WATCH THIS if Your Dog Embarrasses You in Public!

WATCH THIS if Your Dog Embarrasses You in Public!

How I’m training my dog to stop embarrassing me in the city! Training dogs in different places has a whole different set of challenges!
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There are so many distractions and so Many dangers immediately around her I’m Zack George I trained dogs this is my New dog and I’m gonna show you how I Trained her from day one things Definitely won’t always go smoothly you Can start from the beginning or you can Pick up anywhere subscribe and hit the Bell notification so you never miss an Episode when you put into motion an Approach based on love and respect your Results will forever remain in motion This is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience In this episode we’re gonna go into the City and see how a nurse does around Dogs mules cars pigeons and crowds of People a question I’m always getting is What kind of treats do I use here’s the Secret though no one treat is right for Every single training session for Example if I’m working on something kind Of new I want to use something that my Dog perceives as very valuable like These freeze-dried chicken treats these Are perfect for training because they’re Really small and really good and other Times when I’m just sitting around and I Want to call an Ursa to me spontaneously To reinforce things like homeland called I like to have these around these are The freeze-dried sweet potato treats Puppet specializes in making really high Quality products that are extremely

Desirable to dogs Salmon skins for example one ingredient Healthy dogs love it’s really original Idea this is their new beef jerky right Here and you can see it’s kind of Somewhere in between the texture of beef Jerky and a chewed I might use something From the reward line like the salmon Skin or the beef jerky when I’m Encouraging inertia to go into her crate And just check out for a few minutes so It really motivates her to want to be in There and just relax sometimes you want To give your dog something that’s gonna Last for a little bit longer and that’s Where the engaged line comes in from pup Virgin so you have things like their Bully stick shoes and their turbo tendon Shoes of our two dogs Andy really enjoys Chews like this the most I’ll have a Link to pup Bert’s extensive selection Of treats and chews below we’re in the French Quarter in New Orleans you might Remember recently we were in Atlanta Doing some City training and now we’re Gonna be in New Orleans too in some City Training all cities in all places are Not the same remember dogs perceive Things based on their smell their sight And their hearing and those things vary Widely depending where you are a Difference Is a completely different experience for A dog one of the things we’ve been

Struggling with is her excitement by Dogs when they pass at really close Range that’s going to be a very natural Thing for a dog that’s something we’ll Hopefully get a lot of practice with Today being in the city looks like There’s a dog approaching us right now a Close range this will be a good Opportunity to practice and see how she Does but since we just got here this is Likely to be extra challenging since She’s not fully adjusted to the new Place yet stay almost inertia was doing Well but she could only maintain her Focus for so long See I had her there for a second but Then it proved to be just a little bit Too challenging for her I’m restricting Her access to the dog I didn’t allow her To go up to the dog and play and say hi Now I have a loose leash I think I can Get a sit now and that’s good she Recovered pretty well I’m gonna promptly Let her get back to exploring the area Too because in general I would like to Give her a few more minutes to just kind Of check things out I guess what I’m Gonna do is do a little bit of a warm-up Right here before I attempt to go over The crosswalk I’m gonna clip the leash To me so that I have an extra layer of Protection here one of my other goals Today is to start reducing the rate at Which I reward her and these types of

Settings I very often will reward her One after the other just because I Really want to keep her focused on me And sometimes I’m competing with a lot And I want to give her that extra Motivation she’s starting to get a fair Amount of experience and I think we can Start to lower that rate of Reinforcement unless I see that we have To take a step back in today’s lesson Because it doesn’t go as I wanted to do As happens very often training a dog is Not a linear process very often you have To take steps back when things aren’t Going as they did a couple of training Sessions before maybe I think I’m ready To do the crosswalk can you sit Thank you very good took her a second to Sit there but you know brand new place She’s never been here before that’s good I want to get her in the habit of Sitting at crosswalks okay let’s go easy Hey tanner say yes good Easy Wait so at the end she got a little like I’m gonna pull and smell I really want To minimize that all right I think we Can do better than that I want to try The crosswalk one more time that’s it Easy wait Back up at no point that I have any Tension on the leash there so that was Really really good as a quick reminder If you’re committed to training your dog

Rat both of my books to have everything You need to know in one place I’ll have Links below easy look at me up back up Good girl I’m going to let inertia Explore the sidewalk a little bit you Can see she’s really intrigued there are A lot of dogs that walk on these Sidewalks and there’s hundreds of years Worth of smells on these sidewalks just Trying to get her in position I’m not Gonna make her heel yet cuz this is too Distracting for her I want her to Explore the area I just don’t want her To pull and act crazy all over the place We have some pressure washing or Something like that going on right now That’s gonna be a major distraction to Her whoa slow down Inertia come no come here That’s it good let’s walk good girl In the past inertia is sometimes thrown Off by very large and loud vehicles Especially when they’re at close range Here comes a test look at that truck it Just drove by and she still held her Position part of my plan was to reduce The rate at which I reward during this Training session so far I’ve had to have A really high rate of reinforcement in Exchange for her attention on me so now She’s got a little warmed up she’s been On this main stretch here for a little Bit I’d like to do some heel training to See how well I can get her to focus on

Me that’s where I don’t want her focused On the ground sense I want her focused On me no doubt this is gonna be a Challenge for her we’re gonna heal okay Look at me Yes he’ll wait in there so look at me Hey yes this way come on She’s very in and out at the moment dogs Aren’t machines and it can take them a Moment to switch gears and focus on you In times like this I mean you can see Inertia is shifting from being too Distracted by her surroundings to being Able to focus on me now this is normal Come on let’s go wait back up Yes this way wait this way look at me Yes good job really good demonstration Of heel in just a short burst right There I lost her a little bit at the end But then I was able to get her back We’re back to just normal leash walking Again trying to get like have these Short training sessions with her Combined with just a more leisurely walk Letting or check out things here’s one Of those natural city distractions a Pigeon stay it stays one of the next Things that I really want to practice With her there were so many distractions And so many dangers immediately around Her she wants that pigeon I mean you can See if she wasn’t on leash there she Would be chasing a pigeon right now this Is not a good stay we need to improve

This I mean it’s one thing to teach stay In a neighborhood or in your house but To come out here with all this Pedestrian traffic we have a mule coming Up over here there are lots of mules Here in the French Quarter and in the Past inertia has been known to lose her Mind when she sees a mule so I’m going To focus on really reinforcing good Behavior every time we encounter a mule Throughout this training lesson that’s Called stay I’m very happy to see that Let’s get a baseline let’s see if I can Get say a 10 second sit stay without Having to reward her let’s see how she’s Doing on that before I up the ante stay Yes good job so 10 seconds stay looks Good let’s give her more of a challenge I’m going to see if she can do a 30-second stage right off the bat we Have a mule as a distraction for our 30 Seconds stay but she was good the last Time let’s see how she does with the Mule now good we have a Ford Mustang It’s very loud driving by and we are Only halfway there I appreciate the trip oh goodness so she Made it 15 seconds so in order to avoid Repeating that mistake I might reward Her a couple of times throughout the Next attempt sit and you might have Noticed I’ve reduced my training bubble So I’m right here to communicate with Her in case she gets confused 5 4 3 2 1

Okay good so I rewarded her like one Time there maybe five seconds in she’s Doing much better now let’s work on her Down stay for a minute let’s see how That goes looks like she’s volunteering A play dead how can you not reward that I just can’t help it it’s so cute stay Loud music I’m gonna give her a reward because She’s doing really well right now Hey guys oh you’re fine hey we Appreciate it It helps us train People on all sides here she’s doing Wonderful right now when you’re fresh Into a new place or a new street corner Corner and makes it really hard for a Dog but keep trying and you’ll get there You know just give them a second to Adjust and then focus on training them Okay I love the play dead get another Pedestrian coming stay hello I mean People are walking within six inches of Her and she’s holding her stay and not Jumping on them not getting excited by Them like she would have just a few Short weeks ago this is progress she’s Really going to the next level there’s a Poodle over here stay and see okay That’s a pretty good test I mean that Poodles what 20 feet away you can see The sensor what really get her with dogs So now she’s like I smelled that dog and I really want to go pursue so that’s

Something that continues to be a Challenge for us but we’re gonna Continue to work on it upon going to a Brand new part of the street she wants To smell it and check it out but by Giving her just a second to adjust Showing her where your other trained her She’s a lot more likely to settle in Come on Another brief heel session combined with A more relaxed leash training session Here I’m just going to encourage her to Stay on my right I’m not gonna insist on A heel right now and she’s pretty Overwhelmed by all the smells and stuff Something that I’ve been wanting to work On more with inertia is a right heel in Certain situations it’s more convenient To have her on my right side Remember heel is where they stay close To your side on either side of you so Right heel is showing a whole bunch of Improvement Do not move young lady Very good Okay she can still smell the dog that Just walked over here I’m making it a Practice to do basic training in the Presence of a scent trail where a dog is Recently passed by in this case I’m Going to use a tree to ask her to sit Because I’m asking her to do something In a situation where it’s hard for her To focus in this case in the midst of

The scent trail of another dog alright So we have a bunch of bubbles here right Now didn’t plan on that and then a mild Distraction to her so let’s practice Stay with the bubble sit stay there’s Our German Shepherd friend coming back Over here cute puppy nice job good girl And you can see the distractions just Keep getting more and more intense here That was pretty rocky we had a big group Of people walked by and she was like I Really want to interact with those People so I’m just gonna park here for a Second Real tempting there so you can see dog She’s not quite there yet but that was Better than a lot of other times hey It’s nice to read to you you’ve followed The YouTube videos nice thank you I Appreciate it thanks for saying hi guys As happens from time to time when we Come to a busy city like this we get to Meet some of our subscribers we always Appreciate it when you guys say hi it Also gives us an additional training Opportunity for inertia too next time I’m gonna continue to work with inertia In a variety of diverse crowded public Locations these are the most challenging Places to train a dog Check out pup firts awesome selection of Treats and choose for your dog at the Link in the description follow us on Instagram and tik-tok to see how a nurse

Is training has been going since this Video was filmed subscribe to this Channel and click the bell to get Notified every time we post a new video And get both of my books to have all of My training advice in one place all of The links will be in the description Below see you guys next time

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