Training This BIG, STRONG Dog to to STOP BARKING at Other Dogs and RELAX! Reality Dog Training

Training This BIG, STRONG Dog to to STOP BARKING at Other Dogs and RELAX! Reality Dog Training

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Previously on reality dog training i’m Getting real significant pulling right Here he definitely feels like he’s Genetically predisposed to drag me Across alaska but my goal with him in This training session was by the end of It to be at 50 50 and i’d say we at Least accomplish that his most Significant issue that can be hard to Deal with is his conduct when around Dogs he needs a lot more desensitizing So we’re off to do that now The stronger my communication is with Chop the more likely it is i’ll be able To teach him to behave That’s what i’m going for big picture The things i want to focus on today are Improving the bond between chop and me Getting them to come to me more reliably And improving our communication together So that it’s more fluid and more natural And i think that fetch can do all of Those things at one time if i can just Teach him to do it right this is my dog Inertia i want to show you what a proper Fetch should look like come around Of course the come around is optional Let me demonstrate with her what chop Definitely doesn’t know yet this is what A complete game of fetch looks like that Is you want to be able to throw a toy Have your dog chase it in a straight Line return it in a straight line let go And eagerly await the next throw

Nonetheless there are definitely areas Where some people struggle with with Their dogs some people when they have a Breakdown in getting their dog to bring A toy back they find it useful to use Another toy that’s one way to motivate Your dog to come back to you she’s never Seen a toy like this it’s like a frisbee But it’s like a plush toy what is that Isn’t that crazy sometimes people Struggle with teaching their dog to let Go of things and there’s lots of ways to Teach your dog to let go but if you’re Having a really tough time you might Want to consider using really good Treats I told you it works quite well Because most dogs will be like okay i’ll Let go in order to have a great quality Treat anytime barkbox and super chewer Box are incredible monthly subscription Boxes they send you some of the best Toys and treats for your dog every Single month so you don’t even have to Think and they’re just so creative this Spider-man toy she goes crazy over the Difference between these two boxes is That super chewer has really tough toys For those dogs who are hard on toys and Barkbox has plushier toys like spiderman Here for example chop toy inertia toy You guys can get a free bark box super Chewer box or both when you sign up for A multi-month plan at dog

Training and dog Training Chops fetch game has been on fire lately I want to start using his love of fetch To help him practice better behavior When he sees things that excite him you Know like when he sees other dogs Exactly Better than that The dog park was a little too much for Chop so we’re gonna head to a field Nearby and there there’s only likely to Be a couple of occasionally passing dogs And should go without noting we’ve got Them on a lead here but you see the Clever Set we’ve come up with here I say we but it was actually brie she Knew this place because she grew up here But there’s a nice steady stream of Pedestrian and presumably occasional dog Traffic and i can also play fetch right Here so if i can get him playing fetch In the presence of dogs or at least Depleting his energies even if he does React to the dogs it should be less Significant thereby allowing him to Experience being around other dogs in a Less heightened state of alertness Secondarily traffic has been something That’s been catching his attention you Might hear it in the background that’s Going to work to our advantage we’re Going to make sure that he’s completely

Safe at all times since we’re in public So that’s why i’ve got him on the lead Good man plus the lead is good when You’re teaching fetch because if they Start to veer off You can give them a gentle encouragement Like that i’m continuing to teach him Come when call during fetch like this Chop Come It’s a really great time to capture that Behavior i’m gonna give him a break Right now i’ll give him a water break But good first round so far we’re Getting pretty lucky we got in a whole First round of fetch i don’t know six or Seven throws and we didn’t encounter a Dog the more fetch i play i think the Less reactive he’s going to be when he Sees dogs so you can see he’s interested In a person over here Chop come He’s not very reliable right now But he’s also not lunging at the people Do you see what i mean i’m trying to Really keep an open mind Like before he’s just really thinking it Out so that extra bit of patience Allowing your dog to process things is Really necessary Here good man Yes Come on Since he’s so dialed in right now i

Still like to throw in 10 seconds of Heel training it’s just a way to get him Paying attention to you while he’s Having a good time This turn here if he’s confused come on Okay come Yes Good And then i’ll do another four throws With them you know you’ll get a lot Longer training sessions too and your Dog’s enjoying it all right let’s go Take a break i’m really hoping that During one of these breaks upcoming he’s Going to hit a natural settle and lie Down maybe we’ll have a dog walk by and He’s a perfect angel That’d be the best that’s what i’m Shooting for here textbook screensaver Dog training there’s a dog right here He’s noticing Chop come Chop here What’s this Okay Ah Losing interest in the ball Definitely pulling towards the dog Now i frequently tell you all that Exercise will probably solve 90 plus of Unwanted behaviors at least with many High-energy dogs but look every dog is Different so it’s gonna take a little Bit more than playing fetch with chop to

Get him to behave more politely now if You’re struggling with things like this You should check out both of my books as Well if your dog is like chop my second Book might be a little bit more helpful For you i’m gonna have a link below the Whole idea is to give him experience Seeing dogs while experiencing genuine Inner calm Settle i like it i mean that looks like A happy dog to me oh there’s dogs coming Okay so he’s not calm but Stay here buddy i don’t mind him looking Good man Since those dogs are moving farther away Fairly quickly i’m going to stay put Here and let them go rather than trying To pull chop even farther away from Them here it’s okay buddy at least so Far in this training session he doesn’t Seem like he’s at the point where he’ll Play in the presence of dogs and that May take a long time beyond the time i Have with him i just want to give him The best head start that i can here Leaning behavior Good man A little over excited good recovery here I like the lean Trying to encourage calmness It’s a dog letting him look at the dogs As long as he wants right now Especially as they get farther away Let them see that dogs walk past us and

They go and that’s a normal part of life Good man he’s having trouble making Sense of that this lower level of dogs Passing by is obviously a lot more Manageable for chop now of course it’s Ideal for him to have no outbursts at All but look at him settling down just Moments after those dogs excited him Exposure at a distance with some nice Recovery time is hopefully going to be Our recipe for success so even though We only encountered really a couple of Dogs today turned out to be kind of Ideal because he’s still reacting pretty Heavily to dogs when they’re at close Range to him so that way i was able to Like have him experience listening to me Playing fetch doing some of his Obedience without being totally Overwhelmed so low level exposure Proved to be Pretty good today i mean it’s something Just as we’re getting ready to wrap up Our lesson brie tells me that the dogs That chop had an outburst over a little While ago are on their way back we have A second chance with the same dogs now I’m hoping that since chop already saw These dogs maybe they’re a little bit More familiar to him and maybe he’ll be Able to control himself a little bit Better here i’m just going to try and Keep him calm come on buddy relax Off

Stay Good man good boy Very good He’s leaning Good boy this is definitely longer than He was able to stay calm in the past We were so close i thought that we had It But wait look at this Okay come Chop here Come on let’s go good man did you see How chop just followed me there we got To see that again and look i didn’t have To drag him away or raise my voice i Just called him one time then when his Attention was on me i used a little body Language to help encourage him and boom Train dog okay just kidding we still Have a ton of work to do but following Me like a pro immediately after an Outburst like that Major step in the right direction now We’re getting somewhere I think today was a huge day for chop i Mean i was able to get him paying Attention to me in a suburban mainstream Neighborhood with all sorts of things Going on around him he’s chewing my Furniture no sir I thought chop was getting trained there I guess it was nice while it lasted i’d Never have had a couch destroyed by a Dog so i hope this isn’t the first time

Is it destroyed no but he’s kind of a One bite and destroyed kind of guy That’s the thing he’s got a powerful Bite hey buddy you may not chew on our Couch okay as i was working with him I could really see it in his eyes that He was thinking and learning and just Watching this wonderful majestic being Take all of that in and process it it’s Like i can see his brain registering That we Want to communicate with him Right now he’s trying to communicate With us but exactly he’s like let me try It the other way okay go i mean Ultimately he’s going to end up living Inside a house and he needs to really Understand how to do something basic Like take a walk in a civilized manner You know that’s a huge transformation For a dog who grew up just like freely Wandering the streets with no rules to Come and live in a living room for us to Expect him to behave is pretty crazy i Mean sometimes when you first start Training a dog it feels like progress Isn’t even starting it’s like at a Complete standstill or maybe it’s just Moving really slowly but what i’ve Always done is i just stick with it Continue to be patient and try to Understand the dog as best i can don’t Be in a rush and eventually you get Pretty cool results it’s like i turn my

Back and these dogs are suddenly doing Things they weren’t doing the day before The other day i let chop out of his Crate and he waited to get out and i was Like when did you even learn that he did Really well today in public i was really Proud of him for that with one Big exception Anytime there was a dog around he saw Just a couple of dogs and Lost it every time just was inconsolable So i think what we’ve got to do is Really desensitize him to a lot of dogs In public Sounds easy yeah it’s not gonna be that Easy i know Chop and inertia’s play continues to Evolve and i continue to be thrilled With how well chop is helping inertia Achieve confidence look at this majestic Dog contort himself in the strangest of Ways i hope he doesn’t get stuck like This oh different place I got his tummy i got his tummy Oh my gosh really i’m accidentally Airplaying what i’m currently recording Job that’s you right now As if i couldn’t blow your mind enough Already Inception a little bit of a delay there Yeah In other very significant news for chop I think that he is ready to graduate to Getting more freedom within the house

But he’s still basically a wild animal At heart and he’s got a lot of human Rules to learn yet we’re giving chop as Much time as possible hanging out in our House with us today to see if we can Make some improvements on his house Matters very specifically i want to Teach him how to settle down and be calm In the house It’s pretty much a core required Behavior if we’re to find him a new home Chop is contained in the living room Here by doors and gates so that’ll Prevent him from leaving the living room Area so he’s always in sight and you can See why that’s probably a good idea ah No No Yeah well that is his second indoor Potty accident probably not the best way To start this house training lesson but That’s okay i will stay focused and look Prevention is the key to successful and Fast house training Looks like i need to tell myself that Inevitably there comes a time with any Totally untrained dog where you feel That they have graduated to where they Are ready for more freedom and so you Give it to them but that means you Really need to go through a period of Time where you’re really extra Supervising your dog to make sure you’re In a position to prevent or discourage

Or give them something else to do so That they learn how you want them to Behave in the house chop no That’s mine Silly boy How does that look like food or a toy so A little while later we’re watching tv And you can see chop is back on leash i Like to use leashes in a very strategic Way when i’m house training a dog Especially when my attention has any Chance of being divided And it often does chop is definitely one Of the more settle resistant dogs that I’ve worked with he’s just so up and Curious about everything since he’s had An outlet for his energy already i know That there’s a dog in there that wants To chill out somewhere so we put on a Show and we’re just going to sit here And wait with him and see if he’ll ever Just lie down and relax being able to Summon an actual state of mind is a Pretty advanced concept for dogs but This is how i do it And there we have it finally a real Settle wow he almost looks like an Actual house pet nah never mind he’s Still the size of a direwolf No inertia no sound I’m going to discourage inertia from Playing with chop right now since we’re Specifically working with shop to Achieve a calmer state of mind and

Nurses doing really well on her settle Training if only chop could learn from Her by example Good man Relax I didn’t expect that to actually work And he’s back up again chop is just so Excited about life it seems really Unnatural for him to just chill out in Here without constantly exploring and Snooping around but i’m just going to Keep waiting him out because i know that He’s had exercise i know he’s had a Potty break recently and i know he’s a Physiological being that requires rest And recovery at least i think so I think that’s the one i feel like i can Literally feel his genuine truly chilled Out energy right now so i’m gonna go With my gut here and see if i can give Him a few minutes of successful Well-behaved off-leash time in the house Okay he definitely seems to notice me Taking the leash off red alert off-leash Dog in this house That’s interesting His little bark actually triggered Inertia bark a couple of times too but Chop stayed in his settle so that’s a Major step in the right direction bree’s Going to put inertia in the bedroom Right now so that chop isn’t easily Distracted by inertia during this very Important breakthrough

Since inertia riled up chop a bit i’m Going to put his leash back on for just A few minutes to help him get back into That stationary calm state of mind and After a couple of minutes chop seems to Be back in a more settled mindset so off Comes the leash again i mean there’s no Shortcut around this when you’re really Trying to teach a dog to relax you have To wait for them to genuinely relax and Be there to reinforce it and i Understand that usually when you want Your dog to be calm it’s because they’re Not being calm so it’s not realistic at First to get them to just shift from That excited mindset to a relaxed Mindset on cue chop is clearly up and Down today but now that he’s had a Couple of preliminary successes when he Does relax again i’m going to start Trying to teach him what the term relax Means Relax Just like that he doesn’t know what Relax means right now but i’m going to Teach him by telling him what he’s doing As he’s doing it So pretty fulfilling day for chop A lot of good training in today a lot of Good playing in today Good balance Oh look at that he’s getting on his back Too that’s something new every day they Play together it’s like a new

Little nuanced game they have with each Other so it’s kind of fun to see that Today it really looks like chop is Trying to get inertia to chase him he’s Feeling really boisterous and inertia is Not 100 sure about all that she’s Usually more comfortable being chased And usually with slightly less Rambunctious dogs but that won’t stop Chop from trying to get her going she’s Letting him know that he’s toeing the Line of what she’s comfortable with Though and chop continues to take her Signals really well look at that it Seems like he’s saying see i’m still Nice i love watching him flop on the Ground like this too another pretty big Day for chop in a nurse’s relationship And this is lovely to watch You are such a good dog whoever gets you Is going to be so lucky These big teeth look how big they are This is reality dog training get your Free bark boxer super chewer box at dog training or dog training follow us On instagram and tick tock and get a Copy of both of my books too believe it Or not we still have a lot to cover with Chop we’ll see you in the next episode

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