WILD! Training My Puppy in the City WAS Crazy!

WILD! Training My Puppy in the City WAS Crazy!

Training a dog in the city is is harder! Correction: This video was filmed November 8th, 2019. My dog is actually 6.4 months old in this video, not 7 months. Thanks! This video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today at

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I’m Zack George I trained dogs and this Is my new dog inertia I’m taking you Along as I train her from day one you Can start from the beginning or pick up Anywhere and start learning welcome so The dog training experience in today’s Episode inertia and I will face our Biggest training challenges yet can I Possibly get her to listen to me in the Middle of a super intense city Environment it doesn’t matter whether You live in the city or the country Having your dog’s food automatically There whenever you need it is going to Make your life much easier by going to Pet Flo and telling them the brand of Dog food you want and how often you want It there you’ll be sure that your dog Always has their food whenever they need It plus you’re going to get your time Back in order to try the service and see If it’s right for you Peplow is gonna Give you $10 off your first three Automatic shipments when you enter code Zac 30a check out I’m gonna have the Link and that discount code in the Description of this video Inertia is now seven months old and We’ve spent tons of time socializing her And gradually more and more exciting Environments but there is nothing as Intense as a busy city location like the French Quarter in New Orleans since this Will likely be an overwhelming

Experience for inertia I’m going to be Careful not to stay for too long and I’ll be ready to leave on a moment’s Notice or dial back my training if she Seems too uncomfortable we’re in the French Quarter in New Orleans right now So there’s tons of pedestrians all Around us we’re on our way to do a Training session and inertia is pretty Thrown off by her surroundings all of a Sudden in her head yes that’s called Quiet so I’m gonna try to get her quiet By reinforcing her with some chicken Here when she’s quiet quiet yes good Girl there are people walking really Close by of course she’s gonna be like Whoa I’ve never seen anything like that Before this is the most urban Environment we’ve ever brought inertia To so there’s a lot of activity she’s Not very reliable when she’s super Excited especially in public even in a Park setting but I do want to start Giving her more exposure to city like Settings Hey inertia you be quiet Yes quite her impulse is to bark So I’m trying to preempt those barking Outbursts she’s familiar with the Training drill like this because this is What we’ve done at home in the past to Address her barking now if we hadn’t Previously been working on her barking And other settings then this would be

Pretty challenging she’s never trained In this environment before I know she’s Not going to excel and that training is Likely not gonna be great this is just To give her some exposure to this new Place dogs are never really ready for This until you do it so we’re just gonna Go do it and give her some general Experience in this new environment you Have to go into it though with the right Mindset so I’m not expecting big things Today maybe she’ll surprise me I don’t Know we’ll see so right off the bat you Can see she’s really taken by the Environment just sniffing around Hey inertia look at me will you sit what Ultimately if you look down here that’s The kind of environment I would love her To be able to be dependable in if I go Over there she’s gonna be trying to jump On every person that walks by she’s Gonna be constantly distracted by the Multitude of sense but I’m looking over Here this is less busy so I’m gonna try To phase in this type of environment Over time but it gets increasingly more Congested as you go from here to here This is where I want to start it just Kind of ease her into it I just want to Hang out here for a minute or two let Her check out the environment so far Better than expected when you’re first Starting to take your dog to intense Environments like this you really have

To go back to basics you’ll see me Luring and asking inertia for things She’s known since she was a puppy but Because we’re doing them here it’s going To be much harder for her so my goal is To make many of these basic exercises as Easy as possible even if it means taking A step back to the most basic of Training how about a sit I don’t want to Ask for too many sits because I still Want to be fair to her Okay and let her check things out place Like this has got moderate levels of Pedestrian activity but not quite as Busy as the city itself let me see if I Get a look at me wait you look at me and This it she even offered to sit this is Not gonna stick as people start walking By she’s going to be more and more Distracted and excited I’m keeping her On a pretty short leash as well here Part of experiencing a new environment Like Is allowing inertia to experience the People within it so even though inertia Is pulling on the leash right now I Think it’s much more important to help Her learn that these people are friendly Especially since she’s been nervous of Some strangers in the recent past Insisting on persistent focus and this Place is not the goal at this moment We’ll work on that later in this lesson Hi guys how are you okay go ahead this

Is fantastic there’s so many tourists in This part of town look at this this is Excitement urination over here she got a Little excited when greeting people Fortunately was outside so that’s always A plus but that’s something we’re still Working through she does pee when she Gets really excited by new people she’s Been doing it less and less but it’s Still pretty consistent I mean that’s Not nothing that’s a fair amount of pee There’s a helicopter coming up right Here you might remember that when Inertia was younger she was a little bit Nervous about helicopters this will be a Good test is she still nervous of them She’s checking it out seems to be Reacting in a very healthy way nice job Girl so I’m really encouraged by that She’s doing well with the stairs there’s Quite a bit of leash polling going on Here and a lot of excitement because This is an extremely unique environment For inertia the primary goal during this Early training is just general exposure Not a perfectly behaved dog but overall She’s doing pretty well even though it Might not look like it she’s not barking She’s not lunging at anything so here we Have a nice sit and a wait oh we have a Kid oh yeah absolutely sure yeah exactly Yeah we’re making a dog training video For YouTube actually thanks I wasn’t expecting so many people to

Want to come up in pet inertia that’s Actually really working to our benefit Because she’s in such a good mood and Really interested in meeting lots of new People today let me see if I get a stand Wait So we’ve got a stand in public yes I get Excited over that that’s pretty cool can I get a wave look at that she’s actually Doing tricks now out of here can you Believe this That’s all good though but there are no People in our immediate area here but Just for fun let me see if I can get a Bow wait Yeah she’s doing it look at that that Was wonderful you’re doing really good Out here so that was our first super Public performance I’d say there are More people at the top of the stairs Here that’s gonna probably get a little More challenging let’s go to doing Really well with going up the stairs Good job good so I think I’m just gonna Walk around a little bit up here that’s Cool so even the speakers in the Background are things that can throw Dogs off right now you can see she’s Pulling every which way There’s no communicating with her Because she’s so excited by her Surroundings right now okay come here After just a little bit of exploring She’s starting to really pay attention a

Lot better inertia this way come on Loose leash yes yes thank you a border Collie yeah we’re gonna get away from The loud music now but it’s gonna be a Challenge this is her first time seeing A mule and she’s like what is that yes I Like that reaction very good once she Gets a closer look at those mules I Don’t know how she’s gonna react so I’ll Be keeping an eye on that too and I’ll Try to encourage her to be civilized Easy oh my gosh boy we’re really getting Thrown in the deep end right now I’m Gonna really be focused on management as We make our way through this area not so Much training her but keeping her from Jumping on people keeping her on a short Leash my arm is sore just trying to Restrain her there she was so excited And certainly not ready to come we walk Through a group of people the only way To get there is to practice a lot and Your first practice session isn’t always Going to be your most successful one I’m Just gonna let her talk it in for a Second I’m opting not to escort a nurse So away from the mule right now since The mule is moving away from us and I’d Prefer not to increase the tension on The leash by dragging her away if at all Possible here understand protocol when Your dog reacts like this is creating Distance between your dog and the thing They’re reacting to that right there

Tells me I’m gonna have to do some Desensitizing around mules over the Coming months this is our baseline you Can see we got a long way to go even Though we’re giving hints of success as We now Into this more pedestrian heavy area She’s like really really into checking Everything sorry she tried to jump on That lady as she walked by that’s the Last thing I want oh here comes another Feel easy sometimes you just have to Step in and try to calm your dog down in Its genuine way in the way that only you Can since you know them best good girl Very good that was awesome good job very Good like even though she’s still barked At the mule there it was a little less Intense notice how she’s behaving right Now I feel like I’m walking a shark just Something that’s flailing and pulling Certainly not a casual walk right now You’ve been seeing this pattern as we Get into a new scene she’s more and more Distracted and then after spending a Little bit of time here she starts to Come around so I want to see if that Continues I’m gonna hang out for a bit Right around this area Absolutely yeah she’s friendly there you Go being down here is proven to be a Really fantastic socialization Opportunity too because people are Reaching out to her really wanting to

Interact with her and she’s still under 8 months old Socialization experiences like this Really go a long way let me see if we Can do like some basic leash walking Back and forth and see how she does There very good okay come on yes good Weights over here this way never sit Good you’re doing great Good that’s good like that like that she Turned into her heel position albeit With a lure but that’s okay wait Good job okay well then she’s pretty Good until people get within a few Inches of her and then she’s just like Really wanting to say hi to them let’s See if she’ll hug community inertia here Yes all right Wait we got a hug here those are all Ways that I can test her willingness to Listen to me in a new place nice Reliable one okay good job but I’ll bet You you know if we just walk a few more Feet she’s gonna be like I have no idea What you want me to do I can’t even Focus on you right now so let’s move on Here we are back to the extreme polling Right now I’m trying to check everything Out in future lessons I’ll focus on this Polling but right now that’s not the Battle I’m gonna pick it’s gonna stop For a second really training in slow Motion is very important at this point By slow motion I mean I’m not in a rush

To get to the end of the path here we’re Gonna stop let her check things out Maybe do some mine or easy training with Her yes like that she just looked up at Me right there right now it’s really Hard to compete with her impulsive Behavior of just smelling and checking Out the ground wait yes good girl so That’s pretty good I just think heard Sure to hold her position right there And she did to the bicycle storing her Off a little bit there but I mean what a Great way for her to see so many Different things maybe I’ll practice Stay with distance here good stay so I’m Doing like these real basic exercises we Were doing months ago but doing them in This type of place is such a major Variable change it’s completely Necessary to dumb it down and make it Interesting and exciting okay inertia Come good sit come when called in this Setting let’s say so far I’ve got to Give her an a-minus what’s that Things on wheels this is why it’s so Critical to get out of the house and Train in public as often as you can Because there’s just absolutely no way To prepare for the real world other than Training in the real world often stay So I’m trying out spontaneous stay there She’s doing really well on those she’s Especially reliable when I put my hand Right in front of her face as if to tell

Her don’t move let me practice that a Little bit here stake yes good girl I mean how do I have any way of knowing That that’s going to occur people just Screaming out of the blue it’s great Though I get excited as a trainer Especially when I see that she’s Noticing them but she’s not shutting Down she’s not barking those are all Things that would make things a bit more Complicated you’re doing so well All right so what nurse has had some Time to adjust let me see if I can get Her playing with me that’s pretty Awesome I was a actually able to get her In a playful mood briefly will she stay In it that’s really exciting or her I Can get her playing tug-of-war out here That’ll help me really teach her how to Get excited and pay attention to me in Public so I’m trying to strengthen the Value of tug-of-war as a currency right Now because this tends to increase in Value over time the more dog gets hooked On it it can proved to be a very Reliable way to get their attention on You instead of everything around them if They like playing tug enough so I think This was a really good training session Overall we’re gonna walk back I’m sure I’ll have more training opportunities on The way back I don’t want to push her Any further I’m gonna quit while I’m Ahead and hopefully we can build on this

Overtime and continue to give her more And more exposure and hopefully I can Get her listening to me more and more Reliably and settings like this this is By far one of the most challenging Settings that you can ask a dog to Listen to you and what do you think That’s a street car in the next episode I’ll address inertia separation anxiety Update you on how her frisbee game is Coming along and I’ll see if she’ll Listen to me when giraffes are nearby Easily eliminate one of the most common Inconveniences in your life and get your Dog’s food automatically sent to you From pet flow in order to try it out Peplos gonna give you $10 off your first Three automatic shipments when you enter Code Zach 30th check out I’ll have that Information in the description below Keep up with our training progress in Real time on Instagram and tik-tok Subscribe to my channel and get both of My books for a complete guide to Training your dog [Music] You

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