What I wouldn’t do if I were starting out…

What I wouldn't do if I were starting out...

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Today’s kind of an unusual day we’re Gonna be talking to the association of Professional dog trainers our friend Trevor of doggie dojo is given a talk on Dog training in social media and we are Supposed to be a special guest by a Videoconference so that should be Interesting but here’s the thing we Tried last night and rehearsal was Pretty much a disaster we couldn’t get a Reliable feed we’ll see how well it goes I’m super excited to talk about it too Because I love YouTube I mean that’s my Social media of choice if you will and To be able to talk to other dog trainers About that it’ll be pretty interesting Too so I’m just sitting over here With all kinds of things cooked up I’ve Got my mic I can’t read audio I’ve got My one pair of headphones listening to The live stream my other pair of Headphones monitoring audio hey guys Alright Wow looks like a bunch of talent There are a lot of great dog trainers my Name is Zach and I might between my Girlfriend and co-producer and I we Produced the world’s most watched dog Training content on YouTube I’ve been Doing this since 2006 I started doing This because I really have a strong Desire to show people how to teach their Dogs how to connect with them and really Raise the standards and teaching dogs I Mean that’s really why we started doing

This I’m also the author of dog training Revolution right here and I really Recognized immediately that YouTube Presented a unique opportunity to really Present all sorts of things not only in Dog training all sorts of things but I Saw that it was a game changer and that It could really make a huge difference When the average person could really Promote what they wanted to promote and Get out there I mean I just thought that Was an amazing thing what YouTube really Allows people to do is have that average The average person to get out there and Really allow the public to kind of Determine what they like what they’re Interested in and it’s the Democratization of video content that I Think is really the game changer with YouTube and you really get to see what The public is interested in you know and In this case wonderfully and I and it’s So exciting the public is really Interested in positive modern dog Training methods I think that’s kind of What our success on YouTube has shown You think about it like back in the day You know 20 years ago when people would Get a dog They’ve Go to the bookstore they might try and Find a great book on dog training maybe They would try to find a DVD or Something like that but these days

They’re going to the internet they’re Going to youtube to really get that Guidance they’re insisting on better Information I think the public is Becoming more intelligent I know that’s An arguable point but I think as the Internet really presents education to People and information to people that Allows everyday people average people to Make more informed decisions about their Dog and other aspects of their life Being in front of a camera isn’t for Everybody and there are other ways to Really make a splash on social media That don’t center around being an On-camera personality you know if you’re A great photographer you can do things Like Instagram or if you’re a great Writer you can compose wonderful essays On Facebook that really you know shine a Spotlight on modern methods and dog Training and and there’s no vehicle to Get things shared better than on Facebook that I know of Twitter is Another great social network for people To really take advantage of it that’s my Background on on YouTube what questions Do you have for me Trevor I think it’s Important to be very tolerant when you Start out on social media because you’re Talking to so many different people and You need to understand that there are a Lot of different viewpoints out there And what’s one thing I wouldn’t do I

Would try not to act irresponsibly and By that I mean I take it really serious The responsibility very seriously of Making sure that I do my best to advise The public in a responsible way since I Know that lots of people are watching me So making sure that you’re presenting Good information I think is at least in The area of dog training is is one thing That I would do I know as far as my Youtube videos go I make my videos as Long as they need to be and not longer So that’s that’s how I would say if it Takes 25 minutes to to conduct a proper Lesson then that’s fine if it takes Three minutes that’s fine so I think Taking into account your viewers time is Important I had a great time doing that Thank you Trevor thank you a PDT for Having me hi let’s go live I just Decided to blog you guys you want to see It here’s what you look like Do you like Game of Thrones good Question yes thank you Like it’s not typically my kind of TV But there were zombies in the first Episode or White Walkers so I was hooked So You don’t follow us on Instagram do that It’s Zach George on Instagram pretty Easy just a bunch of live stuff today That was fun click thumbs up subscribe To my channel see you guys next time

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