Watch My Training NOT WORK! [Reality Dog Training Ep. 12]

Watch My Training NOT WORK! [Reality Dog Training Ep. 12]

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Previously on reality dog training just Walking past it and he just Immediately recognized there was a ball There look at that are you kidding me Holy cow i never thought i’d find myself In a subu wrestling match In public with a pitbull type dog over a Baseball look at that complete Focus on the ball come I see that you know how many people are Going to troll me over this A lot of people they’re going to say Zach george can’t train the dog to let Go of a ball Well you know in this case i guess they Would be right i’m zach george And this is george no relations George has spent the last four months Living in an animal shelter with minimal Contact with other dogs or people And it’s my job to transform him from a Wild and crazy dog To an incredible pet seems Straightforward right Holy cow not getting that ball George is a dog like i’ve never known Before i don’t know if i can let this Dog go Let go this might be the single Greatest transformation i have ever seen In a dog that i’ve worked with The hardest thing about possibly a dog You fall in love with them This is reality dog training

Subscribe and click the bell so you Never miss an episode I’ve got some big goals with george Today so it should be a lot of fun Now at some point george and i are going To have to address this whole Issue of our nemesis the baseball so Today i’m out here Doing my morning walk with george and I’m hoping to have Kind of a combination of letting him Enjoy his walk with doing some basic Training today So i think it’s really important to kind Of mix those two worlds together Free time and training after all that’s What training is really about isn’t it Teaching our dogs to listen to us in the Real world during real life During this walk i’m hoping to do some Proofing on stay and come Meaning i want to test them and see how Reliable they are You know out here in this environment on This particular day We can get a different dog from day to Day especially in the beginning a lot of That depends on their mood and how They’re feeling and our mood and how we Are feeling And whether there are just so many Factors let me try something let me just Audit Come when called do you see that tension

I want to make sure i can get his Attention on me George rather than repeat george come Here Come come if you’ve been working with Your dog try to give them the benefit of The doubt and allow them to think Through it sometimes it takes a second Or two or three for dogs to process our Requests Especially in the beginning Come yes good boy I’m actually using his solid gold today As his currency For some people it might be tempting to Pull their dog in which You know isn’t the end of the world if You have to do it but really try to give Your dog the benefit of the doubt and Really help them Internalize the behavior of coming to You when you call them throughout the Series you’ve been seeing me reward George with his breakfast virtually Every morning When you feed your dog a great high Quality food like solid gold Using their meals for training is an Awesome way to take advantage of how Much your dog loves their food Solid gold is a really special dog food Brand they put So much research and attention to detail In their recipes

And they’ve created super healthy foods That are great for feeding And training your dog if you’re looking For an amazing food for your dog that Has Everything they need check out solid Gold get 30 Off of select solid gold products by Going to my special link in the Description Zach let’s check on come when called Again George come so what do we do here he’s Fixated on the grass i called him he Didn’t come This is where i like to use the word n-o And remember every time we say no we Need to follow it up with a consequence But that consequence in this case Needs to be very minimal no It’s going to give him a gentle i mean Look at that that’s all it took just a Gentle encouragement With him to reel him in and i liken this Again to a young child you’re at a Shopping mall Yes okay good boy and you ask the child To come to you they don’t come to you You get them by the hand And you bring them back no need to use a Really harsh correction no need to spank The child No need in the case of a dog to yank Them with a harsh correction

We want to use the least aversive method That’s likely to work in this case the Least aversive method was simply a Gentle Tug there of course we followed up with A reward when he started voluntarily Coming to me and you could even see he Comes back on the word No which he probably has learned from Experience he’s just learned okay i’m Gonna be very consistent here and if you Come back voluntarily there’s really Something in it for you all right let’s Go come on I think this is a 15-foot lead i’m using Today Just so he has a little bit of freedom You’re getting some tension he’s on a Scent there George come Yes i get real excited when dogs come to Me right there so real prompt response Loving that okay Okay so comes doing great but i also Want to prove Stay as well staying calm are so Important you cannot practice those Enough or too much here sit Stay Just going to get them nice and warmed Up here yes Stay so stay with distance stay for a Period of time Looking good but i have a serious

Distraction planned for him Pardon the construction noise in the Background but that’s real life stay No here’s a real life distraction right Here with these bikes Good boy look at me stay yes But you guys know george likes his B-a-l-l So i’m gonna do a surprise stay And it catches them completely off guard Look at me stay Ah good boy look at me Harder to get his eyes here because he Loved remember that’s his favorite thing In life right there Oops you can see right there i missed That first glance hopefully he’ll give Me another one Waiting for a look at me george’s Impulse control has to get better Because Even though he’s tempted by something as Seemingly harmless as a ball I need to be able to get his attention Off anything so setting up sessions like We’re doing today is what i need to do To accomplish that goal yes good man Stay leave it I’m gonna put it back Okay let’s continue on our walk so i’m Pretty amazed by that remember we’ve Worked so Hard the other day when we went out to The park and we were practicing stay

With that ball we had to practice so Many times but He really started to understand the Concept so i’m real pleased to see That that training has carried over you Saw how he was looking at that ball i Mean that is something he’s very intense About Also notice how i’m not giving it to him As a reward in this particular training Session I wanted to use it primarily as a Distraction so i’m real happy with that I’m real happy with stay i think cumwen Called could look a little bit better But we’re gonna continue to work on that He really enjoys starting off his day This way and i really enjoy starting off With his training so doing training Sessions like this is how we actually Teach our dogs to listen In real world contexts rather than just Setting up training sessions in our Living room for example we have to get Out here And train in a place like this where They’re going to be many times in their Life And you can see i mean that ball is more Distracting to him than anything Organically out here that we’ve Encountered to date And don’t underestimate how much you Need to use those artificial

Distractions when training your dog in The beginning like we are with the ball Today Come yes See i mean you can just see him Reasoning that was really significant Because i was able to throw the Distraction that way and get him to Abandon the distraction And actually go the other way that is Incredibly useful When you’re training dogs how many times Have you been in a situation where your Dog sees something and you’d rather not Have them fixate on that so you’d rather Get their attention off of that This is how we train it this is one way To go about training it i should say In the interest of making this exercise A little bit harder for george Just to really get him to reach even Deeper on his impulse control I’d like to be able to stand farther Away from it See in other words when i do stay And the ball is there i’m right here he Knows i can get in between him and the Ball Like he’s not stupid he gets that yes Stay but Stay So when i’m behind him and i throw it It’s so much harder to resist because he Knows i can’t get him

Stay Leave it alone stay Look at me come yeah no Yes stay On leave it alone buddy i mean Look at his eyes you can really tell This is a dog who wants that ball And that’s why i like using the ball in Certain aspects of my training or A toy that a dog really loves sit Catch it let go no Let go his let go is still a work in Progress sometimes he’s efficient with Leko and then other times he just Isn’t my strategy is to continue focus On making his life incredible Regularly and consistently when he does Let go of that ball easily Here i’m experimenting and offering him Some real chicken which i sometimes keep With me during training i typically say Food distractions though as a last Resort when i’m teaching dogs to let go Of toys because using Food tends to either quell their play Drive or simply just Act as a distraction clearly george is Not so easily quelled and maybe getting Some additional reps in like this might Help us moving forward with his let go But there is no doubt he is such an Extreme case When it comes to let go i mean do you Guys love anything as much as george

Loves the ball All done looks like we have a dog Approaching over here Generally george has been good with dogs Though he doesn’t typically react or Bark at them This is interesting he’s barking at the Other dog wasn’t expecting that George hey sit It’s a little difficult to get attention Right now but i am gonna break out the Ultimate currency for him and see if This helps Wow i mean look how he zones in On that ball over that dog when he was Just a mill a second ago distracted by That dog and barking at him That’s a powerful currency so this is Something i definitely want to use to my Advantage from time to time Okay good man good job so he’s checking Out these two dogs Can i get his attention george Here yes good work Now i want to continue to maintain that Because just as we saw a little while Ago It’s not unheard of or reactivity issues To start emerging So i want to really be on top of that so It doesn’t become a continued pattern of Him Barking at every dog he sees so you’ll Recall the

Infamous baseball incident we Encountered a few days ago with george Where He saw a baseball on the side of the Path and he was inconsolable he was Impossible to communicate with We caused a huge scene it was thoroughly Embarrassing but nonetheless we can’t Blame him he just saw something he liked How is he supposed to know how to behave So i’m hoping to better prepare him for That situation Moving forward should he ever encounter A baseball again and you might also Remember we went out the next day we did Some impulse control training with the Red ball And he did really well with that it took A lot of practice but he was getting the Point What i have yet to do is to work with The actual baseball that we encountered That day Which i did steal and i should probably Replace that’s beside the point the goal Of this training session Is basically to see if we’ve made any Progress on that Can i get him to walk past a baseball if I set it on the ground i don’t know I am planning on using this ball as my Currency though because it Is such a powerful currency and i should Say i’ve taken george to a variety of

Different environments the french Quarter in new orleans Lots of people i’ve taken them around Dogs the mississippi river And so many other places and yet the Baseball Seems to be his ultimate distraction and It doesn’t even have to be moving it Just needs to be sitting there So i’m going to try to do some impulse Control training with the baseball and Hopefully we’ll be able to replicate the Situation we encountered The other day this ball is forbidden i Don’t want him getting this ball at all It’s not a dog toy Not designed for him he’ll destroy this Ball in a heartbeat this is literally The first time he’s seen the baseball Since That day stay Leave it it’s very good George what’s this yes Okay good and well yeah Okay i was hoping he would prefer the Other ball let me see if He’s torn right now because he really Wants that ball george come Come on good boy fine and i like that oh Boy see he’s like I like both of those balls but i really Want to check that one out because it’s New Right dogs like the new thing a lot sit

Yes good man let go good Hey okay and see right now he’s pulling Lunging towards the ball stay No sir leave it alone Stay no look at that intensity i mean Look how he’s leaning forward I don’t like this one bit Stay no Look at me yes okay Good and he can have that ball but he’s Gonna He’s considering going right back i Think we figured out how to teach him to Let go of this ball George come yes Good really trying to build value with This red ball here So i’m getting a little bit of traction Here he’ll play with this he still loves This ball but he’s like okay i’m done With that i want to go check out that Baseball though in my mind that may as Well be a semi truck that he’s trying to Chase He’s not allowed to get that leave It no Look at me yes Not getting that ball buddy holy cow Not getting that ball No sir Come on good boy yeah get that ball that Ball’s fine Here come on come on get it good I mean you can see he’s pulling himself

So hard that he’s Coughing here i’m not pulling him back At all george is one Determined dog do any of you have a dog That gets this Obsessed over anything sit Sit stay all right we got some work to Do I was hoping this would go smoother you Got some dogs who react to other dogs George reacts to baseball sitting on the Ground first of all i’m i’m throwing too Much at him here obviously i thought That this currency would have been Powerful enough To keep him off of that baseball but i’m Being proven wrong here so i’m going to Take a step back i’m going to focus on Stay for duration while i’m at close Range with him I’m going to use some food here to see If that gets his attention i’ve changed My reward to baked chicken so hopefully That will inspire him Just trying to desensitize him to a Baseball right in front of him I mean literally that’s what i’m doing I’m desensitizing him to a baseball it’s Sitting right in front of him That’s the weirdest thing i’ve had to Teach at all yes No all right so i’m not you know what I’m not even going to ask him to stay Because my stays right now are not

Reliable while he’s this over excited So i just need to find my working Distance here i’m just going to do some Counter conditioning I’m going to try to encourage calmness In the presence of the ball Good boy yes good boy Yes good boy you might be wondering why I’m giving him treats right now It’s just to try to establish some type Of normalcy With him george come Yes come on let’s keep going let’s keep Going let’s run away from the baseball Yes good man very good So i’m actually using an extra high Value treat right now using some real Chicken Yeah see he doesn’t even care he walked Right past the red ball No sir leave it alone Good boy yes good you want a ball You want a treat here you want this Good Come on george here yes Come here this way good this way Yes come on this way ah That was close you can see this is Turning into a Pretty epic battle right here between The baseball And me getting his attention i would be Very happy In this training session if i could get

Him to walk past the ball while paying Attention to me Even if i’m using heavy currency with Him good boy Good very good yes So we made it past but i had to really Have a high rate of reinforcement with a Very high value reward with him Wait for him to offer his attention to Me We do have a loose leash right now so This is good Yes good boy sit Stay yeah Snow come here knew he’s gonna do that Nope george Come here okay Sit But you can see how he’s been so Obedient in so many ways But now i’m having a hard time george Here yes Stay come Yeah no Sit yes stay Pump yes during brief moments of focus From george i’m trying to capitalize and Extend that focus by Moving if i can get his attention on me And promptly get him Walking away from distractions in the Future baseballs or otherwise then i Think everyone’s gonna be a lot happier But

He still has not got it through that Thick head of his That he is to leave that ball alone Under all circumstances so that was a Pretty tough training session i’ve got To admit we’re not there yet But he is making a little bit of Progress i was encouraged that i was Able to lure him Past it under controlled circumstances Of course with the food but He is far from internalized stay with That baseball So with this particular issue we need to Be satisfied with smaller steps In between our training sessions here But he’s given us something to work on For sure Sit leave it alone Look at me trying to end on a good note Yes stay Good boy all done When zach left to take inertia on a walk George immediately got anxious By the way this is george’s indoor Anxious bark notice the difference in These vocalizations versus the barking Earlier when he saw another dog i’m like Here george Is that not enough Hey sweet boy it’s okay zach will be Right back Hey george can you be quiet please relax Buddy

You need to be quiet good boy you’re Being quiet That’s good can you relax please Yes oh my gosh good boy george that’s Much better Yes good boy Okay bye relax be good hey Hey what’s up Just trying to see what he does now that You’re back mr man How are you he was a little upset But then when i left he got less upset But was still upset And then eventually he settled and i Couldn’t resist coming in and giving him Some treats for that And then he got back up after eating the Treats and i was waiting to see if he Was gonna settle again he did like a Tiny bit of whining And then you guys just came back so Which is okay i was just That’s the state of the experiment right Now Sure you can do whatever you want i Don’t know i knew i wasn’t supposed to Be training him but he was did like such A sweet settle that i couldn’t resist Easy hey we’re not playing chase not in The house It’s a pistachio shell by the way guys i Love pistachios and occasionally I drop one on the ground it’s probably Not ideal for a dog to eat a pistachio

Shell You really loved it nice good job george Good man his real life leave it has been Amazing They’re super reciprocal in their play See how they’re both hitting the balls Trading positions she bites his head he Bites her head He gets on his back she gets on her back At some point We have george on the tile right now i’m Just even contained and of course the Nurse is staying right out of his range And he doesn’t seem to mind they’re Having a good time there is a chance i Could frustrate some dog so you want to Be aware of that but he’s happy to get Any attention again from her This has been really healthy for Inertia as well to get all this Experience with a nice big strong dog She’s very intimidated by strong dogs That come on strong but george has been Just perfect for her That’s the reason that inertia backs off So we have mono harness here We have been phasing in off leash time But right now they’d be running all over This place Plowing into things hey did you know you Could get 30 Off select solid gold products by going To my special link Zac subscribe to my channel follow us on

Instagram and facebook and tick tock and Get both Of my books we’ll see all of you in an Episode is it episode 13 Already

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