What Happens When You Try to Teach a Dog To Skateboard?

What Happens When You Try to Teach a Dog To Skateboard?

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Trevor brought his dog jade today you’re Gonna love her download the Instagram App make sure you follow at sack George I’ll give you dog training tips Virtually every day and you’ll have Better access to me now if you’ve ever Wondered how to teach your dog to Skateboard you’re welcome Today Trevor his dog Jade and I are Gonna show you how to do exactly that I don’t know how to skateboard I hope Jade is better at skateboarding than I Am Trevor why on earth would you ever Teach a dog to skateboard it’s fun and It’s also a really great way to work Their mental game and being able to Exercise them mentally and I mean Nothing’s cooler than having a dog that Can skateboard you’ve been working with Jade already on doing some skateboarding Right yeah getting a used to skateboard Making sure she’s not afraid of it is The very first step before you teach him Anything else at the skateboard and so We think she’s basically on the cusp of Like learning how to kick off and kind Of do a proper skateboard yeah so she’s Just almost there to know the whole Trick so let’s get everyone caught up on What they need to do to get their dogs Skateboarding what’s the first step the First step you’re gonna want to get is You’re gonna make sure to get something That you could put the skateboard on

That’s gonna stabilize the skateboard And not let it roll around too much so We have this like little foam piece Right here and you can get creative with This maybe you could use towels you Could take the wheels off the Skateboards Number of ways to make the skateboard Stable it’s the key to make sure that It’s just not gonna move around when the Dog gets on top of it people were to Just try to get your dog to go on a Skateboard it could wobble and that like Will freak so many dogs out right away And make it much more challenging that’s The logic here right yes all right so Just even getting them to put like one Foot on the skateboard that’s an amazing Point of progress notice how he rewarded There you want to reinforce just the Little step you just want them to Associate the skateboard as a valuable Thing to put their paws on any Interaction with the skateboard or she’s Expressing confidence here is a great Thing you want to build a strong Foundation of confidence on the Skateboard when it’s on a stable surface Before you start to get it moving around So now that she’s doing really well About touching it and getting up here Now it’s time to see if we can get her To get on the skateboard without this Support right here and get her

Comfortable with it being a little Wobbly moving around We should probably really still hold it Right here right yeah you wanna make Sure to control the amount it’s gonna Move because it’s real easy for a dog to Get this cake board to slip underneath Them right it’s gonna take them a couple Steps back if that happens exactly if They get scared you don’t want to keep Insisting that they do take a step back And introduce the skateboard more slowly Over a greater period of time still two Paws and she’ll get on with all four Paws right yeah eventually it’s gonna Come with all four paws but this is Actually how she’s also gonna be pushing Office with those back to feet so it’s Kind of good to have a little bit of Both we’re rewarding her every time she Puts any feet on the skateboard see how I’m moving it a little here and she’s Reacting really well she doesn’t seem Nervous she’s noticing it really take Your time at this point I really can’t Emphasize that enough this really helps To build their confidence in so many Other areas too whether you’re working On dog sports or just generally teaching Them to trust you that’s what I really Love about tricks like this they Encourage trust between you and your dog She’s really good about getting on the Skateboard when we’re holding it and she

Seems very confident but will she go on The skateboard now without me holding it Yeah that’s it look at that Alright so all four paws right there one Of the things I find that have been Helpful for Jade is actually starting Him off like over here like in a sit Position and then ask him to jump on Like from the front there yes look at That she actually kicked off yeah like She was continuing to move and this is Kind of where as far as we’ve gotten so Far with her that she’s starting to Really start understand how does jump on The skateboard and start using those Back legs to kick what do you say we go Out back and see we get our doing this Outside and public let’s do it alright So we’re here outside we have her on Leash right now because she’s still only Seven and a half months old so we’re Gonna be extra cautious So let’s verify that we can pick up Where we left off and see how she does Cuz right now it’s a different surface Out here it’s a different environment You don’t want to just go into taking The training to the next level I would Say at this stage we even go one step Back and we actually hold it for a Second or two use your foot to semi Stabilize as they come up yes and Reinforce oh look at that so that way You can get a little bit of wobble

Movement and look she’s doing really Well so far that’s good will she get all Fours in there let’s see what happens Okay got three three that’s good she’s Gonna have to have one to kick off with Anyways yes that works so I think we’re About ready I think let’s see what Happens if we just let her get on it go For it let’s see what she got Yes kicker oh look at that oh yes good Girl that’s good I like how she’s like Walking with it there and she’s really Really starting to get I’m glad we found You guys right at this point that’s Really where she is right now yeah this Is the farthest she’s gonna with this Trick right now we’re gonna focus on Getting Jade to start kicking off by Luring her and encouraging her to move Forward right yeah experiment with your Own dog to get them kicking off in Whatever way they’re comfortable with Sometimes it might mean calling that but Other times you might want to lure them So every dogs a little different when You’re teaching them a skateboard oh Yeah so we’re gonna take the leash off Now give her a little more flexibility And she’s really in the zone ready come On and I just got a four paws on which Is great it’s good to see that she’s Confident about all four paws this is Where I put the point of reinforced That’s gonna help her want to stay on

This is interesting and I was wondering About that do you ever reward with tug Or play we’re gonna keep the energy up And keep her having fun it’s also gonna Help relieve us on us yeah instead of The environment around her this is why I’m always saying when you get a dog Playing with you if you can use Tug-of-war as a currency for many dogs That’s more powerful so you notice her Interest was kind of dying off a bit and You found a way to get it back and play That’s awesome we’ve gotten her to the Point where she can get four paws on a Couple times which is what we want Eventually but we really gotten her Moving the skateboard is the most Important piece and she’s having fun Click thumbs up for Jade and Trevor go Follow Trevor at the doggie dojo I’ll Have a link below subscribe to my Channel to download Instagram and follow At sack George you’ll have better access To me and I’ll give you dog training Tips virtually every day once again all Links will be in the description below Change you’re so awesome I can’t believe You can see me for good look at you [Music]

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