Training My Own Dog: An Honest Look at Where We are Now.

Training My Own Dog: An Honest Look at Where We are Now.

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This should be an interesting walk what Are you looking at you see something She’s super focused on the moose right Now this is going to be One unusual video i’m zach george I train dogs this is my new dog and i’m Going to show you how i train her from Day one Things definitely won’t always go Smoothly you can start from the Beginning or you can pick up anywhere Subscribe and hit the bell notification So you never miss an episode when you Put into motion an approach based on Love and respect your results will Forever Remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience I’ve got a special video for you guys This week so many of you have been Asking about Inertia and what we’re working on today And i also want to bring you guys up to Speed On what we’re doing these days as well It blows me away that this is Even possible but you can have fresh Food that’s actually designed by a Veterinary nutritionist specifically for Your individual dog Delivered to your door already prepared And ready to go So many people want to use fresh food When they’re feeding their dog but they

Take it upon themselves to just put Something together You do not want to try to curate your Own dog’s diet unless you really know What you’re doing It’s super easy to set up you tell nom Nom your pets age their breed or breed Mix And they’ll pre-portion each meal so That you never have to worry about Over or under feeding your dog the food Arrives in an Actual refrigerated box that’s always Super cold When you look at nom noms food you can See the individual ingredients as soon As you open the box The chicken looks like chicken the beef Looks like beef you can see sweet Potatoes Spinach squash try nom nom today by Going to Zach to get 50 off of a two-week trial I’ll have a link below Inertia let’s go take a walk what’s Going on guys As you can see there’s snow all around Us it’s a winter wonderland Bree and i are actually in alaska right Now we have some exciting news we Actually Bought a summer home here in alaska and We’re very excited To show it to you guys but you can tell

Inertia is wound up right now she really Needs a good walk around this Neighborhood so we’re going to take a Walk i’ll show you the house later this Should be an interesting walk because we Are In the chugach mountains that’s a Mountain range known for its Grizzly bears snowfall high winds There’s so many things out there that We’re not used to My goal with this walk is not only to Introduce her to this new neighborhood But to do some light training you know She’s far enough in her training Right now where i kind of like to do This hybrid walk of hey check things out Some pulling on the leash is okay if she Gets really interested in something And then other times i really want her Very focused on me heel Good work switch all right good so we Have heal And switch working very well right now That’s important to be able to switch Sides of the road you know on a narrow Icy road like this you want to quickly Be able to get her on the proper side Just in case a vehicle comes moving Quickly really useful skill Good job okay let’s go As i mentioned before i also want her to Sniff check things out look at that Tension on the leash that’s okay right

Now with me I think it’s unreasonable to be like Super strict On a walk like this especially when it’s New to a dog so Like i like to let her smell she seems To find enjoyment in that as long as i Can get her attention on me let’s just Verify one More time inertia come Heel uh come here back up Heel okay okay go on good girl And here i’ll use the environment as the Payoff or go back to sniffing many dogs Will Really appreciate you going out of your Way to let them do what they want to do Pulling itself is a spectrum right there Are dogs who pull like this because They’re just excited and want to smell And then there are dogs who were pulling Trying to get out of their collar or Their harness and just Completely focused on everything but you As she once was you know i mean you’ve Seen her training videos in the past So she’s not out of control or anything But she is excited And i mean tolerance is a huge part of Raising a dog and really letting them be Who they are Oh I hear a barking dog back there in a Neighborhood like this there’s a lot of

Off-leash dog because it’s a fairly Rural atmosphere Yeah she can hear the dog all right Let’s keep moving Good girl and that’s what i’m looking For when she hears a dog rather than Trying to drag me towards the dog as she Once did I’m not going to give her a reward here A food reward because it’s becoming a Much more normal behavior for her to Listen and become compliant when a dog Is barking At that distance anyway now it might be Another story if there was a fence here And there was a dog barking behind the Fence right i mean that would be a Little bit different but you can see Right here she heard the dog she glanced Back and she kept walking because she’s Like all right i’ve experienced that a Whole bunch of times Bree tells me if i start to slip that i Should like Jump off into the snow bank but i don’t Like doing things without practicing So let me make sure i can do this all Right so slip slip Ow like that is that did i do it right Pretty much i think I mean that might have been a little More than you needed to do Making sure bear spray don’t want to Lose that oh that’s cold

That is so cold i’m from georgia Live and learn oh look at this here’s a Fun training opportunity Inertia leave it alone come good girl Good leave it you know inertia has A nose for sure she likes sniffing the Ground More than most dogs even girl girl too Much come here Starting to pull a little too much since We’re going downhill but really Responsive there i appreciate That a lot you are such a good girl Would be nice to teach her how to pull Extra hard to come up a hill like this Though wouldn’t it The other day i was hanging out with my New friend the awesome dog Ching keys and he’s actually been Trained to pull a person like a Full-grown person through the snow i Don’t know what is happening right now This is my perspective you see any bears Whoa wow that that’s like as much torque As a tesla Oh my gosh whoa I think i found my new favorite thing in Life that’s what i mean though like Context i mean there are times where it May be valuable to have your dog pull You you don’t want to be So rigid in your thinking that you want To cut out all behavior That you don’t like forever because

Sometimes those behaviors have benefits To them it’s one of the more nuanced Things about training a dog so obviously We’re up here right now getting the House ready for the summertime It’s clearly winter right now you might Notice The lighting too which is trivia we have Like five hours of daylight today Gets dark so early so it makes me Appreciate the daytime So much more everywhere else that i am But In the summer we’ll have the opposite Issue and it will be daylight most of The time I’m not even asking for a heel you Believe in this and that’s fine she can Come in and out of heel occasionally i Will go ahead and throw her treat when She offers that at this point But i also want her enjoying her Environment as well it’s really Important that dogs get those Experiences in And get to see their world we don’t want Them constantly Focused on us i mean I kind of do it just depends on the on The context if i were walking down a Busy city road i would want her Attention on me pretty Consistently all right so here we have a Dog barking

Oh i know it looks like a nice dog you Hear some anxiety from inertia there She’s conflicted she would love to go up And see the dog Here switch good work thank you Good girl so barking dogs on a walk is a Really valuable thing when you have A dog like inertia who tends to be a Little leash reactive When she hears other dogs because you Can easily modify the distance as we’re Doing here we’re not right on top of the Dog Makes it extra tough when the dog is Barking at her as well so Really good girl here you go that’s the Kind of thing it takes a lot of practice And patience for those of you dealing With reactive dogs you know inertia is About a year and a half old at this Point it’s something we’ve been Slowly chipping away at her entire life And she’s come a very Very long way i’m so proud of you you Are outside in the wilderness Walking like this for those of you with City dogs you might be thinking well That’s great try that in a city you’d be Right Much of the time a city environment is a Tougher environment for those city Training lessons i would encourage you To check out many of the ones we shot in New orleans in atlanta over the last

Year or so we also cover that It looks like we have a car i want to Put her on this side inertia come Switch stay i just should have said Switch but got the job done Hi so i like to stay still just to be Extra careful on these icy roads okay Let’s go Nice job girl i love the fact that she’s So reliable on switching sides that Comes in So handy so there’s a corner we’re about To go around here And in this particular environment this Is a little extra important Because of the amount of wildlife around Here in fact just the other day we saw a Guy In our neighborhood go around the corner Much like this and have a very Scary encounter with a moose oh you see The moose Yeah oh there’s a moose Let’s wait i can’t i can’t really get Close but We’re gonna oh my gosh look at that Uh-oh i don’t want to scare the moose Towards the people so i’ll stop They just stumbled upon him so they Can’t go past Looks like they’re comfortable standing We’ll keep the distance because we don’t Want to rush the deer towards the people Right i’m afraid if i go forward then

He’ll just go towards and so my Understanding agree if i understand this Correctly you just kind of wait for the Wild animal to be ready to move on its Way In the case of that moose if i were them I think i would be backing away Yeah i probably wouldn’t be but i think They might be really comfortable they Might be like over Confident because they live here and They might just be like we know that That’s sally the moose She’s not gonna bother us oh right you Know what i mean yeah are they scaring The moose They seem not bothered yeah all right That’s what i was afraid what happened Nice job wow Holy cow and we actually stopped to make Friends with these guys Afterwards they’re great people and Events like that happen So fast it can be tough to react Appropriately but i’m glad everything Worked out for our new friends and for The moose too so i want to make sure That she’s extra Under control here on this side i want To take a nice Wide angle here got my bear spray if Necessary But hopefully we don’t Get to that what are you looking at you

See something I mean your dogs will very often detect Wildlife before you so when she starts Perking up like that i like to pay Attention Come on i don’t see anything though Girl come here easy no yeah this way I want to look both ways here here come Here All right i think we’re clear i think We’re good okay good girl Yes you’re being a good dog I am focused on treating her a lot less Than i have traditionally at this point Because she’s starting to get a clue And understand context a lot better if You’re wondering about driving Here in alaska well my wife Won’t let me drive because i have no Experience driving on ice but she is Amazing driving on ice and i’m very Happy to be driven by her because i Would not want to drive I mean look this isn’t just snow or some Slush this is pure ice there’s some Gravel down so that’s good Great first walk in the new neighborhood Let’s go inside so i told you guys that I would show you the house here it is Um not much to it we have a living room Right here We really love the view out of here very Snowy and pretty today Of course we got the stairs over there

We’ll talk more about that later and why That’s important Very functional out of the way kitchen And inertia’s bedroom is up there but We have to teach her how to go up the Ladder we’re here in the chugach Mountains the wildlife is obviously of Some concern though we love Wildlife but we respect it too so way High on my list is making sure that Inertia is as responsive as Possible when she encounters wildlife if I’m looking at the glass half full we Have Many opportunities to practice with Actual wildlife here Take a look at this this just happened This is what i was hoping for a way to Give her Gentle exposure let her check him out Make sure i can call her off the moose While she’s behind a window Rather than waiting for her to listen to Me when a more urgent situation Develops internship come Good girl nice okay let’s go look I’m gonna let her go right back to doing What she’s doing no harm in looking and Satisfying her curiosity right That’s good it’s a moose let’s do Another rep here in practice Inertia come on Okay i’ll tell you what let’s go out Onto the deck and see if she’ll listen

This well out there while we’re even Closer to the moose but still safe this Is just like Another example of training your dog to Listen to you around other dogs or Horses or any other type of animal that They find particularly interesting Certainly a unique variety of animal to Train around She’s super focused on the moose right Now let me see if i can call her Attention Off of the news and walk away because This is tougher than it was inside Inertia hey what’s this Let’s go good girl interest has Certainly gotten the point here She’s not particularly interested in Them they’re not acknowledging her She’s not acknowledging them too much so Nice low level exposure to moose had a Significant distance We’re all safe pretty close to ideal i’d Say For a early introduction to something Like this So now this is a little bit different Because we have the moose in motion you Can see she’s Really fixated on them as they move a Bit quicker here Isn’t that interesting i think she’s More interested in our neighbors though Come here girl look at that you’re doing

So well Come good girl and again for now I’m happy to let her go back to keep Investigating you might notice that i Keep doing that Because it’s very important that she Satisfy that initial curiosity Understanding what that is what do they Do how do they behave what do they smell Like look like All that just to add to her overall Knowledge base Of alaskan giant mammals inner shot come Yes good job okay let’s go I’m getting the last couple of reps here Before they completely vanish Okay good deal good girl Nice job and so you can see what we’re Doing we’re really conditioning her To listen while in the presence of moose You can see how if we were probably too Close it would be much more difficult to Manage a dog like inertia because she’s So Interested in other animals so i’m Glad that we took advantage of this one Good job girl So as you know when i am in any new Place one of the first things i like to Really prioritize Is teaching my dog or dogs to stay at Critical points in the house Which leads me to this staircase right Here this staircase

Leads to the outdoors and you know in a Situation where The front door is left open that could Spell disaster depending on what is on The other side of the door whether it be A bear moose A car a goat well it could be any number Of things so we’ve got a gate here a Gate is a great way to manage a dog and Keep them from running down the stairs Management is great but training is Better i mean for example this gate Could fail A dog could learn how to jump over it And nurse has already learned how to Open it when she really wants to So i really want to ensure that she Knows how to stay Whether this gate is open or not so That’s what i’m going to work on Training her Right now so obviously inertia knows how To do a basic stay here but let’s throw A curveball at her Let me ask inertia to stay and have brie Act Extra exciting so i can really proof her Stay Stay go ahead bree oh my gosh [Music] They’re so cute Look at me stand So even though that was a little bit Confusing to inertia i still think it

Illustrates the point That she’s staying when she wants to go I’m going to do a genuine test now with Inertia i’m going to go grab a toy that She doesn’t know is coming hopefully she Doesn’t understand what i’m saying right Now I’m going to tell her to stay and throw The toy down the stairs I’m actually going to get her into play Mode and everything i’m going to do this On the first attempt Good girl ready good Stay Come come good girl Yes let’s go get you a treat that was Perfect that’s what we want our Emergency Stay to look like right there you want Your dog really freezing in their tracks As she did Look at that and notice how i didn’t Have to reiterate stay there she seems To really be getting the point I don’t go past that threshold without Permission lie down What a well-trained dog you’re looking Like right now so that’s a good Example of a surprise training session With your dog that’s how we Really get them to listen to us when They’re in that surprised frame of mind Just Throw those drills and test at your dogs

Five seconds at a time And it’s in those tiny moments that our Dogs are truly trained One of the things that i’ve been Continuing to work on with inertia is Getting her to respond Solely to a hand signal or solely to a Verbal request Right i think it’s important for dogs to Know both let’s see how she does with Just the hand signal Yes lie down stay okay so that was Pretty good you could see When i gave her that really obvious hand Signal she was pretty good with it and i Didn’t have to Say the word i will say that teaching Her to switch back and forth like that Has been heavily lore dependent for an Extended period of time and so You know over the past few months we’ve Been casually focused On making it a more casual hand signal Instead of having to go way down there But ultimately i want her to be able to Do that same behavior without a hand Signal at all Switch Switch Stay good i’ve got to reward the effort There i didn’t expect that She’s trying to do that other trick We’ve been working on which is going in Circles so she’s a little confused here

Okay switch good switch Yes lie down stay Good girl okay good job she’s really Starting to understand language in a More multi-dimensional way now So i really like that i think she’s Doing a good job what do you guys think Yesterday i believe we’ve had a Breakthrough On somersault which has been one of her Signature tricks It seems to be sticking around now that She’s an adult you’ll remember she was Doing somersaults when She was just a few weeks old and i just Thought that was because she was made of Rubber because she was still a puppy But now she’s like got an actual Grown-up body and she’s still doing it But the problem we’ve had with Somersault is that i’ve had to really Extremely have that treat right at her Nose and She’s just now starting to respond to Somersaults With a less obvious hand signal so this Is how it’s traditionally looked stan Stay i’ll put the treat right there And then i’ll lure her back yes Somersault But i don’t want to have to put a treat At her nose to get her to do something So let’s try it like this here All right it’s a big moment ready

Somersault Yes look at it let’s see if we can get That again Heel ready good girl Yes so it’s less of a hand signal let me See how greedy we can get here Yes good i mean you see how she really Maintained pretty good form there So i no longer have to have the treat Right at her nose Somersault Little confused you can see here let me Help you come alive So you can see here it makes a huge Difference to just Place my hand right there yes we get a Completely different behavior When she gets a little bit of visual Guidance versus the verbal request So if we get into a groove here and get Like Yes a couple ready go Good yes buddy look at me can you Somersault Yes now that’s actually pretty Incredible even though she didn’t Somersault she seems to really Understand the word that is awesome that She’s starting to respond To only a verbal request for some result I’m gonna continue to work on that and Remember dogs learn different skills at Different paces so You know with something like somersault

She still has room for improvement Another one of my favorite unusual Tricks that inertia does is limp let’s See how that’s looking Can you limp yes Good job got three there not bad limp Yes good job so limp you know lymph is Looking pretty good too Your impression of an injured dog is Amazing what else do you guys want to See tell me in the comments below and Get 50 Off of a two-week trial of nom nom at my Special link zack subscribe to this Channel follow us on instagram facebook And tick tock and get a copy of both of My books they’re great companions to These videos All of the links will be in the Description below and we’ll see you guys Next time You

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