Week 1: This is what I’ve Taught My Puppy! Housetraining, Biting, Leash Walking,, & more!

Week 1: This is what I’ve Taught My Puppy!  Housetraining, Biting, Leash Walking,, & more!

Puppy training after 1 week! Potty training, Puppy biting, Crate Training, leave it and more will be covered in this episode!
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We’re in that crime teething season and Biting season right now you can just Look at my arms right here There’s bite marks all over them I’m Zack George I trained dog and this is my New dog inertia I’m taking you along as I train her from day one You can start from the beginning or pick Up anywhere and start learning Welcome to the dog training experience This episode we’ll see where inertia is After one week of training and gets Started on her second week this may be The most important episode yet inertia You’re such a lucky dog your new pup box Is here which is great because I need Some new stuff to train you what box Delivers age-specific toys and treats Plus other items that are designed to Help you train your dog that comes with This card each month that helps you stay On track with your training I mean You’ve got to have a Kong for sure you Have a puppy They included puppy say peanut butter For your calling – looks like we got Some sweet potatoes and some dog treats You know I’ve been trying so many Different treats with her sometimes She’s responsive to one type of treats Sometimes another type just depends what She’s in the mood for I mean dogs are Like us in that way they crave different Things at different times so having a

Huge variety of treats is something that Pup Fox takes care of for you pup boxes Giving viewers of this video 50% off of Your first pup box when you sign up for A 3 6 or 12 month subscription just go To pup box calm slash to Zack and use Discount code Zack I’ll have a link Below what’s going on youtube it has Been one week since I’ve had an Ursa now And I thought it would be a good idea to Give you just an overall update on her Progress where she is where we’re having Issues what we’re working on I have no Idea how she’s gonna do on her weekly Report card fingers crossed let’s start With one of the biggest issues that any New puppy parent faces chewing and play Biting kind of like you’re seeing right Here my shoelaces can’t stay tied for More than a minute or so this issue of Her play biting is actually intensified And gotten really out of control we’re In that prime teething season and biting Season right now she just bites and Bites everything that she comes into Contact with you can just look at my Arms right here There’s bite marks all over them as I Tell you guys very often it’s not Reasonable to expect the dog to just Stop biting it gets worse before it gets Better at this As far as bite inhibition goes teaching Her to bite with appropriate force

Making you know a little bit of progress There I’ve been really careful to give Her plenty of things that are acceptable To buy it on because they need to bite At this age so obviously lots of play Lots of chew toys Lots of biting it’s the point in short I’m not discouraging the biting I’m Encouraging the biting but with Acceptable items because I have lots of Plans for her to use that mouth to grab All sorts of things and use it for Training and rewards so I want her Really comfortable biting and I want her To know how to bite and when to bite and When it’s socially acceptable and when It’s not this is socially acceptable Inertia very good I’ve been doing a lot Of redirecting when she’s chewing my Shoelace like that you know I have Watching these toys on the standby to Try and get her attention on it rather Than disciplining her and getting her in That frustrated mindset of oh gosh what Did I do wrong this time I still want to Keep her in a really trainable upbeat Mindset get look at that she’s thinking About it she’s like yeah take the Shoelace She’s been loving this toy all day but For whatever reason she prefers the Shoelace right now so I tell you what Let’s try something a little bit Different let me see if I can get her

Attention off of the shoelace right here Hey what’s that you want this okay let Me go with one of my freeze-dried treats Here see if that works I’ve got a Variety of different treats that I’m Testing out to see what she likes good Job I’m gonna just click her and reward Her for paying attention to the lure Let’s see if we can get her over here Hey I love it Remember the clicker just means good dog I like what you did here is something Great how about a sit yes and she’s Gonna go into it down cuz I already know That so I’m gonna say down good job to Be clear I am not rewarding her for Chewing the shoelace I’m rewarding her For following my lure going into a sit a Down that actually leads into my next Update really well clicker training when I first got her she wasn’t very Responsive to the clicker very quickly Because that takes time but now she’s Really really making the connection I’m Actually just going to clicker and Reinforce this calm settle right here Naturally there are times when we’re Outside now clicker and try to offer her A treat and she’s like no I’m much more Interested in the smell of the grass Right So at those times I just kind of back Off and let her explore rather than Trying to reinforce any behavior high on

My list is teaching her a reliable game Of fetch I’m trying to use lots of toys To teach her fetch then she’s receptive Got her on a long lead of course hey we Can lots of noise and running away from Her seems to be helping so far as far as The elements of fetch go she’s doing Really decent on tug and let go She’s pretty consistently chasing the Toy not always bringing it back is her Biggest issue that were working on right Now she tends to veer off but for a nine Week old dog she is right on target so I’m really proud of her I’m also careful To keep my fetch lessons very short Right now since she’s so young the first Few weeks of having any dog is really About acclimating them to the house and Building that bond with them I love Building a bond through play when I have A playful dog but every dog is unique in That area you really just kind of have To find your own unique way to build the Bond between you and every individual Dog I’ve been encouraging order to do a Lot of free play just taking her out in The yard letting her sniff around of Course when she starts to pick up things She’s not supposed to I either Redirector or sometimes I have to just Pick her up and relocate her letting the Dog explore and just do a little bit of Their own thing that’s very important at This age that’s so they can start to

Really get to know the world I want to Be able to get her to play on cue just About as close to 100% of the time as Possible when I ask her to the reason I Want to do that is because I want to be Able to get her very motivated to work For a toy and learn new behaviors Because tug-of-war can be one of the Most powerful currencies in the world so If she’s a tug dog I want to make sure We have lots of structure to play in Tug-of-war and that she really loves it I’m really just trying to get her hooked On this game right now so that’s going Pretty well we’ve done a few vet visits With her already she’s done extremely Well I couldn’t be more excited about How well she’s doing on her handling I’ve been really desensitizing her by Touching her feet her nails or stomach Her ears the inside of her mouth the House hollering she is right there you See that that’s awesome I’m gonna stop And quit while I’m ahead there but that Was a really good example in terms of Like obedience training were not that Far along I wouldn’t say but I don’t Expect to be with some kind weak old dog Yet one thing related to obedience we Have been working on is sit down back up I said there’s nobody you know let’s Scoot you back sit Yes good job so she’s going into the sit And the down good I’ll take that too

Here you go In terms of potty training she’s had What what do you think where he maybe Like four or five accidents well poop Yeah maybe like maybe one a day and it’s Always because I’m being careless or I’m Being careless right but the good news Is she’s yet to have an accident in her Crate I’ve been letting her out very Consistently once an hour or so maybe a Little bit less than that every time I Let her out of the crate we immediately Go outside or to a potty pad in the House because remember I want her going On the pads and I want her going outside Because it gives me options in the Future over the last week she’s met lots Of new people and heard lots of sound And I’ve been there to really reinforce Good behavior when she encounters those Things sleeping through the night has Been a pleasant surprise with her so far I’ve only had to get up like once or Twice a night until last night where I Didn’t even have to get up at all now a Huge part of that I think is that I’m Working with her so much during the day And of course puppies like to sleep a Ton we’ve been putting a ton of time and Effort and energy into crate training Because it’s so important I think that If we have the opportunity to get it all Comfortable with the crate we should its Ultra convenient for their entire life

And if you make it a place that they Really want to be then you know you’re Giving them their own private bedroom The only time I’m actually putting her In the crate is when she is sleeping Like she passes out over here on the Floor then I’ll come over here pick her Up put her in the crate and she usually Just passes out but when she’s conscious Like this I’m insisting that she go in Voluntarily that was a really good Example and I want to show you what We’ve worked up to you let me go ahead And take her leash off we’ve worked up To being able to close the door good job This is part of her meal so I can be Really really liberal with her rewards Right now she ought to automatically Settle down in a second Because I’ve been capturing her settle Pretty frequently although she says She’s a little peppy right now and she Did just wake up from a nap a little While ago I’ll go ahead and click this Behavior – I like that she’s doing her Own thing notice that her frame of mind Appears to be pretty relaxed she doesn’t Appear to be very stressed or anything That’s really important with great Training let’s see if she lies down Automatically Spec’s she will there we go and you can See she’s hitting that lie down just Relaxing and I’m right there to capture

The behavior that’s what I’ve been doing I’ve just kind of been nonchalantly Walking around maybe in the kitchen or Whatever and when she comes and assumes That position when in the crate I come Over here and give her a couple of Treats you can see how much clicking and Rewarding is going on here in these Early stages that’s a really good thing To do learning at this age is so Impactful that you really want to seal It in now let’s talk about opening the Crate how many of your dogs will just Run out of the crate when you open it I Want her to hold her position I don’t Care if it’s a down or a sip right now But I want her to not come out of the Crate just because it’s open this is What we’re currently working on I don’t Know how she’s gonna do on this here Notice we have an open crate and she’s Not trying to get out just yet and I’m Trying to keep it that way By having this flood of treats come to Her when she does the right thing good Job okay see how she came out there Without permission I want to discourage that so I just Lured her back in rather than putting Her back in so let’s start over this Slowly here all right I messed up there I think I need to take a step back on my Training in other words let me only open The door when she’s in a more relaxed

Position like lie down and settle wave Her to settle settle good job and I’m Only intermittently saying things like Settle I’m not as much focused on her Building her vocabulary at this point as I am just getting her to understand how To behave contextually Okay come on okay yes good job Very good and so that’s letting her know It’s okay to come out now and see I Didn’t push her to failure that time I Really made sure that I was catching her Succeeding you can see she’s doing quite Well she’s on schedule to be a great Great dog remember that I cover all of This in both of my books I’ll have links To them in the description below so this Is where we are after one week of Training let’s get started on week two So in this training session I’m working On a few things with inertia I really Want inertia to understand what her name Is and all I’m really looking for is her To look up at me when I say her name Hey inertia right there so you can see Using a high-pitched voice really worked Well in her case I’m really rewarding The eye contact every time she looks up At me naturally you know so good job Okay I need to teach her how to respond To inertia and a more normal boys once I’m confident that she’ll respond to That high-pitched tone I’ll try using a more normal tone

Inertia good I just had a glance there I’m gonna shrink my training bubble up a Little bit Inertia just you see how I’m just Clicking every time she glances up at me As if to say inertia can have a treat Inertia good now we’ve got some rhythm Basically I want her to equate her name With paying attention to me inertia just Because your dog looks like they’re not Paying attention doesn’t mean they’re Not thinking allow your dog extra time To process new requests yes and I’m Clicking I just like her to know that Both of those mean the same thing so When I am caught without a clicker yes Will be a good substitute so that’s the Beginning of teaching her name I’m gonna Have to do this a lot but I want to Avoid saying her name like in a context Where she’s extremely distracted still Say we’re out on a walk and she wants to Pick up a leap off the ground and I’m Saying undershot inertia she’s unlikely To pay attention to me so I have to add Distractions that’ll be in the future But this is just a basic introductory Session come when called hugely Important skill I’ve been teaching Inertia that sit or down is to be held Until I say okay and so now what I’m Focused on doing is just bridging that Distance it’s really the same exercise But I’m gonna start to walk away from

Her and encourage her to come to me sit Okay come good job see how deliberately I’m saying come basic come when called In an indoor easy environment is what We’re doing here okay come yes and this Is really my favorite way to teach come Win call just going back and forth Whoops come good job Oh she got up did you see that I didn’t Say okay to release her from the sit so What are we to do well let’s put her Back into the sit make it a little bit Easier I’m gonna go ahead and click her For the sit keep her upbeat and on Frustrated okay Come good job you can see she’s still on The laces let me see if I call her name What happens inertia still chewing my Shoelaces but she offered her eyes to me So that’s one of those judgment calls You have to make I’m choosing to reward The eye contact in this case because she Stopped for a moment to look up I kind Of prefer that over everything but That’s what I’m talking about the nuance Two aspects of training it all let’s see How her lor training is going look how She’s getting a little frustrated right There because she’s like wait what do I Have to do to get that I’m gonna find Little reasons to reward right now to Minimize her frustration yes I’m yes Good there you go but luring with a Puppy can be a little clunky sometimes

See look at that she’s like fighting Biting she hasn’t discovered how to lick And be nice yet no that’s the best you Can just see her brainstorming like Crazy really just trying to understand What it is that I want here Pretty good training session I’m gonna Play with her now and let all that sink In and give her a good time see if I can Get her playing some fetch yes come good Girl good girl yeah and really honestly Even though I’m working on training Right now I’m more interested in just Getting her to play and have some fun And let loose a little bit so it’s not School all the time inertia what do you Say you want to go live on Instagram for The first time oh it’s true I’m just Focusing on reinforcing general good Behavior so I’m just clicking away one After the other right now to seal in That behavior or at least attempt to Let’s just say I empathize with those of You who they’re new puppy it’s a lot of Work if you want to keep up with our Progress in real time I’m at Zac Gorge On Instagram I’ll have a link below it’s Been yet another day this is a nurse’s Eighth day at It feels so much longer doesn’t it for The first six nights I was sleeping on The couch to kind of keep an eye on her And then last night for the first time I Was able to actually sleep in my bed

Which was wonderful but I kept watching Her with this camera over here and I Have an app on my phone so that was Really helpful and she made it all the Way through the night and I gave her a Kong from the pup box with a peanut Butter they included and she loved it You might notice I no longer have puppy Pads over here that’s because I am Adjusting my strategy a little bit since I want an Ursa to be able to go both Outside and on pads for her entire life I wanted to have the options I want her To know that she has a place that she Can go she has a tendency to nip at the Pad sometimes and sometimes pull them up If I leave her unattended with them I’ve Come up with a strategy that I’m testing Out with her to keep her from like Tearing up the pads now is rushed to the Pads cuz she’s been up here a while here She comes What is this I’m gonna toss these over Here just to immediately get her Interested this encourages her to be Less bitey see when dogs are in that Food mode they tend to be less likely to Play and rip things up this is a great Way to build that association of getting Something fun while going potty on the Pads so I feel like she’s done with this Particular potty break I’m just gonna Encourage her and we’re gonna go back Into the other room okay come on

Inertia Hey yes just that subtle bit of Attention I’ll go and reward that man This is a mess over here you guys aren’t Supposed to see all this getting your Crates good job I’m gonna go ahead and close the door Nice and slowly I’ve always been throwing in some kibble Or treats like that after the fact just To let her know I’m not gonna put her in There and then run she’ll continue to Get good stuff while the doors closed We’re gonna let her continue on with her Nap a little bit and then we’re gonna do Some training it’s time for our daily Training here with inertia as you can See she’s still working on biting the Shoelaces inertia there we go all right So it took a second there but that was Good I’m gonna acknowledge that I like That she stopped as usual here so we’ve Been doing that a lot I’m really Concerned with giving my dog a broad Vocabulary so today I really want to Work out look at me which is quite Similar to getting them to respond to Their name Hey look at me See little confusion there I said look At me and she’s like he’s asking me to Do something I wonder if I should go and Do it down but then I’m gonna withhold Let me let me see if I can insist that She hold this sit for a minute Good yes sit and up here look at me oh

Yeah look at me good yes Notice I’m shrinking my training bubble To really try to make it easier for her To understand I’m keeping the lure up Here so look at me it’s looking good Why don’t we try leave it I really Haven’t taught her basically but yet I’ve really been saving this for the Camera so watch what happens if I say Leave it and I drop it she goes and gets It well we can’t have that now she Shouldn’t go in either treat if I asked Her to leave it alone What if it was a squirrel what if it was Another dog or a cat I really want her To have that basic impulse control and Learn how to not go after things that She wants to go after when I asked her To weave leave it we’re just gonna hold The treat as she goes for it I’m gonna Close my hand I’m gonna wait for her to Show a little bit of voluntary restraint See how she’s biting my hand leave it See the idea is like she gives up she’s Like I can’t get a treat and I want to Acknowledge that she’s not being so Insistent leaving it alone in your hand Is pretty easy the lightbulb is just Starting to go off with leave it but see When I drop it that’s where she has Really been having the trouble to me a True leave it is when they will actually Take their attention off of the item You’re asking them to leave alone that’s

Why I like to teach they leave it look At me combo leave it now let me see if I Can get her eyes on me look at me yes Good so she gave me a subtle glance she Looked right back at the treat I’m Picking up the treat giving her a little Piece of it you can see how if she’s Processing the request there let’s try It with multiple treats here and move Them around a little more Leave it look at me Just waiting for him to make that Organic decision she’s a little can look At me I just had a fraction of a moment Of eye contact there so I’m gonna go Ahead and click and reward remember the Click means I like what you did you get Something good she’s very reluctant to Take her eyes off of this look how Focused she is but she’s learning that’s Not working when she goes for it after I Say leave it and you can see some of her Body language here is indicating that She’s a little frustrated so let me take A step back here let me go ahead and Reward her for the leave it to kind of Keep her optimistic and minimize that Frustration but when you do see this Frustration I’d read all the whining the Scratching the biting at the fur or Whatever all which are signs that a dog Might be getting frustrated be conscious Of that she’s not gonna learn everything In just a few days I’ve got my work cut

Out for me I’m gonna continue to work on Leave it and look at me over you know The coming days weeks months years However long it takes and here’s a note After a training session like that Getting your dog to do a little play Session seems to really help all of that New information set in play is also a Great way to reduce frustration I think It’s time to do an indoor leash walking Session with inertia she’s not yet ready For a full-on leash walking session Outside now keep in mind I have been Having her attached to me a lot Throughout the house to keep control Because I’m not letting her run Everywhere but this is gonna be her First official leash walking session I’m A big believer in introducing new Concepts in a distraction-free Environment or minimally distracting Environment like indoors here she’s Pretty acclimated to the studio it’s not Reasonable to expect a dog to walk well On leash outside until you teach them How to do it really well In an easy environment like inside so Let’s get started look at that that’s Puppy behavior right there I’m walking And now she’s gotten locked onto the Shoelaces that can really complicate a Leash training session if your dog does Something like this protocol here is to Redirect their attention onto you I’m

Just gonna block it with my hand see if I can get her attention on me hey Inertia Yes good job okay come on let’s go good Right there she got up she took one step Before she went for my shoelaces I Wanted to reinforce the ideal behavior I’m gonna continue to reinforce the Attention right now the fact that she’s Sitting and staying good girl okay come On rather than getting frustrated when She goes from my shoes and telling her No I am pre-empting that and Intercepting her before that very Predictable unwanted behavior occurs all I’m really concerned with is that she Kind of follows me while on leash right Now just back and forth I’m gonna really Try to reinforce that every dog is Different some dogs will pull straight Ahead other dogs will be a little more Reluctant at this point at least so far She’s kind of lagging behind me a little Bit I wanted to feel more comfortable to Walk with me okay come on Yes good girls let’s go the other way Up here good that was excellent she took A few steps you might have noticed she Was sniffing the ground there and then The moment she looked up at me is when I Clicked I’m trying to reward as many of These small moments as I can this is Literally her first leash walking Sessions she’s biting Balise okay yep

This is a proper leash training session For a puppy I’d say well I guess better That than my shoelaces but not really so Let’s do the responsible thing here and Show her the chicken good and sit thank You Good now what can we can we act like We’re trying a little bit here just a Little bit come on so you’re looking at Those shoelaces inertia here it was Necessary to have inertia on a very Short leash in order to prevent her from Getting to my shoelaces Now this certainly won’t train her to Stop biting my shoes but it at least Stopped another instance from occurring So she’s not reinforced for the biting Keep your expectations realistic with a Nine week old puppy we were able to make Some gains on leash training gear in This lesson she was pretty preoccupied With wanting to play and all of that so We’re gonna continue to work on that but She has a long way to go to learn proper Leash skills in our next episode inertia Will get her first official bath and Much more keep up with us every day on Instagram we post often sign up for pup Box subscribe to my channel and click The bell notifications of a year We notified every time we upload a video I’ll have links to everything below We’ll see you guys in the next episode Of the dog training experience

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