We should talk

We should talk

Live i’m genuinely Nervous about being live i hope my audio Is okay hopefully someone will let me Know if you can hear me i’m wearing a Mic so i’m solo today Um wow it’s been so long since i’ve done A live here we actually have three Videos coming out in the next seven days We just posted one today so actually It’s a total of four videos In a like i guess eight day time frame That’s nuts hi guys how are you It’s really good to see you here awesome Okay i’m going on lte it looks like Because i lost my connection maybe i’m Too far away from the house So It’s great To be back here in new orleans you can See we’re not in alaska right now we Just got back To new orleans and we’re here and i’m Wearing shorts look at that more than You probably wanted to see but i haven’t Worn shorts in months So it’s so cool Hi anchorage alaska puppy power party Yeah i mean so for those of you not Following anchorage is where we spend Our time In the summer though we stayed a little Bit Longer this year than normal just Because we were having a good time until

There was like three feet of snow on the Ground which is gorgeous it’s really Pretty i’m just Not tough enough alaskans are the Toughest people in the world they’re so Resilient they have Great character and i strive to be Half as Good So You guys can hear me right presumably See i’m wearing a microphone I’ll wait for confirmation oops I love the questions about chop i’m Gonna get to chop in a second because i Do want to talk about chop and i want to Talk about this series Great okay glad you guys can hear me I’ve gotten confirmation So yeah i mean okay We just put out a video today with chop As you can see where we’re working on Leash walking i think it’s probably The most realistic leash training Session I’ve done in a long time so i think it’s A really good one if your dog pulls i Want to make sure that you guys Definitely see that From god i’m sorry i’m getting Distracted by the comments and i am Going to look at those but yeah chop is Just doing incredible in the series Right now i see you guys asking where he

Is i’m not giving any spoilers to the Series because there are so many twists And turns in this one It’s amazing like When you start a series like this you Think okay we’re gonna run through some Training get him ready for his new home And you can just never anticipate all of The other things that go on around that And to me that is by far the most Interesting part of doing a series like This because Adjusting to the dog and really Really Learning about how each dog learns and Understands you Like today’s video for example we were Going over lie down and you could see Luring him into a lie down it just Wasn’t working at all Um And so you can see how we brainstormed In that but that was I think the most interesting how to Train a dog to lie down training session I’ve ever had in a video I’m so touched by how many people are Here this is great i’m really glad that You guys are here i don’t usually go Live on youtube uh usually i go live on Instagram and i’m gonna probably start Going live on tik tok more Because tick tock’s pretty cool We’ve been putting out a lot of content

On tick tock lately so go check us out Over there i think i’m vezak george i’m Sure you can find me pretty easily Over there I’m seeing this question from colby Brown what do i think of vislez Diesels are awesome man I mean all dogs are awesome but yeah i Have Vessels my kind of dog because they’re Stereotypically pretty athletic uh Intelligent Things like that i i like them If i were stereotyping but So anyway Yeah so we have three videos coming out Between now and next sunday four if you Count today So we have a lot of busy st i mean our Channel is going to be pretty busy over The coming weeks Okay yeah those are my main notes that i Want to get across uh for here so i just Really felt the need to connect with you As a creator who’s been doing this Nothing matters more to brie and i Than than our audience you guys are our Family and we always want to make sure We’re accessible and We Make ourselves available to you although Bree is doing like i said we had so many Videos coming out so she’s inside doing Producer stuff getting those videos

Ready with our editor tristan who’s been Amazing Do i have any live dog training classes That i endorse in new orleans Oh gosh actually yes our plus dog Yes i usually don’t know a lot of Individual trainers In the many cities but since i live in New orleans i think she’s great you Actually saw some of her class in the Inertia series because i took inertia Through puppy socialization and beginner Class for the experience and you know to Get Experience from other dog trainers i Mean that never gets old when you’re a Trainer you love to hear how different People go about things and i was very Impressed by art bless so Our plus dog Jeanette Oh man so many questions how am i going To keep up i can’t read this fast am i Fully moving to alaska i’m glad you Asked that question i’ve noticed that a Lot i thought i made it clear but Obviously i haven’t So yeah we split our time brie and i Between three different cities i’m Currently in new orleans that’s one my Hometown is atlanta that’s two And brie’s hometown is anchorage alaska Pretty cool awesome place right So that’s three so we just kind of

Rotate Between those places that’s the current Experiment we’re trying it seeing how we Like it Excuse me I think i have allergies in new orleans But i think they’re under control i took Allergy medication a moment ago Um Oh goodness goodness you guys are Awesome um And no need for the super chats or Whatever don’t give me money today i Appreciate that though it’s very nice For those of you that have but I’m requesting that you not do that i’m Just here to talk to you guys uh have i Thought about making a series with a Rescue greyhound yes we have that’s Actually on our probably top five Ideas for series moving forward because We’re trying to give these series a Different feel each one we don’t just Want to do the same thing over and over Um Let me get back to them from there So Yeah we are considering that um I like the idea greyhounds are a really Neat Neat Dog very dynamic very unique relative to Other dog breeds In many ways in other ways not so much i

Mean you know so just depends I see okay oh man Give me a second to read these That’s why normally i have bri here Because she’s like a speed reader she Can just like read so quick Oh can i explain how 30 day perfect pup Works with um pupford absolutely I can So 30 day perfect pup is basically uh Some videos that we put together with With puppet and they have distilled them Into A daily training regimen that you can Follow along with study guides and Everything like that and it’s completely Free Puppet is a sponsor of of our channel And so that’s you know one of the things We agreed to do and I Have been so satisfied with your Satisfaction of 30-day perfect pup Because you never know how it’s going to Go because you’re used to doing things On youtube and If you’re me And so when you do a training program on A A way like that who you did not need to Give me fifty dollars i said don’t give Me money thank you very much I appreciate that mo ow Keep chop please he said

You will find out chop’s future In this series Oh gosh i don’t even know where i was Now i got so distracted But that was very nice Thank you james i appreciate the super Chat it’s very nice Uh i completely forgot where i was oh Yeah puffer thanks okay that’s why you Guys are great so anyway it’s been a Huge success because i would say like at Least 50 percent of the time when i do Get recognized in public which you know Happens here and there It’s because of puppet it really is People love that they’ll be like i’m Taking your 30 day perfect pup so i Think that’s really neat What kind of leash would i suggest That’s really personal preference i mean A good one one that you can grip easily One that Attaches very securely Sometimes i mean okay so my What i think is very important about Leashes there are many things that are Important about leashes but one thing That i like to consider is the length So i like if you’re in a position to buy Several leashes if it’s within your Budget um having like a six foot leash a Four foot leash uh maybe it’s a ten foot Leash can be real i love ten foot’s Probably my favorite training leash six

Foot’s probably my favorite walking Leash Excuse me a 20 or 30 foot is my favorite Long lead for playing fetch and doing More distance training Um i’ve been impressed with the biothane This like plasticky material of the long Leads because that’s the problem with Long leads they get really grungy and Gross quick So You can probably you can find those Products on amazon or wherever you get Dog supplies But i think having a variety of lengths For specific training plans is a good Idea Um have i tried google Any suggestions on border collie rabbit Chasing I mean you know teaching your dog Redirecting their attention to you being Really consistent about that going out Of your way to reinforce them when they Do pay attention Having the proper mindset and Understanding that it can take a while Making sure that you’re controlling your Dog’s environment all those things are Critical i talk a lot about i know That’s a lot to digest in a lie but I would check out my second book if i Were you or youtube videos where i Demonstrate it for free

To really get the breakdown of how to Deal with reactive behavior or your dog Running away or not listening at all and Things like that Wow Can we have a george update he’s the Love of my life oh my gosh george the Pit bull He yeah i mean i gotta tell you and chop Two i mean these dogs Steal your heart so quickly Something about big strong Smart dogs that just warm your heart Actually all dogs warm your heart Do i fly my dogs to alaska well we drove Up and we flew back So yeah i traveled Both Ways with them which was interesting Because i don’t typically fly Or in the past i’ve been a little Uncomfortable with flying uh dogs not so Much anymore though i’m pretty confident At least with my dog inertia she’s very Tolerant in those environments she zones Out and when i was thinking about it it Was like i could drive to when we drove To alaska it took about eight days of Driving and she was in the crate eight Hours a day As we drove and You know she was fine She seemed to be fine on the airplane Didn’t seem to stress too much she was a

Little anxious when Um we dropped her off but she seemed to Recover quite well from what i could see So yeah She was in a pressurized climate Controlled environment we flew her under The plane but we made sure that she was In the proper environment um so it’s the Same conditions as the cabin and i think She she’s the kind of dog that would Almost prefer that because she’s in her Crate she’s got her space She likes to sleep when there’s that Slow steady Rumble of the plane so Yeah Uh let’s see here what do we got here Opinion on prong collars i mean i don’t Use prong collars um I don’t think It doesn’t matter what i think the Science seems to indicate they’re Unnecessary for training if you look at The Current advisement from absab and other Similar organizations around the world They Prong collars appear to be unnecessary So if they’re unnecessary according To people who study this topic even a Lot more than i do then i have to Consider that because it’s also been my Experience that i haven’t found an Occasion where i’ve deemed them

Necessary other people have and i mean That’s the big debate in dog training There are politics in dog training it Seems that there shouldn’t be i try to Stay clear of that i just try to look at The science and Um Of course i have to balance that with my Experience as well And try to do as well as i guess that’s All any of us can do isn’t it and I train bird dogs they are necessary so Yeah you see i mean a lot of people a Lot of people do find them very Necessary And i haven’t worked with hunting dogs In that capacity before i’m mainly Focused on teaching people how to train Their pets to be obedient and be good Dogs and do tricks and pay attention and Work on reactivity those kind of common Issues i see this question a few times Can a hot a husky live in a hot climate I mean I i suppose they could provided you have Air conditioning and you’re not keeping Them outside for a long period of time Maybe consult with a vet Um To to make sure but i think as long i Don’t know that it would be a good idea For a husky to live outdoors in a hot Climate In fact i think that’s probably not a

Good idea What what i have heard but Good question Have i ever considered a small dog Series sure have Stay tuned Yep i’m glad yeah small dog has been a Huge request So You know i listen to you guys the big Question for me is what’s after the Small dog series like what is the next Theme earlier someone mentioned the Rescue greyhound Uh series which i kind of like the idea Um i also like the idea of bree Potentially Taking the reins and training a dog like Like seriously giving herself a few Weeks of serious focus of training a dog Because she’s not really she’s more of a Casual trainer than she is like okay We’re gonna stay on schedule focus on This stuff for a few weeks and See where we are at the end of it So i think those might be Some of my ideas but yeah i would love To you guys guide us as much as we guide Us Uh hi maya check why my puppy Lies down on his pee tray in the cage Instead of On the bed i provide okay from singapore Uh i don’t know i i suppose i mean

Sometimes i wonder why my dog will sleep On the floor versus the bed even when it Seems like it’s really chilly it’s extra Cold And i think it’s just probably the Preference of the dog it’s probably got More to do with texture than anything Like dogs in the mood for that type of Texture under them rather than maybe a Bed where they might feel more warm i’m Just guessing But maybe How long did it take me to train my Border collie Well i mean dogs are always in training So i’m never done i’m working on new Tricks with her all the time um And playing frisbee and stuff and just Trying to give her a happy life but On the inertia playlist we currently Ended it with that very question i’m Gonna probably add to it over time i Would think but we’re kind of in a Holding pattern as we focus on these Other series right now to make sure We’re giving you guys enough variety Uh and relatable material so But you know uh one to two years is what I say when it comes to training a dog Not because It takes one to two years for dogs to Understand basic concepts but it does Take one to two years for them how to Understand

How to behave in a variety of contexts And settings and I mean life experience there’s just no Way around that for any mammal they all Need that life experience So tolerance and patience and it’s well Worth Focusing on making that first two years Have a heavy emphasis on training and Taking your dog in a variety of places And and things like that to give or or Give them a variety of experiences is How i Guess i mean to say that Just trying to pick a question i’m Reading inertia is doing well we were Just playing brisbane i guess she’s Sleeping right now Um anyway she’s somewhere back there Probably in the house But she’s doing really well i mean she’s Doing great She’s the perfect dog what can i say uh I mean she’s a perfect dog for me she’s Wonderful she’s Level two dog on her energy level most Of the time Meaning middle of the road Plays frisbee Which i like Um Good fetch dog really bright She’s just great Loves other dogs

Nice bonus It’s yeah Is it possible to train two dogs at the Same time yeah that’s another thing Actually we were thinking about Featuring in a series uh no not really Probably it’s not ideal because ideally You get It’s just like three times the work do You know what i mean yeah you can do it But The way that i would go about it would Be training each dog individually while One is up getting them used to being Apart so they’re not always together but Still giving them plenty of time Together To play when it’s appropriate but Mainly because it’s exhausting for the Human probably It’s not as practical to be teaching Them new concepts simultaneously because It’s easy for them to get distracted by Each other and That kind of complicates training Could it be done sure but it does become Complicated So you’re just adding more work to the Pile but you know A lot of people have great success with It Uh do i recommend it not necessarily but We’re thinking about doing a series like That anyway like okay so you have gotten

Two because people will see a litter They’ll be like man i just can’t choose I’m getting them both And Uh people do find themselves in that Situation so that’s why i was Considering doing a series where we do Train two dogs at once So we’ll see What’s my opinion on beagles I love beagles I mean when people ask me what i think About specific dogs what comes to mind With beagles is they’re good all around Dogs um But i just really don’t like Stereotyping Because you get so many different Personality types within the same breed So you’ll get couch potato beagles You’ll get high energy beagles you’ll Get ones that will stay by your side Really naturally you’ll get others that Want to run off i mean Like My general it feels feels this is not Scientific but it feels to me like only 60 of dogs within a specific breed Mostly adhere to their stereotype it’s Kind of that i don’t know what do other Dog trainers watching this have an Opinion on that um I mean sure many of them will adhere to Their stereotype but so many of them

Don’t and so that’s why it’s kind of not Helpful to say well i like beagles Because This this and this and you know Bear in mind this is coming from someone Who’s had four border collies so i do Need to call out my hypocrisy a little Bit i have a love of the breed in General um I do like their stereotypical sharpness And focus though as you’ve seen with the Nurses she does not adhere to A totally uh Traditional border collie and that’s Good to me that’s what i was seeking i Was looking for more of a dog that would Make a great pet than a real high-energy Dog who has the genes to herd cattle Endlessly do you know what i mean So You look a bit tired can i ask if you Take care of yourself i try to take care Of myself i’m drinking hot water right Now I try to drink a lot of water uh try to Stay active um I am getting tired A little bit sometimes whoops there we Go Appreciate the honesty though Views on golden retrievers i love i love It guys Goldens are great I mean they are i mean you know

All-around dog if you’re going by what They’re supposed to be Also i’ve heard they’re One of the top bite dogs who Bite people Could have to do with their large Numbers i’m not sure and i don’t even Know if that’s status quo anymore or if It ever was it’s just something you hear From time to time as a trainer Glad you guys are enjoying it oh my gosh 700 people are in here holy cow i was Thinking we had like 45 people Because you know lives Well that changes everything i feel like I need to sit up straighter or something You guys are asking me what i think Finnish lap hounds is that what i don’t Know that breed i actually don’t know That breed there’s so many breeds out There Honestly i’m not an expert on breeds by Any means For many of the reasons that i gave you But i’ve also found in my travels Internationally and even around the United states it’s really interesting That you see Breeds that are more regional that you Don’t really encounter like in alaska a Lot of village dogs for example which is A breed we have recently learned 75 percent of dogs in the world are Village dogs allegedly we heard that

From bark And that that’s a fascinating stat Um And You know in the uk of course you had a Lot of lurchers and border collies and Um You know In higher numbers so it’s it’s kind of Cool you realize how many breeds you’re Unaware of when you travel more Like here we get a ton of pit bulls Obviously in the south Very common and the village dog is the Counterpart probably in the north uh at Least in alaska where we are Atlanta’s just got a bit of everything Those are the three cities we spend our Time in so Mm-hmm Um can i make a routine video A morning routine yeah Well you know guys i gotta tell you uh Those of you who are asking can i make a Routine video i may not title the videos That way but that’s exactly what reality Dog training is all about it is our Routine throughout the training process How i start the day how we end the day So we do try to give you Um Exactly that because you’re right Routine is everything you have to Understand you have

To routine is valuable i shouldn’t say It’s everything but it’s very valuable To have Regina and that that’s what the series Is dedicated so rather than tell you About it i would Encourage you to watch our reality dog Training series or new puppy survival Guide or The dog training experience with inertia This is the series we currently have on Our youtube channel My dog is inside because we played Frisbee I don’t know if she’s i don’t know if She looks i think she’s sleeping Thank you so much for the five dollar Tip that’s very nice of you do not give Me any money but thank you for giving That but i’m not i’m not asking for any Tips today and just wanted to connect With you guys because we haven’t talked In a while so Um But yeah this is this is great i g Animation series I don’t know guys Maybe a dalmatian that would be pretty Cool I’m still i’m loving your ideas here for Uh For New series ideas Any plans to compete and just be with

Inertia probably not Here’s why I used to do three competitions in fact I won five championships in dog frisbee Competitions that’s how i came and came To be a dog trainer originally And I love it But what you In order to compete at the highest Levels of dog frisbee you really need to Focus on that craft like every single Day more or less and your focus is Getting a routine together that you do Over and over very like much like a Figure skating routine i would imagine i Maybe they change them But you get that routine down and you Enter it in a variety of competitions And you know you tweak it based on the Rules of that competition but your core Routine At least the way that i competed would Remain the same so you’re doing the same Thing over and over and trying to Asymptotically improve it and make it Better and better But That doesn’t work for my current career You guys would not want to see me do The same routine over and over again With a frisbee dog and that really is Where my focus is and this requires many Hours of work i know you

It is true that i am a dog trainer but It’s also true that i’m a full-time Content creator as well with the staff To manage and a business to manage so It’s less practical to compete in Frisbee dog competitions for that reason Let me see did i what Oh That’s such a compliment lexi lexie Asked if i studied science In college because you think that i did Uh i i mean i’ve always been predisposed To scientific thinking facts reality Empirical evidence things like that brie My wife has a science degree i do not um And She shares i remember because i was with Her she was going through college And she would share Fun stuff without You know The interesting facts over the years and It really has Helped me just double down on scientific Thinking and really appreciate it what i Love what i love about science i say This all the time but It Is almost exclusively More interesting than anything you could Ever imagine up if you’re trying to come To a conclusion do you know what i mean So It

That’s that’s what continues to blow me Away about it like when you actually do Decide to do the experiment and get into It So it’s inspiring to me and Yeah so that’s what i have to say about Science Good nights You guys are these these are great Questions you’re doing really well chop The chop series has continued to just Exceed expectations I feel like We’re challenging ourselves in these Series trying to make them better and Better And focus on different things with each Dog and i hope that comes off to you Guys and i really appreciate the Constructive criticism that you guys Leave all the time we listen to that I love criticism so bring it on really Seriously it only helps us do better I train a wolf i don’t know that i could Train a wolf Wolves are not dogs do you know what i Mean what i And this is actually an important Distinction really because they get Lumped together by pop culture and dog Training a lot like be the pack leader And really like Uh focus on being the alpha wolf and It’s it’s kind of misleading number one

There’s it’s messy here because there’s Two Big things we have to understand number One dogs Have been specifically bred by humans To cooperate with humans over thousands Of years so that’s like the single Common thing we selected for when making Dogs over thousands of years We made copies of the ones that were Good at listening to us second secondly You have the fact that there’s no such Thing as an alpha wolf Just like in human families This is what this is what the science Says so take it or leave it but this is What current science seems to bring wolf Behavior as Is that um Oh gosh Authority for lack of a better term Tends to shift between certain members Of the wolf pack And if i’m interpreting here Uh As a layman Think about how With your mom You may not Ask her To go get ice cream but with your dad You might because you know that He’ll do it and she won’t you know and So

It’s kind of like You know different different parental Figures assert themselves differently Contextually so it’s much more nuanced Than be the pack leader and be a leader And Focus on disciplining your dog also it Is a myth too this is another big Overstated thing people a lot of people Believe That wolves are very forceful with each Other when interacting with each other To to Change behavior and Um That’s not naturally how they Communicate nor is it natural for dogs Even though dogs may you know certainly Give up You know they’re not killing each other They’re not attacking each other they’re Not grabbing each other by by the neck Harshly Or or anything like that you know They’re they have ways of communicating That might look harsh but in reality Aren’t really that harsh Um So It’s my understanding also that breeders Will You know certainly A good breeder will not Stand for a dog who’s too rough with

Their puppies or or things like that so Um Another pretty popular myth in dog Training it’s tough to over Come a lot of these I want to say outdated beliefs but i Know that can be Divisive sounding i’m not even trying to Sound like that i’m just going again Where the evidence leads and it’s normal I mean i can’t count how many times in My life i thought something was true and Then i found out oh yeah actually that’s Not true And to me it’s like why should that be Any different in dog behavior So How many of you guys by the way have Seen today’s episode uh let me see let Me see how it’s doing really i gotta Check on it i’m sorry i know it’s live Just hang out for a second i just want To see i like to see the real-time views Over the first few hours of a video To kind of see where it stands youtube Gives you really good analytics this One’s doing quite well Doing very good it could do better but It could do worse it’s one of those So Let’s see Yeah we could probably tweak the Thumbnail or title we’ll see Anyway i think it’ll do well over the

Long time over the long term too That’s also true on youtube we really Try to focus on evergreen content that Tends to get used over a long period of Time If you’re an inspiring content creator Go for it That i mean that’s maybe something you’d Want to consider Chop’s dna reveal that’s a good question I was wondering the same thing Brie is on top of that she’s curating The storyline of the series more than i Am she’s in charge of this series and Doing a spectacular job i might add i Think You guys would agree with that it’s not Easy doing something like this Usually it’s a team of many more people Doing stuff like this so But she has a vision and she is Executing upon it That’s admirable Gotta snap the ball I won’t do many more sports metaphors Thank you yeah he’s an amazing producer Yeah i mean you know it’s she get you You have to like she’s been doing this Long enough that she Has a better vantage point and many Things better than i do so i think It’s been real valuable plus i want her To I just i want really know how to

Do everything and she does So Have i thought about getting a new dog Yeah we think about it we think about it We do travel a lot so it’s something we Kind of need to weigh and consider but How long did it i’m i’m I’ll be honest with you guys i’m the Questions i’m responding to i’m gonna Respond to the shorter ones because They’re going by so quick oh what are my Hobbies outside of dog training oh i’m Glad you asked well recently i have Discovered tell me if you guys are into This have you guys discovered the oculus Quest not a sponsor It’s virtual reality headset So i’ve been i’ve that’s a recent Discovery Of mine and It’s Blown my mind uh resident evil 4 Specifically is the greatest game i’ve Ever played on the oculus version Specifically Um Yeah i’m interested in investing outside Of dog training So I consider myself an investor um And yeah those are my two big things at The moment investing in virtual reality And youtube youtube tik tok and Instagram

How long have i been training someone Asked um I’ve been training i think this is my 18th year It’s either 17 18 or 19 years some one Of those three but i think 18 pretty Sure about that or close to if not I know that’s crazy to say Uh let’s see how do i manage my time With dog training and hobbies i mean That’s a great question that is Um It’s a it’s a struggle but you know Something you you try to work on I mean We’re just we’re just really Focused on trying to build the best Thing we can brie and i for youtube i Mean our heart is in it i hope that Comes off i’m not even trying to I guess i’m saying this because i want You guys to know That we listen to you we value What you Ask for what you say what you criticize All of that so Thank you i guess what i’m saying is Thank you for helping us be better City based dog training yeah we are Considering doing a city-based dog Training series in atlanta because our House in atlanta is right smack in the Middle of the city um So

Exactly we’re thinking about that and we Have do a degree with inertia honestly So we definitely We definitely touched on city training Quite a bit in the inertia series even The kona series was pretty good new Puppy survival guide Uh those are the ones i would look to For now if you’re looking for that but Yes Let’s see George is doing fantastic last i heard I’m thrilled with Alex and george and oh man he’s so lucky To have such a loving Person in his life Do i think shock collars are inhumane i Mean i stay away from language like that Um i don’t use them But the science seems to indicate that They are unnecessary to use that’s That’s all i need to say about it Because that If science shows shows me they’re Necessary Then i’ll i’ll can i’ll reconsider my Opinion but um I mean there are the thing is i Understand the points about like for the Safety of the dog and um because that Makes a lot of sense If in one capacity of thinking Or way to ban it to keep them Like using

Or training in a more contained Environment things like that uh where You can work up through off leash Training and things like that where It may be less necessary or necessary We’re doing meet up probably but again For the look i’m not judging people who Use things i get A dog training culture right now But i’m not like the kind of trainers Like oh you’re a terrible person if You’re using an e-collar It’s my Put forward what i know how to do it’s Your job it’s the public to determine What you’re going to do I have no authority over you i cannot Tell you what to do and what not to do That is for you to decide And there are many varieties and many Different trainers out there that you Can look at and Make your own determinant I Know what i mean A saint bernard series you’re Recommending that would be Tips for extreme anxiety that Well In general approach to that is Taking a position of Count conditioning your dog trying to Counteract Triggers light triggers ideally at first

Uh very far away from the thing if Possible that causes them To React In an anxious way Providing a positive outcome you know Bottom line so counter conditioning Desensitizing your dog to whatever Causes them To behave anxiously Meaning give them low level exposure to That thing whatever that is we’re Talking about that currently in the chop Series as a matter of fact in our very Next episode coming out wednesday i Believe you’re going to see a good Example of all of this so i highly Recommend we got Three videos coming out in the next Seven days four if you count today’s Video so it’s going to be a busy week And i hope all of you watch all of the Videos Um Because They’re good i think they’re good i’ll Let you determine that but And of course exercise as well uh Exercise can be depending on the type of Anxiety we’re talking about but It seems that exercise can alleviate a Lot of anxiety with dogs structured Exercise specifically in form of fetch Or or anything that involves your dog

Using their mind engaging with a human And moving Vigorously over the course of an hour With breaks as needed within that hour The reason i think it’s good to involve A human with that is because remember Like we were discussing earlier Dogs are predisposed to take direction From people that it seems to be where They feel most complete when they’re Engaging with a person in a vigorous Manner at least the high energy dogs Anyway The ones who have that kind of energy Not all dogs are like that And so that seems to fulfill them in a Unique way that say playing with other Dogs or taking a walk around the block Does not that’s the hypothesis Oh boy Puppy steve’s steels and thieves all day Into everything Yeah what should you do control your Dog’s environment put them on a leash Put up those puppy gates block off areas That your dog can get to we talk about This extensively go ahead and check out New puppy survival guide or dog training Experience with inertia from the Beginning i’ll talk about that quite Early in both of those series because It’s an important one Oh boy i’m trying to field these Questions as i can a nurse is doing

Great What’s the easiest breed to train Depends on the dog Not Not the breed Would i ever come to colorado i hope so I’ve been to colorado a few times That was our we considered colorado over Our anchorage house for a little bit um It has many advantages but in the end we Love anchorage But i that doesn’t mean i won’t come to Colorado though i could still do that so What did i do before dog training Uh Okay so i grew up in an entrepreneurial Family um My mother is a real estate investor My dad owns a jewelry store And he’s a Been a jeweler for decades So yeah i i i didn’t like grow up in an Animal household so to speak So what to answer a question i was i was In real estate um i sold real estate Before i was a dog trainer in my early 20s I got my license in real estate when i Was 18 and Did that for like six or seven years it Overlapped with my dog training career For a little bit but then i was just Like When you find your passion sorry when

You find your passion when you find that Thing that You hadn’t necessarily been exposed to But you know it when you see it that’s How dog training was For me it was like This is what i want to do you know i i Hope All of you have had that pleasure at Some point and if you haven’t i hope you Do at some point to find Whatever that thing is that Opens your heart and makes you excited From the moment you open your eyes in The morning Um Because that’s the thing you need to Listen to in my opinion Whatever that is you know Because if you’re that excited about Something you Can endure All of the growing pains to get to where You want to be i guess Not that i’m by any means where i want To be but i’m very content and happy With Our situation Vermont i’ve driven through vermont In like 30 seconds what i remember about Vermont i think i was going to new york Is vermont even south of new york i feel Like it is right if you’re going up the East coast

Or is it not anyway for whatever reason I was driving through Vermont it was like welcome to vermont And like It felt like 30 seconds later it was Like thank you for visiting vermont It was lovely what i saw of it i’ve Heard it’s beautiful though Um What was let me see i saw a question About indy over here What was indy like indiana our dog who Recently passed away She was Legendary Very um if you’ve seen game of thrones She was the dragon Drogon That was her personality In her head you know Too late to become a dog trainer at 45 i Wouldn’t think so i wouldn’t think so i Mean I’m 42 so we’re pretty close of age um No i mean i don’t think any age If i found something i loved more than Dog training i would do that too you Know so Oh Glad you guys like the series finale of George Did indy ever get aggressive with other Dogs No not as a general rule she would have

I mean she definitely had spats like we Would have spouts when we had four dogs Under a house there would be occasional Well yeah there would be occasional Confrontation so i i mean she’s gotten Into fights before it’s happened but I mean Less than i can probably list on one Hand But it does happen sometimes Any good books I like dog training revolution Zach george’s guide to a well-behaved Dog There’s a lot of good dog training books Out there i mean i would check out karen Pryor patricia mcconnell um there are a Couple of ones that come to mind I mean my friend chris parondy has an Excellent trick book out there uh like What is it 101 dog tricks or uh it’s Easy to find just search for purandi and Trick dog book i mean it’s a really well Done book Um Oh gosh i can’t anyway I’m drawing a blank at the moment but Those Help at the moment ian dunbar of course I like ian dunbar a lot Uh even dogs decoded is a pretty good Book um Is college necessary to become a dog Trainer no

No but a good understanding of modern Behavior methods and uh Is Required i’d say That’s the thing like dog training some We were talking about science earlier in This live cast and Dog training is a scientific profession And so I do find it to be a bit of a red flag When i hear Fellow professionals and i’m just peer Reviewing again i’m nobody okay but when I do hear Fellow professionals dismiss science a Little too easily which is different Than being skeptical of scientific Findings i mean they’re different you Know but The skepticism also meets because i Think what people who aren’t formally Trained in science They may not fully appreciate How The craft of science goes out of its way To correct for those things do you know What i mean to correct for the Miscalculations and correct for the Things they missed and repeat the Experiment and make them better make Sure it’s peer reviewed uh the only i Mean the best way to get famous in Science is to go out and disprove a Widely accepted thing and then

Show your evidence and see it can be Repeated and so forth so anyway the Point is i’m talking about this why That’s why i think it’s important to be Very scientific minded if you are going To become a dog trainer um make sure you Understand the scientific method If you it’s been a while since high School for many of you perhaps but you Know i mean commit it to memory because If you run everything Through the filter of the scientific Method you’re probably going to be Better off at least that’s what i think I don’t know So Point being Focus on science if you’re gonna be a Dog trainer or accept at least that you Are in the scientific profession animal Behavior See Dog training revolution is a great book Seriously oh thank you appreciate that It’s on amazon Uh my dog is dreaming right now while I’m watching this dog’s dreaming is so Wonderful Always trying to interpret what they’re Thinking but we can never know that’s Also so important if you’re a dog Trainer it’s one of the first lessons You need to understand you can never Presume to know what a dog is thinking

I mean you can Guess but be very honest with yourself That it is a guess How do i deal with defensive guarding Behavior resource guarding i guess You’re talking about uh we’ve dealt with That In pretty much every series we’ve done So i would look at those but in general Counter conditioning your dog Giving them positive experiences and Giving them good things so in the case Of resource guarding if your dog snaps At you with a bone giving them something They want more sometimes it’s a toy that You can throw off Into the other direction while you take The bone away and then reward them with A toy or reward them with a piece of Real turkey or chicken or something like That something that’s Likely to get their attention off of the Bone and hand it back to them don’t Withhold it forever to validate their Concerns It’s much better if you watch my videos Pancake is a decent one pancake the Corgi Um but i would look more at my more Recent series i’d probably do a better Job Today than i did then Uh did our home survive the hurricane Well we’ve only been back here for a

Minute um and i yeah it did have some Damage like the gutters got knocked down But apparently uh i had our favorite Contractor come out and he took care of All that so i didn’t see any of the Damage but it got fixed by the time i Was back so that was fun How do you choose a dog Man that’s such a personal thing i mean Um I i mean i talk about it in my book but There’s so many ways to go about it Because i’ve been in your shoes very Recently and i’m always in your shoes Moving forward because i consider These foster dogs sometimes um Well i mean the obvious things are your Lifestyle how much time do you have for A dog things like that do you want a High energy dog you want a low energy Dog you want a dog in between and do you Understand what comes with all of those If you get a low energy dog you’re Likely not going to have a frisbee or Agility dog champion if you get a high Energy dog You’re likely going to have to spend a Lot of time each morning working with Them and getting their energy out if you Want ideal behavior out of them so and Again i go into detail on that i think In book number one dog training Revolution or i have a video on it as Well and that’s free and you can watch

It now too so don’t feel like you have To Spend money I cannot even see now let me see what’s Going on here the sun’s so bright Trying All right well oh i’m up all the way Here i guess i’m going to wrap this up You guys It was a great live Thank you if you want to see more of These lives I may may i’m not promising anything but I may do more on instagram and tick tock So follow me on both of those you can Find me very easily over there and yeah We’ll see you later if i can ever figure Out the screen Stuck here Bye guys Okay x does that Want this

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