Where to Start with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG: Reality Dog Training Episode 2

Where to Start with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG: Reality Dog Training Episode 2

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Today we’re going to attempt to tackle Moira’s barking biting and hopefully Make some progress on her separation Anxiety As well as trying to start actually Building some deeper communication with Her This is moira and i’m zach george moyer The german shepherd dog is looking for a Home and i’ve only got two weeks to Teach her how to behave so that someone Will be willing to adopt her Okay we have a situation and as you can See it’s Not going to be easy she jumps Excessively Lunges at almost any distraction moira Loves to bark and she definitely pulls On leash and uses her teeth To interact with the world a little too Inappropriately I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed if That was a dog She would be like i’m not paying Attention to you i’m paying attention to That I will train this dog look at this loose Leash right now Shake yes much better yes Look at me she getting trained this is Reality dog training Reveal last time we saw that moira needs A lot of help with her manners and we Started with some basic training with

Her we taught her how to let go of a toy And how to leave something alone and pay Attention to me today i’m hoping to take That to the next level but we obviously Have to address this biting Right now i like to always have like oh Geez That’s my mic gosh we have to address This This biting right here she is way too Old to be doing this kind of biting this Is exactly the kind of behavior that can Scare a lot of people so even though This hurts it is just play biting But a german shepherd even play biting Hard can still have Unwanted consequences so many rescues Have this issue of adult puppy fighting Because they don’t always have Someone who is there to show them Exactly the right things to bite on So there we go that’s what i’m trying to Do i couldn’t let that go on any longer She doesn’t mind what she’s biting on And honestly there are some good things That she can bite on i need to be very Careful with her though because this is Not the ideal tug toy but she’s into it What’s this Whoa thought that was better still gotta Watch it there we go so adult puppy Biting can be dangerous for people for Obvious reasons and it’s dangerous for Dogs because they can be misunderstood

While they’re doing it i want to let her Know biting is okay but Only with permission and only with Approved items i mean half the battle Is just getting her to play tug that’s No problem for her we got that under Control don’t even need to generate Interest she’s like give it to me And so that’s exciting for a lot of Reasons okay we need to practice let go Let go good stay hope she doesn’t know Stay my bad Sit though i’ll take it good okay I’m going to continue to work on tug and Let go until it looks really perfect Because i want to be able to communicate With her like by giving her this outlet But only under very strict rules Lika yes good see that quick let go all Right now i’m going to ask her to do Something Let go you’ll see where this is going And how teaching your dog to bite can Actually help you Teach them to stop biting seems weird Right Yes okay get it let go Yes let me go for a shorter tug good Okay let go I’m gonna withhold for a little bit Longer here just to let her know that Last Little non-cooperative tug at the toy Was something i don’t want her to repeat

So there’s gonna be a consequence You can see she might be a little Irritated by that so let’s keep it Positive sometimes scratching like that Can mean a dog is getting frustrated so Let’s keep it optimistic Let go Good okay that’s very good oh we’re Gonna take a break now Good i don’t know how that’s gonna Happen i’m gonna continue to work on her Very persistent play biting she’s had a Lot of time to establish this habit so It’s gonna take a second to get under Control Most likely hold on this is currency This is Money you have to earn this moira has to Have some basic skills we have to be Able to put her into a sit position A lie down position sometimes you want Her to come up into a stand position you Know to be brushed or to be groomed These are all really essential skills That we should teach our dogs I’m using pup bird’s freeze-dried rabbit Today and she’s Really into them this basic training is Something that you can teach a dog Really quickly it’s also another great Way to redirect their Puppy energy when they start biting on You that’s it Good so fortunately she already knows

Sit that’s awesome i’m going to start by Luring her Into a down with a treat and i’m going To reward for the smallest step in the Right direction to help her learn this One fast Since this is an early primary training Session i’m going to be pretty liberal On my treats A little more just yes see like those Legs right there are starting to bend a Little bit this is called lore training What we’re doing right here we’re just Luring her i’m literally using the treat To direct her Downwards like this yes Good girl i like to think of her nose And the treat as magnets the closer they Are The more likely she is to engage with The treat so i’m going to lure her back Into an up here as soon as she’s A little reluctant there see it might be Too far what happens if i come down here And i really magnetize it to her nose Hasn’t quite Computed yet come on Here we go yes good girl did you see her Brainstorming that was really cool And then back into it down let’s see how Long it takes her to get the treat now Yes see much quicker that time when she Gets it she really gets it Sit don’t need to lure on sit because

She knows that now We’re gonna lure her into a down yes See maybe i can do this another way to Get her to come up we can do Yes i love the stand right there that’s Really cool Moira is catching on to this so quickly Let’s see if we can start to phase out That lure Yes good really key moment there that Was where we were transforming from the Lure To a hand signal and by the way even Though i’m using a lot of treats today That will not always be the case In the beginning you really want to get Traction even for the first several Months of training up to a year to Really solidify these behaviors as much As we can Yes there’s the sit now let’s get her Back into a stand Yes yes and okay i’ll go ahead and Release her from the stand Just to let her know so rather than just Letting the behavior die off really put A clear end to it so they understand Okay is a term that i use just to kind Of let her know okay we’re done with That particular thing we’re gonna move On to the next thing and remember Yes is my really special word right now I’m really sure To reward her every time i say yes or at

Least i tried to Yes i’ll give her another treat Yes i will reward on sid here to keep Her going Yes down starting to say down you know As she’s doing the thing Let’s go directly from the down to the Stand now Yes she’s smart what it what you can see If she were to get into a bitey mood now I have down and stand That i can focus on teaching her so i Might go through that similar Routine next time she has a biting Outburst with me so we’re really Establishing a lot of great Communication Together already leave it and look at me She’s learning how to do these basic Skills right now Moira and to reiterate every time she Comes to me For the next two weeks i’m going to go Out of my way to reward her And make her life very pleasant for Listening to that one you don’t want to Be stingy on that with a new dog or any Dog And especially a dog like her i would Say she’s definitely a flight risk if She could get out of the gate Or the door she would run and you’re not Catching up to her So we really want to start building the

Strongest recall we can Teaching basics like this is so Important because it helps your dog Start to learn to understand how to Interact with you And whether you’re teaching an older dog Or a puppy you’ve got to teach them all The same things eventually If you have a new dog consider signing Up for my 30 day perfect pup program It’s actually completely free no strings Attached it’s a course that i’ve Designed to guide you through everything You need to know how to get started with Teaching All the basics i’ve actually got Exclusive video lessons in that course And tons of additional resources to help You make progress there’s even an app Available So you can keep track of your progress And take all of your new dog training Knowledge wherever you go I’m gonna have a link in the description Where you can sign up it’s time to put Moira up tonight moira definitely has Separation anxiety so i’m still Troubleshooting to see the extent of it [Music] I toss in some treats in there so like i Said before My goal isn’t necessarily to have her in The crate as a primary way to Contain her but i do think it’s

Important that she be comfortable with It especially right now i’m thinking She’ll probably settle down in a little Bit So we’re going on our second night with Moira And i’m gonna sleep out here i’ve got The air mattress out here again and We’re gonna see how she does Last night as you might recall she did Pretty well she woke up one time let her Out she was good for the rest of the Night you don’t necessarily have the Night waking problems With adult dogs that you might have with Puppies though you can it really depends But we’ll see i don’t want to predict Anything i’m still gathering data it is Only my second day with her Oh you can see look there’s a bone on Top of her crate I think i’m glad she wants that because That’s a really great way to get them Comfortable With their crate there you go If i get her to sleep eight hours in There even if i’m right here that’s Eight hours That she experiences being in the crate While in a relaxed State of mind even if she is unconscious I mean it’s something so My goal with craig training is really Just to rack up time

With them being in the crate where they Do not feel stressed and Overnight is one of the easiest times to Accomplish that If you have a dog who’s kind of Borderline with a crate like her so she Just started getting a little antsy I got up and then i walked away just a Few feet so i’m going to wait for her to Calm down here for just A second and we’ll see how she does i’m Going to give her A turbo tendon i gave her one of these Yesterday and she really liked it You can see she wants it so sometimes It’s as simple as just giving your dog Something else to do By the way if you’re wondering about the Crate pad she got so muddy yesterday That the bed Was just not usable so we put a crate Pad in there And this is different than last night Because i’m right here last night when i Was this close to her her anxiety Subsided Good yes i’m gonna try one more thing I’m just gonna ignore her for five Straight minutes And if after five minutes she’s still Feeling frantic i’ll probably adjust my Strategy Let her sleep on the tie out next to me Where she has a little bit more room

But i don’t want her to continue to Stress though i mean if you’re wondering Why i’m doing this It’s because a crate can often make it Easier to manage a dog And i like to use really oversized Crates so for a crate this is pretty big But the more and more that i’m watching Her the more i’m realizing That a crate really might not be for her I just let her out so i don’t think she Has to relieve herself Five minutes can seem like an eternity When you’re timing things like this All right i’m gonna call it and we’re Gonna tie her out All right got you on the tie out she’s Still a little frantic But see if she settles down a little bit So you can see she has Like i don’t know 12 foot radius maybe She just wants some cuddling let’s see How that goes Come here oh my goodness I mean think about how much they have to Take in you know she’s getting a lot of Experience the first few months of her Life Have been all over the place i’m sure And i think ultimately that’s probably Going to serve her Really well having all of these Experiences as unconventional As they might be possibly born a stray

Maybe she Had a family she didn’t appear to be in The best health when She was found and then she had a foster Mom right Now she’s here and she might just want a Little interaction here She’s like i still want to play a little Bit more before we go to bed I mean isn’t this what dog training is It’s just a lot of trial and error Seeing what works for what dog this is a Good wrestling dog too but we’re gonna Go easy On the wrestling after all we’re trying To make her the ideal family dog And that’s a very personal thing good Girl Okay looks like she’s happy now she just Grabbed her Turbo chew so maybe she’ll get into that Now All right so she is settling down so all In all the troubleshooting there was I gave her a little bit of attention a Little bit of play time and then she Decided to settle down I think we’re finally getting a sleeping Dog good night moira Good morning okay so moira slept Wonderfully last night although she Didn’t sleep on the floor She ended up sleeping right here which In a way kind of complicates things

Because i was hoping To be able to train her not to be on the Furniture Which i still am but i had to weigh a Bunch of things like in the crate she Was Way too anxious and here she would Settle down but she would still get up And pace In a way that made me think she was Feeling some anxiety and then once she Got up here at the foot of the bed she Just passed out and the anxiety seemed To be reduced so You need to prioritize these things when You’re training a dog to me Anxiety can be significant and if There’s anything i can do to reduce that If just laying here Was enough to make her feel calm and at Ease and Make her feel a lot better i was happy To do that that may not be practical for Her new family i don’t know so i don’t Love that aspect of it but reducing Anxiety is one of the more important Things I’m still not giving up on crait Training my next strategy With the crate is to try and get her to Enjoy it Maybe when she’s in a real fatigue state Of mind maybe after a long walk or heavy Play

And seeing if i can get her to just Chill and take a nap there so The crate training saga continues What is this I get up to go and get ready she starts Doing this That’s pretty insistent girl you can do Better than this To give you some context here i was just Playing with her and i’m like oh i Better go get ready so we can shoot Today And she just lost her mind I don’t want a cave i just go over this Is really like Demanding A fraction of quiet and then i’m gonna Go acknowledge the quiet yes Fraction of quiet quiet good girl okay The jumping is another thing We’ve got to work on yes good girl So i’m gonna reward the quiet there good Girl This is why you keep your treats handy When you’re training a dog you know you Want to really be able to snap into Training mode The freeze-dried rabbit a huge hit with Her i’m gonna give her one of these Turbo shoes to see if that Makes her feel complacent i don’t know Are you in the mood for a turbo too or Not I’d say that’s a yes so i’m gonna just

Chill here for a sec see if she gets Fixated on that and then i’m gonna go Get ready and we Are gonna teach this dog somehow how to Stay When i asked her to good luck oh boy you Did pan on me when i was like having the Thought of how on earth are we gonna get This done Yeah this is this is why i’m supposed to Get ready before we shoot Not too close that’s how i looked Yeah uh that’s one way to deal with a Barking outburst remember we call those Secondary training sessions that’s where We Snap into training mode on a moment’s Notice because our dog is behaving in a Way that requires us to do it and i Think where most people Probably screw up the most when training Their dog is they rely On training sessions like that as a Primary way to train their dog when in Reality you have to really be proactive About teaching them how to sit And stay and be quiet and lie down and All of that so that you can give them Alternative things to do rather than Just getting frustrated when they bark But Good example of a secondary training Session they are necessary they’re just Not the main way that you train a dog

And to clarify if you’re wondering well Zach is that a reward when you gave her The treats and gave her the tendon i Wouldn’t say It’s a reward because i was really Zooming in on it acknowledging the quiet More calm behavior and that’s why i gave That to her i didn’t keep the bar So high that i was going to make her be Quiet for 30 minutes before i gave her Something do you see what i mean When you have a new dog you just want to Find small sometimes microscopic moments To acknowledge And you’ll be surprised at the kind of Traction that can give you on your Training So now hopefully she’ll be on that for 10 20 minutes while i go get ready and We can get on with life Okay young lady it is time for your next Lesson you guys know that i think That teaching a dog to stay is by far One of the most important things And she’s off to a pretty good start Like well Spoke too soon sit Yes good and that was effectively a stay You see how she’s holding her position I like to break down stay into three Major categories stay for a period of Time Yes much like we’re seeing right here Stay while we walk away with distance

And finally stay while distracted Yes now i really like to teach all three Of those Separately one at a time really zoom in On the specific thing That you’re trying to train at a Particular moment but you can see stay For a period of time it’s the easiest Version of a stay right and then saying Okay come on rattle the bag over here Good job to get her really excited Just wanted to be super obvious so she Understands what we’re doing we have a Beginning And a middle and an end to what we’re Requesting All right here she’s wandering off this Is why we have her on leash usually Come on girl moira Yes definitely want to give her a huge Reward there Sit good You can see her focus is good let me let Me just test look at me look at me Yes good took her a second there but That’s good i just wanted to measure so I’m going to walk away Then i’m going to come back here see how Her attention was waning there good girl Stay walking away notice how i’m not Releasing her from the stay Over here she’s doing really well with This Very good i’m coming over here now i’m

Gonna say Okay come on yes good Moira is definitely a dual currency dog Meaning she’ll work for treats as we saw But right now i suspect she’s really in The mood to play if i can get traction This is gonna be really effective but Right now she’s gonna be pretty wild But this is a powerful currency but She’s gonna go nuts over it This is something a lot of people deal With how do i reward with a toy my dog Is just This crazy after all i’m trying to teach Stay which is kind of the opposite of What we’re seeing here right she’s wound Up Let go leave it Leave it sit Stay good girl okay Good so she was i mean i had to fight For that stay a little bit she was so Wound up i was a little physical there As well you’re not used to seeing that But when you have a dog Like this it’s all about how the dog Perceives it she didn’t seem to perceive Me like being a barrier and even Restraining her as being aversive at all She’s like all right what do i got to do To get it so it’s really dog by dog that You have to consider your approach Pardon the tangent here but you know you Got to be prepared

To go in the direction your dog wants to Go in from time to time And remember we’re still polishing up Let go still let go Stay look at me Love that another variation of the leave It look at me combo look at me Okay yes good good girl i’m gonna bring That toy To life and really give her the thing She wants when she did it A lot just happened there we did stay For a period of time we did stay while i Walk away I was able to get her to look at the toy And leave it alone while i held it off To the side and then i asked her to look At me and she looked at me Stay all of those skills are something That she is not used to working with me On She’s very new to this but she’s smart She catches on fast Okay yes good job see that so we have Stay for a period of time stay while we Walk away so the hard part for her and For any dog Is learning how to stay when they want To go or Stay while distracted she got me there Pretty good but She let go thankfully whoop jeez That jumping i mean this is something we Got to work on we’ll work on that later

But focus on stay while distracted all Right Let go easy sit stay She’s looking Look at me Yes okay good girl very good in that Example you could see how she held her Stay while something she really wants Was nearby but did you also notice how Delicate I was i didn’t make the distraction Super crazy we want to work up to that Stay the whole reason that i’m picking Up and dropping the toy repeatedly here Is to bring movement to it See things that move are generally more Tempting to dogs than things that are Stationary Okay good and there’s the reward that Was a lot farther than i thought we Would get i mean we had stay For duration while i walked away and While distracted there so those are Rough draft versions that i’m going to Try and build on We also did this training in my living Room where there aren’t many Distractions at all So i’m going to be looking for more Advanced versions of that moving forward As we train in different environments You can see how excited moira is about Her food right now and we’ll tackle Jumping later but we also know that she

Has The anxiety over the crate but i have a Hunch look at that She’ll go right in when you give her her Food there so i do want to make sure That every time i feed her i feed her in Her crates and she so eagerly goes in There for her meal this is One of the very few ways that i found so Far to give her a real positive stress Free presumably or relatively Stress-free time to be In the crate and like i said before it’s About racking up individual minutes Over time with them enjoying being in The crate as she appears to be right now She’s at least enjoying eating while in The crate i just want to see after she’s Done eating which should be in about Four seconds going at this rate How she does does she immediately start Pacing back and forth like we’ve seen Or does she relax even if she does start Pacing i want to give her a moment to See if she settles down So really we’re just testing here it’s a Scientific method In action my hope is that she’s like Okay i’m gonna just take a break now i Had some mental stimulation with that Last training session I’m full maybe she might relax Maybe i’m being too optimistic i don’t Know if there’s

Pacing but it’s slow pacing It’s not fast pacing so i think i have a Let me give her a little bit of i like That she’s sitting On one hand you want to let her out Before the stress increases but on the Other hand if you think It might go in the other direction you Want to see if you can give her a Success where she might Relax i’m staying close on purpose Because i’m Almost positive if i walk away at this Point We’re likely to see her get really amped Up which i’d like to avoid Looking for ways to escape that crate All right i’m gonna go ahead and let her Out let me see if i can get a sit at Least can you sit Thank you Then we’ll go with our crate alternative I also only use this tie out while she’s Being supervised by Brie or me this might look a little odd To a lot of you but This is a way to phase in freedom in the House and she has about as Much room as any standard living room Probably so she still has plenty of Freedom here Between training sessions so i’m out Here with inertia right now Just chilling we’re getting some frisbee

Practice in while moira takes a rest Is that one catchable yes Very good girl it’s a windy day you know You’re being pretty epic today I gotta say she made some amazing Catches off camera You still got energy all right come Around Go [Music] Wow i’m just amazed because it’s such a Bad throw In this wind it’s hard to be straight Sometimes And she just finds a way to catch up to Him look at that She’s on fire all right our yard guys Have shown up and of course Moira is quite alert by that but she’s Doing okay come here girl What’s up shake off There you go she’s doing okay let me see If i can just encourage her to Do some normal behavior like a sit on The presence Of the yard guys out there there’s a Couple of things going on number one You’ve got Really loud sounds from weed whackers And lawn mowers and Secondly you have people who are close By on the property a lot of dogs will Become alert when that happens hey i Didn’t release you from your sit come

Here Sit i think someone’s learning Okay good there you go how’s that toy go Get that toy Good girl so this is pretty awesome you Can see we’ve got weed whackers out There we’ve got the Lawnmower going out there and i’m able To keep her focus on this toy which is Great Might notice we still have the tie out In lieu of a crate here So if i can keep her attention on me Even if it’s through a toy When there are heavy distractions like That or moderate distractions at least Oh come on Oh you couldn’t last come on here this Way I’m resisting the urge to pull her away Because i want to see if i can get her Attention on me Voluntarily that is the key see if i can Motivate her to listen to me without Pulling her away that would help me Start laying a foundation for this kind Of training Around things that she wants to bark at Treats helped have to do some problem Solving Come so we have work to do in that Department obviously i don’t mind her Barking when there are people at the House but

When i ask her to be quiet i would like For her to learn how to stop i think Most people would agree with that so That’s where we are Here do you want this sit Good all right finally got my set there Good job let me try let’s go back to Basics look at me Yes this is counter conditioning trying To change her response To various stimuli good girl all right Take a break all right back to normal Focused on her toy i’m just gonna let Her do that That’s fine with me while i was upstairs And my wife bri was dog Sitting our neighbor dogs lucy and Winnie were taking a walk and moira Noticed them and look how bree snaps Into training mode Yes yeah good shake off Perfect so this is great she’s clearly Interested in the dogs but she still Gave brie her attention for a sec Naturally this is going to be easier for Her than if she were outside and Closer to the dogs i’m hoping to build Upon this when we start training in Public over the coming days But as you can see she’s almost too Wound up to listen even here in the Living room so wish me luck on that It’s night three uh crate training Overnight is not going the best

The good news is moira is Super comfortable in bed She’s not stressed out at all she seems Really happy Perfect look at that a nice settle But in all seriousness since she had Really Significant anxiety i’m just doing Anything i can To get her more comfortable and this is Like literally the only thing That’s caused her to be comfortable and I feel like we are not causing Irreversible damage [Music] Number one dog training channel on Youtube right here [Music] You want to play i’ll give you a little Bit of play I’ll give you a little bit of play i Mean honestly the bond is what Trumps everything when you’re training a Dog you gotta Really get to know each other and like Each other And it’s impossible not to like a dog Fortunately they feel the same way about Us most of the time Okay moira you win she’s talked me into Playing a game of tug-of-war Before bed you might also notice this Handle we’ve attached To her i’m trying to phase in more time

Off Of the temporary indoor tie out there So this traffic handle really allows me To get a hold of her a little bit easier If i need to But still when i’m not supervising her i Have her restrained Here come on See right here i want to be able to Quickly get to her Don’t want her going back there pardon The mess Believe it or not i really feel like We’re starting to lay a foundation for Moyer’s training but the coming days are Definitely going to bring some huge Challenges for both of us And spoiler alert things aren’t going to Go this smoothly for long So definitely subscribe to my channel to See how everything plays out and sign up For my totally free digital dog training Course 30 day perfect pup and check out Puffer’s awesome training treats and Shoes that you saw me using in this Episode follow us on Instagram facebook and tick tock and get Both of my books all of the links will Be in the description And we’ll see you in episode 3.

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