Training this HUGE REACTIVE DOG to STOP BARKING at EVERY DOG he sees. Reality Dog Training

Training this HUGE REACTIVE DOG to STOP BARKING at EVERY DOG he sees. Reality Dog Training

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It’s been less than 48 hours since we Had our most challenging training Session of all time we have a couple of Dogs running across the park they’re Headed right for us chop had a potty Accident no no we’re going to a place Where i heard there are 20 Rescue homeless puppies there’s moose in Our backyard This is reality dog training subscribe And click the bell so you never miss an Episode I want to start teaching chop how to Spin around in a circle Yes good man and you can see he follows It immediately there and i’m gonna Reward by playing a little tug okay come Good yes good man i mean that’s simple With him i’m gonna see if i can get two Spins Good okay maybe three yes good Good boy good get it And i mean tricks like this really just Come down to playing with your dog and Having a good time if he’s that Enthusiastic as you can see It just makes training so easy it seems Like nothing sparks his interest like a Brand new toy toys and treats are so Valuable when training that’s why i call Them currency look at that look how Dialed in yes Good so i’d say he’s well on his way to Learning spin great way to start the day

Too he gets his brain working gets his Body working pup box is different in That it is a very training centric Monthly subscription box it’s a great Way to stay motivated and keep getting New ideas for training your dog they Send you items and super detailed Training advice each month based on your Dog’s specific age that’s really huge For people with growing puppies because They change so fast get 50 off your First pop box when you sign up for a Three six or 12 month subscription at Zack use my special code zap i’m gonna Have a link in the description of this Video Bree and i decided to bring chop out Here to the park to give him some General outdoor time in a new place We’re in downtown anchorage right now so Again we’ve sought out an environment Like this where we have dogs in the Background but at very big distances Hopefully most of the time so i can try To get him more acclimated to a place Like this i always start these Training sessions with attention give me Your attention when i ask for it here Yes Good man Good boy so my thinking here was that I’d come out here on the long lead give Him room to sniff around and to look

Should he decide that he wants to do That but not too much i mean i want to Make sure i Keep a good handle on him but i’m also Trying to simulate A relatively off-leash environment when He is complying well Let’s see when he perks up like that I’ll shorten the leash make sure i have A grip on him so what i’m hoping is We’re going to catch him in the right Mindset and be able to build some Momentum when he does get in the mood to Do some training here and pretty much Right away we have a couple of dogs Running across the park they’re headed Right for us and i know chop will be Over excited by that if i don’t create Some more distance so i’m going to move Him farther away good man i see those Dogs abruptly approaching so i’m just Trying to Be a little preemptive here so that was A good example of trying to prevent a Reaction just going back 15 feet Did a pretty good job there well looks Like we got a round two over here They’re coming up a little bit slower But his eyes are on them now i’m gonna Let him observe Now i’m gonna say hey chop let’s go come On with chop i’m always balancing which Type of rewards i use with them Sometimes it’s food sometimes it’s play

In this case it’s the environment itself Which can be really reinforcing or Rewarding to a dog as long as chop stays Relatively calm he keeps getting to do What he wants to do and what he wants to Do is check out everything that’s going On around him and as we learned we were At the dog park with him it did help to Be low Really focus on keeping his energy low Not getting him amped up letting him Look it’s kind of like when you’re a Small child and your parent has to get Down on your level and explain something To you Kind of just Do your best to walk them through it you Hear the vocalizations right now that’s Often A sign of anxiety with dogs so he’s Feeling a bit anxious He would probably rather be over there Than here right now Interesting He vocalized but he’s leaning he’s not Pulling Not a full out reaction good man and Here we’re seeing that trusting leaning Behavior here he’s such a big baby Look segway tours that looks like fun Good man what is that that’s crazy a Little bit of time has passed and now The same dogs are coming by us at a Closer distance good man

Thank you Good man Almost had it there the sight of that Dog chasing that frisbee was a little Too much for chop and it’s hard to blame Him how many times have you seen me do That in practice throw a toy he’s not Quite ready for it Trying not to pull it So i’m going to try to move him a little Farther away to help him get his Emotions back under control Good man he was doing so well there but You know that was a tough test it’s been Less than 48 hours since we had our most Challenging training session of all time Outside the dog park i’ll play with you If you want to play when you can get a Dog obsessed with tug you can open up Doors in your training he wants to play With this he’s just like how do you do It and those dogs are still over there Good Good man If he if i can just get a little bit of Tug i’m gonna let go to let him know you Can have it but yes just like that tug Can be a great currency like food or Like fetch i mean he had that little Spark the dogs were right there it’s a Little something in other words i was Able to get pretty intense focus albeit For a fraction of a moment on me while He seemed to be aware of those dogs that

Excited him just a moment ago chop’s Fetch has been looking awesome but There’s still one little habit that Needs some polishing up sometimes he has Like a double bite where he goes for it When you try to take it out of his mouth So i think it’d be a lot better if he Just learned how to drop it he’s got his Undivided attention right now by the way Yes So let go See how he doesn’t let go when i ask it Kind of did The correction for not complying here is Limiting where he can go I’m keeping him on a short leash i’m not Gonna pick that ball up until he Actually leaves it alone for a second Yes Here okay good man let go Yes See how it’s quiet waited for him to do It there Yes Okay go Let go Leave it Whispering it works so well yes You see how i keep giving it back when He complies it can be counter-intuitive But one of the best ways to reinforce Your dog for letting go of a toy is to Give it right back to them i’m trying to Teach chop that the fun is going to

Continue the second he behaves the way i Want him to i’m not asking him to leave The ball alone for long periods of time During this game i just want him to be Polite while i reach in and pick it up Just a few minutes ago chop was unable To resist that frisbee that was thrown By a stranger and chased by another dog Of course leaving this toy alone without A stranger or other dog around is easier For him and that’s the idea if chop is Struggling it’s on me to find easier Versions of his lessons to help him Succeed and that’s exactly how you can Help your dog to conquer harder stuff Over time lekko Yes While chop is giving me this much Attention i want to practice some of his General compliance and training here Here Good man come on Good here just let’s go this way good Waiting to see if he’s going to yes You saw how he was getting ahead of me And then he slowed down i really wanted To acknowledge that one that was great Come on let’s go Get the ball out of sight yes Still rewarding glances that look Directly at my eyes rather than looking For the ball Come on Good man yes loved how he came when i

Just said come on real casually Let go Leave it yes Here look at me Good Good Come on nope he’s getting there but he Really loves this ball from his pup box My goal here is for chop to stay near me While we’re walking and to keep his Attention on me instead of just this Ball Here yes let’s work on backup chop here How about backup Let’s straighten that out a little bit Teaching backup is great for all kinds Of reasons in chop’s case it’s a really Good idea to show him how to move his Body in a variety of different ways Since he’s approximately the size of an 18-wheeler Yes a little bit straighter that time It is really good isn’t it yeah i Haven’t taught him many fun tricks since I’ve had him we’ve been focused on other Things yes there’s a lot of ways to Train shake i’m gonna hold the treat and See if he maybe pause at it with his paw At which time i’ll release it See right now he probably thinks i’m Doing something like leave it Let me put a few salmon treats in there I’m using puffered salmon treats today By the way any movements of the paws is

What i’m looking for Yes okay i’ll take that certainly these Are amazing for training because they’re Real freeze-dried salmon just kind of Moving the lure around seeing where He decides to try and pick up that paw And like say hey what are you doing with That hold that still yes just like that Puffer makes treats like this and more And virtually every dog that i’ve used Them on is obsessed with them i’m gonna Have links below where you can check Them out good man You don’t want to pick up their foot That doesn’t really teach them to think They’re not really um making the Connection that way Yes Good man Do you see his eyes can you see him Thinking Yes He’s like you can i mean this you’re Watching him learn this for the first Time right now i’ve not worked with him At all on this Yes but you remember the beginning of The lesson it was like just putting a Treat at his nose hoping he’s going to Figure out that one little thing but Dogs use their paws to investigate let’s Go ahead and put a word to it just so we Can start planting the seed Shake

Yes stay with distance Stay Yes Ah Yes doesn’t mean get up so here Stay He goes from unmanageable to incredible Yes Okay last time getting to know him too You know where communication is building That’s what happens when you spend a few Weeks with a dog Stay Leave it Look at me Yes Okay Good so Introducing those distractions i would Have really liked to have been able to Call him off of that ball away from it But i also wanted to quit while i was Ahead but maybe i can get that now i Don’t know here So we’ve got people kind of in our Vicinity he’s got his attention leave it Stay Come Good man that’s right that’s right very Good okay let’s get that ball go on in This case i’m gonna let him go get that Ball because that was A first attempt on that exercise being Able to call him away from something he

Likes that’s something we should do he Likes the ball a whole lot maybe not as Much as other dogs but if we start there It gives us something to build on if i Could get him playing in the presence of Dogs like this Then i’d be on the fast track to Resolving this issue i believe because He’d be getting his outlet to play in Chase Yeah there’s the dog see how he lost Interest the second he saw that dog with His eyes chop Come on let’s go this way Giving him some encouragement good man Back good boy come on Good boy i’ll take it Good boy i mean that’s exactly what i’m Trying to do come up Come on buddy good boy good boy right Now the fact that he’s not returning it Well is the least of my concerns because I want to really zoom in on the fact That he’s playing with me while there’s A dog nearby something that until this Point has pretty much been impossible at Least in public and while playing is an Indication that he’s getting that outlet To run after something and satisfy that Desire to play with something more Acceptable you’re also driving down that Anxiety by exercising them so hopefully If these dogs happen to make this loop Over here hopefully he’ll be

Refreshed and satisfied enough Where he won’t feel the need to bark and React to that dog and this is how over Time i try to communicate with a dog Like this i can give you so much fun in Your life but it all starts with here Yes okay Attention is what that was so he’s Spotted the dog now can i keep him in The game or not this is a key moment More than anything else chop has Struggled to stay focused on me when Dogs are close to him come on let’s go Get it let’s get it good man If i can keep his attention this will be A great step in the right direction Good boy Hey come on let’s Chop here Where’s that ball get that ball you can Really see i’m trying to do my best to Convince him that fetch is way more Interesting than those boring dogs over There all right so let’s take a step Back here but look i’m not going to try To force it if he would rather observe Those dogs passing by as long as he can Resist having an outburst that seems Totally fair to me try and call him away From the dog trying to go that way Chop Here Okay good man Okay now right back into the toy but the

Point is i got his attention voluntarily Off of yet another dog dog at a distance This one’s pretty close that’s going to Be tough for him see how he perked up But You could go into a sit Like that good man relax good boy I’m just curious about that dog aren’t You that’s an interesting looking dog Good man You’re doing great It’s wonderful chop i think we’ve made Some progress towards his reactivity to Dogs so far today not perfect but he Seems to be getting a little bit better Each day with the occasional setback i Just wanted to tell you that as i was Watching you and filming you i wasn’t Sure if you could see it but From my perspective his reactions were So much less than yesterday he would Like bark but he was almost like while Barking kind of holding back like oh i Just really really really want to bark And then sometimes when he barked he Didn’t even pull or lunge while he was Like screaming and that’s a big Difference that’s why i’m not terribly Concerned about his reactivity because He’s just curious and excited and so That’s some of the It’s a little bit easier to deal with i Was really encouraged by his progress i Mean that’s what i wanted to see from

Him i wanted to see that he could really Focus on a human albeit for a short Period of time because i know that once You get those little when you get your Foot in the door there you can really Start to grow that communication into Much more sophisticated stuff and Have a trained dog in no time like At first the communication is slow to Build but then It asymptotically increases and you’re Just like talking with your dog it’s Incredible [Music] And we have some excitement going on in The yard as soon as we get home Okay so here we go there’s a moose next Door i heard him bark it out here he Knows that’s not a dog it’s okay good Man relax look at the pilot erection First time i’ve seen that this may be His first time seeing a moose Okay relax It’s okay good man Relax he’s like do you see what i see Do not get us charged by a moose but see I mean this is a good example here this Is something he needs desensitizing Around if i were in the wild and he was Off leash and i tried to get him you Know he could be a little too fixated so We don’t want that Chop hey come let’s go good man let’s go I know you guys are the same size

That’s good though pretty normal Behavior I mean you know a little alert from the Two dogs here but seeing them Be a little normal with such an abnormal Animal In the presence It’s kind of cool Good girl Good recovery Just another day Periodically taking notice looks like The moose has finally noticed us Come on let’s go All right we’re playing Basically i’m trying to get them to Avoid fixating on the loose but noticing It because i don’t want to encourage any Reactivity here so it’s kind of a Combination of the two check out your World but let’s not obsess Pieces over here What are they doing Right now george is currently getting Posted we’re filming chop and we’re Casting For the next series which i think is Going to be a puppy because we haven’t Done a puppy in a while and a lot of People are getting puppies yeah and also Because We’re going to a place where i heard There are 20 Rescue homeless puppies needing homes

That’s crazy and so we are going to go See if we can find one of them to Hopefully feature for you guys and help Find a home and also if we’re going to a Place with 20 puppies i have to show you This is actually a pretty significant Test for chop we’re going to be leaving Him alone for several hours because we Have to go into the interior of alaska Right now to see these puppies he’s Passed out so far so good We gave him a lot of time outside the Crate we did a little bit of training And exercise so yeah he should be good I’m so proud of his house manners he’s Coming so far very easy dog to live with These days yeah he is i feel like i’m Watching him transform before my eyes From a street dog to like a perfect Sweet little house prince rescue dogs Just might genuinely Be Appreciative in a way that maybe other Dogs aren’t i don’t know it always feels That way It does feel that way these puppies are From a number of different litters in Remote villages in alaska just like the One chop came from so we’re considering Choosing one of these puppies to star in Our next series and since bree couldn’t Wait to show you guys this adorable Footage you might as well give us some Feedback let us know which one caught

Your eyes in the comments below brie and I have got to get some work done so That’s the plan for the rest of the day But it’s not been long enough to get our Work done yet and bree is already Calling me into the living room i Brought you here to confess What’s that chop had a potty accident in The house On my watch No no He came up to me while we were hanging Out and he barked at me once very Purposefully so the producer in me came Out instead of i guess the dog mom in me And i was like let me film this and see If he does a second demand bark so i can Show these guys what he’s been doing And then he just walked over and pete Because he was trying to tell me that he Had to pee so he’s had a handful of Potty accidents in the house but overall He’s definitely trending to being much More reliable i would be surprised if he Had another potty accident while he’s With us because he’s been spending hours And hours outside of that crate in the Living room with us on another note Though his lesson At the park today was incredible i mean It wasn’t perfect at all but it ended so Well we had so many really good moments During that lesson where i felt like That was the tipping point now we’re

Finally finally starting to really get Through when it counts when he’s Distracted by other dogs and things like That so i’m just Very optimistic about that optimism is Great and all but if all of our work Leading up to this point is going to Matter at all i have to make sure to Capitalize on this training momentum Over chop’s last few days with me in That moment every bit of training i had Done with him was meaningless this is Reality dog training get 50 off your First putt box when you use discount Code zack and sign up for a three six or 12 month plan at check out my totally free Digital dog training course and all of The awesome training treats chews and Rewards from puppet i’ll have special Links for everything in the description If you’re enjoying these episodes Subscribe and click the bell so you Never miss an episode follow us on Instagram and tick tock for daily Updates and get a copy of both of my Books too we’ll see you next time

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