Why your Dog May Not Listen to You and How to Change it!

Why your Dog May Not Listen to You and How to Change it!

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How to teach your dog the basics in order:

How to teach ”leave it”:

Does your dog go crazy when and tune you completely out when you leave the house? It’s important to practice a few things before you put your dog in the position listening around distractions! In this video I’ll show you how to start distraction training! Lots of the dogs in this video are rescues too! Does your dog do well around other dogs and new places?

Today’s sponsor is audible.com a leading Provider of spoken audio information and Entertainment listen to audiobooks Whenever and wherever you want so your Dog listens well at home but when you go In public your dog doesn’t have a clue What you want sound familiar this is Because dogs are extremely sensitive to New surroundings this is completely Normal and it takes time to work through This hey subscribe to my channel if you Want to learn fun positive ways to teach Your dog that don’t rely on superficial Tools like prong collars or e-collars or Choke chains and thank you for sharing Videos like this to show people there is A better way to teach our dogs like me On facebook too at facebook.com The zack george and click thumbs up to Show your support for positive training I’m going to take you along to one of my Advanced dog training classes here in New orleans where we start to work Around more distractions in order to Really get our training off the ground So we’ve got some really super talented Dogs coming into class right now a Simple thing that you can do to prime Your dog to start absorbing this new Concept of listening to you in Distracting situations is to first teach Them to listen to you from a bit of a Distance doing things they already know Like sit or lie down now if your dog

Doesn’t already know the basics see the Description of this video for a playlist If your dog seems like they don’t fully Understand what you’re asking even Though it seems simple to you shortening The distance will often help them make Progress get closer there no big deal That’s okay Very good charlie is perhaps the most Improved dog i’ve had in my classes as Of any time recently anyway you can see How engaging she is right here She’s walking away so we’ve got sit You got it down from distance Look at that attention off lease if You’ve ever asked your dog to do Something they know but you’ve changed Your body position or your posture You’ll know that this often confuses Them one way to assist with them Generalizing new concepts is to simply Turn your back to them and work with Them to understand that lie down still Means lie down even when your back is Turned if you’re changing a variable on Your dog change one variable at a time So in the case of teaching your dog to Listen to you while you’re in a Different position do it up close don’t Add distance and a new posture to the Equation at the same time maybe get a Bit closer Because we want to introduce one new Variable at a time perhaps the biggest

Oversight that people make when doing Distraction training is they ask their Dogs to lay off of distractions that are Way too tempting way too early on like Dogs squirrels or cats remember we don’t Want to wait for these distracting Situations to arise to then teach our Dogs we want to set up training drills Prior to that now before we can expect Them to resist those types of Temptations we have to introduce more Moderate distractions like turkey on the Ground for example we want to Communicate to our dogs hey i know you Want that turkey but if you listen to me Instead great things will happen for you That’s the overall message we need to Communicate to our dogs and look at this With sherlock sherlock is doing awesome Over here turkey on the ground but the Difference here is you’ve got mom eight Feet away we have dad over here we have Mom over here we’ve got sherlock right Here with a piece of turkey in the Middle leaving it alone with distance Very impressive here’s a fun exercise You can do with your dog in order to Teach them to come to you while they’re Distracted leave it Good all right very good now check this Out don’t touch this stanley come on This way come on yes our goal in the Next five minutes is to get our dog to Come to us just a couple of feet with

Turkey right in front of them we want Them walking we want them acknowledging The turkey walking past it stanley come Come on You really nailed that trick with him We have lizzie the yorkie over here this Should be interesting And so we’re going to drop it here Now be prepared to cover it up it’s kind Of close to her i’ll help you go ahead And call her Very good very good we didn’t even have To cover it up when you’re teaching your Dog to come with to you with Distractions like this you want to do it In very small increments even if it’s Just a few inches in this case the most Successful dog trainers are those who Are not afraid to keep things very easy In the beginning if you’ll make a Conscious effort to do this then you’ll Make much more rapid progress check out Connie and cozette i’m going to put one There Look at that Once your dog is routinely having Success raise the bar with gazette i Tried to get her off course by luring Her with turkey but she listened to her Mom instead as she should that’s Fantastic Charlie the rescue dog was having a Difficult time walking away from me While i was holding turkey in my hand to

Distract him as cameron called him but Notice how patient she is she works with Him she shortens the distance in order To really get his attention onto her and Eventually is able to get him to resist The temptation and go to her instead you See that see how she decreased that Training bubble made it smaller and Smaller until she had charlie responding To her that was fantastic like many of You i find myself pretty busy however i Still want to remain current on my Reading in order to stay educated and Get new ideas about things i’ve been an Audible.com member for years now what i Really like about audiobooks is that i Can get two things done at a time maybe I’m at the park with my dogs where i’m Taking them on a walk or maybe i’m just Driving to the gym or to work one of the Most important things in dog training is To be very consistent for many of you This might mean creating new habits with Your dogs the power of habit is an Excellent book that will show you some Very cool ways to establish new habits In your own life check out Audible.comgeorge for a free 30-day Trial as well as a free audiobook the Link will be in the description and let Me know what you think in my next video We’ll go to the dog park with nina and I’ll show you how to connect with your Dog in even more tempting and

Distracting situations if you haven’t Subscribed to my channel go ahead and Click subscribe below click thumbs up if You enjoyed or learned something in this Video also like me on facebook too at Facebook.com The zack george that link will be in the Description how well does your dog Listen to you around distracting Situations tell me that in the comments As well and don’t forget to check out Audible.com Zac george for your free 30-day trial And free audiobook as well okay guys i Enjoyed this and we’ll see you in the Next video

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