WHAT HAVE I DONE?! First Day of Training with This COMPLETELY UNTRAINED DOG. [Reality Dog Training]

WHAT HAVE I DONE?! First Day of Training with This COMPLETELY UNTRAINED DOG. [Reality Dog Training]

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This park is located in the more Populated part of anchorage which is why I came out here i just wanted to get a Good sample of how he behaves with all These different variables He cannot be doing that when he sees Dogs he wants to go up to every dog he Sees he seems like one of those leash Pulling is the worst He is a wild animal this dog This is choc a wild alaskan street dog With minimal human contact his manners Leave a lot to be desired we are in Alaska to get this man ready for his new Life If we can survive it This is reality dog training subscribe And click the bell so you never miss an Episode In episode 1 you met chop the wild Alaska dog for the first time and he’s Been with me just over 24 hours now i’m Incredibly excited about today because It’s my very first day of training with Him there were some ups and downs Yesterday and it is time to start Teaching them so we may as well start With teaching him sit because he doesn’t Even know that if you can believe it Constantly on my mind is that i have Never worked with a dog with this Particular background so i think this is Going to be interesting for All of us

Nothing really special here in the way That i’m teaching him to sit i’m just Going to lure him into position usually This method is pretty effective Particularly with larger dogs but Honestly i’m having kind of a tough time With chop here because he just wants to Keep backing up instead of kind of Plopping into a sit that’s okay though We’re gonna keep working on it and we’ll Adjust our approach for him so i’m just Looking for his Butt to go down Yes just because His legs bent ever so slightly there is Why i said yes the fact that he’s just Following his treat really well there is Good Yes Did you see that did you see how his Butt like went an inch or two i’m using His meal this morning instead of regular Treats because i want to be able to Reward him so much today because we have A lot to teach in a short period of time Yes This is definitely a sign that he’s had Very limited interactions with humans Yes i like how he’s spinning there That’s pretty cool that gives me an idea For later so over the course of these First few lessons i expect chop to start Learning what the word yes means i’m Going to be using the word yes to mark

Behaviors that i like that chop does and Every time i say yes i’m gonna follow it Up with something that he values in that Particular moment see how he’s tuning Out that i’m gonna let him check out too And come back as he pleases Good boy i’m gonna reward him for coming Back To me there yes for a dog that’s never Sat for a human before it definitely Looks like he’s catching on quickly i’m Encouraged by this i’m hoping this is Going to be a good sign that he’ll be Controllable when we go out in public Later today So i’m gonna try and shrink my training Bubble and see if that helps Yes Let me see if we can get some momentum Yes Okay that’s his first sit lesson he Still doesn’t completely understand the Concept and i don’t want to push him too Much because like i said there’s a lot i Want to cover with him today it looks Like this bark eats is very effective so Far in terms of motivating him bark one Of my favorite companies has just come Out with a very new innovative dog food So they use a new technology to coat This food with live probiotics which Have a number of health benefits for Dogs so he’s getting healthier as i Train him they deliver pre-portioned

Packets to your door every month that’s Actually personalized and portioned for Your dog by real veterinary Nutritionists everything bark does is Always super high quality and this food Is no exception if you want to give it a Try you’ll get 60 Off your first order using my special Link barkeats.com Zac george i’ll have details in the Description so rather than trying to Teach him one thing at a time and get Everything perfect before moving on to The next i find it really practical to Teach them a little bit of each thing as We move on to keep them super simple so The next thing i want to teach him is How to look at me how to leave something Alone and how to understand his name and The thing that all of those have in Common is that there are ways to get Attention onto me particularly when he Becomes distracted in public so i’m Doing my best to try to lay the best Foundation i can before having him Organically encounter exciting things so That at least he has some history of Communicating with me Holding up a treat right up here yes When i have eye contact i’m going to say Yes and give him a treat yes He followed my finger right up to my Eyes look at that Let’s see

Yes now i’m actually not even using a Treat he’s following my hand so quickly Because some of the prior lore training We did you see how one thing builds on Another it’s a dangerous risky attitude To be like well i just want to train my Dog x y or z but don’t really want to Train them their general basics overall So look at me it’s looking good i’m Going to start saying here to mean look At me so in general i like to use the Word here to just request his overall Attention in a variety of contexts it’s Not exactly look at me in this case Because i’m more after attention more so Than proper eye contact so while i agree This is a bit of an abstract definition Here can be a great way to encourage Your dog to pay attention to you here Yes Keeping the treats nice and random some Of it’s his meal some of it is bark Treats he’s following that signal great And no treats here so in other words i Want him here Yes Then i’m gonna get the treat see that so That really gets him paying attention to The signal or i might want him just to Reply or understand the verbal so let’s Put my hands behind my back this time And i’ll say Here Yes

Let’s see i don’t know if he really Registered that but let’s see waiting For him to look right into my eyes to Come back to me and to look up at me and I’m going to say here without a hand Signal this time Here Yes There we go so Just being a little extra patient here Yes I’m loving chop’s overall body language Right now you can see he’s not even on Leash or anything and i love how he’s Voluntarily staying near me and Interacting with me so enthusiastically This is a great way to build trust he Really seems to be enjoying this lesson Which is going to be vital to my future Training with him he’s got to love Working with me here Yes All right good so i feel like he’s Starting to understand the concept of Here this is going to become more Evident when we’re doing things like Leash training and training in public Where i go to get his attention but We’ll see how that goes later on i feel Confident he’s starting to get the Concept here but i also want him to know That his name means he’s gonna get Something great as well let’s do a Variation of the game we did yesterday

Right we threw the treat he’s gonna go Get it And he looks up at me Chop Come yes Very good so chop and are kind of Synonymous for our purposes at least Right now you know there may be a time When i want chop to mean pay attention Up here or whatever but right now i Think as a default when he hears his Name i want him approaching me chop Good Chop And so as he follows me chop Chop yes Good man you can see chop is just Another word we can use to get his Attention in different contexts so i’m Gonna throw some treats out there let Him chase it so essentially i mean he Hears chop he thinks oh i get a treat And over time we’re gonna phase that in To mean hey chop pay attention to me or Chop come here or whatever Chop Yes Okay now we need to give him his first Impulse control training session which Is everything in dog training if you Ever want to teach your dog how to not Do something that they want to do but You’d prefer they not do it then they Have to know this next exercise this

Whole session you’ve been seeing when i Put the piece of food in front of him he Goes and he takes it right i mean every Time he does it but i want to teach him How to Only take that treat with permission Watch how easy this is to train i’m just Gonna close my hand when he gives up on It right What am i gonna say i’m gonna say the Magic word Yes Yes and then i’m gonna reveal it because He was being less it’s no that’s my Finger I want to verify that he has it within Him to lay off the treat when he clearly Wants to get it Yes There we go Yes so i’m looking for that micro second Where he’s actually not even going for It yes you see that Now let’s see if he With my hand closed still I do cover how to teach all of this in Both of my books as well i’m going to Have links below to those you can also Get an audio form too Yes see that this is so much more than Just teaching him to leave a treat alone This is just one of the easiest versions That i can think of of him leaving alone Something that he really wants so that’s

Why i start here in the future this Foundation of self-control will Theoretically help us teach him to leave Much more enticing things alone like Other dogs on a walk but i have a Feeling that we have a lot of work to do To get to that point though instead of Keeping my hand closed now i’m going to Present the tree to him directly and see If i can catch him succeeding for just a Moment Yes Yes I put that treat right in front of him You could see in his eyes the restraint He was using yes Looking for that restraint when he goes For it and pull when i pull away he’s Like whoa i didn’t mean to do that i Want to keep it near Yes So i’m looking for that one second Of restraint let’s put him back here Here we go and let’s see here’s another Way to lure him i’m trying to get him in A nice position for the camera and That’s coming in quite handy look at This right in front of him Yes Good now let’s just introduce the word To him that now that he’s starting to Understand the concept Leave it Yes

Good i like how he glanced at me when a Dog offers you their attention with a Treat right in front of them like that As if to say hey am i doing the right Thing that’s a good sign that we are Really starting to connect with each Other it’s amazing what a training Exercise as simple as this can evolve Into over the next several weeks this Right here is a magical moment for chop I mean here we have a dog who’s grown up On the streets basically in the Wilderness and in this moment i really Feel like i’m starting to see that shift In his expression that depth of his Intelligence when i first met him we Were completely detached and now i’m Starting to see that glimmer of mutual Communication starting to happen it’s Like he’s wondering am i a dog or Something why is this guy over here so Interested in communicating with me i Love sharing these very special hard to Catch moments on camera with you guys Because these are the moments that we Look for to see our dog truly beginning To break through Leave it Yes Good man all right so leave it’s looking Good now that he’s leaving it alone While it’s in my hand let’s see what Happens when i drop it leave it Whenever we change a variable when

Teaching our dogs it’s bound to confuse Them the vast majority of the time so While i’m still teaching him leave it Overall in the first instance my hand Was closed then it was open with the Treat exposed and now i’m dropping it That’s three variable changes and all Three of those versions required him to Use his logic a little bit different Each time and it doesn’t just stop here This trend is going to continue Throughout his training after all seeing A dog at the park might prove to be a Lot more exciting than a piece of kibble In front of him in my living room just a Hunch So let’s make it a little bit easier by Setting it down covering it up Yes good man did you see how he’s like What do i have to do Chop Here Yes did you see how he instantly looked Up i was able to get his attention off There i want to really reward that i Want to keep that going i’m trying to Really get into this groove where i can Drop a treat in front of him and then Get his attention on me Yes Here yes It’s just a good way to play hot or cold With your dog So

Leave it Here Yes For added measure i’m going to see if i Can guide him away from that kibble Sitting on the floor with another kibble Good yes That’s come Putting motion to it definitely makes it Harder but i’m really trying to get him To think here Yes okay pretty good lesson for now Still long ways to go but i feel much Better knowing that he’s starting to Learn this concept of leave something Alone pay attention to me come when Called sit i mean all of that pretty Quickly here but Not very polished at all but a good Start i’m encouraged it’s one thing to Be in here but the second i step out There i’m stepping into a bear preserve There are bears in our driveway all of The time this is one of the most Hazardous environments that i’ve ever Trained a dog in why can’t anything be Normal in alaska the dogs are huge There’s bears in my driveway what is Happening i’m super anxious to get out Into public with chop but before i go to A public park with him i want to make Sure that i have some at least basic Leash skills with him so we’re out here In the driveway and i want to see how

Well he does because it’s probably going To be easier for him to learn here in my Driveway than it is in a public park so I want to know what i’m working with Here Interesting i see how i said here he Didn’t immediately pay attention to me Like he was doing just a moment ago by Now you’ll probably understand that when You’re outside things are way harder Than when you’re inside why don’t we Shape this more because right now i want Him to check things out so i don’t want To just be like pay attention to me pay Attention to me he’s really enjoying the Various sites of the neighborhood here And looking at some things in the Distance so what i’m hoping is going to Happen is he’s going to satisfy his Curiosity and then he’s going to glance Up at me And then i’m going to say yes i’m going To give him A whole handful Of kibble the advantage to just waiting For him to do it on his own is that it Shows him that he really organically Made that pleasant reward appear before His eyes Yes Good man there we go That was perfect Yes So let’s see if it happens a bit quicker

This next time Yes Right there it’s like Let’s just let this play out for a sec Yes I know what you’re thinking he’s being Too good right now zach come on couldn’t You have got a challenging dog to work With admittedly this is a good start but Remember we are only in my driveway and There are very minimal real-world Distractions around my objective here is To really get him looking up to me and Paying attention to me while we move Around now outside in the driveway as Opposed to inside like we talked about Yes Here yes In this environment he’s really finding His food reinforcing but for him this Environment isn’t exactly challenging You can hear a neighbor’s dog barking in The background Yes Good and I just want to make sure that i can Easily get him away from a distraction He might encounter in the wild Yes Sit I’ve never been so happy to see a dog Sit in my life Here Yes

Good and see there i was able to Redirect that forward momentum i’m Liking that Yes oh wow I loved how he was rubbing against my Leg on that one that was cool let me Address this because i know it looks Like i’m just constantly shoving treats Down his throat here but keep in mind Two things first this is his daily meal And perhaps more importantly the whole Reason we rapid fire treats like this in The beginning of brand new behavior is So that we can communicate in no Uncertain terms that what he’s doing Right there is definitely working for Both of us don’t worry this isn’t Something that happens forever rather Quickly we would begin rewarding for Three seconds of good behavior then 10 Seconds then eventually 10 minutes but Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just Yet i find too like with people who are New to teaching dogs you’re really Tempted to default to no because you Want to let your dog know what not to do But really if you can just kind of tip The scales 180 you know and look at it a Little bit differently and try and say Yes 80 of the time or even 90 of the Time if you can so let your training Live around the word yes i like that and Don’t miss too many opportunities to Acknowledge when your dog is just doing

Great i mean there’s no harm in letting Them know when they’re on the wrong Track from time to time as we did with Leave it just moments ago inside but Find those opportunities to let them Know when they have done the right thing Just trying to see what happens if i Pick up the pace does that get him a Little more engaged i don’t know Yes Good man okay all right good i feel good About that it’s good to know that at Least in this relatively Free environment he’s pretty receptive To learning but i’m really curious to Get a baseline as to how chop behaves in An average park where there are a number Of dogs people kids and other Unanticipated stimuli and while he gets An a-plus for his performance so far Today experience tells me that this next Part could be potentially very rocky he Cannot be doing that when he sees dogs Training can go off the rails with so Many different dogs when you take them To a place like this This is reality dog training check out Bark eats and get 60 off in the Description below follow us on tick tock Instagram and facebook we’ll see you in The next episode

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