We need to talk… This will NOT be easy. Reality Dog Training Episode 3

We need to talk... This will NOT be easy. Reality Dog Training Episode 3

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We need to talk about what i’m about to Show you [Music] This is moira and i’m zach george moira The german shepherd dog is looking for a Home and i’ve only got Two weeks to teach her how to behave so That someone will be willing to adopt Her Okay we have a situation and as you can See it’s Not going to be easy she jumps Excessively Lunges at almost any distraction moira Loves to bark and she Definitely pulls on leash and uses her Teeth to interact with the world a Little Too inappropriately i am feeling a Little bit overwhelmed If that was a dog she would be like i’m Not paying attention to you i’m paying Attention to that I will train this dog look at this loose Leash right now Shake yes much better yes Look at me she getting trained this is Reality Dog training [Music] I’m continuing to train moira and her Intelligence has been really impressive So far But today as you’ll see there are some

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Magic theme and look how creative and Original we have a deck of cards [Music] What one of the cards can actually hold A treat so you can do real magic you are Getting Sleepy and look rabbit ears inside of a Hat And it comes out that’s a really cute Little rabbit I can’t recommend these highly enough All of you can get a free bark box or Super chewer box or both when you sign Up for a multi-month subscription at my Special link sparkbox.com Dog training and superchewer.com dog Training i’ll have the links in the Description If you’ve got a high energy dog like Moira that can really complicate Training it’s not good enough usually With dogs that have that kind of energy To just rely on walks as exercise or Just rely On mental stimulation like basic Obedience you really want to give them An outlet for all of that energy and you Think about german shepherds i mean they Were bred to have Lots of stamina and endurance over the Years so we have to find some way to Meet those needs with them I’m so excited now because i get to have My very first fetch training

Session with moira this should be Interesting let me see if i can get her Interested in the ball Toss it there you can see she instantly Is like whoa that’s cool Notice the long lead i have on her That’s to make sure she doesn’t take the Ball and run and play keep away dogs Like to play keep away but you remember I’ve been conditioning her to chase me Rather than me chasing her so i’m gonna Run around a little bit here See if she comes towards me Good and i’m gonna she backed away a Little but i’m gonna hold The ball let go was a really good let go Yes since i said yes i’m gonna follow it Up with a reward Good girl yeah what and you can see My energy caused her to come bolt Towards me yes This is also a very fun way to solidify Come when called Come on good See right there she comes to me the Second my hand goes towards her mouth to Take the toy She’s like i don’t know so i don’t want To like withhold the toy keep it behind My back i really want her Willingly giving it up let go yes Ready here goes a long one come on Yeah come on ah yes Let go and go get it that was really

Good She did not play fetch the last time i Tried this she’s really picking up quick Remember that too the high energy dogs Can pick up really quick but you got to Keep moving If you stay still they get bored with You come on Good and so as all this is happening She’s having a good time She’s got all those good brain chemicals Going on in her head Which is going to make her more likely To listen let me throw in a sit Sit yes good so now she had fun Because she took direction for me you Can see how this can really spiral in a Good way For your training yes She’s doing great she’s picking up Quickly she’s like wait fastest way for Me to keep this going is to run to this Guy See that lead was helpful as she veered Off so i can keep her in my area This might help me with my quest to get Her crate trained as well if i can get Her in the crate while tired It’s going to take a lot more fetch than This to tire this dog i want to try Something i’m calling an audible let me See if i can get her playing tug with The first Get it it’s okay good there it’s too

Easy This good job all right let go Let go get it yes When you first start training a dog Frisbee teaching them to take it and Grab it by the rim Is ideal all right let go Take it good a lot of people just pick Up the frisbee and throw it and hope Their dog figures out that you want to Catch it in the air and bring it back And Let go and repeat but we want to be more Methodical generate interest in the toy Number one make sure they love it Tug of war is a great way for them to Illustrate they’re loving it Step two with frisbee you’re gonna grab It by the rim Step three is to get her to grab it by The rim while it’s in motion so i’m Going to do a roller Like that wind picked up there that’s Okay Good yeah good I’m going to play tug with her for Bringing it back so she continues to Enjoy the game Good all right let go Good oh she tried and almost got it by The rim That’s cool good Oh let’s go to that lead i can’t chase Her around

You don’t want to chase your dog when Training them fetch big note See how she battled it with her feet That’s normal it’s not intuitive for a Dog to pick up a frisbee by the rim That is a side effect of using the lead Sometimes they get distracted by it Get it good let go get it I’ll take it i’ll take that that’s Pretty good Let’s see what happens if we throw a Short throw ready Go Looked a little intrigued well wait dogs Tend to lose interest in toys the moment They stop moving as we saw there But when it’s moving it’s exciting to Them good I’m gonna stop before she gets bored With frisbee that was an amazing first Frisbee training session Fetch training so i don’t know how Serious i’m going to get about frisbee With her over these next couple of weeks We’ll just have to see how that goes but Fetch i’m going to be prioritizing dogs Seem to learn so much better right after Exercise so this is not Some optional thing for these high Energy dogs you really need to do Something like this with them it not Only gives them that physical outlet but It gives them that very specific Outlet of working with a human being

That’s what dogs were bred to do so There’s something uniquely satisfying About Performing a task together with one Another that seems to really satisfy Dogs And you’ll find that most dogs are going To be way more satisfied and fatigued After 30 minutes of fetch than 30 Minutes of just running around aimlessly With dogs or on a 30-minute jog So this is going to be a relatively Unconventional dog training lesson My hope here is to see if i can get Moira used to Our drone right here and since i happen To be a youtuber a drone like this with A camera on it can be quite Useful but there is a downside if you’re Making dog training youtube videos and That Is that it’s really loud and it can be Very distracting to a dog While you guys might not have a drone That you’re trying to get your dog used To the steps we’re going through here Are extremely relevant especially with Dogs like moira who sometimes How should i put this overreact to Things i’m hoping to condition her To ignore this while we shoot might be Great to have a beautiful opening To our new series from the air but none Of that does us any good if she freaks

Out and it grows off for dog training so I don’t know how it’s going to go but The approach we’re going to use today is Basically the same approach you would Use to anything that you’re trying to Get your dog to be comfortable around Whether that’s thunder or fireworks or The vacuum cleaner I mean the thing about this it’s not Just loud it moves erratically it goes Up and down really quick or it can just Hover in place so i’ve got to say its Movements are very enticing to a dog Before we do anything i’m gonna let her Just snip it hopefully she doesn’t Attack it I just want her to see what it is so She’s not totally thrown off She’s like okay whatever smells like Plastic there are more interesting Things out here than that old thing see This Leave it good girl nice yes I could actually go ahead and give her a Little piece of chicken Good work now i’m going to create some Distance because i know this thing is Loud and Likely to get her attention so i’m gonna Start it up here Be careful bree Yes good you can hear the loud sound It’s making it detects the fence in Front of right here

Good i’m able to get her attention over Here I’m gonna put it up in the air a little Bit so it’s not quite so loud [Music] There we go we’ll just let it hang out There okay i don’t want her to react Sit nice you can see she’s looking at it Good girl i don’t mind her looking at it Satisfy her curiosity Good girl here sit The fact that she’s sitting while in the Presence of the drone is a good sign but We’re not out of the woods yet because She’s still a little Fixated on it here good So we’re playing a little game right now It’s the the great compromise right We’re Letting her look at the drone then look At me Good here yes i like how she’s Responding to here Could say look at me could say whatever It is i kind of use both yes Look at me and so this is really good The fact that she’s Fixated on me albeit because i have a Great treat i’m fine with that In other words sit i don’t want to wait For her to have a reaction to then try To fix it let’s go ahead and pull it Back just so it’s a little less tempting Good girl you’re doing oh automatic

Sit with that weed whacker in the sky Holy cow look at you you are doing great Come here let me see if i can get her to This way good and what i’m looking for Is just total engagement with me over The drone which i don’t currently have Yes come here good Here come on and see i have her on leash In the event she Does start lunging because i want to Manage her don’t mind her looking Here yes good job You know on one hand it’s not reasonable To ask your dog to tune out things like This But it’s also not reasonable for them Not to listen to you Moving forward i mean it can take time To work up to that of course but She’s doing really well right now isn’t That neat what is that Yes oh good girl Good here moira Oh she’s come on yes Moira Here come on let’s go oh good girl Yes all right so far so good I’m gonna switch to the long lead now Because i’d like to see if i can Generate Interest in the frisbee while that drone Is close Come on what’s this good Nice come on let’s go and again i have

Her on lead mainly because i’m still Training her fetch and because If she does lunge i’ll have control What’s this Good girl good sign Here that’s it Good girl i’m gonna take a step back Here Get her into the tug of war she loves That good let go Let go good well done Love it good job For the shot that i have in mind though She needs to be relatively close to the Drone so i want to practice having her Get a little bit closer here Well done stay here yes let’s go back This way Come here good i like that i had her Under control there But no it’s easy and see i’m going to Need her about right What would you say about right there Stay good Here good let’s go Good girl Moira is doing better than expected on This so i want to see if she’ll continue To be cooperative while we attempt to Practice a couple of shots that we have In mind for the series So i’m going to put the drone on the Ground and head up to the hill behind The house brie is going to continue to

Focus on flying the drone and i’m going To focus on training moira And we’ll see what we get oh i got an Eagle over here there’s a bald eagle if You want to turn around 90 degrees are you 180 degrees go Up do you see the bird Yep can you active track it no Okay okay sorry about that i just saw me Couldn’t couldn’t miss the opportunity To get that eagle Okay i’m coming down i just didn’t want To scare moira okay Two one so when we run shots like this The drone flies kind of Quickly in different automatic patterns That can be very Interesting to dogs like moira it’s cute How she’s watching it That’s kind of cute you can see that Moira is totally intrigued by the drone But i’m not totally positive that she Won’t react but she’s doing really well So far Remember when you’re working with your Dog on not reacting to anything whether It’s a drone A car passing by or even another dog the Goal Is to work with your dog right at that Perfect distance where they’re Interested in the thing but they’re also Able to not react and focus on you Instead so i would say if you’re in that

Situation Set your dog up for success by giving Them as many experiences like that as You can I think moira did amazing with the drone Today but i’d love to be able to fly Even closer to her to get some more Dynamic shots So we’ll see how she does on that in the Future oh Yeah hey nice Moira did awesome i think we got some Good shots i’ve got to go back and look At him but I think there’s hope for photographing Her with a drone that’s always a bonus What do you think i mean i’m encouraged That was good She’s still watching though i was really Impressed by your skills too marie you Did a great job piloting out there Gosh hey thumbs up for bree for piloting That drone pretty awesome huh Multitasking yeah we need to talk About what i’m about to show you a Little while ago bree and i were in the Backyard And we were taking some photos for Instagram and you might wonder why i’m Here setting this up for you but it’s Because something Really significant happened while we Were out there a couple of our neighbor Dogs walked by

And they caught us completely by Surprise because we’re in our own world We’re just focusing on getting these Pictures taken And moira just lost it there was no Consoling her there was No communicating with her in that moment I saw the first dog go by and he was Moving pretty quickly so i decided to Let him pass And not drag moira away from the dog Because i was afraid that might make Things worse and she would lunge Even harder towards the dog but i didn’t Even realize another dog was about to Pass too This is clearly a pretty extreme Reaction to a dog that Isn’t even paying attention to moira and Even though to me it seems like moira May just want to play my priority right Now Has to be helping her to learn better Manners and to be more Responsive to people and when you Experience events like this where your Dog is like not paying attention to you No matter what you do you could offer me Like an amazing treat or toy I’m still not interested in you Whatsoever This is what we call being over Threshold this is where You can’t hope to have meaningful

Communication With a dog for us as humans this is Really Overwhelming myself included it’s Important to remember that in moments Like this your goal Isn’t to train your dog your goal is to Manage your dog And keep the behavior from getting any Worse it’s no accident that we haven’t Gone out in public to do any serious Training with moira yet the last time i Took her out in public on her first day To see how she acted in the real world i Mean she ended up lunging at birds And dogs and she was just basically out Of control at moments So for these first several days i’ve Decided to focus on teaching her the Most basic concepts that i’ll need to Have in my arsenal when i start to Tackle her reactivity Head on moving forward as encouraged as I am by moira and her Lightening quick progress on some things It’s like we’re Taking two steps forward but then we Take a huge Step back when we have outbursts like This so moving forward building Communication In any and every way that i can with Moira Is going to be critical moira do you

Want to learn a trick This is her fourth day here and moira Hasn’t learned a single fun trick the Reason i love teaching tricks is to Really build communication with dogs Plus it looks really cute i mean a German shepherd Doing a super cute trick is just the Best thing ever Whoa what’s this first thing i want to Do is make sure i have a good treat The first trick that i’m going to Attempt to teach moira is how to shake Or how to give her paw Let’s make sure she doesn’t already know This sit Shake shake Paw can you give me your paw okay so she Doesn’t know it i just want to make sure Someone else hadn’t taught her that Before We’d go down this road there’s a few Ways we can go about this I do like that she’s offering her sit That’s so good Do you remember how when i was teaching Her leave it she was scratching at my Hands Since she seems so eager to use her paws I just want to put A name to it yes this is a way that i Know i can probably get her to use her Paw voluntarily and i’m going to try to Evolve that into shake

Yes good do you see that i mean look at That when i put the treat right in front Of her She just likes to investigate it with Her feet now i don’t really like her Scratching at me but that’s okay we’ll Get to that in a second so i’m gonna Hold the treat here and you can see She’s already Instantly going for it yes this time i Think when she does it i’m just gonna Release release it from my hand yes See i mean she’s putting it right up There good Yes this is gonna be the easiest dog in The world to trade shake too She’s so bright i haven’t even said Shake yet yes Good girl you are doing great see she’s In yes Anticipating all right i guess we can Start to put a word to it i mean this is The kind of dog that can learn just About anything Yes so there i’m doing a fake tree yes Because i eventually want to just be Able to say hey nice to meet you moira This would be a really valuable skill For her meeting a new family Shake yes see how i’m saying shake as She does it Shake okay Not and see right there that’s not what I want in fact we’ll talk about

Jumping next so even though the treat Isn’t in this hand now i’m trying to Show her that an open palm is the signal Not grab for a treat in my hand Which is all she was doing initially Shake so right as she comes up you see That i’m opening my hand Shake oh other paw nice like that Should do it while standing yes shake I like that that’s even better i like a Dog that’ll do tricks while In the stand position shake Yes so that’s looking pretty good now if Your dog wasn’t doing this i found with Some dogs Luring them just to try and get that yes Yeah To get that foot off the ground watch These feet here And you would say yes as the feet come Up yeah And you would evolve that into shake yes Good girl a lot of people try to teach Their dog how to shake by just picking Up their hand and Doing this you know so that’s not Exactly the ideal way to go because you Really want them thinking it through Because that’s the building Communication part i’m talking about Here Even though we’re only teaching her how To shake right now It’s really teaching her to zone into me

And pay attention to me so in her case She just is so eager to use her paws That work just fine so shake looking Good While we’re here i also want to make Sure she remembers sit down And stand stay real quick she’s learning Down Without a lure glued to her nose so i Appreciate that Just a couple of days ago she would only Lie down with that lure Really close to her nose sit Yes i’m gonna go for a stand stay now Just reviewing what we’ve gone over so Far Stay Not asking for the shake right now uh-uh I like the wave i mean we could go in a Direction but i really wanted to see a Stand Yes Yes okay come on good girl nice work so Stan stays looking good How about bow can you can you do bow i Saw her butt kind of stay up there for a Second when we were doing down Bow is just where she pokes her butt up Yes good here Good see how i didn’t wait for her to go All the way down on the bow i wanted to Really Catch her succeeding yes good and get Her right back up

She has to know a stand and then i’m Going to lower here i am going to use a Really Obvious lure trying to just get her to Arc her back Nope i’m going to pull away because i Actually don’t want lie down she’s Self-correcting there she’s like let me Try again Yes that’s the most common thing that Happens with this so you have to be one Step ahead you don’t want them going Into a down You want to catch them yes oh gosh i Keep letting her go all the way So let me see all right just focused on You now girl Yeah come on let’s go good i mean Whatever you got to do to keep them from Going into the down the lore is really Dynamic here it’s all in the wrist Honestly it’s not one-dimensional like This You know it’s more like you gotta really Experiment Yes see i’m going for like a quarter of A second Bow right now to catch her succeeding Yes yes come on come on good i’ll take It i’ll take it That’s something we might continue to Work on as well so shake and bow Looking good with moira i want to use a Combination of treats and toys when

Rewarding her so that i have The most options possible and i’m still In the process of teaching her how we Use Toys during training time it’s a burrito Foot dog doesn’t like a burrito go get It It’s also important for me to really Stay on top of everything that i’ve Taught her so far I can’t just leave it at a couple of Training sessions on specific skills She’s learning a whole new language and Culture so we gotta practice a lot Yes get it so using a toy there Let’s practice shake good work ready go Get it i’m gonna give her two For that one shake just to let her know I pay really well Make no mistake about it this burrito is A serious currency Shake yes good girl Good flecko let go’s looking a lot Better i mean when i first met her she Loved playing tug but she Didn’t love letting go hey here Let go yes Much better that time that’s good hey Flecco Yes you gotta practice it a couple dozen Times in a row with her and she Seems to get it pretty quickly good get Her into it and Hey here let go

Yes good girl you can see she’s really Getting it here you might notice with Moira with her being so energetic and Strong i’m a bit more physical with her Than i have to be with other dogs I have to block her from jumping on me Or getting at my face i’m really hoping To make it out of this series without A broken nose i hope but it’s important To look at how she’s reacting to it She’s not at all taking it personally or Shutting down or anything like that so i Believe it’s all right to be a little Physical with her I mean every dog is different i want to Be super clear when i put my hands on Her it’s not because i’m punishing her It’s because i’m trying to protect Myself I’ve been watching cobra kai so i can Like walk Sit stay She’s no dummy it looks like she Probably knows what i want but she also Knows that if she’s quick enough she can Get to that toy No ma’am sit and she’s still learning That i’m a gatekeeper to these rewards And Even when she’s looking for a loophole It’s on me to be very clear Nope you didn’t quite earn it that time But training sessions like this are how We teach them that listening to me is

The way for her to get those things that She wants Moira moira yes Only getting a glance i’d like better Attention than that but she’s really Revved up right now but She still needs to learn to listen when In an excited state Yesterday we went over steve for the First time with her so she’s still Learning that i want to practice it in This new room with uh With different variables it’s a Different environment stay Walking away stay Look at me stay Yes okay good i mean you can see how We’re really connecting the dots here Stay i really want to make sure that we Practice stay over And over every single day with moira Number one it’s a potentially Life-saving skill and secondly Practicing her stay while she’s very Excited will definitely help be moving Forward when we encounter real-world Distractions Like dogs obviously though this doesn’t Quite compare to the excitement she Experiences when encountering a dog but Practicing her impulse control here may Contribute to having more impulse Control in the future when we encounter More challenging situations

Teaching a dog broad and general impulse Control is Huge for a dog like moira she’s really Focused See how she’s on not focused on my hand Signal at all really focused on that’s Why we have to work on that as well but Don’t use that as a reason to not use Toys as a reward Yes good girl down i mean you know you Got to get creative With it when you have a dog that’s that Focus on the toy Use the toy to try and lure them you Don’t have to do that necessarily with Every dogs and some dogs don’t care Anything about toys Having a dog that’s too focused on a toy Is The best problem to have for training Anyway yes Good girl okay so work to do to get her To respond To the toy for things like lie down we Really have to get a handle on moira’s Jumping i mean this is a big no-no when You’re trying to adopt a dog out Dogs usually jump because they’re really Excited and they like to greet us At the face so they’re always trying to Get up here this is where all of the Action is right but it should be obvious As to why You don’t want an adult german shepherd

Jumping up and Trying to interact with your face Yesterday my mother-in-law brianna’s mom Was Over here and moira was just jumping on Her a little bit Too much i mean anything is too much but She was really excessively Jumping on her so that just reminded me That we really have to prioritize this Right now and at meal time i’ve also Noticed that she gets a little wound up So i want to work on teaching her How to not jump when i feed her her Dinner and hopefully this will translate Into teaching her how to not jump when She interacts with people in the future As well Okay girl see what i’m saying She just gets she’s like give me that Food yes the fact that she offered to Sit right there Means i’m gonna okay girl you also Notice how i try to push myself away i Try to get away from her As if to say that’s not working for you But there she goes Let me ask her to sit she’s offering the Sit all right Sit yes this is also a great time to use Their meal Uh-uh see there she made no contact you Gotta watch them It’s a great time to use their meal for

Training I want to intercept her before the Jumping this is when she tends to jump Yes so i want to beat her to the fact Like right after i give her a treat she Goes into jumping mode yes Someone ah i want to preempt that you See what i mean be one step ahead of Your dog Easier said than done as we’re seeing Right now that’s it And she’s fine to sit for a second but She gets impatient very quickly That’s it yes all right i think she’s Worked hard enough i’m gonna go ahead And give her the remainder of her meal Because she’s holding a good sit So jumping still has a long way to go But i’m gonna be really focused on Encouraging her To hold that sit before i give her Anything she wants whether it’s a toy Or whether it’s food or whatever it Seems as though she’s basically saying Please can i have that food when she’s Jumping but we have to teach her that There’s a much better way to say Please can i have that food and it’s by Keeping that german shepherd butt On the ground and to make your dog’s Life better get a free bark box super Chewer box or both when you sign up for A multi-month plan just go to Barkbox.com

Dog training and superchewer.com dog Training Subscribe to this channel and follow me On instagram facebook and tick tock To see every single one of my dog Training tips grab a copy of my books Too I will have all of the links below oh my Gosh i only have 11 days left with her You have a lot to learn in 11 days young Lady Uh oh see you in the next video Good job You

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