Training My Puppy To Listen Around 22 Guests!

Training My Puppy To Listen Around 22 Guests!

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Are you serious right now that’s the First time I’ve gotten that level of Number I’m Zack George I trained on and This is my new dog inertia I’m taking You along as I train her from day one You can start from the beginning or pick Up anywhere and start learning Welcome to the dog training experience In today’s episode we’ll do some Training at an actual house party and See how inertia does we’ll continue Working on some tricks some foundational Behaviors and much more tougher just Launched an awesome app which is Designed to enhance my 100% free digital Dog training course 30-day perfect puppy The app has so many great features like A training calendar to help you keep Track of your progress and you finally Have the ability to search by training Issue and there are many more features To numerous to list now it’s totally Free and available for Apple and Android Go download it right now and let us know What you think I’ll have a link in the Description below okay first of all Furniture training not going that well We’re gonna have to work on that today’s A kind of a big day at our house my wife Briana is hosting a baby shower for one Of her best friends in the world and We’re gonna have lots of people over and Lots of decorations and I better prepare Her ideally I should have probably done

This a couple of days ago I want her on Somewhat good behavior I don’t want her Running up to everyone jumping on Everyone though I still want inertia to Get socialized of course so at 14 weeks Socialization is still very important But she can also start to learn good Manners so I intend to really be focused On her enforcing decent behavior do I Have any unrealistic expectations as She’s not gonna jump on people of course She’s going to attempt to jump on people Okay let’s prime inertia for this Special occasion but first I got to Figure out how to get her off that chair You don’t want to scold them or yank Them down first gonna let her know I Have currency she’s still young that’s Also one way to teach your dog to get Off the furniture one of the first Things that I’m really curious about Here is how inertia is going to do in The presence of a balloon of come here Yes good job she was on the furniture I Said hey why don’t you do this instead Come on over here this will get you paid Wait they’re going to be decorations and Things like balloons that she’s never Seen before so I’m taking the Opera To give her a preview of new things that She’s likely to encounter there you can See she’s like wait a minute plus this Puts me in the position to delicately Introduce new things to her in a way

That’s likely to get her to be more Accepting of them let me take your leash Off for it okay she doesn’t appear Scared of it if she was nervous Something I’d probably you’ll take it I’ll give her a tiny piece of chicken And let her know hey look chicken comes Out when this does but she seems pretty Content I think with balloons it’s that Like real subtle movement they do on the Ground that makes them intriguing wonder What happens if I toss it to her let’s See come here sit real excited right now Wait here we got ready whoa look at that Oh boy Easy in the event it does become a Currency I should probably encourage her To be a little gentle clearly you want To do this under supervision balloons Probably aren’t the most ideal dog toy Now it’s things like this that I’m Particularly concerned with though it May not be too bad but they’re gonna be Hanging and that’s puppy bait if I’ve Ever seen it So I’m gonna practice leave it with this Practicing leave it with a lot of items Is super important leave it Look at me yes how it’s great she’s like I think I want to go after that but I Think I’ve been through this drill Before sit leave it look at me perfect Weight good job look at me Perfect gonna make it extra exciting

More exciting than it’s likely to be in Real life uh-uh that’s okay Sit wait leave it alone so if it’s Rainin decorations she’s got to be able To hold that leave it so I think we’re Semi prepared we’ll see how it goes I’ll Be vlogging today’s wish me luck People are starting to arrive for the Baby shower today and let me show you What I’m up against here Bree has put These decorations right here at inertia Level so I’ll have to contend with this Not sure what this is about here but That should be interesting as well this Is also at inertia Heights I’m real worried about these as people Are starting to arrive I’m gonna work With inertia and just start walking with Her on leash around here and just giving Her general direction I just want to Make sure she’s gonna listen to me with Fewer Tractions before major distractions come Yes inertia I’ll let her say hi to People in a second but right now I just Want to make sure that I can get her Attention on me leave it alone Look at me wait no look at me that was a Little unexpected I got a real reluctant Look at me right there that’s been very Reliable in general look at me I’ve Really been saying well I don’t look at Me because if I can’t get her eyes on me I can’t guide her that’s a precursor to

Just about everything so let’s take a Step back here and remind her what Look-at-me Means yes Look at me yes Stan Wait look at me I’m gonna walk away from her off leash Indoors minor distractions pushed her Too far let’s try that again Stan wait look at me Yes wait Okay I feel pretty good going into this I think she’s gonna do pretty well my Challenges are gonna be getting her Attention on me around new people asking Her to do things while all these Auditory distractions are going on it’s Just a dramatic change of environment is The bottom line so I’m gonna walk her Around the kitchen where some people are Starting to gather just like this really Weird guy at the baby shower who’s Training his dog leave it first bit of Confetti She keeps encountering them so I’m just Gonna do a real life leave it sit and Betty leave it yeah this is her first Meeting with Sara I don’t want to biting At her dress she loves to bite dresses And I certainly don’t want our jumping On Sara because Sarah’s pregnant a whole Bunch of people have arrived I’m gonna Take around do some more training here Wait I’m gonna break out the good

Currency wait Wait okay we’re go say hi over here yes I’m just introducing our OC shoot little Little overwhelmed it’s clear that Inertia is thrown off by this radical Change to her environment I’ll be Proceeding slowly That’s better she’s pulling forward now Yeah there you go that’s how you agree To dog yep yep thank you thank you for Petting her ah a nurse I’m just starting To get nervous over here because this Hanging with teddy bear she hasn’t seen It yet I’m sorry the hanging rabbit What’s that you said yes I mean it’s Kind of weird right okay that’s all Right I’m just gonna let her appreciate it and Take it in I mean she’s probably like Hey someone needs to help that rabbit He’s trapped up there now after like Four or five minutes and Ursa has just Settled down we just hung out here and It’s completely normal to her now you Can see she’s super social and Everything it looks like inertia is Fitting in just fine so all in all I’d Say she’s pretty relaxed that’s a small Person right there I know he’s got Cheese and everything that’s gotta be Hard Nice job really that’s called settled Good obviously fast movements can be Very tempting for puppies she’s

Maintaining her position our Communication is really starting to get Traction this is wonderful the baby Shower went very well and inertia did as Well as could be expected I’ll continue to work with her and Distracting scenarios moving forward Meanwhile it’s another day and inertia Is getting wilder by the second this is Gonna be our first lesson on hold you Know teaching your dog to hold something In their mouth for a period of time it Looks like she’s doing really well with Holding the leash for a period of time Hold will set up so many future Behaviors you’re interested in service Dog training hold is a pretty essential Part of that for this lesson I’m using The pup furred freeze-dried beef liver Treats these are part of their train Line so let’s use him for training let’s Go ahead and take her leash off right Now she’s pretty stable staying around Me so I’m gonna put this here let her Investigate that okay I actually like That she picked it up that’s a good Start cuz she already knows how to Pickup a toy right so that’s kind of the Start of hold but let’s see if we can Get her to take it right out of my hand I mean she’s already halfway there yes Perfect here you go What’s this yes yes good see that so at First she’s like sometimes shake works

But maybe if I grab it that’s what he Wants Yes perfect so you can see she’s biting It I’m letting go and it’s immediately Falling to the ground still a long way From hold yes good perfect Now that was excellent wasn’t it see how She held it for a longer period of time Notice how I’m saying yes and Immediately following it up with a pup For treat she was holding it for just a Split second longer than before my goal For this session I would love to work up To a two maybe a three second hold Notice the puppy biting here she’s like Oh you want me to bite I’ll bite I does That work like this do your best to Focus on the task at hand as your dog Works through things like biting or Jumping or whatever and remember to pick Your battles and remind yourself that Everything can’t be taught at once in This case we’ll continue to focus on Hold what’s this take it Over here this way come here I know sure What’s this come what’s this Come here I think she loves holding it So much she doesn’t want to stay near Clearly the issue isn’t teaching her to Hold it it’s teaching her to hold it While staying still in front of me she Couldn’t resist the puffer treats so That was her very first training session With hold puppet also came out with

These new shoes in there engage line two No small print ingredients when it comes To these products there is one Ingredient these beef achilles tendon For a teething dog like inertia these Are very enjoyable get your pup for Train and engage products I’ll have Links below let’s talk again about Resource guarding it’s really important To stay on top of this if you have a dog Of any age really but especially a puppy To keep bad habits from emerging so I Really want her to get used to me giving Her things that she really values like This bone and taking the bone away and Then giving it back to her and here I’m Just using the bone as currency it’s Something she really wants so I’m gonna Let her get into that I’ve been messing With her food and stuff like that but This can be viewed as a very valuable Resource I like the animal bones like this like In short bits with supervision you do Want to be careful because they can be Pretty hard but as a special treat while You’re supervising I think they can be Really nice there’s a little look at her Eye actually I don’t know if you can see It there it’s not totally clear that She’s comfortable giving it up so I’m Gonna continue doing work on this see Right there see how she freezes up right There leave it alone no ma’am right

There did you see that that’s actually Brand new behavior right I haven’t seen That before she is getting a little Protective of the bone so I’m gonna Immediately take it away just to let her Know that’s not gonna fly this is Actually the first resource guarding Training session I’ve done where I’ve Had that happen so as I’ve been doing This you know every couple of days or Whatever but I haven’t done it with any Of it being quite like this what I’m Gonna do is I’m gonna take the bone away From her without asking and I’m gonna Exchange it for a treat as well see that Puts that good Right so if your dog was starting to Develop an issue with resource guarding Or they were starting to growl this Might be a place to start give them Something that has some value to them And distract them with a treat like that And then when they get the treat take it Away and then say yes give it back to Communicate to them sometimes I want to Take it and sometimes I’ll give it back To you It’s a very natural instinct for dogs to Protect things now see if I just check It take it away there without rewarding She was still good I’ll go ahead and Give her a reward anyway you can do Exercises like this with your dog’s Dinner just to really get them in the

Habit of taking their attention off of Something let me see if I can call her Off of it altogether Inertia come yes there we go good job so There I was able to call her voluntarily Off of it leave it alone no ma’am that’s Just frustration right there I don’t Think that’s snapping I would describe That as bratty behavior and also you Shouldn’t be bratty on YouTube as I Continued this lesson I wanted to see How inertia would react if I touch the Inside of her mouth remember I’d been Desensitizing her to having the inside Of her mouth touched for tooth brushing And general inspection so I felt Comfortable doing this but I’d probably Not advise that most people do this for The reason you’re about to see that’s The first time I’ve gotten that level of A snap from her at me that’s something I’m gonna be paying very close attention To that little nip happened because I Went inside of her mouth and she was Really uncomfortable with that and That’s just a natural reaction for many Dogs really what that tells me is I Should probably take a step back and do Some more handling exercises with her Right here I wanna practice going in her Mouth like this and everything just so She’s extra extra tolerant and that was Really good I’m taking a step back in Training in order to more clearly show

Her how I wanted her to behave in the Presence of something like a bone will Continue to pay attention to this and Keep you updated Oh my goodness Are you serious right now jumping on the Furniture continues to be an issue you Might remember there used to be a lamp Well I’ve removed the lamp because well It’s a hazard when you have a young wild Puppy so that’s gone but I’ve opted to Keep the chairs in because I think they Represent a good real-world distraction I mean there’s furniture everywhere in Her world so I’m not gonna remove it Rather I’m gonna teach you how not to Jump on the furniture without permission Is right now she’s technically not yet Allowed to be on the furniture I may Change that in the future I’m going to Take her leash off right now because I Feel like she’s much more stable than When I first brought her in here for now When I do catch her jumping on the Furniture I encourage her to come to me and do Something so I promptly give my Attention to her and get her to chase me So far that’s work to haven’t had to Pick her up off the furniture but if she Wasn’t listening of course I would pick Her up and put her down because I failed To control her environment well enough Let’s talk tricks now let’s see how an

Ursa is doing with get your tail under Sir will you look at me see getting her Attention on me even before asking her To get her tail get your tail whoops Okay Yes clicking a clicker and following it Up with a great treat it’s a great way To Train it on every time I click I give Her a treat in her mind she’s trying to Make that clicker go off so she gets an Awesome reward can you get your tail I Need to just be patient rather than Thinking she didn’t hear it sometimes She needs to hear it register think About it for a second and then try Something so that’s why it’s important To really keep your pace at your dog’s Level but let’s see here can you get Your tail I’m gonna be flexible I Thought she might be a little bit Farther along on get your tail but That’s two times where she’s kind of Tried and I haven’t said hey good job so I might be asking too much of her I need To adjust my expectations so I’m gonna Go back to being a little bit more Liberal on my rewarding get your tail Good taking a step back on my training You know I write about that a lot in my Books and I think that’s a really Important part of training a dog my First book is a great overview for Training your dog and my second book is Essential if you’re trying to resolve

Unwanted behaviors if in doubt get them Both get your tail Yeah good effort love it so she’s not Quite getting her tail get your tail Okay a little bit of a late click but I’m trying to keep her from being Frustrated as well she’s going halfway And looking back at me maybe that’s Where we are I don’t know she’s gonna Continue to take to it I was recently Working with inertia on wave while Standing and she is just now I think Starting to understand what I want so Let’s see what we can do there this is Yet another trick or behavior that we’re Stacking on top of stands so we’re Combining two behaviors stand good well I don’t know if I can do this wave I Don’t usually signal left-handed yeah Good I’ll click that well that’s okay I Think I might be able to get it Left-handed anyway normally we’re Positioned different and all of those Things make differences when you’re Training a dog if you’re on a different Side of them and they’re used to when You’re luring with a separate hand your Lure may look slightly different and That throws them off you can see she’s Used to doing it while sitting it’s Almost like an accident the first time It happens yeah good right there perfect So she didn’t go into a sit that time That was wonderful Wow stand

Wait That’s kind of a cool trick kind of like It why not okay Audible wait wait Good wait is so handy wait basically Means hold that position take a pause Button so Stan wall wave may evolve into Teaching a new trick you know I mean I’m Kind of in this really flexible mood Right now so why not all right let’s get Back to stand with wave stand wait Since I’m meeting a little bit of Resistance here I’m gonna just reward on Something easier which is stand and wait While I walk away I really want her to Get okay I really need to hold this Position right here the stand position She’s getting a little frustrated too That’s what the biting is so I really Want to minimize that let’s find Something easy to reward here over here This way Sit stand wait No wait wait I can’t not click that it’s Her brainstorming about what to do okay Here’s what we’re gonna do I’m gonna Have her wave while sitting since I’m Combining stand and wave let’s get her Warmed up independently on both of them And then we’ll combine them alright Ready now let’s stand yes wait and wave Yeah there you go See so that was a good lesson there I Was throwing too much on her I should

Have really warmed her up so something Else I would like to work on with Inertia is how to put her front paws on This and rotate around this book which I Have wrapped up right here yes off to a Good start turning inertia how to move Her rear legs in this manner is going to Make future body positioning training Much more smooth I want her to know how To pivot on her front feet so that means She’s gonna have to move in a way that Might not be so natural to her so in Other words she’s gonna get clicked Every time her two feet are right here On this book yes now once I feel like She understands putting her two feet on The book we’re gonna go to the next step Sit wait okay come and yes right there I’m clicking the second she hits the Book they’re wonderful okay let’s go Back here good job sit wait come here Yes oh she’s doing so well with this Look at that but I’m also clicking or The moment she does it so we really have That clear communication now that she’s Putting her paws reliably on the book Here I’m going to encourage her to turn In one direction or the other we’ll see What she feels like doing okay wait good I’m gonna reward any back movement of Her legs at all yes right there see she Kept her two paws on the book and she Moved her back legs that’s exactly what I want her to do this will make it much

Easier later on to get more specific Positions from your dog like in heel or Other things you find that you start Combining behaviors a lot in ways that You didn’t previously plan on something Like this will set up many different Things Stan wait that’s good look at that Awesome good Owen really good correction Right here to keep her feet it seemed on The book that’s a pretty good start to This we’ll see where that one goes I Want to check in on stay with Distractions with toys that she really Likes like you know she loves this toy Right now sit good stay I guess she’s a Little rusty on that she thinks we’re Playing fetch right now not doing an Obedient session so her mindset is Completely different because almost Always when I break out toys we’re doing Fetch sit good I’m actually going to go Ahead and forward with the chicken maybe That’ll start to trigger the obedience Part of her brain maybe not so let me Make it a little easier look at me yes For a second yeah she’s quite rusty on This little exercise stay this is a core Training exercise no matter how exciting Something is our dogs must eventually Learn to stay when we ask mistakes it’s Really important to me that inertia hold Her stay or hold her position no matter What’s going on around her so I’m gonna

Periodically do this exercise with her Teach her how to stay while I throw some Of her favorite toys around and Hopefully that teaches her that just Because she wants to do something Doesn’t mean she should automatically Act on that desire it’s important to do This with a variety of different objects And things that your dog likes maybe Things they’ve never even seen before Those are extra tempting if your dog Chases squirrels cats or other small Animals this exercise is a must as well Okay good job very good so go get it go Play with this she still gets okay I can Play without with permission without Permission I can’t play with it today’s An exciting day we’re gonna take inertia To get her final round of vaccinations She’s behind me right now do you hear Her whining I’ve been trying to be as Consistent as possible about not Addressing her not giving her any Attention when she starts barking so She’s been doing generally well but We’ve noticed a slight relapse here so For example the last couple of nights She started barking in her crate for About five ten minutes at a time It eventually stops which is cool but Right now I want to Wait until she settles down a bit before I let her out I still have her on her Leash you might notice that’s only

Because I put her in there just a second Ago to get everything ready for the vet It was so excited so now that she’s Quiet when I ask her to sit gonna have a Sip please thank you very good I don’t Always require her to sit but I do Always require her to wait oh say okay Good job See that look at that that’s called Proofing faked her out a little bit can I get a stand wait That was a good real life application of A stand in a wait see if she’ll respond To a basic lure see at home I’ll be able To save lie down without a treat and Everything here I’m putting the best Treat I have right at her face and okay She is responsive there but albeit Reluctantly good job but that’s normal In new exciting places see though focus Is very lacking right now and that’s Something that will improve over the Next many months to even a year or two In some situations I’m sure and it’s Only going to improve if I continue to Work on it and take her to lots of Places and train with her in lots of Places so I say this to make it clear to You that if you have a dog and they’re Not listening even for a treat Doesn’t mean that they’re not motivated By treats it means they’re not used to The environment where you’re asking them To listen you look at me get her eyes on

Me see that yes good I’ll take that good Very good Look at me and so here I’m not gonna Push training on it that’s my cue that She’s not in a training mindset right Now ultimately I’d like her to to be a Little more cooperative again Frustration because I’m holding her Right here and I’m just gonna continue The whole load until she calms down to Let her know that behavior doesn’t work For when she calms down Puppis do that they throw temper Tantrums just like little babies and Toddlers we’ve succeeded in making her Not nervous of the vet so far wait stand Is a valuable skill to teach the vet the Scale grooming all this dr. Abbey is Great about putting dogs at ease by Having some fun snacks on the exam table To keep a nurse are preoccupied another Smooth experience at the vet Good job inertia I’m going to include a Bonus seen in this episode in just a Second so keep watching good in the App Store and download the pup furred app to Keep your training on track and get your Pup furred trained and engage products I’ll have links below subscribe and hit The bell notification so you’ll know When the next episode is out follow me On Instagram and join our live shows to Learn even more here are some highlights From our recent live show see you next

Time hey guys I’m about to do an Instagram live over here and I thought I Would record it for this episode as well By the way if you’re not following me on Instagram i’m at zack gorge my do a lot Of these live shows I answer your Questions directly it’s a really good Way to get even more detailed Information on training your dog so Check it out Alice wants to know how to Teach her pup you leave it yeah so Basically teaching leave it is just About restricting your dog’s access to a Particular thing we haven’t worked on Leave it like right under her nose there So that’s kind of a harder leave it I Mean leave it takes many forms there’s Leave it like leave the leaves alone Falling from the sky Leave the dog poop alone leave that dog Alone I mean leave it comes in many Forms so it’s not just some generic Thing that you teach and all of a sudden They’ve got it you have to train in such A huge variety of different contexts Leave it dropping it on the ground Making it move around like that look at Me I like to really throw look at me in There with leave it because it’s one Thing to tell your dog to leave it but What do you want them to do instead and The way to tell them what to do instead Is by voluntarily getting their eyes on You see this leave it alone look at me

Yes lie down Perfect so there’s a good example if You’re walking the dog on leash do you Always want them by your side no Sometimes you want them by your side the Reason I say no so emphatically I guess If you live in a really Orban setting That might be necessary but you gotta Let dogs have some room I mean the heel Is great in house its place but you know Dogs are gonna walk faster than we do And this is one of those behaviors we’ve Tried to tack on after selecting for the Exact opposite most dogs that pull on a Leash are the same kind of dogs who have Endless stamina and endurance and that’s Exactly what we’ve selected for over Hundreds thousands of years with these Dogs so getting them to walk slowly next To a person is highly unnatural doesn’t Mean you can’t do it but it’s not Realistic to expect that all the time How do I convince my parents we need a Puppy we’ve made video yeah we have a Video on that topic but you know start By volunteering start by showing your Parents that you’re very serious start Reading books about dogs and and Training and raising a dog my first book Is a good one to start with to show them That you’re really doing your research I Mean I can only imagine though if you’re A school-aged child or or young person Even if you’re in high school it would

Be pretty hard it can be done but it Would be pretty hard to train a dog like I work full time doing this and it’s Still a challenge for me so it takes all It takes a lot more time than a lot of People realize I think but of course we All have different sets of expectations For our dogs as well how many hours a Day are you training her is it funny how People assume that hours a day of Training is required I do about three Major sessions lasting about 20 minutes Each now so about an hour a day of Primary training probably on a good day Maybe less our day primary training and Then a couple of ten-minute fetch Sessions throughout the day maybe three Ten-minute vet sessions I have a Six-month-old puppy what’s the best way To teach them to not bark exercise early In the day is much more likely to get a Dog to be more low-key and well-behaved Throughout the day so dogs that bark are Very out often dogs that have extra Pent-up energy there’s no magic answer If you’re not there Teach really focus on getting the most Out of your training lessons and Redirecting prior to your dog barking I Mean ideally intercepting your dog when They do this when they perk up like I’m About to star barking it’s the time to Get their attention on you encourage Calmness reinforce heavily when they are

Calm especially in the beginning by Reinforced heavily I mean rapid-fire Small high-quality treats Adam to be Like whoa I’m gonna seal that in right There that’s what I like yes I still Like that right there that was a pretty Fun live I enjoyed it are you guys Following us on Instagram yet have a Link below in our next episode we’ll get An update on potty training and inertia Will majorly surprise me and do one of My all-time favorite tricks I’m also Going to focus on teaching inertia Better manners around our cat and our Dogs Indy and much more [Music] [Music]

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