What it’s REALLY Like. Going out for THE FIRST TIME with Moira: Reality Dog Training

What it’s REALLY Like. Going out for THE FIRST TIME with Moira: Reality Dog Training

Dog training Moira the German Shepherd in public today! We’ll also work on training stay, fetch/frisbee and more. This video is sponsored by Solid Gold Pet. Get 30% off of select Solid Gold Pet products by going to

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It kind of hit me real hard today this Is day Six of 14 i have eight days Left with her oh my gosh I’ve never trained moira in public until Today and i’m gonna show you what it’s Like when i train a dog like moira In public for the first time this is Moira and i’m zach george Moira the german shepherd dog is looking For a home and i’ve only got Two weeks to teach her how to behave so That someone will be willing to adopt Her Okay we have a situation and as you can See it’s Not going to be easy she jumps Excessively Lunges at almost any distraction moira Loves to bark and she definitely pulls On leash and uses her teeth to interact With the world a little Too inappropriately i am feeling a Little bit overwhelmed if that was a dog She would be like i’m not paying Attention to you i’m paying attention to That I will train this dog look at this loose Leash right now shake Yes much better yes look at me Is she getting trained this is reality Dog Training [Music]

The first thing i want to go over today Is how i’m using moira’s morning Breakfast To continue to refine her training let’s See how she likes stuff Whoa boy okay we got some training to do Sit please incompatible with jumping That’s why we ask for sit come here sit Good girl stay she now knows stay Since she’s so amped up i’m gonna work On stay for duration As long as she holds that sit she Continues to get a treat When she jumps the food goes away it Doesn’t work for her i think we need to Put her into a down there And we need to hold her there do you see How i’m rewarding one after the other Here that’s a rapid rate of Reinforcement when you have a dog that’s Going a million miles an hour like Moira you really sometimes have to fire Them one after the other like that in Order to keep them In position but don’t worry they’ll get Better with that this is just how you Get traction In a way that keeps your dog Enthusiastic and upbeat and i love that She’s offering The down stay right now so i’m gonna go Ahead and give her the rest of her meal Now Some of you may already know this but

All dog food is not the same i promote Solid gold because it’s really super Premium dog food i love the ingredient List and there are so many super foods In here like Oatmeal ground flaxseed and pumpkin and They make some really innovative Supplements as well it’s good for their Skin and coat Every one of solid gold’s products are Top-notch all of you can get 30 Off select solid gold products by going To my special link solidgoldpet.com Zac i’ll have a link below someone wants To do some training i think Ouch what What’s this good morning hello Get it today i’m hoping to teach more How to stay in critically life-saving Situations I’m also hoping to make some progress on Her behavior in public Which last time i checked needed some Work But first i got to get some of this Energy out i mean half the reason dogs Act that way Is because they haven’t had enough Exercise so Good girl there we go Like that i have that lead on her when Most dogs are learning to play fetch They like to play keep away So this long lead keeps me in relative

Control of the session so if she starts To play keep away i can just reel her in See how she wasn’t interested when i Just rolled it that’s my own fault i got To spark her interest i got to precede That roller with a game of tug Good her take is looking great if i take I mean she grabs it by the rim Let go good [Music] Look at that very good she made an Attempt to get it by the rim yes Good let go It’s all coming together folks Trying to get it by the rim easier said Than done good girl Got here nice return see how she didn’t Veer off that time She’s anxious to run to me presumably Because i’m willing to play tug with her She’s an addict for tug looks like she’s Found another toy she’s interested in so Maybe the frisbee will have to wait Let’s see She loves these plush toys good all Right Let go let go yes Good girl come on and really at this Point i’m not going to be too picky As to what she wants to play fetch with Because she’s fetching she’s getting rid Of that energy it’s gonna make her much Easier to train hopefully [Music]

Good yes good girl let go [Music] Yes let go getting better but Could still use some improvement Good girl and i want to give her a Satisfactory amount of tug here so she Feels satisfied Easy sit easy Sit good girl stay and Okay go so every once in a while i want To Stop and see if i can sneak in some Practice on the skill Like sit and stay but in general i’m Trying to make this fun for her because She’s got plenty of school to go through Today Stay yes go Like how she showed restraint that time And wasn’t jumping all over me That’s just looking great as into this Toy she is i still want to be sure that I can get her attention on me Over the toy so let me practice that Real quick here Uh yes go rewarding for the glance There are several opportunities even When you’re exercising your dog to Lightly practice their training i mean These are really the moments where your Dog truly gets trained Good girl yeah let go Uh just trying to zoom in a little bit On let go there that’s all i’m doing

Just to try and improve it really let Her know that Letting go for a fraction of a second Isn’t going to cut it anymore i really Just wanted to leave it alone until i Say it’s okay or i throw it Yes so i’m satisfied that moira Has had enough exercise today this has Been a good training session the next Thing i want to work on Is teaching her how to stay in a Potentially life-threatening situation Before we go out Into the real world into public with This crazy german shepherd dog So we’re going to do our first official Training session out In the public where the environment Isn’t controlled but i want to do one Last impulse control training exercise That is so important And that is stay at the front door i Want to mention Safety is number one here we don’t have A fence in our front yard at this house So I’ve got her clip to my belt let’s see What happens if we were just to open the Door When she walks right out there is no Effort to Show restraint she’s like awesome i want To get out there and see what it’s all About

That’s no good what if a car was driving By what if she saw a squirrel running Across the road i mean you can see how That could turn out very badly for her So knowing how to stay At the front door is really important Moira see what i mean i can’t even get The door closed without her trying to go Out i know I’m anxious to go out there with you too But on a side note i mean just look how Focused she is On the outside look at the ears they’re Not facing me they’re facing straight Ahead She wants to go out there and see what’s Going on i point this out only to make It clear How much environment matters the Outdoors All by itself is a huge distraction to Most dogs For young energetic dog like moira it’s Going to be very difficult for her to Focus Out there so i’m hoping by the end of This lesson i can at least get her to Hold a sit stay While i open the door let’s start small Let’s make it easy Let me get our attention on me let me Verify that here Yes good give her a nibble of some Chicken there see just touching it but

See she Already walked i don’t like that i don’t Like that she’s walking towards the door Focusing on that Yes did you see what i did i just Touched the doorknob that’s all i did There I like that she at least came back and Looked at me on that attempt Sit stay So now i’m gonna let her know you know i Want you to draw Oh she broke her stay immediately so i Need to catch her succeeding Stay here yes Stay the idea is that she keeps that Butt on the ground The correction here is simply keeping The door closed and withholding the tree That is all the punishment you need here I use punishment to mean undesired Outcome I can like jiggle it and she’s good But the second it opens i’m having a Hard time so let me be real careful here Yes good she got real interested did you See that Here yes good She’s like what kind of game is this Stay Yes did you see that subtle subtle Glance She gave to me there i love that stay Here

Okay good girl nice job Stay all right so she’s doing well with Stay for a period of time she’s staying While i open the door and it’s a mild Distraction of the outdoor air rushing In now let me see if i can Do another variation of stay while Distracted to really proof this overall Skill with her i’m gonna have her stay And then i’m gonna throw something she Really wants in this case Real chicken out of the front door we’ll See how she does Stay stay Look at me good Stay here Stay look at me Yes and okay come on good girl I’m happy to stop on that note because We have a lot of training today and i Don’t want to saturate her too early This is by no means finish i mean this Is the kind of thing that you do for the Next two Three years of your dog’s life practice 30 seconds at a time of having them sit And stay before going out of the front Door so good job we’re going to go in Public i’m going to get her muzzled up Just because i want to be extra careful With her because she’s very energetic And Quick and better safe than sorry okay So we’ve gotten moira in the car

The crate i have for her isn’t big Enough so i’m gonna sit back here With her and make sure she’s secured It’s just a short ride you might notice That we have Changed the size of moira’s muzzle We made it a little bit bigger we posted A picture on instagram And what’s the name of that instagram Page oh muzzlelock project they’re Awesome Yeah the muzzle up project so basically We realized that we could get by with a Bigger muzzle to accomplish the same Thing and it would be even Less stressful for her so we went up one Size on the muzzle Yeah she’s into birds immediately my Understanding is that she’s had some Run-ins with a Certain chicken so we’re hoping to avoid Any more harm To additional bird life i mean because It’s kind of a You know what i mean no yeah people love Chickens like their families I know i mean you can bond with a Chicken but you can also enjoy eating a Chicken that’s the dilemma Don’t worry i mean you are feeding her Just giving her a treat there Conditioning her to be calm in the car Really getting her comfortable with the Muzzle being on her face as she has to

Move around To try to get the treat as i move it Around see that Good girl good girl i’ve got to say That behaving while in the car Is not something that we need to work on I don’t think Looks like we have an incoming call they Can wait I’m talking to my youtube audience so She’s doing great in the car i mean you Can see how she’s Relaxing we’re driving really slow no Interstates The second we arrived and we got out of The car moira saw a dog so of course we Had to capture that for you guys Unfortunately today was not the best day For audio some interesting stuff Happened and i’m not gonna let a Technical difficulty keep me from Showing you Everything we haven’t even gotten ready For our shoot there’s another Dog over here i’m real curious to see How she does I think we’re far enough away she’s Obviously alert Good girl let me see if i can just get a Glance from her i feel like if i call Her thumb to me she’s Too distracted for that too early in our Training for that Why right here yes good

That was actually not bad i was able to Get her attention off of the dog there And that’s fine i’m gonna let her look At the dog again Right now there is a loose leash so at Least at this distance Like this particular dog she’s not Punching and pulling So we’ve just arrived here and you can See that moira is Already getting pretty excited we’ve Chosen this spot for a specific reason To do our training because It’s not terribly busy right now there’s Not a lot of people there’s not a lot of Birds My goal here is just to see how Compliant she’s going to be in a brand New environment that she’s never been to Before Right now it’s so dead out here i really Don’t think we need the muzzle anymore But i just wanted to be prepared so i’m Going to go ahead and take it off One thing i want to work on is being Able to have her sit for just a hand Signal Without me having to show her a treat so Come here girl Sit very responsive yes so now i’m going To go ahead and give her the treat And i’ll do this for an extended period Of time the first several months of Training

In order to be really consistent lie Down Yes that’s good that’s such an Improvement that’s Very good so she’s doing it with a hand Signal i want to start off with some Push-ups here that sit down and up Here we go sit good Here i do have to lure her on the stand She doesn’t let me see it we’ll try let Me give her a fake lure and see how that That’s okay here stay yes So with sit and lie down she’s showing A lot of promise with hand signals but With stan she’s very lure dependent Still which is okay Yes stay yes Yes here okay See she’s very interested in people There’s someone crossing the road over Here And she’s giving him a look which is Fine but Let me practice getting her attention While she’s mildly distracted by someone In the distance Here look at me yes good Here yes good i’m gonna do this for a Minute here Yes here yes And okay good and now i’m gonna let her Satisfy her curiosity for a minute i Mean it was only yesterday that we did Her very first

Leash training session and where did we Do it we did it inside Because we wanted to keep it really easy For her this is a notch up in terms of Distractions Ground sense immediately have her Attention so i’m curious to see how well She does out here i’m not having the Same expectations That i might have at home because i Understand the gulf of mexico Is right here and all of these smells Coming off the water must be intriguing To her the ground sense But let’s see how she does okay it looks Like she’s getting energetic now she’s Starting to pull on the leash quite a Bit but remember since i only have a Little over a week with her my huge Number one goal is to be able to get her Attention on me Around distractions so that i can easily Escort her away So she can take in those distractions From a distance where she’s still able To keep her composure that’s the thing We’re working towards with overreactive Dogs like this It seems that moira is really excited About being in this new place with us Right now and she’s behaving quite Excitedly Now i noticed she’s also very focused on That toy on the bench over there and as

You’ve seen i’ve been using toys that She’s really into as artificial Distractions my hope is to do that out Here in this new place And my thought was that this toy i Brought from home would be a nice easy Distraction for her to practice with but I think she might love this a little bit More than i anticipated Stay it looks like moira’s hard work With that stay Is really paying off so i’m delighted That she’s holding her stay with this Significant distraction This is absolutely a prerequisite for Teaching your dog to stay around more Enticing distractions which we’ll Definitely encounter many more of today And In the coming days it looks like moira Is able to focus a little bit more on me Now so let’s take advantage of that and See what we can get out of her I want to capture as many instances as i Can of moira voluntarily giving me her Attention Even if briefly doing this one thing can Be a game changer for many dogs and Their leash training Acknowledging your dog’s willing Attention can really accelerate your Progress So we’re definitely getting small Moments of total compliance out of moira

While she’s in public this is a huge Step forward for her for good measure Since she’s doing really well right now Let’s try some of the things that she’s Only just learned How about shake yes shake Love it the day is still early and she’s Doing great here but i want to give her A little bit of a break while we cruise On over to a little Bit more of a challenging environment to See if we can replicate some of this Success in a slightly harder place This is city park in new orleans we’ve Come to a pretty secluded part of the Park but there’s still definitely more Traffic here Than the environment we just came from I’m really trying to be as scientific as Possible and change as few variables as Possible to hopefully help moira succeed But i may have gotten in over my head Here And immediately we’re presented with a Dog in the distance they’re nice and far Away so hopefully moira Will pay attention here come let’s go Okay that’s not working This really gives you an idea as to how Sensitive moira is to other dogs i mean That dog is very far away and moira is Already over threshold Before this gets any worse i’m going to Help her out by moving her farther away

From the dog And this is good she doesn’t need much Coaxing to come along with me when the Dog is that far away That’s definitely a plus since we have a Lot to work on here And here’s another dog already that has Walked into moira’s detection zone And it’s more the same she’s definitely Not willing to voluntarily give me her Attention If she can see a dog at all even when i Call moira’s name and i ask her to sit She’s completely non-compliant I’m sure she just wants to play but Nonetheless every family would prefer to Have their dog behave a little more Civilized now that those dogs have Cleared out moira seems a little more Open to communication right now So let’s try a quick training session Notice i’m back to using the lure here Just to make it easier Since this environment is clearly much Harder for her training sessions like This are something you can do when your Dog is in those calmer moments when You’re desensitizing them Remember training your dog to get over Issues like overreactivity like this Is not a linear process it takes time And sometimes you’ll have good results And other times you’ll have Setbacks you just have to recover and

Keep practicing now that moira’s been Here for quite a while she’s showing Signs of being much more able to comply And focus on me so let’s see if we can Get a little bit of leash walking Success while we have our attention Because we definitely need a lot of Practice on that As you can see she’s still not perfect She’s still teetering between reacting To things All around her and paying attention to Me but i am starting to see an Increased rate of success this is just The reality of training a dog You can’t get too bogged down here when You’re struggling just focus on noticing Any moments of success and you’ll start To see more and more Over time if you stay the course so Moving forward i have to focus on giving Moira As much exposure as i can to help moira Learn to control herself Around the huge variety of distractions In her environment it’s not reasonable To expect her to Instantly have total pure focus on me at This point in her training but i Am getting sparks and that is definitely A sign that we’re on the right track Once she’s seen more of the world and Things like this start to become more Normal to her it’ll be a lot easier for

Her to resist overreacting In only the way that moira does the Thing about moira is when she’s on And focused she is on but oh shoot here Comes another dog That didn’t last very long so Essentially here i’m letting moira look At the dog and satisfy her curiosity but Then i’m also asking her for super brief Glances at me too and then letting her Go right back to looking at the dog Practicing with your dog like this Around things that distract them can be Very powerful all right Holy cow i mean she almost got away There because she was acting calm and Then look at this Moyra decides to lunge all out at this Dog so clearly this was asking a little Bit too much of her in hindsight we Probably should have been working a Little bit farther away from this dog Knowing your dog’s working distance from Distractions is powerful So moira’s first public outing was Definitely a mixed bag we obviously Still have a lot to work on In order to get her to behave more Ideally in these situations I guess she’s pretty tired from training I hope she doesn’t sleep too much though We gotta take your muscle off we gotta Take it off okay Muzzle off so not a bad day of training

With her she’s doing all right It’s getting late now i want to give Moira Some exercise because it is a big night It is her first night hopefully of Sleeping all alone by herself In her new area but we’ll see how she Does hold on Well let’s practice stay here look at This you can’t just be running out of There Sit here [Music] Stay [Music] Here no Sit Okay good girl so there we go so we’re Gonna start practicing More of that now that she knows that Concept huge you can see it’s pretty Dark right now But she needs to play so i’m going to Grab a toy and we’re going to play And i mean that’s the thing when you’re Putting your dog through boot camp you Got to get out here Work with them in the morning in the Evening if you just Put in your time here and do this right It’ll yield you dividends in the future Oh gosh she was doing so well All right so i’m gonna give her her food She looks really comfortable in here and

I mean this is like A hotel compared to a crate so i see why She must prefer it Remember this dog-proofed walk-in closet Is our crate alternative that we’re Testing for moira since she’s been Extremely anxious when confined in the Crate As she gets in her crate are you serious Okay why not we’ll go ahead and feed her In the crate And i’m gonna make my way out and we’ll Check on her I do expect maybe she might be a little Antsy it looks like she’s finished Eating and she’s getting a little antsy As anticipated But she’s now taken a couple of naps in There so I’m thinking that she will eventually Settle I mean she’s got some anxiety but it’s Nothing compared to the anxiety she had On the second night she was here so Oh boy she’s discovered the camera My goodness All right still intact we’ll give her a Minute and see how she does No it’s a new bed i’ve been told she Doesn’t chew up her bed So i’m going to get in there and Interrupt her if she tries that again Moira relax I did can you relax

Good girl she kind she seems to Be making the connection that i’m trying To communicate something to her doesn’t She Smart girl maybe i’ll give her like a Chew to chew on Too and so i’m going to give her Something to chew on as well she likes To do that Good girl Good girl It’s been a huge priority of mine to get Her comfortable with being All alone because i’ve explained to you How important that is for a dog i mean We can’t tend to them every second and It’s important that they Are comfortable with just being alone i Mean for the last five nights she’s been Sleeping with me Out here it was literally the only thing That seemed to Reduce her anxiety so if i can get a Good night’s sleep out of her tonight i Will be So happy so just goes to show you not Every dog can be taught to Love a crate you have to be able to Brainstorm and be flexible When a dog is saying hey that’s not Something i’m cool with Today really had its ups and downs it Kind of Hit me real hard today this is day six

Of 14 i have eight days left with her And so i really know that i have to keep My expectations realistic there’s Only so much a dog can learn over the Next eight days but i also want to see Some significant progress out of her but Like what i saw today At the park when she saw a dog she was Just like Very difficult to communicate with to Say the least And i mean i know from experience that When you’re dealing with dog reactivity That’s something that is not Resolved in two weeks at all but i’m Also really encouraged too because she’s Really picking up her basics really Quickly her fetch Is the biggest wild card of all she’s Doing Exceptional with fetch so far so i’m Going to try and keep that going That will open up a lot of doors because It means i have a strong currency It means that i’m able to get her energy Out of her reliably before training Sessions So that should make her more prone to Absorb new concepts a little bit easier That’s one way to hit the fast forward Button On your training program exercise I want to see how she’s doing she hasn’t

Been making any noise Oh my gosh it’s working She’s sleeping in her bed do you see That She’s going to sleep this feels like a Huge Victory to me because anxiety is such a Tough thing To work through with some dogs and that Does not look like an Anxious dog at the moment so very happy I’m still going to sleep out here so i Can quickly get to her if i do Think that she’s stressing or whatever i Just want to be Really close by we’ll see i’ll let you Know if anything changes Good morning i am pleased to announce That Moira did fantastic absolutely wonderful All night slept through the entire night So i’m hoping that will stick and that Puts my mind at ease a little bit more Because It is so important for her just to be Comfortable in her own skin And when a person isn’t around so today Is going to be Another huge day of training hopefully We can make some progress On her other issues as well but i think I’m gonna go get ready and then we’re Gonna go get started Get 30 off of select solid gold products

By going to my special link in the Description solidgoldpet.com If you’re enjoying these videos Subscribe to my channel follow us on Instagram Facebook and tick tock and get both of My books too I’ll have all the links below we’ll see You in episode six

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