Training a Rambunctious Puppy! (Come when called, listening, playing too rough…)

Training a Rambunctious Puppy! (Come when called, listening, playing too rough...)

Training a puppy is pretty involved! This week we’ll learn about Angus the Newfoundland puppy and how to train him! This video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today at

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Today’s video is sponsored by pet flow You’ve got a dog you’ve got to feed them Right the absolute easiest way to get Your dog’s food to your front door is to Set up automatic pet food delivery Through pet flow you just choose your Dog’s favorite brand of food tell Peplow How often you want it to be delivered And it’s there it’s like magic and to Make the service really easy to try to See if it’s right for you just enter Code Zac 30 when you check out and You’ll get $10 off your first three Automatic shipments click thumbs up for A new video make sure you’re subscribed To my channel have you gotten my Best-selling book yet dog training Revolution I’ll have a link in the Description if you’re not already make Sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram so that you can get the most Out of the dog training revolution have You ever seen a Newfoundland puppy Before so angus is a three month old dog He’s coming over and my understanding is He’s having issues with come when called And some other puppies stuff I’m really Excited to see a puppy that’s three Months old and almost 40 pounds already How has puppy biting been with Angus has He been biting you a lot or has he been Really good in that department bites his Sister a lot okay and so she’s 2 years Old your other yeah okay well and how

Does she react when he chews on earth Does she does she snap at him and say Hey stop that that’s too much does she Communicate with him in that way so You’re doing a good job of really Control or supervising them when they Interact so that’s important that’s good And I think that language I mean it’s Really healthy for the older dog to give The puppy the feedback to be like yo Chill that’s that’s too far think you’re Doing the right thing that’s protocol in That case you know she’s not sending the Message in an acceptable way and you’re Uncomfortable with it Separating them separating them and Letting them try again because he’ll Learn over time okay every time when I Get up to that level yeah play stops That’s no fun so I think you’re doing The right thing you just have to Probably do that a little bit longer Than you might imagine Does he actually play any fetch indoors Will yes go get it and if I fetch will He bring it back hey my name is yeah I Know that’s okay I’ll take you over the Toy can he stand up at all because every Time I touch him he seems to just fall Over Hello I’m cheap every time he’s big Collapse I know he’s the most unstable Pup I’ve ever seen go get come on yes Good job

There’s a mini fetch right there that’s Good it’s tug of war right here with Angus is incredible with him being kind Of like moderate energy he’s not super High energy it’s a training spurt okay So fetch might not be such an important Part life for him in terms of getting Energy out and I get as little out at All you’ve taught him basics it looks Like it’s it’s great look at me Have you worked on look at me oh you are Roll over it can be tough sometimes if They let’s see cuz right now yeah I know Cuz right now his hips aren’t good there It goes So let’s see if we can get easy-peasy Look at you you got it let’s go back the Other way nice what a graceful roller Over you are and have you done leave it With him okay he’ll be good with that Yes good so I just made that little Sound even the glance up at me won’t Leave me so this is the leave it look at Me combo really important because for Impulse control yeah yes so good until Getting him to look at you when there’s Real meat right in front of them that’s A that’s you got to do that before he’ll Pay attention to you around dogs or cats Or squirrels or you’re out there dog I’ll take it Trying to get sustained eye contact I’ll Even cheat a little unusual yeah great Nice getting down didn’t even have to

Lure it in that time so you’ve worked on Down without having to lure him Excellent he’s only 12 weeks old and He’s doing all this so that’s pretty Impressive you guys have put in some Work or he’s just a really good puppy And he’s making you look good let’s see How about stand can you stand this is Gonna be hard for you you’re kind of Floppy come on there we go Stand look at that yeah stand most People don’t take the time to teach Stand and understandably so it’s I mean It’s good for things like grooming and Bathing He’s real responsive to lure training Since good and let’s try it up again I’m Just kind of randomly rewarding him him Since he’s so reliable and the fact that He’s doing so well in this environment Is really good too because this is a Brand-new place now did I hear correctly In that you’re having issues with come When called with him probably taking the Step that’s too big you feel like walk He’s all over her he’s super intensely Focused on her and that’s the time when We would most want him to come because Then he’s antagonizing chuyia her and Things are escalating but that’s when He’s really intense yeah so with that You kind of want to teach come when Called in a vacuum at first you know and Really just focus on on getting him to

Come to you without any of the Distractions come on yeah so that’s That’s really good just coming to me From a foot or two away and so you Practice that I’m assuming at home the Next thing I like to do with come when Called once they’re doing really well With something like that is let’s say Let’s bring it back over here good sit Stay come on good yes good job is to Start introducing that distraction you See so now now he has an experience of Whoa I was distracted but I still came To you much more minor distraction than Another dog but that’s where you start And then gradually we try to intensify Those distractions okay over here okay Right there I failed so I’m gonna try to Lure him back sit stay think it’s Comfortable right there and I mean I did Put the turkey right out of the nose you Know but but the reason you do that is To get him to voluntarily go through the Motions that really is why in the Beginning having a real high value Currency is so important stay I think It’s coming oh that was really good did You see I said right at that time he’s Like I’m focused on that Turkey and I’m Fine and that’s fine because come link Called is the kind of thing you’ve gotta Enforce in so many different situations And settings it’s not like do it a Couple of different ways your

Imagination is the limit in terms of Creativity you know if there’s a dog Across the street you’re on a walk put Them into a sit-stay call them from four Feet away while unleash you know to come To you in that situation dogs are smart They get like two successes in a row and They’re like Get what you want now that becomes much Harder the more intense the distractions Are like other animals in particular but The concept is the same the next steps Would be maybe what’s your dog’s name Again Kali having Kali hold her down stay Teaching them both to hold it down stay Independently of one another there’s Gonna be huge moving forward so I’d Really prioritize that with her stand She’s already there like staying no Matter what if you say stay and you call Him she needs to Noble hold because That’s what’ll set up being able to Train two dogs at one time that’s the Foundation that’s the only way you can Really get it done the way I’ve done This cuz you know I until recently I had Three dogs and the way that I would do That is I would just get in the habit of You know Venus stay Nova come you know And really just precede each request With their name and they would come to Learn that so it’s just a matter of Being really consistent and starting

Super elementary and super easy at first And make it as easy as you can in the Beginning like in your living room stay Right there for two seconds while I say Sit good you get awesome you know what I Mean you helped that state while he sat And and it’s really just getting Traction right there dogs are pretty Smart though because once they get it You know they they tend to really start Excelling you guys are clearly dedicated To teaching them the biggest challenge We we had recently with her before him Was there was a chicken that started Hanging out outside of my house and she Really wanted to chase the chicken no Matter how much I tried to get hurt it’s Like the best I could do was unleash on Our top step Oh having her sit and like Constantly treating her for just sitting There you do the right thing that’s Exactly what you’re doing If we walk down any closer immediately Right yeah so and it’s tough because you Can’t always controlling the chickens There and when the chickens not right But you can find equally enticing Situations like a dog park for example It’s not a single training session thing Usually so it’s like let’s get you Really good here over the next five Training sessions while there’s a Chicken down there now See if we can do this two steps down

Mm-hmm sit stay and look at me And also vigorous exercise just before Those training sessions helps Tremendously like yeah like 10 times the One thing that if you were to ever lunge At something you wanna make sure you Don’t control oh right so right now keep Reinforcing the good behavior I mean Okay good and that’s the thing I think That’s most non-intuitive about teaching Dogs as we tend to think all right you Know as long as they’re doing good I’m Just gonna kind of go with this but it’s Really advisable to reinforce good Behavior even if it’s never been bad Before let them know I love that you’re Walking so slow oh that’s awesome You know I mean a treat every 10 steps Or something like that and let them know That’s good and then when he does Invariably walk a few steps ahead Immediately I mean the quicker you can Redirect him into ideal behavior and Keep that unwanted behavior from Occurring Better off you’ll be yeah it only takes A couple of times of a dog doing Something you don’t want or that habit To start to get out of control it really Doesn’t take much at all and even if it Happens you can always fix it but it’s a Lot easier when it doesn’t happen to Begin with so we have some different Rules that we enforce for them

Interesting yeah Kelly is allowed on the Couch we don’t want him on the couch Because eventually he’s gonna be as big As the couch and it will always be that Way as far as you can tell right now one Dog allowed one dog not is that which is Fine yeah I mean that’s the beauty of Training me I’m a firm believer and you Can make the rules anyway you want Double standards are fine I mean I think All that is fine dogs are smart and if One rules okay for one dog and it’s not Okay for another dog I mean I think that As long as you enforce and you’re Consistent with the rules with the Respective dogs you’ll be fine dogs are Really sophisticated and they’re really Smart and they’ve shown us time and time Again that they’re capable of listening Contextually you know it’s not like They’re not computers where it’s all or Nothing I hope you enjoyed today’s video Click thumbs up if you did over on Instagram we often go live and I’ll Answer your questions and it’s a really Good vibe over there so follow us on Instagram that link will be in the Description set up automatic pet food Delivery at Hello remember enter codes act 30 and You’ll get $10 off your first three Orders just so you can try the service And see if it’s for you okay guys we’ll See you in the next video

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