distracting before you go to a fair or a Festival with your dog and expect them To listen to you in that setting click Thumbs up for Rosie make sure you’re Subscribed to my channel get $10 off Your first 3 automatic shipments when You order your food through Peplow I’ll Have that link and coupon code in the Description below make sure you’re Following us on Instagram and Facebook Get a copy of my best-selling book – Again all those links will be below We’ll see you guys in the next video Rosie you did great today his job honey [Music] [Music]

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