What Do You Do When Your Dog Tries To Bite You?

What Do You Do When Your Dog Tries To Bite You?

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Wait puffle boy is she being protective Is she gonna bite yeah look at I’m Zak George I trained dogs and this is my new Dog inertia I’m taking you along as I Trained her from day one you can start From the beginning or pick up anywhere And start learning welcome so the dog Training experience today an Ursa will Display more resource guarding behavior And I’ll show you how I continued to Struggle getting her attention in public Dogs need to eat every single day and That means you have to make sure their Food is always there and now there’s a Way to never run out of food while at The same time also eliminating the need To go to the store even if you are Willing to go to the big-box stores to Get your dog’s food there’s no guarantee They’re gonna have the exact formula That you’ll want and if you have to make A substitution you risk upsetting your Dog’s stomach Bottom line reclaim your time and never Run out of the food that you want you Can get $10 off your first three Automatic shipments from pet Flo when You enter code Zak 30 I’m gonna have the Details and link below one of the tricks That I want to teach inertia is how to Take a bow I just recently started Working on this trick and I want to show You guys what it looks like I’m using a Lure right now and you can see a nurse

Is really motivated by it and I’m just Holding it right there yes as she holds That position okay So right now that’s one of the big Issues is she kind of puts her butt down Prematurely chances are if you taught Your dog how to lie down with the lure They’re gonna think that that’s what You’re asking for at first really Getting them to understand that you want Them to keep the door behind up while Putting their front down can be a little Confusing at first we’re gonna start With really small increments yes good Yes so when her butt does go down I’m Just withholding the reward but it’s Really key not to just continue to Repeat that even if you have to take a Step back and acknowledge just the most Subtle following of the Lord yes like That then do that if necessary because It still means your dog is figuring it Out now let’s see if we can go for a Longer one Yes yes now watch this Oh almost yes wait yes yes Yes yes okay good She’s really nailing this it’s so Gratifying when your dog just starts Getting the hang of something new like This so quickly it really motivates you As the trainer and I think it motivates The dog as well because they get this Track record of succeeding with you and

It makes them want to work with you more And more and that’s a really good Quality to have in a dog when you’re Training them how’s figure eights come In let’s see we’ve been working a little Bit on figure eight so I’m still having To give her a signal but she’s going a Little bit more reliably now she’s doing Many reps yes good getting a little Frustrated there I think by biting my Pants leg yes yes yeah she got a little Frustrated there it’s like she was Saying I want more rewards than that I’m Gonna give her a short break right now Just because we’ve been doing a lot of Training if you like training tricks Like this check out my first book I’ll Give you instructions on how to teach Other tricks an Ursa knows enough things Right now that we can start to drill her And throw pop quizzes at her to make Sure that she understands how to do These things in a variety of contexts if You’ve done some basic training with Your dog they start to get accustomed to Do things in a specific order so it’s Important to mix up those orders so you Know I asked her to sit now many people Will ask their dogs to lie down after Sit right there so that’s good but maybe I might want to have her come back up Into a sit and give me a wave instead Sit and wave yes very good nice work Notice she’s doing most of these on the

First request as well Stan wait good sit Back into a stand wait Now wave while standing yes very good Sit good stand bow wait okay That’s all right that one was a new one I’ll reward you for the effort on that One let’s throw in a few more things Stand wait Okay let’s go wait Oh back here let’s Try that again stand Wait okay let’s go wait Since wave good job stand wait leave it Alone Look at me okay I was really good you Just kind of freestyle the things that You’ve been teaching your dog and get Really creative with it and try and make Sure there’s not a decipherable pattern In your technique Angela and cats behind Us let’s see if I can get her attention On me when she discovers the cat is There and her shy come she’s seen the Cat sit sit I barely have her she’s still really Intrigued by Angela the cat but she’s Been much better about paying attention To her she’s been getting a lot of Real-world exposure to Angela mostly When she’s playing with Indy because She’s generally more interested in in Indy than Angela with Angela being in The background she gets conditioned to Ignoring her and you throw in a couple Of swats from Angela and she starts to

Get the message that Angela the cat Doesn’t really want to have much to do With her right now hey Angela wanna Clear yes good yes Okay say hi a little letter say hi I’m Not gonna pick that battle and I like The peaceful coexistence right now so I Guess I’ll let it slide oh boy See she doesn’t wanna play with you good Job thank you for getting the hint okay All done let’s go over here I’m proud of An Ursa she’s doing really well around The cat and now for her grand finale Play dead okay come alive and give me a Hug okay we haven’t practiced that one Sit wait Hugs we’re here at puppy socialization Class again and this is a you know a Different group of dogs than our first Class I’m really curious to see how Inertia does with them last time we saw Them she was kind of the more outgoing Dog because she was the oldest dog but It’s been a little while now so they Probably grown a little bit I’m excited To see how it goes and the priority of This class is still socialization However I’m still curious to see how Reliable she is at listening to me with Treats in this highly distracting Environment because some classes you’ve Seen she’s been like no I don’t care What you’re saying even when all of the Other dogs are listening it’s so

Embarrassing Wow she’s instantly Lighting up here she definitely realizes Where we are she’s can’t even contain Herself look at the excitement oh let’s Go over here we’ll play later Come on Jeanette’s got a couple of dogs She’s training over here there’s several Feet of way and at first it was a little Tough to get a nurse’s attention but With treats he’s paying attention to me Semi reliably I think if I didn’t have a High-value treat right now I wouldn’t be Able to get her attention on me at all Here hold on we’re gonna sit no we’re Not saying hi we’ll say hi in a minute I’m trying to prevent the habit of Lunging towards a dog early in a nurses Life so on leash greetings are done Sparingly she’s very excited by the new Dogs in class we’ve got to teach inertia That just because there’s a dog around There’s a That we start reacting and running up to Them and doing all that other stuff time In a place for those things right yes She got real excited by brew over here And she’s channeling her discipline to Focus on the chicken right now so that’s Always good pretty close range but she’s Still quite excitable around any new dog As you can understand weight ignoring Sit here let me give her a second see if She’ll doing it yes that’s right very Good here I’m just gonna hold her she’s

Less likely to bark when I hold her We’ll just give her a bit of a break let Her kind of evaluate and take everything In so overall I mean she’s reacting Pretty well here to the dogs she has Some outdoors but it’s not sustained or Anything like that and it’s worth Mentioning to I did exercise her before Class so she’s less likely to be super Amped up we’re gonna practice weight and Then we’re gonna use the environment as The reward so wait okay go there we go I think that it’s safe to say that Inertia and Stevie the Great Dane are Becoming great friends now that she’s Had a play session with the dogs I think She’s gonna be more attentive so we’re Working on sit and down and stay well in The down position I’m really encouraged Right now that with all of these dogs Have really close range like this that She’s being a lot more responsive there I’m gonna release her from her down real Quick okay just cuz I want to do that Before she breaks on a road I’m gonna See if I can get her to stop looking at Through over here and get her attention On me Under something yes good give me a Glance she’s like I’m so born without And stay I want to play with the puppies Can you blame her I’m gonna try and be a Little more engaging and interesting to Her see if I’m gonna play data out of

Her weight yes good job you know we’ve Been working on foul so let’s see how She’s doing with that Whoops little confused up Stan wait Wow Yes wait wait yes wait yes okay good job [Music] Wait wait okay I’m loving how inertia is Playing more and more respectively I Mean you can see here she’s not being Too rambunctious nor is she being overly Shy in the past she’s been both nurses I Don’t know what to make of this do you Know how to play great puppy class along With class it’s vital to get out and Train in the real world we’re at the Park right now and as you know I’m Deeply committed to teaching inertia how To listen in public environments so Today we’re gonna do some training in Public and I’m gonna show you some Things that I like to do anyway that Make it a smoother process let’s check In and see how she’s doing with stay When I open the crate so I can leash her That’s very good automatically wait I’ll Give her some guidance very good this is A vital skill but as you’re about to see You cannot get overconfident Wait oh wait waffle boy okay see well There’s still work to do there that’s Exactly why we teach this there was a Failure of wait at the door I’m I’ve got Her now but look she’s out of the car Off leash that’s not ideal but let me

Get her leashed ASAP make sure we have Full control that’s scary when that Happens especially in a new place Because dogs are so enthralled by a new Place there’s an area of trees down here That’s gonna put us in a pretty good Position to do some desensitizing in Public and see how well she listens Right now we’re just gonna go through Our normal plan here of letting her Check out the new place smell the ground Get familiar with it there’s some Moderate polling going on right now Which I’m being tolerant of again Because she’s still pretty young and Because she’s in a new place my Expectations aren’t such that I expect Her to walk perfectly and pay attention To me perfectly just yet in a place like This I mean look there are pedestrians Everywhere there’s cars everywhere There’s certainly some amazing smells All over the place we’re gonna go over There cuz that looks like a perfect area To Train that’ll allow us to get a Little bit of distance from all of these Distractions and it puts us in a better Position to kind of alter the distance Based on how she’s responding because he Right now look at her she’s excited by Everybody here oh look at this this is Gonna be great guys do you see the Squirrel I don’t know if she’s Discovered the squirrel yet she just did

You can add squirrels to the mix there’s So much awesome wildlife at this part Which is why I like training here Because she needs to be able to listen Around things like squirrels in the Distance we have these young soccer Players lots of kids screaming and Making sounds that’s something that she Should be familiar with you see in her Show she sees the squirrel on the tree Over here oh boy okay a nurse no wait Okay so you can see where a lot of our Training is starting to come together a Little bit she really responded to wait Right there and when I asked her to come She came we’ve been doing a lot of Practice simulating stuff like this by Tossing treats and toys and other things That she wants to go after so her Impulse control is getting there but Look she’s not forgotten informally I Kind of refer to this type of training Session as screensaver dog training we Have this fixed path over here where People are walking and we’re a pretty Consistent distance away from this Tractions right now I’m letting a nurse Adjust take in a lot of these things That she may not have seen before I mean There’s roosters over here you don’t see That every day So first I’m gonna let her just take it In and then I’m gonna try now sort of do A few things and see how receptive she

Is to listening to those requests I’ve Deliberately placed us in a position Where I can easily change the distance At will if she started barking at a dog Right here I’ve got plenty of room to go Back there and try to get her attention On me the farther away she is presumably From a distraction the more likely she Is to pay attention conversely if she Continues to do well here I can go Closer and see how she does I’m really Just trying to avoid being caught off Guard in an organic real-life instance I Want to take the time to prep her for Being in public before just expecting Her to listen well while in public now I’m just gonna ask her to do some basic Things let’s see how she does Inertia come okay responsive to come When called all right so she’s offering A nice settle here it looks like Definitely want to reinforce that I want To get closer to all these people going By and see how she does it’s not an over 10 or 15 meters away from this crowd That’s really walking by she’s just now Starting to take an interest see if I Get her to look at me instead of the Distractions look at me yes I’m gonna be Okay with that glance wait wait but I’m Gonna let her take it in and explore and Look wait got someone running by there That’s a little more enticing than Someone walking okay good job let me

Release her there let’s get a little bit Closer and see how she does wait Sit wait let’s see however heel is Looking okay let’s go wait yes good look At me okay Let’s go wait good look at me Wait okay let’s go Wait yes look at me Let’s go you see okay Wait look at me good job Look at me okay wait what inertia here This way look at me Good okay all done You’re excellent got a little too Arrogant there and let go of the leash This is what so many pet parents do I Probably should have been holding on but I could just see it in her eyes that she Was pretty glued to the tree that was Incredible I mean I’m really surprised That she paid attention to her heel Training in this new place around people And everything else that this place has To offer that was a huge victory see This leave it look at me Yes screen saver dog training is going Pretty well right now this is a pretty Medium screen saver of course we’re Gonna work our way up to more exciting Screen savers in the future I’m sure but This is a way to start phasing it in and If she passes this test then that tells Me she might be ready for more after our Training session I like to see if I can

Get inertia to do some fun playing it Kind of seems to seal in their training A little bit more I have to get her off Of the ground distractions inertia What’s this so she’s not really into the Frisbee just yet I’ll try again in a sec See how she does let’s see if I can test Her on the squirrel over here you see it With distance let me see if I can get it Within range and have her hold her Position without chasing the squirrel Squirrel Let’s go it’s on the tree you see this Four along the tree yes nice inertia Come leave it let go let go Oh well Okay that was pretty good let’s go test Her around these chickens over here Inertia why did the chicken cross the Road to get away from you can you sit Good job Very good wait it’s very good good job This is amazing She seemed to have some apprehension of Cars in the past but she seems to be Getting over that now hey what are you Doing what is this inertia leave it Alone come on this way let’s go let’s go Yes good job that was a good example of Having to create distance in a hurry Because she became unresponsive there’s A dog over here on leash so let’s see How she does I’m not quite as optimistic Dogs are very exciting to her I’m

Intentionally going to have her sit and Hopefully wait at a distance with this Approaching dog I’ll selectively and Deliberately emphasize the word wait Here but avoid being overly repetitive I’m gonna up my rate of reinforcement Here wait good good job Wait that dog probably is very aware of Her weight oops Right there we had a failure wait yes Good look at me okay can’t get a look at Me the corrective action was just not Letting or advance towards the dog I Just kept the leash very still so she Wasn’t in a position to get reinforced For getting closer to the dog hey that Was huh So we’re near a frisbee golf course over Here and she sees these crispy golfers And naturally she’s curious about them So you’re smelling over their day good Job right now she is so much easier to Communicate with and she has been in Past training sessions as they go by Over here let’s see how she does Remember wait here that’s good inertia Nice you want to go into it down I’m Gonna encourage it down because it’s More stable most dogs are more likely to Hold their position when they’re in a Down versus a sit oh here’s another dog Coming up over here wait Want to be very clear about my Communication oh wow

We’ve been out here about a half hour And she is almost a perfect dog now Because we’re giving her lots of time to Adjust out here looks like I spoke too Soon come on he’s been thrown off she’s Like who are all these people this is Different that’s okay inertia come on Over again good job yes good that was Good yes there we go so we’re starting To get a little spark here after a few Attempts I’m not gonna insist she bring It back I’d rather just keep her into The game right now she’s not totally Addicted to the game of fetch or frisbee Yet the more that we do this I think the More likely it is that she’ll just love To play almost every time but I don’t Know that because not every dog is like That we don’t know where she is on the Spectrum but I have a hunch that we can Get her really in to playing frisbee but It’s gonna take time so if your dog is Kind of like this and they’re not always Interested in the toy keep working with Them over an extended period of time Over several months it’s necessary let Me try another toy and see if that Sparks her interest in bench it could Just be that she’s not interested in the Frisbee Oh look at that that’s promising good Play a little keep-away with it all Right A little bit interested in the ball come

On let’s go Good so the ball is her favorite thing Of the day so far come on yes so I think That was a pretty productive training Session got her playing a little bit God Are listening a fair amount steady Improvement not perfect nor would I Expect it to be at this point our friend Dr. Stephanie’s snowball stand they sell Snow balls here but they have cookie Dough in the middle quiet very good it Looked like she was about to bark I Wanted to get her attention on me it’s Great when people are willing to stop And interact with inertia this helps her Become more acquainted with humanity Thank you for saying hi to us got a Little excited there but I don’t think She barked oh boy she sees kids over Here and she seems excited you want to Pet the dog okay here we go okay you can Better I’ll keep it right here she’s excited I Know you can better pet her I’ll hold her there you go good job very Good yes nice job guys Yes she is vlogging but we’re making a Video on training dogs good job very Good thank you for helping me guys I Appreciate that Bye I think she had a little bit of pee Her excitement urination is still a bit Of an issue I was starting to go away But it seems to be returning usually

Dogs maturing will take care of that Also frequent exposure to people where They don’t become such an exciting event Where they’re just normal is also Required working on some of the things She knows in public let’s see how that Bow is looking wait yes so I get excited When she’ll do things like that while in Public okay good work let’s see how her Heel is doing switch hands here look at Me okay This way good job let’s go good wait yes Good okay come on This way wait look at me okay let’s go Yeah looking pretty good I’m really Really happy with that the great thing About a place like this is that it’s a Little different she’s in a city like Atmosphere but she’s getting exposure to People walking by buildings cars all Sorts of different things taking Advantage of being in a new place to Then ask your dog to do things is a Great way to prove behaviors ty let’s Get a stand how about a wave [Music] Just because there’s a motorcycle in the Background doesn’t mean I want her to Tune me out right that’s why she has to Get experience around these things can You wave anyway yes good job she’s a Little torn off but she’s being pretty Cooperative ready Wait inertia hugs wait

Hey collar break let me know when she Looks at you so I can treat her and so That’s how you teach your dog to look at A camera it’s helpful when you can have Another person really help you like that Okay Get down but we’ve been practicing that A lot cuz her tendency is of course to Be glued to the tree and look at the Tree leave it alone Randomly surprising or by throwing meat In front of her and telling her to leave It while in a new place combining all of These variables okay good job she’s Doing really well in public for such a Young dog don’t get me wrong though she Is far from perfect we still have a lot Of desensitizing to do to the world People coming by we’ll see how she does With them yes Good job can you wait thank you wait Right there support Wait Giving a reminder she’s having a hard Time here though yes good girl wait Really good moment you might know Something a little repetitive with wait I’ll give her a treat and then I’ll just Reiterate wait to her I want you to Remember just cuz I give you a treat Doesn’t mean you’re done cuz I want to Be able to reward her many times during Those waits to build duration over time There’s the bus right there so you can

See she’s looking at that bus and like Whoa that’s big I can see her nose Working right now I’m not sure what it Is maybe it’s a trash can over there and See when your dog is caught off-guard by Something like this they want to back Away from it let him don’t pull them Towards it this is very healthy how She’s investigating it but all possible Try to give them some time and let them Explore whatever it is there we go look At that oh really good good job she Voluntarily went very close to the Trashcan they are fun spontaneous Training session see there was so much That happened there that I didn’t plan For when I got here they helped you Prepare for the unforeseen especially When you have your training brain on and That’s what you’re there to do and You’re focused exclusively on that Rather than just taking your dog out and Hoping it goes well there’s a puppy Walking by a big test here full voice Gonna let her get a good look but wait Yes wait It’s a broken wave there I get her back Into a sit do you sit a little too Intrigued by the dog not quite used to Listening with something so exciting That close but it’s interesting how she Became compliant once the dog got a Little bit farther away that just shows You that the closer an enticing

Distraction is the more likely your dog Is to be distracted by it I mean it Seems obvious but it’s something to Think about when you’re training just Tells me I’ve got to do more training in The presence of dogs at a greater Distance before I can expect her to Listen maybe outside the perimeter of The dog park for example so that’s Probably a training session in our near Future this is what a proper human Snowball looks like and so that’s nice And sweet and they have some four dogs I’m guessing it’s chicken broth isn’t That great let’s see how she likes it Here we are in a new place we’re giving Her something to give her comfortable With being in a new place she’s noticing People walking by and excellent I love How she looked at them she’s focused on This is she being protective is she Gonna bite yeah She’s resource guarding a moment ago Brianna was filming an Instagram story And as she put her hand in like this and Herschel went to kind of say hey maybe Keep it away or something it wasn’t too Bad but nonetheless that’s just a Reminder to maybe keep up for resource Guarding training I was pretty confident She wasn’t gonna do a serious snip but If she was the way to get your dog away From something that they’re guarding is To have something like chicken distract

Your dog with it then pick the item up That works pretty much all the time Because usually whatever it is they’re Guarding isn’t as good as like some real Means let’s have brie try again I mean Maybe this is specific to her okay Excuse me no man that’s enough all right Come in slow yes good girl seems to be When Brianna puts her hand closer she Gets late a little touchy go ahead try Again Brianna since I consider this mild Natural resource guarding I’m going to Preempt nippy behavior by acknowledging Appropriate behavior that’s just a Reminder to keep up resource guarding Training this stuff is very normal for Puppies you want to catch it early like That and just work with them through it By doing basic desensitizing letting Them know hey just cuz I take something Away doesn’t mean you’re never gonna Have access to it never run out of your Favorite dog food again get $10 off your First three orders at pet flow I’ll have A link below stay current with us on Instagram and tick tock and subscribe to My channel get my books too I’ll have Links to both of my books as well in the Description in the next episode I’ll Show you how I train a dog on a long Walk will do frisbee tricks and more We’ll see you next time [Music] [Music]

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