Trying to Train My Dog to be Good Around Other Dogs and My Cat!

Trying to Train My Dog to be Good Around Other Dogs and My Cat!

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Uh-huh there’s a proper squat intercept Let’s go okay so far it’s a bit of a Disaster I’m Zack George I trained dogs And this is my new dog inertia I’m Taking you along as I train her from day One You can start from the beginning or pick Up anywhere and start learning welcome So the dog training experience in this Episode I’ll show you what I do when Inertia has a barking fit we’ll see how Inertia is doing with other animals Including our cat Angela and work on More off leash training inside our house A lot of you have asked about an update On potty training with inertia and I’ve Got to say things aren’t going pretty Well we’ve been using our pads in Combination with showing her how to Properly go outside I’m gonna toss these Over here just to immediately get our Interested this encourages her to be Less bitey see when dogs are in that Food mode they tend to be less likely to Play and rip things up this is a great Way to build that association of getting Something fun while going potty on the Pads the pets are also coming in handy With our older dog Indy who’s nearing The advanced age of 14 years as our dogs Enter their golden years they can start To experience age related issues like Having to go potty a little bit more Often than they used to we’re gonna go

Pee on these pads that’s why we’re Teaching Indy how to go on these whiz Smart pads sometimes it can be a little Tricky teaching an older dog how to use Pads but let me show you what I’m doing To teach her I’ve got a really giant Training pad right here where I have Taped several pads together this is to Give her a really big target initially But you don’t have to do this for very Long but this is just to make it as easy As possible for your dog to go where you Want them to go also I’ve been keeping Indy on leash to to keep her from Wandering off put the pad where they Normally go outside or if you think you Can skip this step you can try to Encourage them to go on the pad inside The house but in in Dee’s case I prefer To just change one variable at a time in Other words taking her out to the normal Place where she normally goes potty and Adding the pad many of you have taught Your dogs the term go potty over the Years now sometimes you use that to your Advantage so just encourage them to do Their business on the pad you’re going Pee Good job and this type of training works For puppies too of course one of the Best things about the whizz smart pads Too is they have these stay put tabs on Each corner so they’ll really stay where You want them to stay if you have a boy

Dog that lifts his leg having the option To be able to put it on the wall like That is nice that’s something you can’t Do with other pads and compared to other Lower quality pads these are a lot less Messy because they’re so absorbent I’ll Have a link where you can get your with Smart pads in the description below Let’s see how a nurses frisbee training Is progressing hey what’s up yes ready Go go get it okay so sometimes she likes Playing frisbee and chasing it other Times not yet she still hasn’t made her First catch but we’re continuing to work On it it’s normal for your dog to Sometimes show interest in playing with A toy and at other times not be Interested but over time I would expect The rate of interest to increase the More I continue to make him fun and Continue to play with her it’s this you Want to go inside and play with Indy you Know we give it one more shot come on Let’s go yes ah there we go See glad I gave it one more shot good There we go Oh Go get your toy good job good getting Good at picking it up off the grass Anyway good work go okay that’s alright We’ll stop before she gets too bored That’s where we are right now we’re Gonna continue to do more and more Frisbee with her she’s a little winded Right now this is great she’s actually

Settling down in the presence of Indy This is huge So she’s been doing this a little bit For like seconds at a time But she loves playing with Indy so much And and he’s kind of too cool for Inertia but she humors her own place With her anyway Angela the cat over here Has trained inertia quite well to leave Her alone she’s hysteria Lee pleased About with inertia is that she takes Hints really well and the more Opportunities that you give your dog to Be around other animals that are likely To give those measured Corrections and That communication to them the more Likely it is that they’ll learn how to Behave Those animals we’re still not letting Her stay out here in the main area by Default when I’m not in a position to Have her on leash and focus on her she’s Still in her living area over there Where she has lots of toys to play with And so far she’s been great with her bed She has not attempted to chew up the bed At all that still may be coming hoping She falls in love with the bed so much That she realizes I don’t want to chew This up but playing with Indy has been a Great way to kind of face in this off Leash time in the house here because she Really stays focused on Indy and she’s Out doing something she enjoys and it

Also fatigues her a little bit she tends To relax right here natural settles are The best so we’re taking advantage of These times having inertia settled while In a more fatigued state this is giving Her experience of being off leash in the House slowly little bits at a time but She’s a long way from being able to just Hang out off leash in the house so That’s about what inertia does she’ll go Up and smell the cat but she’s not too Playful because she knows that angela Has a limit there’s a proper squat you Can see that kind of works on inertia She’s like do you want to play I don’t Think you do okay we’re still making Sure that inertia is getting play time With other dogs often at this young age Inertia is really enjoying her time with Ruthie of the pug right now she just Loves this dog it’s funny how dogs Develop a preference to some dogs over Other dogs she’s been getting a little Rougher with Indy so I’m watching to see If she plays rougher and bites more Indy Likes to bite a lot too and this is her First time meeting lucky lucky is six Months old oh boy and nurses met her Match burner she’s gonna play with lucky Now and you can see they play a little Bit differently than Ruthie and inertia He’s get a little nippy though it’s like Defensive play But both dogs seem to be having a good

Time I still want to intervene Periodically when I think inertia is Getting too rough take a break the dogs Have been playing for about 20 minutes Now and I’d like to do some training to See if I can encourage inertia to be Calm when something exciting is Happening at very close range to her Inertia was getting a little amped up so I put her in her crate right here but Ruthie and lucky still want to play and They’re having a good time but you see She wants to join in the action but I Don’t want to let her do that so I’m Trying to encourage her to just kind of Calm down and reward moments of calm Right there she looked at me so I’m Gonna toss in a tree oh very Good thank you are you settling hey how Are you that is very good and a nurse is Being really good right now so I Appreciate that she’s not trying to bark And play with the other dogs she’s Paying attention to me what you are so Pushy lucky can you settle up yeah I’m Thinking if she’ll settle in the crate I Wonder if she’ll settle just outside the Crates okay okay she’s not quite there Yet Inertia what’s this come here let’s go Okay so far it’s a bit of a disaster First I’m going to manage inertia I’m Going to remove her from the other dogs Making things a little bit easier for

Her then I’ll try to actually train her How to behave more calmly and do a set Of really reinforcing calm behavior Around exciting situations or Potentially exciting situations is a Great way to spend your efforts training Your dog I’m gonna ignore Ruthie for a Second just cuz I’m focused on the nurse See regardless of what’s going on in the Outside world ultimately you want your Dog listening to you and this is how you Start by training it by just giving them Your undivided attention okay good job So we’ll release her there she’s been Very good and you were really good too Now she’s really naturally settling down Here so I definitely want to make sure I Go over here and reinforce that let her Know that I appreciate when she’s calmed Down around two very entertaining Exciting dogs like this one of which is Her best friend Ruthie we’re just about To do a frisbee lesson with inertia and You might notice she’s really really Excited right now She’s starting to become conditioned to Understand when I get the lead when I Put my mic on to get ready for a lesson She’s like oh I’m so excited I can’t Wait and you can see that’s pretty Obnoxious behavior quite honestly this Barking is probably due to a lot of Pent-up energy she’s real excited it’s Early in the day for us but I’m not

Gonna let her out of the crate until she Calms down a bit because I wanted her to Understand she doesn’t get out of the Crate when she has these robust Outbursts of barking waiting for her to Lie down in To her settle because I’ve been working On settle training with her a lot and I Think that she might do it automatically In this case I’d rather her do it Organically than me ask her to settle Because I want her to reason through What I want oh look at that Yes good girl inertia that’s very good Yes thank you and so upon her hitting That nice relaxed position I’ll let her Know when you’re calm I appreciate that Her weight when I opened the crate is Looking pretty good right now now we can Go play some frisbee I can tell if I Roll the frisbee or try to get her into It she’s probably not gonna be very Excited about it I think she’s not gonna Chase it immediately I think she’s too Interested and adjusting to outside Still but I’m gonna try anyway just to See to make it extra easy I’ll roll it That way since she’s facing that way hey What’s this Oh interesting My hypothesis was wrong I love it when That happens I’m really really trying to get her yes Good right there she gave it a Interested look and at that moment I

Threw it that spark was really obvious When she was interested in it that’s When we want to blow on the plane so to Speak to one yes ready and go Warms my heart yes come on still working On the retrieve she still has a Hesitancy to try to back away but when I Pretend like I’m going in the house she Runs it right up to me so that’s my Loophole that I’ve been using This job She’s getting more comfortable picking It up that’s good yes good now I don’t Wanna get her too winded just yet Because she still has never caught a Frisbee not one time ever I promise I’ve Been saving it for the camera and I’d Like to see how close we can get towards That today I’d say the odds of her Catching the frisbee just with a hover Or maybe 50% right now she’s used to me Rolling it so she’s anticipating but I Want to show her that it can fly yes What is this yes good girl did you see How she opened her mouth like she was Thinking about biting it I want to let Her know that made the fridge can get Real exciting ready good I’m saying yes Cuz I like that she’s enthusiastic about It and hey what’s this get it let’s take A step back and work on that take a Little bit more did it yes get it she’s Like your arm no not quite close though Here I want to give her a win right now

I don’t want to take the chance on Frustrating her yes good good get it I’m Gonna give her a little roller cuz I Think that’s what she wants right now Yeah good he’s not used to bringing it Back from this direction I’m just gonna Pick this up and try and get our session Back on track over here I’m not gonna Insist on a good retrieve right now That’s an example picking the thing that You want to focus on in any given moment You can’t train everything at the same Time yes good get it good girl yeah get It since she kind of went for it there I’ll give her a little short toss a mini Toss cuz I still want to keep her closed See right now as far as she knows the Game is all about rolling it that way And she gets it so she’s like what are You doing this is a different game but By now hopefully you’re starting to Realize there’s lots of different games Out there yeah good get it Oh try to Avoid hitting your dog with a frisbee Like that fortunately her reaction was Okay that roller seems to give me a Spark and those sparks of what we’re After getting are interested in the Frisbee is really key when we say a dog Is in and out this is what we mean and This is really normal when you’re Introducing frisbee like this I just Have doors and gates everywhere I go I Can get her to come to me no matter what

She really gets excited when going into A new environment which has been really Good from a training standpoint because I can use her environment as a reward in Various ways Oh a failure of the real Life leave it leave it alone see this Leave it so I just have to remind her There yes leave it even applies to the Falling leaves why can’t I get you this Excited about the frisbee hey what about This what Oh always be on the lookout For creative ways to get your dog Interested in something or even you okay Little contrary to the real life leave It but interesting Yes let me see if I can sneak out those Leaves and see if she’ll go for the Frisbee by itself or bait-and-switch There Yeah good come on get to the gate cuz I Wanted to encourage a very enthusiastic Return good okay so we’re getting her Back interested all this to get to the Point where we can just do a hover Lesson where I’m hovering it in front of Her to see if we can get a catch out of Her or an attempt at least she can still Leave it alone even though I’m making it A toy right now to try and trigger her Interest in the frisbee which sometimes Works she’ll still understand the Difference I’m not untrained her to Leave these alone so for example let me Show you hey what’s this see this ready

Leave it alone leave it good yes good Okay get it you get them now get those Leaves in that frisbee come on yes I Think the leaves fell out halfway Through but you can see how combining Things like that can sometimes be a Light pack when it comes to dog training Being flexible and being creative is Really an important quality to have when You’re training your dog find out what They like and see if there’s a way that You can incorporate it within reason yes Good girl yeah get it what is this what Is that still much more work to do on Getting there to catch a frisbee in the Air we’re not quite there yet understand It doesn’t always happen that quickly And now that she has had a bit of Exercise out here I’m just gonna take Advantage of this time to let her Acclimate and be comfortable and exist In this environment Remember overall environment Desensitizing is a crucial part of your Strategy when you’re raising a puppy Like this now we don’t have the barky Dog that we had a moment ago which is Great I’m gonna let a nurse to play with Indy behind and I’m gonna use the Environment and access to Indy kind of As the reinforcement for listening to it A sit and a wait here okay hey let’s go Over here on the carpet guys inertia Might be easier to handle for Indy if

She’s gotten that layer of energy out First by playing frisbee we let him do Play sessions like this many times in The day I don’t know five or six maybe So basically the training regimen is Trying to get a couple of Minna training sessions with inertia Maybe a couple of short fetch sessions 10 minutes each and then several of These play sessions and sleep in between Meals in between for the time being all This play is pretty much supervised so I Might go into the kitchen and grab a Water or something like that inertia has Really responded well to Indies Corrections okay it’s in the second he’s Saying not so rough young lady this is How we’re very gradually phasing in Off-leash time in the house her bedroom Is still where she is when I can’t Directly supervise her because she is Yet to be trustworthy when unsupervised Never trust the puppy I think it’s safe To say that these two not only put up With each other but really love each Other right now they really love playing Together for the most part as I said Indy will let an Ursa know and she’s not In the mood and inertia respects that But they’ve been playing pretty rough And both have been extremely tolerant of One another while Indy doesn’t play much Chase inertia still loves to run around And Indies kind of figured out a way to

Handle her one chase ensues hopefully as All of this energy is released into the Atmosphere she will hit a nice natural Settle in a little bit which again is Precisely what we want and the more she Can do that without me telling her to The more she is on her way to being off Leash in the main house here yes Settle is it a real settle or a fake Settle Yes settle good job I’m just going to Ignore her right now and let her Appreciate being a good dog in the main Part of the house You’re a good girl inner self check the Description for the offer in the link From Wiz smart remember we post more Videos on Instagram and tick-tock Subscribe to my channel and click the Notification bell so that you’ll be Notified when I upload a new video my Latest book is the most detailed dog Training book I’ve ever written in the Next episode I’ll show you how to get Your dog listening to more reliably and Inertia as I do developing a resource Guarding it see you guys next time [Music]

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