Watch What I Train My Dog On a Daily Basis! Why Isn’t She Trained Yet?

Watch What I Train My Dog On a Daily Basis! Why Isn’t She Trained Yet?

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Didn’t pay attention to stay ran out the Door after the ball oh my papa ting Right now I’m Zack George I trained dogs And this is my new dog inertia I’m Taking you along as I train her from day One you can start from the beginning or Pick up anywhere and start learning Welcome to the dog training experience In today’s episode I’ll continue to try To get an Ursa to pay attention in Chaotic environments and will this be The time that inertia actually catches a Frisbee in the air after months of Trying I’ve noticed over the last couple Of weeks that inertia has started being Really curious about things on the Counter and she’s been counter surfing You know that’s where your dog jumps up On the counter to investigate and see What’s there Sometimes steel things I think it’s Important to be proactive and I’ve set Up a training drill right here to really Mimic real-life distractions yeah we’ve Got a frisbee which I’m delighted to say Is getting a little bit of wear to it a Ball which she loves she’s nuts about This toy these beef tendons from pup Furred she really loves these I’ll have A link to these great shoes from pup Fern as well as a link to my free Digital dog training course 30-day Perfect pup in the description of this Video

30-day perfect pup will guide you Through my entire beginner training Class over the course of 30 days there’s Even an app that will make it super Simple to take the lessons with you Wherever you and your dog go sign up for A 30 day perfect pup and download the Pup for an app both of these are Completely free I’ll have links in the Description I think I can probably get Her to pay attention to me by being Pre-emptive and kind of read her before She jumps but for scientists sake let’s Just let her in here and see what Happens naturally so I’m just minding my Own business and she immediately jumps Up there see this is what I’m talking About she’s like that’s cool stuff I Want her to understand that her default Behavior should be not jumping up on the Counter and stealing stuff that would be My preference but her default behavior Right now when in this situation is just To jump up there so I have to work on This we have been starting off leash Training in certain parts of the house Just not so much in the kitchen yet I’ve Removed the toys now she’s on this team Over here you can see how this could Become a serious issue right now and I’m Letting her get away with this just to Show you what she’s like naturally I Think it’s time to teach her that she is Not to just jump up here and take things

Whenever she wants the way I like to Approach training like this is just to Let her know everything’s up here but be A little close to her at first remember The closer you are to your dog the more Likely they are to listen to you My goal is to preempt her from jumping So when I see it in her eyes that she’s Thinking about jumping or well before Good job uh-huh see right there yes good Job you can’t jump up here inertia see This leave it alone now I wanna be real Purpose will make it extra tempting yes So you’ll want to dedicate a few Sessions like we’re doing right here That are artificial in nature before you Expect your dog to organically pay Attention however doing these types of Training sessions will give you traction When the real-life versions of this Occur what’s that See that I’m gonna put it right here Leave it alone good oh wow leave it Yep and Arsenal leave it alone okay good Leave it leave it look at me good do you See how many things come back to the Leave it look at me combo like stop Paying attention to that pay attention To me instead so that I can give you Proper direction good job you’re doing Great so this is a pretty successful Training session here can you settle Good so that’s nice a settle on cue in The presence of something that’s

Distracting you you can see how a lot of Repetition is gonna be necessary here This is far from fixed it looks like She’s trying really hard so I think it’s Important that we acknowledged that Let’s see what she’s likely to do if I Put something more tempting okay Well that’s what she’s likely to do Leave it alone good job in general if Your dog makes it onto the counter You’re too late so be a bit quicker and Anticipate a bit better most dogs will Foreshadow when they’re about to jump on The counters We’ve been in a frisbee swell lately but I’m still determined to give her a fair Shot at it to really make sure she likes It or doesn’t like it right now she’s Liking it good all right let go and What’s this come around good oh good job She really went for it there I’m going To teach her to come around I don’t know If we’ve covered that or not but that’s In order to get her in position so she’s Like running straight out rather than Doing an awkward turn in front of me Come around Oops this way go yeah good girl yeah She’s going for it in the air I can tell She’s getting really close to making her First catch is today the day she Actually makes her first catch yep still Getting that coordination down I mean These are just as exciting as catches

Because she’s really trying even when Your dog goes for it you treat that as Though it’s the most amazing catch in The world fact that they’re trying is Everything what’s this go Well I think that counts I think that Now that was a catch first catch awesome That’s so good I was really really Hoping we would get her first catch on Camera and we did that was awesome very Good all right like okay What’s this come around go there you go I mean that that was basically two in a Row yes so the light bulb is going off Good I’m gonna pick up the pace go yes Three in a row I mean that’s how it Happens you know you have amazing Breakthroughs if you just keep trying That is the lesson come here don’t give Up go oh my was happening right now this Is amazing it’s like maybe she’ll never Miss ever again she didn’t catch her First frisbee until seconds ago and now She’s caught like basically in the Double digits when it rains it pours Right she does seem to get it she’s like Okay that’s how you do it go good Judgment to not run into the furniture All right good job all done all right It’s another day of puppy class this is Our last day of this round of puppy Class remember we’ve gone through it Like two two-and-a-half times now Because I wanted to just get her like

All the socialization we could this week I’ve decided to kind of be tolerant of Her pulling as we go to puppy class cuz She is so excited so you know it’s one Of those pick your battles things oh boy Good see she’s pretty wound up and Excited right now Inertia literally cannot contain her pee When she gets excited this is really Common with puppies but my hope is that She’ll grow out of this over the next Few months for now we’ll continue to Prioritize socializing her so seeing new People and dogs isn’t such a special Occasion so inertia seems to be paying More attention earlier on in this class Only she’s been here less than five Minutes and she’s going into a down She’s listening to a sick kind of Selectively but that’s better than So I consider that progress it looks Like I spoke too soon and she’s now Doesn’t want to sit anymore see that More dogs have arrived so that kind of Causes her to be a little less compliant So you can see like even within a Specific training session how your dogs Interest in paying attention to you will Wane that will vary so that’s why being Flexible is so important and you’re Training a young dog or any dog for that Matter in puppy class for me it’s less Important that the dog listen to you and Do what you want it’s more important to

Me that they just learn to focus on you And new distracting environments even a Little bit yeah look at that an Ursa is Doing one of her best tricks Even though just a moment ago she was Too distracted expect your dogs focus to Be in and out at this age or at this Point in their training and make sure to Acknowledge those moments of success all Right there they go they’re off their Plans there’s a small correction from Brookie one of the older dogs in puppy Class he’s here to help the puppies Learn how to interact with other dogs Inertia reacted really well they’re Inertia’s play with the other dogs and Classes nipping great she’s cautious Sometimes and playful other times and She seems to adjust her play style Depending on which dog she’s interacting With I love it yeah okay time for Another training session although a Nurse now looks like she wants to keep Playing but look if that’s settled can You lie down yes can you sit can you Stand Wait there’s nothing like puppy class For practicing your training in a Distracting environment it was awesome Wait can you down yes look at me good Sit yes nice down yes if you get any Compliance with dogs this close it’s Wonderful I mean any I struggle with This with her all the time still oh yeah

I mean she’s not anywhere near as Reliable in this environment as she is At home but that’s normal Can you down yes Now that we’ve been at class for a while And inertia has had a chance to settle In look how much better she’s able to Focus on me Stan wait yes wait good can You give me about weight yes good you’re Sit perfect can I have a wave yes Now we’re getting traction now it’s time For some more play it’s really great for Puppies to go back and forth between fun Playtime and focusing on their trainers It helps their little puppy brains learn How to Zone in and focus on you right After doing something really exciting Like playing with other pups we’re Practicing come when called right now While the dogs are interacting we’re Keeping them on leash but let’s see what Happens here by the way she was playing With Charlie over here who lost a tooth That’s why she has blood all over her Okay come on let’s go A nurse come come on let’s go oh boy not Working let’s go I’m gonna get a little More excited yes that’s it so that Helped a little bit we’re using a real High-value currency cheese in this case Hey Timmy let’s go yes good all right Let’s go over here come on hey come here Inertia yes I find that it really helps To get down on your dog’s level to to be

A bit more inviting to them especially In a really chaotic exciting environment Like this so being playful getting down To her level is helping a little bit but She still has a long way to go she’s not Completely reliable on come when called In this type of environment inertia come Yes over here check that out this might Be one of the most distracting come when Called as head inertia has ever done boy We’re in the thick of it here come on Let’s go there you go yes inertia is now 21 weeks old and we’re continuing to do Lots of training with her obviously but One thing that I have been making a Major priority of is teaching her how to Stay when a door opens now I want to Show you my setup here right now for This particular drill that we’re about To do I have a 15-foot lead I have it attached to our staircase over Here and also securely attached to her Harness this is a safety net right here So in the event that I do lose control And she’s able to slip past me she’s not Going to run into the street before I Just throw her into this drill I’m gonna Warm her up with a sit okay really good So your sits looking good she’s offering A wave it looks like oh I love that wave That’s good okay sit stay nice job that Was the first time I’m opening the door For this particular training session you Can see she’s holding her stay very very

Well little reward her and to be clear She knows this is a training session she Knows there’s food and I don’t know that She would do this well if she were Surprised or anything like that which We’ll get to in a minute literally every Time I go outside I’m having inertia Old a stay before going through the Front door now for this lesson I don’t Intend to let her go out at all so stay I’m gonna walk out the door I’m gonna Immediately come back here good job She’s been very responsive to the hand Signal there stay so there she got up But she hasn’t crossed the threshold so I want to get back here and reward her For showing that kind of great Discipline right there so it’s great the Door opens the outdoors is there and She’s staying this is significant Because remember the outside look at me Along the terrace you get curious yes I’m going to close this to reduce Temptation for a second the outside is Extremely tempting to dogs I mean it’s a Completely different environment one of The huge benefits of training your dog To stay at the doorways like this is That you’re phasing in a very Distracting environment while easily Being able to shut off that environment If your dog becomes unresponsive so this Is a really important drill to do as Often as you can this is the kind of

Thing that’s trained you know five ten Seconds at a time when you go to let Them out for a potty break you have them Stay at the door while you open it and You can see now we can open it really Fast I can move the door back and forth and She’s holding that stay when you first Do this you know most dogs are gonna be Really enticed by that and get really Excited you can see our past lessons on This to see how we got to this point This is great let’s take it to the next Level though and see if we can simulate Something a little bit more exciting so This toy is the flavor of the week for Inertia right now she’s pretty Interested in this big bouncy ball as You can see I’m actually gonna get her Really into it right here because I want Her to be genuinely excited let’s get a Baseline here and just see what happens If I say stay That’s why we have a safety net you see That she completely didn’t pay attention To stay ran out the door after the ball That’s unacceptable you never know you Want your dog to be able to hold that Stay no matter what so we clearly have Work to do here so let me take a step Back and make that a little bit easier For her stay yes good job that was great I love how you stayed just then good Stay she’s very good with stay when we

Opened the door it’s just when we throw Something out then she gets sort off I’m Gonna get real close to her here and Emphasize stay ok inertia is right on The edge of being too distracted to Listen to me here let’s work on getting Her attention better in this situation So she didn’t really look at me but she Was responsive to coming to me there sit Stay good look at me very good nice work See I’m just trying to walk her through The motions here of staying while the Ball goes good work stay boom I’m moving I’m exciting she flinched just there but She held her stay that’s great if she’ll Stander those circumstances she’ll Likely stay under most circumstances at Least at this particular doorway so in General when you don’t have time to Necessarily do a full-on training Session like this just get in the habit Of having your dog hold a five-second Stay or 10 seconds stay whatever it is Maybe you might throw a treat out if you Have that Andi stay throw that out the Front door Now I like to be really crystal clear With that hand signal and she’s been Doing really well when I put that stop Sign in front of her face right there She’s starting to really understand for The most part if you’re the kind of Person who really appreciates detailed Dog training check out my second book it

Is the most detailed dog training book I’ve ever written I’m gonna have a link In the description I’m also really Anxious to teach inertia a new trick I’ve been working on let me show you What it looks like Now you might recall that we’ve been Working on this figure 8 trick which is Basically where work we’ve been luring Her like this and she’s doing this Figure 8 motion through my legs and That’s cool hey good job that was nice Very good so we’re still you know giving Her some subtle signals there and we’ll Try to face those out over time but I Also want to teach her leg weaves a Related trick but different let me show You so leg weaves are where we can walk Like this and our dog weaves between our Legs right now one of the great benefits To teaching a trick like I’m about to Show you here is that it’s it’s a great Way to emphasize weight and teach your Dog to go in slow motion I very often Say train in slow motion And this is what I mean so let me let me Show you here wait yes good so right There I mean I did nothing except safe Weight and encourage her to go through One leg wait ok I’ll say ok to let her Know it’s ok good yes good yes good job So let’s see if we can get that looking A little bit better so I’m gonna put her Into the heel I like starting her on the

Left on this one hey that yields looking Great isn’t it You’re starting to look like a Professional dog okay look at me wait Here yes wait Yes wait yes I’m gonna go ahead and give Her a treat right there this is coming Along really quick Look at me this way yes Oh no signal at all that time I’m gonna Give her a really generous reward for That okay So wait a little distracted by some Ground since there we go Good yes see how she’s starting to think In reason she’s like wait a minute I Think I know what we’re doing here okay Yes so she’s a little confused there but I gave her just a tad bit of guidance But I’m trying to let her think it out Here yes what a smart girl you are yes There we go good job okay let’s go yes And you can really see her thinking About what she’s doing there yes And one more good so I’d say for a first Training session here she’s really Nailing weave through the legs as we go So I’ve been putting a lot of time into Puppey he’ll work with inertia we’re Outside right now and as I think I’ve Made it abundantly clear when you’re Outside training is is harder so I’m Gonna see how she does right here when You teach heel you don’t really need to

Teach it with a leash at all because You’re relying on really communicating With your dog so inertia come here good Good you can see she’s really going into That heel with a real subtle lure at This point okay let’s go so you can see She’s really moderating her speed weight His dogs walk faster than we do I’m Gonna back her up a little bit there Stan let’s get her just gonna lure her Back yes cuz really I kind of want that That neck right at my leg here right the Side of my leg okay Let’s go I’m gonna turn this way Oh a Little a little loose there that right Turn needs a little bit of work it looks Like cuz she seemed to lose focus there So I’m gonna reward a little bit more Just to keep her enthused good this way Oh there we go that’s a nice right turn Good job Good this way right turn now let’s try a Left turn yes good work stay up here Back here she got a little wide there Okay yes good come on right see did you See our attention started away in there I want to keep our attention on me in Heel you really want your dog super Focused on you not just walking with you Did it it’s worth mentioning heel is Something that you do for short periods Of time it’s not something that you Insist your dog do on a normal walk but Rather in a urban situation or just for

General training this way yes this way Oh there we go let’s do a circle look at That look at that circle nice oh I’m so Dizzy now that was a good right circle Let’s see if she can do a left circle be Careful not to step on your dog wouldn’t You do this come on yes good be tolerant If your dog gets distracted keep the Mood upbeat and positive throughout the Lesson and remember to take breaks she’s Seeing my reflection right now in the Glass I can see you’re looking at me and Just trying to understand how there’s Two of me so she’s really throw it off Hopefully she’ll figure out reflection Sooner or later that’s this yes good I Remember when I first started teaching Inertia how to heal it was like constant Rewarding like every half step and you Can start to see the progression I’m Still rewarding fairly frequently but Less than before so it’s a very gradual Process now I would like to you know I’d Like to do a figure eight pattern with Her and see how well she does with that It’s hard to draw an eighth when you’re Focused on training a dog I think yes Good let’s try that again All right this way here a nurse I’ll Leave it good yes this way Good this way come on let’s go let’s go See she’s starting get behind me a Little bit so I’m going to get a little Impatient there you’ll come on this way

Yes All right so her turns still need a Little bit of work that wasn’t looking This too good but we’re gonna keep Practicing on that another thing I want To talk about with heal is varying your Speed you know if you slow down it’s Important that your dog slow down or if You speed up they should speed up with You good come on let’s go let’s go come On let’s go good let’s turn yes good yes Come on come on come on by better get Get back here good job nice little Prance wait you see that that was really Good I’m gonna give her a big reward There left turn give me heel we’re gonna Go slow easy yes okay let’s go faster Yeah Good leave it alone easy wait okay let’s Go a lot of improvement still far from Perfect but I’m very proud of her she’s Doing a great job so I ordered this Package from Amazon don’t ask me why but I kind of want a wireless hairdryer in My life I really wasn’t thinking and I Turned it on trying to see how it worked But I notice oh gosh maybe I should let Inertia become accustomed to interacting With this here make sure I don’t freak Her out with some weird sound she’s Noticing it so we’ll let her smell it Yes she’s like wait that’s weird What is that see it’s okay now she’s so Curious by it it’s just interesting

Little things that you’re not even Thinking about that can throw your dog Off Look at her that’s getting a reaction on Rely didn’t expect that what is that It’s just like there’s air coming out of There let me wait easy ok let’s take a Step back here and introduce the Hairdryer when it’s off trying to play With it you trying to see vision it’s Almost like she’s saying is it alive It’s can it play but it’s a lesson here Is when you notice your dog reacting to Something new just stop what you’re Doing go slowly and let them check it Out she is in the mood to do some Training right now I think it’s because She sees that I have these flashcards at This point in our training inertia has Learned a bunch of things like more than I can keep in my head at one time so I’m Using these flashcards I’ve written down Most of the things that she knows and I Have them like random oh gosh no don’t Bite the flashcards inertia and I’m Continually adding to these and Modifying them but this is a great way To prevent anticipation on your dog’s Part we often get into the habit of Doing something like sit lie down Leave it look at me or something like That your dog starts to get in the habit And assume that you’re gonna want Everything in that order always so this

Helps us mix it up let’s start with a Retrieve this one actually is going to Be challenging so I define a retrieve as Going to pick up a still object on the Ground So with fetch the object is moving or Was shortly moving but with retrieve It’s been sitting there you ask your dog To go get it and bring it back so I Guess I’ll start with kind of a familiar Object like a toy just to make sure She’s good on that we haven’t practiced This in a minute wait come here leave it Inertia come yes good go get it ok go Get it come on bring it to me let me see If I can get her to bring it a little Bit closer this time rather than Dropping it early bring it to me let go Yes Ok not too bad I mean it’s pretty good For a beginner retrieve right let’s try It with something a little less exciting Now we’ll use this dumbbell over here Teaching your dog to retrieve things With harder textures is more difficult Leave it alone come here see she’s Starting to anticipate right that leave It alone no ma’am Come here yes good I’m actually gonna Reward her if she comes back here just To really reinforce listening to me pays Wait go get it yes bring it to me go get It I’m being a little insisting because I think I’m close inertia come on bring

It to me yes good I love the second Effort there I thought that was great Good we’ll give her a nice generous Reward there what’s this let me pick up My energy leave it alone come here maybe If I get a little bit more exciting we Can get a nurse of retrieving a little More enthusiastically Wait go get it yeah get it gimme good Bring it to me come on yes much better Much better so just by being a little Bit more interesting too or yeah it Helped you won’t always have to be that Way but sometimes that’s a shortcut or a Life hack to get your dog to do a better Job or to do something more Enthusiastically that’s a good example Of why these flashcards are so good I Had no intention of specifically Practicing a retrieved today and this Reminded me to do it alright what do we Have next ah I love this one this will Be fun paws up on something okay so paws Up on something is a really fun useful Skill for a dog to have especially if You’re trying to get them to do cute Stuff for Instagram yeah she usually Gets up on her hind legs and does it so This is kind of new I like that see how She’s in that sit pretty position good Okay Let her know she can get down now Yes good girl let’s try that again okay That’s what she normally does and that’s

Fine too Paws up good work wait great will you Call her yes good where he’s been Helping me mark that behavior when she Looks at the camera because we’re Teaching her how to look at the camera Get down okay yes and of course I think We need to practice hug hugs Good yes wait go ahead and taller Breathe good yes thank you Bree you’re Awesome So paws up is good for hug on your leg Where else can we do it let’s see if we Can get paws up over here by the way We’re gonna talk about furniture later Like getting on the furniture you might Recall she’s been having an issue with That we’ve made a lot of progress and Now let’s see if we can completely undo That weight anything is okay with Permission give me then look at her Being a proper actress okay all right Let’s do one more oh look at this dig on Command this is another I got some good Cards here because this is challenging Recently I was able to teach inertia how To start digging because I captured the Behavior she was digging out on one of Our walks and I was like hi let’s see if We can put a word to that and we have a Lot of success she was like really Picking it up so the way I did it is When she was digging I was just like What’s this that’s bow that’s okay

What’s this That was good see that was a little Different did you see how she kind of Swiped the ground wait if your dog seems Confused try to break things down and Make them more simple in this case I’ll Acknowledge any paw movement at all in Ursa what’s this yes good So I’m rewarding the fact that she’s Letting her foot kind of glide on the Carpet there what’s this yeah oh good See that was more of a digging pattern Yes did you see that see oh she scraped The carpet what’s this yes see if I can Get a couple of digs now Yes she’s so smart Dig yeah keep going yeah keep going yeah Keep going go on yeah yeah you see how She did it more confidently there get it Yeah dig keep going Yeah abs you see she use both feet They’re good I’m gonna quit while I’m Ahead Excellent training session want to end On a high note you’re amazing inertia You’re just so perfect Obviously digging behavior has a stigma Associated with it most people don’t Want their dog clawing at things but I Really think that if you’re spending Time with your dog you’re teaching them Things like this they’re perfectly Capable of knowing that something is Okay when you ask for it and when you

Don’t ask for it it’s not okay so if she Were to start digging at something that I did monitor to I would just redirect Her attention to me and ask for Something like settle or if she was Really insistent then I would remove her From the environment altogether but they Learned pretty quickly as long as you’re Pretty consistent that it’s a trick and They can do it with permission so even If your dog only knows five things write Them down and try to add one each week You don’t have to have a big giant stack Of them inertia’s barking outbursts are A little bit more of an issue right now So let me address that that’s good I’m Trying to condition her to be quiet even When exciting things are going on around Her I want to be able to bounce this Ball without having her go nuts you know Good job and this ball is a highly Distracting thing we saw just recently As she ran out the door after it during A training exercise so I have something That’s pretty exciting to her quiet Can you hey can you settle inertia can You settle It’s good since I’m giving her so many Treats I’ve been enjoying using these Sweet potato treats cuz I don’t want to Give her too much protein and she’s been Loving them you can see that they’re Like Lucky Charms for dogs it’s just Literally 100% freeze-dried sweet

Potatoes the nurse’s interest in frisbee Has been picking up so my next goal is To see if I can get her playing with This outside she’s not immediately Interested hey inertia what’s this Teaching your dog to do something Outside is much more challenging than Inside so my next frisbee goal is to get Her playing outside if something tells Me that’s not gonna come easily for a Very curious dog like inertia there we Go good alright so look a little bit of Coaxing good hey did you see that come Around that was nice good job she went For it good job with frisbee it’s Important to teach your dog a come Around let me show you what I mean watch This come around go bad throw but by Teaching your dog to come around you Like this and go out for a frisbee You’re putting them in a better position To make the catch it’s safer because you Have them running in one direction Rather than doing an awkward twist Another good way to keep frisbees low For your dog to do rollers and that also Helps them to learn to pick it up by the Rim this is how you throw a roller you Make a muscle you know and you kind of Just let it roll right off your Fingertips come around good girl go come On good job and let’s go for a low throw Here let go ready come around that Frisbee training session is looking

Great that was like a few throws and We’ll give her a break now and again Guys if you have a five month old dog You cannot push them too much on this be Very conservative I’ll probably do this Once maybe twice a day with her a few Days a week stay tuned and we shall see How her frisbee skills progress sign up For 30 day perfect pup and download the Pup for an app both of these are Completely free I’ll have links in the Description subscribe to this channel And click the bell to get notified every Time we post a new video we post even More videos on Instagram and tik-tok and You can keep up with the nurses progress In real time get my books for even more In-depth training advice in the next Episode we’ll take inertia to a pet Supply store we’ll work on addressing Some of her Newish unwanted behaviors like jumping On the furniture and playing keep-away Practice some awesome tricks and more We’ll see you guys next time [Music] [Music]

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