What’s The Difference Between a Service Dog, Therapy Dog, and an Emotional Support Dog?

What's The Difference Between a Service Dog, Therapy Dog, and an Emotional Support Dog?

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ADA Requirements: Service Animals

Service Dog

Right to Emotional Support Animals in “No Pet” Housing

Fair Housing Act

Air Carrier Access Act

Assistance Dogs International: ADI Guide to Assistance Dog Laws

Mader, Bonnie, Lynette A. Hart, Bonita Bergen. (1989). Social Acknowledgments for Children with Disabilities: Effects of Service Dogs. Child Development 60.6 doi:10.2307/1130941

Today’s video is sponsored by pet flow And supported by our patrons on patreon Thank you click thumbs up for rue the Puppy who’s my co-host today subscribe To my channel and check out our new T-shirts on teespring I know you’re Gonna love them I’ll have a link below There’s a lot of confusion as to what Qualifies as a service dog and the Differences between a service dog a Therapy dog and an emotional support Animal today we’re gonna talk about all Three of those service dogs can Definitely make life easier for those That need them but we can all make our Lives easier by having our pets food Automatically shipped to us from pet Flow they can literally take care of That chore for you every month as many Times as you’d like say every two weeks For example just choose your dog’s Favorite food one time and tell them how Often you want it delivered entrecôte Zach 30 when you check out and you’ll Get $10 off your first three orders I’ll Have a link and all the details in the Description below simply put a service Dog is a dog that’s been individually Trained to perform tasks for someone With a disability service dogs can be Any size or any breed in the US there’s No requirement for any type of Certification ID or other paperwork the Only thing that makes a service dog a

Service dog is their training in order To qualify for a service dog you have to Have a condition which significantly Limits or makes you completely unable to Complete daily life activities the best Person to determine whether you’re Disabled by a medical condition and if a Service dog is a good idea for you is Your doctor because each individual with A disability is going to be slightly Different service dogs end up being Custom trained to their handlers unique Needs at least one study is concluded That those who have a service dog Actually have an improved social life Because of their service dog the study Defined that as more friendly glances And conversations and more smiles Directed towards their handler of course My experience this is pretty much true With any dog that you take in public I mean maybe just having a dog is what Makes you have a better social life I Mean I’ve got three dogs and actually I Don’t have much of a social life at all Speaking of taking them in public the Rules for public access with service Dogs are different from country to Country I’m gonna have a link in the Description regarding the laws in your Country in America the Americans with Disabilities Act states that state and Local governments businesses and Nonprofit organizations that serve the

Public generally must allow service Animals to accompany people with Disabilities in All areas of the facility where the Public is normally allowed to go the Only two questions that staff will place Is accessible to the public can ask are One is that a service dog required Because of a disability and two what Tasks does the dog perform that’s it They can’t ask for documentation or Identification nor can they inquire Further about the person’s disability or The dogs training however just because There’s no formal certifications doesn’t Mean you should take advantage of this And start taking your dog everywhere if They’re not a legitimate service dog not Only do businesses have the right to ask You to leave if your dog is in under Control whether they’re a service dog or Not but also Puli behaved dogs can Create a bad reputation for legitimate Service dogs the federal definition as Outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act has been specifically Revised to exclude animals whose sole Purpose it is to provide comfort or Emotional support see these animals are Known as emotional support animals Emotional support animals are allowed to Live in no pet housing and go on Airplanes you can see the Fair Housing Act and the air carrier Access Act for

More information on this however outside Of that emotional support animals don’t Have public access rights because They’re not covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act so what about Therapy dogs I mean therapy dogs can Often be confused with service dogs Therapy dogs go to places like hospitals Schools nursing homes and all kinds of Places to give comfort to people who Could benefit from experiencing some Extra love from a dog remember therapy Dogs are not service dogs and they are Excluded under the Americans with Disabilities Act do lots of research to Make sure that getting a service dog is The right decision because it’s an Enormous commitment and it’ll make a Huge change to your daily lifestyle too Click thumbs up for Rou he did a great Job today make sure you’re subscribed to My channel get your dog’s food Automatically shipped to you from pet Flo pick up a copy of my best-selling Book check out our new t-shirts on t Spring as well all of those details in The description below Good job Roo

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