What I Do When This Pit Bull Gets Too Rough With My Dog [Reality Dog Training Ep. 6]

What I Do When This Pit Bull Gets Too Rough With My Dog [Reality Dog Training Ep. 6]

Training George the Pit Bull to not be so rough with my dog, Inertia. Plus more leash/heel training in public, more Frisbee training…Thank you Bark! for sponsoring this episode! Get a free BarkBox, Super Chewer Box or both when you sign up for a subscription: or

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Every day george is making huge strides But in every area where he shows Progress there’s another area that still Needs a lot of work Ah too much i’m zach george And this is george no relations George has spent the last four months Living in an animal shelter with minimal Contact with other dogs or people And it’s my job to transform him from a Wild and crazy dog To an incredible pet seems Straightforward right Holy cow not getting that ball George is a dog like i’ve never known Before i don’t know if i can let this Dog go Let go this might be the single Greatest transformation i have ever seen In a dog that i’ve worked with The hardest thing about fostering a dog You fall in love with them This is reality dog training Subscribe and click the bell so you Never miss an episode At this point it should be obvious that George Really likes great toys and great treats So the biggest question is is your dog a Bark box dog Or a super chewer dog whatever they are Bark will send you a box each month that Your dog is going to be obsessed with Super chewer is for dogs that are really

Tough on toys Like george for example this is a beef Scented seagull I’m sure it makes sense to dogs if your Dog does manage to get this covering off They actually have toys inside of them Too look at that It’s a sandcastle by the way this is a Squeaker I can’t even squeak it i have to step on It and squeak it This one’s a little bit easier but still Very tough then you have a forever ball Let go perfect can you teach george how To do that And bark box is for dogs that take a Little bit better care of their toys If i know barkbox these are going to Come off Told you what a great game because your Dog can learn to pull them off the stick Here Even the plush toys have varying Textures which really matter A little raccoon that they can pull out She’s going to love that look at the Tail And with both these boxes you get really High quality treats and shoes it’s great To replenish your treat supply without You having to go Anywhere and guess what you can get a Free barkbox superchewer box or Even both when you sign up for a

Multi-month plan at barkbox.com Dog training and superchewer.com dog Training those links will be below Another morning george slept perfectly Overnight for the first time without me Being present so he did Awesome our plans for today are Basically Uh to do some planning kind of figure Out how we want to proceed forward With george in his training program i’m Going to be working Off camera though i’ll probably show you Most of that anyway because there really Is no off camera But as you can see the dogs are having a Great time this morning playing with Each other They really enjoy waking up like this Together and i’m hoping to let them get A lot of play time in today it’s going To be a little warmer today so i’m Hoping to get a lot of this play time Earlier in the day When training your dog you really want To consider weather and trying to Optimize your outdoor training for the Weather You don’t want to train in too much heat Especially here in the south it can get Quite warm Oh ah too much when their play gets a Little too rough there’s no harm in Intervening george is very responsive to

That But he’s toughening up inertia too Don’t nip we don’t nip sit Stay that’s too much we don’t do that Dogs playing rough can be perfectly Natural however to help them more Quickly understand what’s too rough and What isn’t it can be helpful to Intervene and give them a few seconds or A few minutes to calm down before Resuming Intervening like that doesn’t just teach George what’s appropriate and what isn’t It has also helped inertia to see that She can look to Me to step in if she ever feels like she Needs help he’s crazy Huh he’s crazy crazy man Today’s a little different because bree Has to do some off-camera production Work so we don’t have our camera Operator so i decided to set up a tripod So i could still show you what i’m Working on with george Yes and so there that’s exactly what i’m After So here i’m working on rewarding george For being in the heel position Right by my side for following that lure Which really helps me show him the exact Position i want And for moving with me a little bit Forwards and even backwards let’s try A cypriot sit yes

The sit pretty starting to look good i Told you the muscle memory on that one Takes a minute Yes yes yes yes Good the longer he’s holding that Position the faster i’m giving him the Treats just to let him know that’s Working Great example of how you can use your Dog’s meal to really Train them either new things or maintain Things that you’re trying to keep You’ve got to admit he is one of the Most special dogs We have ever featured on this channel i Want to test now and see if he prefers To do his training With a toy use what your dog likes he Likes play he likes food we can use that To train them all kinds of things Yes so he’s making an effort there so I’m going to give him some tug Come on here Come on let’s go this way here let’s go Yes that’s it he’s like wait a minute We’re doing that thing again for this That’s weird good Here good boy here This way come on you’re doing good easy Good boy This way come on come on i’m going to Get a little bit more and then i’m going To jackpot them with this thing Come on let’s go come on yes good there

We go Really give him a nice 15 20 second tug Session for that one He’s clearly enjoying working for toys So let’s try his frisbee Go nice Good boy let go Come around doing very well with let go With the frisbee Good Let go straight to my hand there love That go We have to use tug as a throttle Sometimes to bring up our dogs drive Or resist using tug to bring down their Drive if they’re like a little too crazy Here i want him a little happier about Charging after that frisbee Good boy get it come on now get it all Right Let go easy nope Okay fine come round ready go There you go you went a little faster That time maybe i’m hoping to work on George today with something We call multiples in the world of dog Frisbee that’s where they catch them in Rapid succession basically the goal Would be to get them to Catch one there catch it catch it catch It like That quickly it’s a fine line here Because on one hand i want him extremely Excited on the other hand he’s gonna

Have to quickly abandon one frisbee to Catch the next Yes good let go Yes good i mean that Right there is his first flawless Multiple segment For basically a first attempt that was Pretty amazing Let go here yes Let go hey Here yes let go yes Oh yeah yeah yeah that’s exciting you Guys Gonna give him a good tug there he Earned it he loves that But fine line remember let go Yes stay okay let go Yes let go yes Let go yes Nice job all right good boy Good nice tug there I need a break after that one that was Good one of the very selfish reasons That i’m trying to teach him these Multiples these rapid catch and let gos Because i think he has a shot at being The first dog i’ve worked with In over 15 years i can catch a double Disc throw I think he has what it takes but that Stuff doesn’t usually come quickly it’s Just he’s really excelling at frisbee so I want to give him a chance at it Because it’s a money move i’m telling

You it’s a good one Go Wow that was much closer than i expected So rather than just throw that over and Over let me do it like this Yes good i’ll take it i’m looking for His like eyes to commit to it and then That’s what i’m throwing it just to get Them used to that rhythm so that’s what George and i did all day in our day off And now we have our camera operator back So i’ve got some big plans for george Today The day before yesterday we took george Into a pretty crowded place for the very First time He did okay but he still definitely Needs some work George george yesterday however we took An off day from the production but i Still continue to work with george and He was blowing my mind at every turn So i’m hoping to take some of the Success that we had yesterday And i hope to replicate it here in this Medium distraction environment but one Thing i know is that there are Definitely birds here So yeah and george has made it clear That he is Interested in birds of all sizes george And i are going to work on his general Training today but again the big Variable change is a new environment

That he’s never been to before Let’s give him this quick test see how He does over here just on his basics Very good knew to said he knew what i Was going to go for I’m just using his breakfast right now Stay Yes okay look at me Yes good boy lie down has been a little Challenging On grass surfaces Yes there we go not today Yes not released him from this down yet Yes okay good boy now he can get up from The down We had a little bit of a breakthrough on The hand signal Not too long ago let’s see how he’s Doing there Thinking about it Yes good boy and okay That was so interesting to watch do you See how patient we were with him just Then i gave him the request and he would Look to his left he would look to his Right and he would keep looking back at My hand signal trying to recall Exactly what it was that he was supposed To do there you could read him really Easily in that moment Sit down stay from a distance okay his Release all of that looking Very good have i mentioned this is only Day six with him with a completely

Untrained dog Right out of the shelter listen to that Car horn going off in the background That must be very distracting here George here the other thing we haven’t Even talked about We’re right next to cafe dumont here in New orleans so they’re making beignets Back there which smell amazing right now And he’s able to tune that out and pay Attention to me Yesterday i started getting him to Assume the heel position by spinning Into it here Still probably a little early for this But i want to see if he’s had any Progress here Come here see this yes just Rewarding him for turning around here Good yes i’ll take that see how he ended Up kind of over here We’ll just try to improve that over time But he’s looking good Yes very good now did you see that turn That’s how i want it to look good boy He’s really whipping them legs around That’s nice And it’s awkward for a dog to use yes Their back legs but i’m seeing dramatic Improvement in typical george fashion Here Here yes look at me Yes I’m trying to keep george aligned to my

Side in general right now but in the Beginning You have to make judgment calls about Whether to focus on your dog’s exact Position Or their overall focus during heal Neither answer is wrong but It’s a lot for your dog to learn at once So definitely remain patient I’m gonna try the turn started to get Out of here Good recovery here george is still Putting together exactly what we want When we ask him to heal but he’s already Showing glimmers of the light bulb going Off George yes all right asking a little Much of him there It’s a little difficult to get his Attention right now just because there’s Stuff going on in the background George here Yes Good here yes Yes Come up come on let’s go this way george Come on you’re doing good buddy keep Going Come on let’s go yes Good all right not bad i’m pretty happy With that for today Now it’s about time that we teach george A new trick Too since he knows down we can start to

Build on that I think every dog should know how to do A rollover but the problem with him look At his hips see how he doesn’t readily Relax his hips If they flip one hip under them it makes It a little bit easier So here it might be a little tougher With them this is common with a lot of Dogs that are built like this They really lie down in that sphinx Position Yes okay there we go That was nice the lure has been really Delicate with him like i’m having to Lure differently because i’m actually Using kibble with him today but i’m Having to lure kind of with a handful of Kibble as opposed to Between my thumb and index finger you Know what i mean so that’s been Something that’s been kind of different With them Here we go there we go nice and see i’ve Got an open hand lure there which is Really interesting Good boy yeah dog training is about the Nuances so really catering to your Individual dog is key you want to go Back the other way or not Yes good one thing you don’t want to do When teaching play dead or roll over Is force them onto their back that will Definitely make it worse in most cases

You really want them going voluntarily And you’ve seen when he plays with Inertia he likes to get on his back Sometimes so he’s comfortable doing the Motion I like the battle i’m going to reward For it even though we’re teaching Rollover Yes bow Okay good Okay see it Down come on Yes And um let’s see how i got the treat a Little farther away that time So that’s the very beginning of trying To phase out that dramatic lure so Eventually you can be like hey roll over And just give them a hand signal or say Roll over So i’m looking for opportunities when i Can see he’s committed To really pull my hand away so he can Get used to doing the behavior or as Much of that behavior as possible Without the treat being Right at his nose look at that How far away yes roll over Not too concerned with saying roll over Roll over he doesn’t know what that Means it’s more important Okay to get him to go through it good Job buddy we’ve seen george shake off a Couple of times like this

He’s still relatively new to wearing a Harness and collar and in this case i’m Guessing that the harness and or traffic Handle attached to him moves around as He rolls over and that might be throwing Him off a little That’s a nice light rollover training Session that plants the seed i can Continue to work on that as well In fact you should work on many things In a single training session with a dog Like this George as smart as he is will get bored If i just keep training to these basic Things the way to really get him Excited about training is to break out a Toy so i’m gonna do that next I mean you can see it look at this the Second bree handed me the frisbees you Can see Different george he’s very lit up right Now he’s very interested in these Before i get started with my frisbee Session let’s just see how different his Heel looks when i use A frisbee as motivation instead of Treats You can see how motivated he is to heal For a toy yes Okay good boy he loves to chew these Things like bubble gum We’ve really been working on his let go That’s been our nemesis sometimes it’s Great sometimes it’s not so great it

Depends on his mood And so i’ve decided that one of the best Ways to teach him to let go Is to get him hopefully excelling at Doing multiples you remember we talked About multiples being where you deliver Frisbees in rapid succession where your Dog has to let go Abandon it and then catch the next one Like that doing training like this is Really great because it gets your dog in The habit of thinking Quick and quickly moving on to the next Thing the goal here is to get them to Catch this one Let go and then catch the other one We’re getting a lot of use out of these Frisbees Catch it let go Hey yes see right there when he let go i Didn’t even say yes and he was looking For it Let go yes A lot of it is just finding your rhythm Here yes Good come here george come on Here yes good All right and again not concerned with Whether or not he catches it here The fact that he’s attempting to catch His everything So it looks like it started raining we Got some shelter here so i’m going to Keep up with our training

I’m going to be pretty conservative Given that we’re not on grass though We’re on a hard surface so i always want To be mindful of the surfaces i’m Working on Here good catch it good let go Yes george little distracted up here not Not laser focused come on okay yes There you go right now i can see that His attention is a little thrown off i Mean it’s understandable we’re in a new Place now it’s raining we just relocated From down there to up here That’s a completely different setting For him but you can kind of see how he’s Not quite as intense about the frisbee So i’m wondering if i should Play some tug with him to get him a Little amped up and a little more Intense about the frisbee But then again that runs the risk of Setting let go back as well George good get it Good and there’s a nice tug all right Catch it let go catch it let go catch it Let go yes okay there we go Considering he’s just now learning how To do multiples those are looking pretty Good Another thing that i’d like to touch on With george is teaching him to start Understanding the concept of listening To me when i’m farther away sit Yes if i go up to george like that and

Say sit he’s perfect but if i were to do That from farther away George sit Same signal holding up you know Pretending like i’m holding up a treat Sit No here sit yes See how just an inch or two can make a Huge difference Dogs are like wait that’s not normally What i do when you’re that far away Okay good let’s see if we can improve on That sit He’s distracted over here by someone Doing some park maintenance So i don’t want to ask for too much but I think he’s got it in him to at least Sit Yes when you’re in public training like This and you see they’re distracted it’s A good idea A lot of times to just let them check it Out i mean look at that you think he’s Ever seen a vehicle like that Yes i’m gonna treat him for holding his Sit stay But boy now he sees a stroller good one Stick it’s really a fine line i’d like Him to pay attention to me no matter What’s going on but at the end of the Day i need to be realistic about the Fact that i’m working with a dog who is Brand new to training And does not have extensive

Socialization with the world to my Knowledge So these are the things i have to feel Out as i go i’m gonna hold off on Asking for look at me here I’m gonna see if he does it naturally Good boy Yes just i was waiting for him the Moment he was gonna give his attention To me i wanted to go ahead and let him Know i love that Good boy george nice job okay Yes i like the stand came right up into A stand Yes look at me stay Here sit Yes isn’t that funny you see that the Slightly different position Totally throws dogs off all the time you Have to build it like a centimeter at a Time Sit that’s better yes Yes okay stand good Stay look at me Sit Nope sit Yes very good i gave him a gentle no There to just let him know Essentially that’s not what i’m looking For and then he thought about it and he Went into the sit i mean he’s showing a Lot of potential it may not look like Much but being able to get Another foot or two away from your dog

And have them perform A behavior like that is pretty Challenging with a lot of dogs stay Look at me sit yes Good okay good love it i’m not going to Just keep drilling and drilling with him Today it’s important that we keep Training really optimistic and that he Has some time to Just enjoy this place so i think we’ll Go on a free walk right now and let him Enjoy the environment sniff around not Ask him to do much of anything A free walk is just where you give your Dog a very casual Walk you’re not asking them to do skills Left and right you’re just letting them Have some nice Meditative time to themselves Come on here good boy So you know i gave him some gentle Encouragement there Good job sir so so far i’m seeing this Pattern of pretty heavy pulling When he’s on a free walk or a less Disciplined Walk here thank you whoa Pulling dog has its advantages stay here Do not jump into the water There are definitely alligators in there But going down the stairs Different story goodness All right this is exactly what i had in Mind for a free walk george

Right now since he’s pulling so much and The goal is for him to simply experience This new place i’m gonna pull off to the Side so i don’t have to deal with Pedestrians as much It’s a good thing about working in parks Like this you can get the best of both Worlds If you need to go towards a busy part of The park you can train there if you want To get them In a more secluded part of the park you Can do that and so this is good and i’m Just going to kind of keep him moving Just so i’m giving him the experience of A walk we have another dog right over Here So far he’s been pretty good with dogs He’ll look at him he’ll notice him Occasionally he’ll bark at them i’d like To keep that behavior of him being Decent around dogs maintained for sure I’m a little surprised right now i’m Pretty much unable to get him to Voluntarily pay attention to me But let me practice come when called This is when it matters george Come come on yes Good boy he was distracted by the dog i Was able to get his attention on me but Took a few attempts there so i want to Work on that too It’s important to remember that our dogs Are not machines no one no dog

Nothing and life is a hundred percent And so while i stress this Is his time for him we still want to Prove Basic things like come and stay Periodically in these walks When you’re working with bright animals Like dogs you have to always remember That they’re Very interested in a variety of things That’s one of the qualities Of being smart being curious about Things just be understanding of that When working with them They don’t always adhere to our schedule And our Desired rate of success come on keep Moving good boy That was good i didn’t want him to stall Out there He’s really walking quite nicely so you Can see he was really starting off Pulling very bad when we got here And even when we started this particular Free walk and now he’s Walking a lot better stopping to smell Briefly moving on Seems to be enjoying himself quite Honestly that’s the whole point Of this walk that primes your dog for All kinds of success in the future too When they have regular experiences like This I’d like to give them some desensitizing

Around birds too Looks like we’ve got a canada goose over There just chilling in the water we can Let him Explore a bird if he discovers it don’t Pull me towards the water’s edge there Are gators in there I have no doubt you could handle Yourself with one though there we go He’s looking at that flock of seagulls Over there look at him on one foot ready To sprint after him if he could Sir no come here come on Zoom in on that and see if that goose is Alive okay it’s a real good smell That goose is alive and standing on Water we are witnessing a miracle right Now and you’re just acting like it’s Normal It’s like jesus goose leave it What’s this someone had a crawfish boil Here hey Leave it good boy oh See this leave it alone only in new Orleans guys You come across a crawfish leave it It’s okay i’m vaccinated okay come on Let’s go Yeah good job did you see that real life Leave it there that was Really impressive how quickly he’s Picking that up you want to play with Your super chewer toy this is a good way To get some light heel training in with

Him as well For him this is not work he’s like i Don’t consider this training this is fun That’s always the best kind right there Come on Here yes good I’m trying to reward him before he jumps Ideally Easier said than done with george here Good boy yes Good let go yeah Good a little awkward with the leash on Here that’s okay easy Leave it alone here come on Easy So he’s really trying to keep pace with Me that’s really good He’s staying when i stay that’s the Point of heel that they’re really Just in tune with you and staying with You Okay easy come on here ah Here come one nope Yes good Good so just getting to chase after that Toy is exciting to him Getting the chomp on it a little bit let Go Now let go let go No it’s not your toy that’s my toy it’s Looking better but he’s one of the more Challenging dogs i’ve ever had to teach Let go to you’re doing good look at that Yes ah boy i pushed him right to the

Jump should have rewarded a millisecond Earlier that’s all right that’s all Right We never know what the next data point On the graph will be Here here Yes good boy Let go good boy here let’s try left heel Now You’re doing great you’re doing Fantastic here Come on easy too far Come on let’s readjust here And here’s a classic example of me just Getting plain greedy Since george has been doing so well but In hindsight i can tell you i’m Definitely Not rewarding george enough here so Remember if your dog is not succeeding a Couple of times in a row take a step Back and make things easier for them So every day we’re just seeing more and More progress out of him this might be The single Greatest transformation i have ever seen In a dog that i’ve worked with And here we’re getting some really good Leash walking out of him Just incorporating play into our Training seems to really encourage him To feel more satisfied well done Oh we have a hoverboard up here which He’s been pretty good on stuff like that

But i see him pulling a little bit I’ll hold on to him just for good Measure You doing good every day george is Making Huge strides but in every area where he Shows progress there’s Another area that still needs a lot of Work nice night Out here doing a free walk with the guys Just letting them Check things out here beautiful night Sun’s going down I know george’s little throwed off by The wind Inner inertia come Okay girl good boy what a good man All right let’s keep moving come on good Job guys I love just walking and smelling the Ground Checking things out so we’re back from Our walk now the dogs did Reasonably well together i mean there Was on the wall Oh just a little bit yeah it was a Little tough to do but It was okay i’m interested to find out How you manage that good for you Thumbs up for zach for filming while Holding two dogs I’m just great like that he had a long Day today we did a lot today The frisbee has been interesting yeah

His frisbee were a little plateaued i Mean for George you know uh over the last 24 Hours we kind of haven’t moved too much Farther but His multiples are getting better which Is exciting to me And i mean he’s just having a blast a Really good time We need to probably start getting Serious about his adoption but we’ll Talk more about that Tomorrow i guess so yeah i have a The more i get to know george first of All the more i love him and props to all You foster people Who do this all the time because Honestly i kind of want to keep george But we can’t It’s okay we’re not hi andy i know andy Would be okay not keeping george The more that i get to know george the More Particular i kind of feel about The like perfect adopter that i have in Mind for him and i know that’s Definitely not the right way to go so I’m getting a little worried because i Really want him to go to a home that Wants to like actively train him and Interact with him every day because he’s Got so much cool potential i would love To see him realize Um yeah he’s the dog trainer stream yeah

Sure But i sure hope that i don’t stand in my Own way with this adoption process Because Honestly i have no idea what i’m doing But overall i feel really good about his Progress I hope i can teach him more the thing With him is knowing where to stop so he Recovers and so you don’t burn him out Yeah he’s he’s doing great so fingers Crossed it all continues We definitely have some more challenging Times ahead with george in the meantime Get a free bark box Super chewer box or both when you sign Up for a multi-month plan at barkbox.com Dog training and training if you’re Working on teaching your dog you’ll Definitely like both of my books too We’ll see you in the next episode Unless you follow us on instagram tick Tock and facebook and we’ll see you in The meantime over there Later good boy very good

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