Watch Me Work On My Dog’s REACTIVE Behavior. This Just Got Real!

Watch Me Work On My Dog’s REACTIVE Behavior. This Just Got Real!

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Oh my god total distraction central Right here I’m Zack George I trained Dogs and this is my new dog inertia I’m Taking you along as I train her from day One you can start from the beginning or Pick up anywhere and start learning Welcome to the dog training experience In today’s episode we’re going to Encounter some of the most major Challenges we’ve ever encountered in our Training it takes less than a minute to Eliminate one of the most significant Minor inconveniences in your life none Of us ever need to be caught off guard And be forced to make an emergency run To the store ever again to get our pets Food technology and peploe have solved This issue go to pet flow choose your Dog’s food tell them how often you want It delivered every two or three weeks is Generally pretty good and peploe will Just make sure that it’s at your front Door whenever you need it And you don’t even have to tell them to Send it give it a shot and see if it’s For you you’ll get $10 off your first Three automatic shipments just to try it Out when you enter code Zac 30 L have a Link in that discount code in the Description of this video ok we’re on Vacation in Corpus Christi Texas and I Want to take inertia on a walk around These incredible new distractions and Show her more of this wonderful world

That we live in right off the bat Inertia saw her first deer or more like 20 deer something tells me this is going To be a very challenging walk for sure It is morning right now and I’m anxious To go take a walk with inertia and do Some training with her to see how she Does in this new place but she’s pretty Energetic right now and it looks like She’s a little more into the toy than She was last time maybe I can get some Of that overflowing energy out and we’ll See if that’ll help us on a walk My main objective right now again is Just to give some of that energy out Because one of the reasons dogs behave Pretty erratically on a walk is because They have overflowing energy so it Becomes really frustrating to walk them If you haven’t appropriately exercised Them yeah almost don’t know she’s really Excited by the toy go get it There we go let’s see what happens if we Throw the ball yeah she wants this okay There we go So we’re in a normal regular Neighborhood on the coast here in Corpus Christi and we’re going to see how she Does in this new environment how she Does on a walk she’s bound to encounter New sights smells sounds we we hear Different birds in the background Immediately we saw a deer a moment ago These are things that she’s never

Experienced before I expect her to be Quite distracted on this walk so it’s Gonna be a fine balance between letting Or see new things and also getting her To check in with me and listen to me Periodically I’m not expecting Perfection here obviously let me at Least let her know I’ve got something Good though hey what’s this sit so I can Get a sip from her see that I like to do That to see they’re in a trainable Mindset okay let’s go this way Yeah nice job easy come on let’s go yes Good remember we have two currencies Were working with here I’m giving her Food from time to time and she’s also Enjoying the environment which is very Reinforcing and stimulating to her okay Good nice loose leash I love it look we Have deer right over here in the Distance there’s a whole bunch of them Hopefully they’re friendly I don’t know If inertia notices them so she’s looking Over there wow there’s so many here easy Right there she’s pulling ahead a little Too much inertia come back here let’s go Good yeah that’s right good job oh wait Wait easy inertia sit it’s a good time To remind you that dogs pull on leash Because they just walk faster than we do Wait Okay good and so teaching them how to Walk slowly does take some effort Okay so we’re having an issue right here

I inertia come on let’s go see she’s Really focused on this ground set in This new place inertia come on right There I can’t get her attention lots of Tension on the leash when I try to move Forward so let me see if I can work Through this okay let’s go good job come On we’re coming up to a road that has a Bit more traffic on in here we’re gonna Stop pull over to the side you can hear A lot of traffic so it’s important that She’s not acting crazy in this situation Right here good job yes sweet so here I’m just gonna hang out for a second Because it’s really important to me that She learned how to hold her sit at an Intersection like this sit wait Okay let’s go all right we’re gonna rush Across here while we can Good job good job Nice work well see right there she tried To pull back towards the street that’s No good hey leave it alone I mean training your dog to ignore Ground sense is good luck It takes a lot a lot of effort and it’s A fine line between checking out the Ground sense and completely ignoring Them like it’s okay in my mind on a Casual walk for your dog to check out Ground sense but we don’t want them Fixating on them and just holding up the Walk because of it okay come on look There’s deer over there yes there’s so

Many deer in this area you know they go Running away good girl an Ursa yes this Is actually really good right here this Is kind of what I had in mind for more Acceptable behavior on a walk I mean She’s a little erratic but she’s Literally never been here ever so that’s Why I’m being pretty lenient that Combined with the fact that she’s so Young right now come on easy and let’s Go ahead and throw a pop quiz out or I’m Gonna ask her to sit randomly inertia is Overstimulated right now as is common With young dogs like this so I’m going To make her aware that I’m willing to Give her something good in exchange for Her listening to my basic request of Sick in this case good girl yes good Look at her Something she’s like wait this looks Different ahead and I don’t know exactly What she’s taking stock of but it could Be the Gulf of Mexico over here what do You think inertia I’m gonna go check it Out Let’s go come on let go But yeah you can just see her body Language is different she’s stiffened up A little bit maybe it’s these poles over Here sticking out of the ground let me See let me let her explore here and okay Come on let’s go let’s go check this out Over here one this way come on easy so Little too much tension right here and

Something I’m doing right now is I’m Kind of falling into this trap of Continuing to walk ahead even though I’m Pausing intermittently but I probably Should keep her on her toes a little bit Better by being a little more erratic in My direction so I’m gonna actually go Back here and kind of work my way back Yeah good job very good she’s really Noticing this flock of birds over here Okay yeah it’s easy nice work Look at the tension here on the leash See that tension I don’t like that wait Good I do like that and that’s good so This is great I like that she’s not Being too reactive towards the pigeons Are these just simple pigeons oh how Funny there are so many exotic birds in This part of the world and those are Just pigeons okay let’s go good girl yes Very nice you hear that Look at that yes good girl I mean so I Mean boy couldn’t get a better Distraction than that could you you get The sound of the wings slapping and they Fly in our face and look they land right Back down oh that’s so interesting Oh these are like proper rural pigeons They’re not City pigeons they’re Organized and look how she just wants to Sit and observe this this is exactly the Kind of thing that if you can do with Your dog a lot it really really helps Them understand the world they live in

Looks like they have some construction Going on down here and that’s something I’ve really been wanting to prioritize With her is getting her comfortable Around louder or unusual sounds like Construction so you can see right now Inertia is noticing the activity going On over here cuz you know she’s a smart Dog but she’s not too concerned about it She’s more concerned about what’s going On right around her I guess I mean That’s good just giving her simple Exposure to this stuff and seeing how She reacts is is really an important Part of raising a dog I mean a lot of Dogs would be like oh those lab noises Are weird I’m scared I’m panic or they Would start barking and charging at them Like really wanting to go investigate Them we’re really just looking for hey I Noticed that okay cool you know that That’s kind of the ideal behavior in my Mind anyway come all of this way to Admire this wonderful beauty and we’re Focusing on a construction site let’s Make our way kind of back but let’s see How she does because we’ve been through This path that we’re about to take back And I’m curious to see if she reacts the Same way or if she’s more difficult less Difficult in terms of pulling right here She’s you know decided I don’t want to Continue on I’m gonna lie down right Here and smell this sit good yes

So really borderline listening right now She’s taking the treat a little bit okay Yes okay But now she’s she’s pretty in and out Contrary to popular belief teaching a Dog to walk slowly next to a person on Leash takes an extended period of time For many dogs in other words it’s a more Intermediate to advanced skill the early Stages of teaching a dog to walk nicely On leash can really look like a mess It’s important not Get too distracted by looking for total Perfection and instead focus on every Small instance when your dog does Something better than they did before Nice job so I’m just spontaneously Moving around to kind of keep her Focused on me looking at the birds see The birds up here these blackbirds okay More dogs in the neighborhood that’s Good I like that generally when dogs are Barking in the distance she’ll notice Him she doesn’t usually go too crazy About them which is probably because We’ve done a lot of exposure around Neighborhood dogs Wow see that yeah it’s Like as a trainer I didn’t expect the Dogs to be right there so we’re just Gonna not see now we’re getting a Reaction out of her but let me I’m gonna Create distance right now there’s deer Down here oh my gosh We’ve got just total distraction central

Right here oh so right here I’m just Going to manage my dog what you do when You’re surprised like that and you can’t Really just train them in that immediate Situation focus on management having Them on leash getting them away from That distraction maybe pull off to the Side over here now it’s gotten a bit Quiet now let me see if I can get her to Sit cuz see she’s pulling she’s aroused So she’s really hard to communicate with There we go but right now she sees Another pedestrian she’s trying to get Information on come on girl let’s go Let’s get away from here okay so here I Find myself having to gently escort Inertia away from a pedestrian who’s Taking their morning walk now it’s not Ideal to have to do this but if we stood Where we were her behavior would likely Intensify So creating distance between her and the Gentleman walking is my first priority Of course it’s more ideal to intercept Your dog before they react in this way But the world is not a perfect place Willing to take treats again so I just Went eight feet away and now she’s a Little bit easier to communicate with Okay so the pedestrian that inertia was Apprehensive of decided to come up and He really wanted to show inertia that He’s a friend and not scary at first Inertia was apprehensive of this man and

Then she decided to voluntarily approach And had a great experience there you go What a good experience were giving There we go thank you for doing that I Mean you can see a walk like that for a Six month old border collie at least for Me training this particular dog is still Quite bumpy there’s some success there’s Some outbursts but the idea is that we Continue to trend towards better and Better behavior over time but the only Way to get there is to give her the life Experience necessary to know how to Process all of these things going on Around her and reinforce the behavior we Like when she does behave ideally but You know I have to go charge my car now We’ve found a place to top off our Tesla Here before we leave for tomorrow and It’s pretty nice area I think I’m going To do a different kind of block with Inertia now we’re gonna do a leisure Walk instead of a training walk really Just to kind of give her some room to Explore the difference is I’m gonna be Using a retractable leash so she has a Little bit more range to explore things I’m not gonna require her to be as Disciplined with listening to me Or anything like that because it is Important for dogs to get out there and See things this is gonna be a more wide Open area where we’re going so I’m not Restricted to a neighborhood where there

Are cars everywhere so it makes more Sense for her to kind of roam around and Sniff around we’ll see how it goes but I Do want to test her weight at the crate Right here wait Good ok wait swap out those leashes ok And so this is extremely low traffic Here so I don’t mind giving inertia a Little bit of room here come on let’s go Good girl Nice work there’s a bird little jumpy Here Yeah she’s immediately getting more Excited now as we go up this boardwalk This is gonna be a nurse’s first time on Sand wonder what she’ll make of that That’s sand what do you think that’s Gotta feel different a nice new texture For her to experience Check it out inertia look let’s go look At the water maybe so she’s immediately Noticing the sand and of course the Unique smells that only a ocean beach Can offer you that first time seeing a Wave she’s look she’s a little reluctant Of it as nice healthy skepticism Hey that might be a creative way to Teach back up right she’s noticing the Smells oh she’s a bird oh look at this Look at this she’s going in the water Chasing a bird that’s exciting ha ha I Didn’t think she would touch that water So that was kind of a surprise I thought She would be a little nervous of it and

While chasing a bird probably isn’t the Ideal behavior long term I still want to Nurture a nurse’s curiosity and bravery When she explores the world like this The beach is full of lots of interesting Stuff that inertia should probably leave A look leave that alone don’t eat the Jellyfish Leave it hey leave it good girl Okay let’s go come on nice work so nice Real life leave it opportunity with the Jellyfish Come on alright doesn’t want to leave The branch alone so this is a situation Where it’s like okay check it out but Let’s move on you know all right come on Let’s go bye yes good girl so I was able To encourage her to keep coming and that Was good and see much better that time So you can see like a little while ago She got real nervous from the gentleman We encountered on the walk but this guy She’s like well I’m surprised but okay See you later Everyone’s different I mean you just Never know what it is that your dog is Going to react to or how they’re gonna Perceive certain things so you just want To be there and support them while they Experience new things get $10 off your First three automatic pet food shipments From pet flow by entering codes AK 30 at Checkout I’ll have that link in discount Code in the description follow us on tic

Toc and Instagram to keep up with Inertia in real time and see how our Training is going today subscribe to This channel and get a copy of both of My books to really help you train your Dog in the next episode inertia will Face her biggest challenge at the French Border in New Orleans [Music] [Music]

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