Training Moira to NOT BARK and LUNGE at other dogs. Time is running out…REALITY DOG TRAINING

Training Moira to NOT BARK and LUNGE at other dogs. Time is running out…REALITY DOG TRAINING

Teaching her to not bark and lunge at other dogs. Time is running out! Only a few days left. Reality Dog Training This is what I’m doing to train this dog to behave better! This video is sponsored by Solid Gold Pet. Get 30% off of select Solid Gold Pet products by going to

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I only have a couple of days left and Just yesterday moira had the worst Outburst i’ve seen her have to date This is a clear sign that we really have To get serious Now and dog reactivity aside we still Have a ton of other things to do to get Moira Into adoptable shape get ready because This is going to be a Big episode this is moira and i’m zach George Moira the german shepherd dog is looking For a home and i’ve only got Two weeks to teach her how to behave so That someone will be willing to adopt Her Okay we have a situation and as you can See it’s Not going to be easy she jumps Excessively Lunges at almost any distraction moira Loves to bark and she Definitely pulls on leash and uses her Teeth to interact with the world A little too inappropriately i am Feeling a little bit overwhelmed If that was a dog she would be like i’m Not paying attention to you i’m paying Attention to that I will train this dog look at this loose Leash right now Shake yes much better yes Look at me she getting trained this is

Reality Dog training [Music] We’ve got a packed schedule for moira Today i’ve gotta do some training In public with her which is bound to be An adventure and i’m gonna give this Big german shepherd her first bath today I also want to evaluate How she’s doing on her resource guarding Or hopefully lack thereof Right now moira loves her solid gold Breakfast so this is a great time to Practice and so far moira hasn’t shown Any signs of resource guarding i just Want to keep that up and make sure she’s Comfortable with human hands being Present near her food when she eats I want her to know look i’m going to Give you food back just like that Right there since i don’t really have Much reason to think that she’s a Resource guarder i don’t have a problem Doing this exercise but if i was working With a dog that had a history of this we Would approach this very differently did You see how when i took the food away She was like no no no give it back she Wasn’t resource guarding but i don’t Want that to start so i want her to get Very used to humans Interacting with her food so she doesn’t Feel threatened solid gold Is like super high-end premium dog food

I love all the omega fatty acids in here Because they’re great for her skin and Coat and her immune system too Solid gold doesn’t just make food they Also have these really top-notch Supplements as well These are packed with nutrition right Here i think it’s a really good idea to Go out of your way To feed your dog a really high quality Diet keep in mind that all dog food is Not equal and some of those grocery Store brands aren’t really going to have Those high quality Top-notch ingredients and supplements in Them like solid gold does I’m going to have a link in the Description and they’re Going to give you 30 Off of select solid gold products so you Can see how great they are Everything looks great here she’s Definitely enjoying her meal but it Doesn’t look like there’s much to worry About in terms of being too protective Of her food so let’s move on And do some more pressing training Issues with moira as we all know one of The biggest issues i’ve been dealing With with moira Is that she continues to be extremely Excited by other dogs And her resultant barking is out of Control

I’m hoping we can channel her desire to Interact with another dog Into play with a person this is an Unplanned training session As you can see this is a great example Of a secondary training session that’s Where i’m not exactly expecting to train At that moment but i have to because her Attention is on those dogs outside I’m continuing to control her Environment in the house by having her On this long tie out sometimes now just Because moira stopped barking that time Doesn’t mean all of a sudden it’s fixed Forever So my advice to people dealing with this If your dog is doing this Then you have to stop what you’re doing Address your dog get their attention on You and reward for good behavior At first you’re gonna have to do this an Awful lot it may even feel like oh my Gosh am i ever gonna get results but if You’re consistent your dog will learn I’m really encouraged by the fact that Moira is paying attention a little bit Better she’s running to me You know after a second or two of Barking that one was a little tough But i’m continuing to work with her on This this is a top priority of mine Moira is still pretty reactive to dogs So let’s try to make some progress on This

Outside so you guys might remember last Training session we definitely had Some serious issues with her in terms of Lunging and pulling and barking At other dogs and people when they would Walk by especially dogs So i’ve got us back out here at the park Today where i’m hoping to do some Extended screensaver training with her That is letting the world just happen to Her as we hang out here maybe i can get Her playing fetch or something that Would be ideal If i can get some of this energy out of Her she’s going to be easier to Communicate with My goal today is to really desensitize Moira to the world around her and Especially other dogs and you might Notice that i’m at a much farther Distance than we were yesterday She’s wound up straight away she’s Biting at her leash that’s just a dog That wants to play so let me put her on The long lead So you can see straight away we’ve got Some dogs here Here we go again i mean yesterday she Had an extreme outburst At the dog park when she was barking at Other dogs and here i’m thinking All right i’m doing the right thing i’ve Got her much farther away from other Dogs

And immediately we start off our day Like this So i find sometimes by picking them up Tends to calm them down but here we Had a compounding factor in that both Dogs were Barking at one another by picking moira Up i am not reinforcing this barking Reactive behavior she doesn’t seem to Find pleasure in being picked up i’m Simply trying to lower the temperature Of her reactivity here i’m not exactly Training her but i Am managing her and as you can see her Outburst subsides immediately after i do That now if this were impractical for Someone another option would be to Simply go Farther away from the thing that’s Causing her to behave this way for me as A dog trainer this is discouraging Because i really thought i’d set her up For success But i’ve had a very limited amount of Success with her around other dogs so I know that she has it in her to do it I’m just trying to build on those very Early Albeit very few successes now i know in The comments of this video there’s going To be some out there who are saying that I need to correct her With a choke chain a prong collar or Even an electric collar but the last

Thing i want to do here is create Additional stress By providing firm corrections in the Presence of other dogs It’s my hypothesis that she simply needs To be desensitized to other dogs to be Around them and to see what they’re all About so that she can learn how to Behave better contextually Not the ideal start to our training Session i thought we had enough distance There I’m gonna see if getting her a little More fatigued here might help by the Time the next dog walks by and so i’m Seeing that there’s Pretty steady traffic here this is Exactly what i’m looking for Right now silver lining is the fact that She is playing a pretty Focused game of fetch in a pretty Distracting environment i mean i know From experience with training a lot of Dogs on this patch of grass here there Are a lot of smells On the ground from when the tide comes In and she’s doing such a good job Of tuning all that out and playing fetch Which means that i’m able to get her Energy out which is a huge Victory with a dog like this if you get Their energy out they’re far more Willing to pay attention to you it looks Like she’s looking at a jogger

Moira yes come on good girl Beautiful you can see her ear actually Listen behind Moira here come yes Good can i have a sit too i’ll take it Good job So there some bikes we’re riding by we Have some more pedestrians coming by She’s doing really well With general traffic i mean just a few Days ago she would get excited at the Sight of any human being So practicing getting her attention on Me and the presence of distractions here In between our fetch rounds Is proving to be successful so far Pretty legit screensaver dog training Today Kind of looks like a real screensaver Look at her eyes or ears or body Language she’s just checking it out She’s reacting appropriately which is Calmly it’s what we people prefer and so Be sure you really walk the line of Letting your dog See the world versus asking for their Attention you do want to be able to get Their attention around distractions but The newer they Are to training the more tolerant you Need to be of them being distracted Got some people walking by right here Behind me she’s playing with me Enthusiastically

Come on girl nice Good here comes the jogger again here Right there she’s a little distracted Here look at me yes come sit Beautiful complete attention on me i Mean it’s these small moments that we Want to build on right here She’s so focused on those bicycles right Now i’m gonna let her look at those just To satisfy her curiosity now let me see If i can call her Here come good girl so we’re getting a Nice combination here she definitely Sees that dog but she’s behaving very Well Looks like they want to stop and look at Us which is fine by me Helps me train again happy to let her Look at the dog but let me see if i can Get her attention on me Moira come on let’s go this way good Sit stay Still pretty considerable distance but We’ll take it okay so we’re one for one One outburst she did okay with this dog Who was farther away Granted that dog wasn’t barking at her But That doesn’t usually stop her so to me This is a good thing We’ve got a couple more dogs over here That are approaching us It’s another opportunity counter Conditioning you see how we’re trying to

Change her Emotional response here to dogs we’ve Exercised her a little bit though she Could probably use a little more Stay we’re providing really good treats As an outcome to her Good behavior here yes here Moira yes got a couple of people coming Over here We have a loosely she’s not barking and Lunging moira i’m so proud of you girl You’re doing a good job This is the kind of thing you would want To do for a couple hours where you can You know on a weekend on a pretty day Like this And i’ve chosen this location Specifically because i feel like it’s Got some challenges but it’s not the Toughest environment you might notice We’re not in a downtown Area right now training her we’re trying To prepare her for More distracting environments in the Future but we have to start small with Dogs like this So if you find that your dog is just Constantly barking and lunging that Means you’re Probably consistently putting them in an Environment where they’re not yet ready To Take direction from you so find an Easier environment and practice there a

Little bit more I’m gonna get back to fetch though she’s A little distracted right now moira Still gets very excited when she sees People As well so that’s another huge part of My training goal today to get her to pay Attention to me And the presence of things that she Finds exciting whether it be dogs or People Really delicate moment here so there she Was distracted But i got her to stay focused on the toy She was acknowledging the person was Like all right i’ll stay focused on the Toy instead and that will definitely Transition into better focus in the Future and i think that i need to Consistently Get that energy out of her in order to Achieve greater success today At one point there as he was getting Farther away i was actually able to Throw the toy in his direction and she Still picked up the toy and came back She’s been pretty good around bikes We’ve got some approaching laura Yeah there’s a good example of using the Long lead to control them and reel them In There’s a fine line between using too Much force and teaching your dog to come To you while reeling them in

I mean you want to use the least Aversive method that’s likely to work But i don’t want her getting in the Habit of disregarding come when called That’s why i’ll occasionally give them That reminder hey keep coming Because come when cult is such a Life-saving skill that’s more of a Management solution than it is a Teaching one Means i still have work to do while We’ve got some down time and she’s Panting and seems happy and satisfied i Think it’s time to introduce A new trick to her i think we talked About training her how to give a hug Nothing fancy to teaching a hug you just Put a treat at their nose and guide them Where you want them to go Just another form of lure training don’t Want to push her to failure And okay okay good girl So i want her to know there’s a clear Beginning and end To hug that was pretty good come on whoa Boy i can’t even support you stay Stay stay Okay good girl good work yeah Nice here one more come on come on Oh my gosh german shepherd hug If you have a friend or a family member Who can help you with this that would Probably make it easier but my wife Likes to watch me struggle and just film

It instead Thanks brie all right so hug nice Introductory session there I want to check in on bao let me see if She can do that one yet We’ve been struggling with bow a little Bit she’s been getting a little bit Better Yes yeah that looked pretty good Good girl ready yes here Good see how she’s not putting her butt Down anymore yes Yes yes Yes yes and Okay come on come on come on yes good Girl Was that beautiful or what and before Some of you out there go saying hey zach I don’t care about tricks remember when You teach your dog silly fun tricks like That Not only are they entertaining but your Dog has learned how to communicate with You as a person Even better and by the way the drone Very close to her We don’t normally fly a drone that close To a dog because it throws them Off not moira though she’s done really Well with that Can i point out her body language right Now do you see how she’s panting Do you see how she’s lying down hips Relaxed paying attention to her

Environment But not trying to run away and that’s Because we Gave her exercise and we’re trying to be Worth paying attention to which is Easier said than done With a young german shepherd dog i still Want to continue her heel training as Well So let’s see how she’s doing with that Remember heels where she just stays to One side of me this can be a practical Skill for many dogs to learn Here come on let’s go yes Here moira yes The key here is to get them to pay Attention to you while you’re walking That’s why this isn’t realistic To train them to do all of the time when You’re on a walk but during Short bursts it can be realistic because Sometimes you need your dog’s complete Attention while you’re moving that’s one Of the virtues of teaching heal And she’s picked it up super quick as Clunky as this long lead is it does Allow me to simulate Off-leash conditions to some degree with Her which is nice It’s not very fun training your dog with A tense leash is it obviously we have to Work on her body positioning here but I’m not too focused on that right now I think for a real world heal for most

Pet parents this would be fine with them At this point and i’m fine with it too We’re going to celebrate progress and Not Insist on perfection especially since we Only have a few days left with her Look at me yes Good let me see if i can get a turn Moira here this way A little awkward let me give her a lure It’s okay come on you’re doing great Yeah oh my goodness Are you serious so moira is doing Incredible here but we’re about to have A huge test Good i see dogs in the distance over There let me see if i can keep her Focused on me Come on this way good girl Who’s being a good girl come on come on Let’s go Come on okay starting a loser here you Can see she’s getting a bit distracted Let me create some distance Moira come good girl yes Good girl and this is great notice the Dogs are walking by She’s not lunging and pulling where she Might have just very recently Seeing moira do this is blowing me away I mean this is exactly what we’ve been Working towards If you were trying to teach a dog like Moira to behave especially

Around other dogs you would not want to Take these successes for granted Overreactivity issues like this can be Extremely Overwhelming at times this is a good Example of how Being patient and really taking the time To show your dog how you prefer they Behave during times like this Can be so much more profound than Punishing them for doing things that Come very naturally to dogs And it doesn’t take long at all for a Dog like moira to recharge So she’s got that energy ready to go Again so i’m gonna now deplete some of That energy And this is kind of how our training’s Been going a little bit of fetch a Little bit of obedience but you have to Really meet her halfway And give her that outlet i just can’t Emphasize that enough for these high Energy dogs I love working with dogs right after we Play fetch it’s my favorite time to work With them This might be a good time to work on Stay with distance as well We haven’t done a very long stay with Distance so she might be ready for it Stay nice distraction there yes Get her warmed up look at me stay Yes

Stay Yes Okay yes good that was good for a Warm-up but i think she can do better Stay i’m gonna go even farther away the Farther i go the more Challenging it is for her but if she’ll Listen to me from farther away that is a Great illustration that her Communication and her self-control Is getting a lot stronger okay Come yeah i love that look at that Sprint Good girl okay good job now As a reward let her go on a sniff break For 30 seconds It’s not really uncommon to find dead Fish out here or any other trash that Washes up from the lake so there’s a Multitude of distractions out here but The long lead honestly when you feel Like your dog is ready for it Ah okay oh no she’s got something in her Mouth Good girl okay that’s an old fish Okay that wasn’t a very dog trainer Thing to do but i didn’t want that dead Fish anywhere near me She’s really into that dead fish over There all right we were just making Progress on reactivity to dogs don’t Tell me we’re trading it in for Reactivity to dead fish now Moira come let’s go this way good girl

Yes Well what i got is better than that fish I mean maybe not to you but Look how easy that was she was barking Because she wanted to get at that fish Some more and explore it and i was able To call her away from it now that we’re Farther away she’s more likely to listen Or not moira come yes Good girl and really this is just a sign That moira seems to be in a very playful Mood so you know what that means Let’s do another round of fetch with her Interspersing fetch with training like This has been very effective with moira And lots of other dogs that i’ve worked With she gets the satisfaction Of running and chasing and playing and i Get the benefit of giving her experience Listening to me While in that playful excited state of Mind So we have a dog coming up over here and It seems to be i don’t know if it’s Bigger dogs or not that she reacts to But Good she just spotted the dog sit Beautiful Moira appears to be feeling a little Conflicted i mean on one hand i’m sure She’d like to react to the dog but she’s Also got me trying to convince her to be Good and pay attention And those conflicting emotions can

Sometimes be a little stressful to dogs Which is why we see them doing body Language like shaking off in these Contexts And that’s okay it’s my job to clear up That communication with her but can i Call her away from other dogs that is The main goal i have and the limited Time i have to train moira moira come Yes we’ve had a couple of examples now Where i’m not just Having to escort her away from a dog i’m Able to put her into a sit a stay even Walk away a little bit Ask her to come to me in other words We’re able to start putting some of These Realistic skills we’ve taught her into Practice in practical situations and That really is the key She’s looking alert by this dog now Moira Come Here come on good sit Here can i have a sip please thank you Yes you can see there was still a tiny Bit of tension as i reached the end of The leash there but we’re working Towards having her come With zero tension on that leash remember Moira is no dummy holding her stay when I’m too far away to quickly reach her is A more advanced concept and she’s doing Amazing here moira come yes much better

Very good wow and so i’m just trying to Practice stay income as much as i can With strange new dogs in the vicinity That’s what we’re doing here Moira come yes look at that All focus on me right now none on the Dog progress like we just saw with moira Is huge i mean just getting started with An overreactive dog Is the hardest part once you start Seeing results like this Success can start coming much more Quickly from there but always go at the Pace of your own Individual dog you cannot rush through Training like this Now that moyer’s had some awesome Successes we’ve done some training she’s Got her energy out Let me show you how things are going Inside the house One of the things that i’m starting to Do with her to get her comfortable with Off leash time in the house is after a Training session like that I’ll remove the lead while she’s Chilling out in a stable state That’s a good looking settle you’re Learning how to relax I mean it’s night and day with high Energy dogs when you spend 20 minutes to an hour of really focused Training with them every day Those are the eyes of a satisfied german

Shepherd dog Moyer’s house manners have continued to Impress she’s doing really well But i’ve got to tell you i’m a bit Reluctant to give her her first bath With me anyway i’m very apprehensive About This training lesson that we’re about to Have i’ve never given moira a bath and She’s definitely due for one and plus Everyone likes a clean dog right but With older dogs there’s a very good Chance That she’s had baths before in fact i Know she has most people have a timer Going in their mind where they want to Get it done within 10 20 30 minutes whatever and oftentimes Rushing a bath Especially those first few times can Really condition dogs not to like Getting one so i’m curious to see how She does in the bath today Don’t know how far we’re gonna get my Goal is just to get her comfortable with Some of the Handling practices in the bath not Necessarily trying to make her the Cleanest she’s ever been But i don’t know maybe we’ll get lucky Here let’s see how she does it’s a Little awkward for her to jump in so i’m Going to place her in but i’m going to Have some food

Right here for just to make the process Enjoyable hopefully here You want this you want to check it out For a second go ahead I’m going to give her tiny pieces of Chicken here i just want to take a Moment to get her comfortable here first Good girl I love it when that happens i turned on The water just ever so Quickly there to see how she would react If she was scared of it i didn’t want Her to continue to get scared but since She was willing to just start licking The water i’m fine with that this is Where i’m going to start i’m just going To let the water run for a little bit I know you’re seeing me treat her a lot Today and throughout this series and i Am but i am keeping the treats extremely Small Size of a grain of rice to a pea in most Cases sometimes we use her kibble when She’s responsive to that This is great love that she’s drinking The water there Doesn’t seem scared of the water that’s Nice let me see if i can turn it on a Little more there Yes i’m just gonna put a little water in Here better see it Okay it’s not what i had in mind but yes Oh look at that you want this or not oh Great

Beautiful good girl right now she may Not be loving it but she’s behaving Pretty good So i’m gonna try to see if we can sneak A bath in here i’m not gonna pour it on Her head just yet Or at all probably for this bath because Most dogs don’t like that Yeah nice job good girl let’s rub it in There Look how skinny you are you’re such a Skinny girl see i’m gonna put some on Her head like this I don’t just want to pour it on her head Because their ears and head can be Sensitive Or no we’re not oh boy oh boy come on Now So i’m really trying to walk the line While she’s trying to get out i don’t Feel like she’s totally shut down and Freaking out I mean she’s taking treats and she’s Doing okay she’s not loving it but I think we can proceed as you can see we Get our dog shampoo in Bulk here this is not bleach looks like Moira is exploring various alternative Routes to see if she can get out of the Tub Can you imagine how much worse this Would have gone had we not just Exercised her We’re just gonna put a little bit of

Shampoo on her Maybe a little more oh my gosh Look at her look at her getting all Soapy I’m gonna rub that tummy she’s doing Great for the shampoo part Get her tail oh boy So she tries to make a run for it here And there but you know we just want to Desensitize her to this process over Time And i suspect she’s the kind of dog who Would get a little bit better with every Bath easy girl it’s okay So we’ve got this lick mat here which Can seal onto the side of the tub let’s See if that makes her feel A little bit more comfortable here oh Look at this much better whoa all right Gotta be prepared to get a little wet Here You can see that’s helping quite a bit Here i’m not saying it’s a Perfect fix for a lot of dogs But it must make bath time a little more Enjoyable for her Get that good girl stay there girl It helps her attention for a little bit But either way she’s Doing pretty well right now she’s Tolerant All right that was pretty good she was Even able to be tolerant there while we Rinsed her on the head

And her chest Look at all that hair coming off look at All that hair That’s why they call you german shedders So You know not the smoothest bath but not The worst bath ever i think she did Pretty well Okay go on here we go Shake off good job moira that’s a real World bath for Many rescue dogs like i said before She’s probably had baths that have gone Much Like that so it’s gonna take some time To reverse her perception that a bath Can be a really fun place we tried the Lick mat there for her to lick the Peanut butter and that worked for a Second but She wasn’t feeling it so i just tried to Be really gentle and i decided not to be As thorough as i might Otherwise be during a regular bath just In the interest of Ending on a relatively good note today Marks one week straight that i’ve been Able to have moira spend the night in Her doggie bedroom And she’s been perfect we’ve had no Issues really with Unwanted barking or having her jump at The door trying to get out i mean she Really has just taken to that area

Very well and this is a big move because You might remember the first five nights That i had her i had to move downstairs Into the living room sleep next to her In order to keep her calm and reduce That anxiety so it really worked out not Insisting that she sleep in the crate But giving her a slightly larger area But still controlled and dog safe and One of the reasons i think this has been A lot more successful is because i’m Obviously spending a lot of time with Her not only training her But exercising her so she’s far more Likely to just crash at night and go to Sleep and be happy And by the way she’s definitely made the Honor roll for her potty training too So today is kind of an off day from Filming we have some admin to do But that doesn’t mean that training is Going to stop With moira i’ve got to still maintain Her training a lot of the things that We’ve covered so far in practice And so i’m going to take you along for What my off-camera Practice sessions are like good girl Yes look what just happened here Got these folks walking with the dog i Was just looking out here she didn’t Bark once There she is looking at the dog again Moira come on

Here come on let’s go you want to stay Out here i can tell it’ll let you stay Out here but that’s good Basically getting our attention off of The dog she reacted so appropriately There Go she’s really taken An interest in the tennis ball lately Good Girl yes very good By polishing up her game of fetch like This it’s gonna mean Everything it’s like the foundation of Training for energetic dogs Can you let go Yes go really nice work there I mean she’s not perfect see how she’s Wandering around she’s enjoying chomping On it i’m okay with that for right now Hey okay good it’s really easy to Respark her interest Like with my own dog inertia it’s not That easy Yes not playing keep away i love this I’m using a robotic tripod if you’re Wondering We have some pedestrians over here she Likes to check out the people walking up There Moira come come on Yes good ready and go Come on let’s go I’m really walking this line with moyo Right now letting her kind of run around

And chomp on it Versus insisting that she bring it Straight back to me it’s like a little Give and take Notice to how short our reps are here i Don’t need a football field to play Fetch In fact in the beginning it’s better to Have shorter reps she’s actually in a Really stable mindset right now I’m gonna work on lie down we’ve been Struggling a little bit with that she’s Kind of taken a step back on that lately Yes that looks pretty good Let him okay Yes she really wants to pop up from the Lie down and i want her to hold her stay Until i release her from it good girl Here stay no So working on her down stay is Interesting Okay good before she initiates breaking That Stay i’m releasing her from it Okay Yes okay Good i’m gonna give her a half a lure i Still want her seeing that hand signal Okay good girl let me see if i can get a Longer one Sit easy sit good Yes yes Yes Okay good i think she’s starting to get

It let’s see if i can get it with Distance Yes Yes st here stay Okay yes good i did fall back there on Giving her The stay request just to be ultra clear But ultimately i want her to understand Like sit means Sit there until i release you and down Means stay there until i release you but I still think it’s really valuable to Zoom in And teach stay in specific contexts i Know this from my performing days i mean Sometimes you want your dog To hold a really delicate position for a Short period of time for example or as You’re guiding them and teaching them Something new being able to say Stay right there is often a valuable Thing to do I want to get acknowledgement on this One it’s going to be hard stay Here okay come sit Yes good girl i’m gonna give you an Extra big treat there that was Really nice good job girl Okay you wanna play i’m gonna give her a Mental break for a few minutes and then I really wanna work on training heel a Little bit more to her I’m going to get her into the heel Position by luring her back here come on

Come on this way just kind of cheat her Into it there Yes Yes we’re trying to avoid the automatic Sit ideally Here yes Yes yes You can see like literally one step at a Time you’re rewarding to really Communicate to them what you want Yes here Okay good just letting her know the Exercise is over there and again i want To address the treat size Using really small pieces there sit Yes good girl Let’s just rather than try to put her in Position let’s just line up to her For right now get her used to This position yes Yes Yes yes Very careful to try to treat at my pants Seam Make her look there for the rewards okay Okay i’ll gladly reward you with the Ball Okay yes I got like two steps of heel out of her For the ball that’s cool This is absolutely a valid way to reward Your dog for heel training Here look at me Come on come on yes good go

A little bit more focused for the ball Huh that’s nice I like that come on let’s go Yes good i’m only trying to get two Three steps in at a time Do you see how throwing it against the Building sparked her interest there Here we’re a little closer than that Here come on come on let’s go Yes love that little trot that was good Trying to just wait for that light bulb To go off for one of us Good here one Come on come on yes good okay Really good success right there it’s That fine line between getting her way Up there And super energized but also like Keeping her really optimistic about the Training session in her mind she’s just Playing right now She’s like oh okay i trot with you on One side of you and i stay close and we Get to play one of my favorite games on Earth Fetch so i’d say pretty successful heel Lesson right there good job girl I’m so proud of how far moira has come On heel i mean things are Really starting to come together here at The last minute let’s see what i have up My sleeve next for her Honestly i don’t think i can remember at This point i want to work on bao

With her she’s getting so close to Being even more amazing we’ve done a few Lessons on bao so far and moira is Really starting to get it but the Toughest part of teaching battle to most Dogs is getting them to keep that Butt up in the air and you can see i’m Very focused on that here Okay perfect perfect See like really sealing those treats in As she’s holding the position now let’s See if we can use fewer trees Yes good Yes Yes yes Yes yes Okay she started to get distracted by Someone out there but still Stayed with the training session so Pretty good the weather’s been gorgeous So we’ve had lots of extra traffic at The park behind the house here Bow yes Yes Yes Yes yes Yes okay good i mean you could see how i Was just Experimenting with the throttle there Seeing how slow I could get away with rewarding her so a Second ago it was rapid fire with those Tiny treats And then it was a little bit slower and

They’re significantly slower So that’s how bao is looking thumbs up For moira she’s so awesome and i have a Feeling Things are going to go even better Tomorrow and i also have a feeling that You can get 30 Off of solid gold products by going to My special link Subscribe to my channel follow us on Instagram facebook and tick tock And get both of my books we’ll see you In episode 10.

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Highly Reactive Dog Amazing Transformation

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Dog Daddy Handling A Very Intense Reactive Dog (Full Session)
The Pack Leader

Dog Daddy Handling A Very Intense Reactive Dog (Full Session)

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The Difference The Leash You Use Makes.
The Pack Leader

The Difference The Leash You Use Makes.

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