Will I Ever Be Able to Take This Reactive Dog on a Normal Walk? Reality Dog Training

Will I Ever Be Able to Take This Reactive Dog on a Normal Walk? Reality Dog Training

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When you consider how moira was reacting When dogs were in her sight just two Weeks ago I think this is a massive improvement Moira get off the furniture if there’s One skill That every german shepherd dog on earth Needs to know It’s how to dance this is moira and i’m Zach george Moira the german shepherd dog is looking For a home and i’ve only got Two weeks to teach her how to behave so That someone will be willing to adopt Her Okay we have a situation and as you can See it’s Not going to be easy if that was a dog She would be like i’m not paying Attention to you i’m paying attention to That I will train this dog Shake yes much better Look at me is she getting trained this Is reality Dog training Throughout this series i’ve been showing You guys what it is like to train a dog From scratch I really want to help you guys Understand what’s realistic in a short Period of time And how to make the most of that time Some of you might be surprised

At how much you can actually teach a dog With just a little bit of focused time Every day If you’re the kind of person that really Likes a detailed outline and schedule For training your dog Then 30 day perfect pup is for you 30 Day perfect pup Is totally 100 free and you’ll get email Guidance and custom video lessons to Show you Exactly what to work on every single day And maybe the best part is that you get Access to an incredible community to get Extra support and guidance whenever you Need it i’ll have a link in the Description below where you can sign up For 30 day perfect pup and you’ll have Free access Over the last several episodes you’ve Seen how we’ve been working with moira In less populated areas in order to make That whole communication building Process a lot easier for her Today i’ll be working with moira in new And different places to see If our efforts are going to yield better Results today is going to be a Significant test because the last time We Did one of these neighborhood walks you Might remember didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped I hope we’ve made a lot of progress

Between then and now but i want to do a Test today And see where moira stands in this type Of setting which has a lot more wild Cards Than other types of settings you have Dogs from behind gates and dogs from Behind windows and maybe walking dogs And remember that is her Achilles heel and like our walk Yesterday on the lakefront not quite in A neighborhood i’m still gonna give her Opportunities to stop smell And evaluate everything here but you can See how different this is Than just being in a big open field or On a park she seems to like signposts Okay i’m gonna encourage her to move on Now moira come on Let’s go good girl pretty compliant There Fine with the ground sniffing that is What it means to be a dog After all let me verify that i can get Her to promptly change Directions that look pretty good and This is important time for her too the Dogs just really seem to find great Gratification and checking out the Ground so That’s fair i’m just going to go back Here a couple of times since i don’t Have a lot of experience with her in This type of setting

I want to be real methodical and do a Lot of testing here To see what she’s like in small bits i’m Kind of familiarizing this patch of land Right here as well So once she gets to go over it a couple Of times she’s probably like okay I’ve smelt that i know what it’s like I’ll pay attention to you more now Come on so look here’s a little tension I’m gonna try to call her moira come on That worked If not i would have given her some Gentle encouragement so that was a bit Of a training test So now i’m gonna go ahead and give her Another sniff break and just let her Enjoy the walk and not insist on ideal Perfect behavior This is that give and take we’re always Talking about when training our dogs we Have to let them just Explore sometimes and when they’re young They need to understand the world they Live in Okay looks like she started to get a Little wound up here though here comes The leash biting Which is typically a sign that she just Wants to play What’s that so i happen to have our Trusty ball that she really loves that She’s broken the squeaker on Which is good for a video like this

Because it’s not so annoying This way nice loose leash here really Proud of her Well done she falls into kind of a Natural heel there Good girl yes all right come on Come on get your ball gotta let her play With it a little bit and so just after a Few times here Passing this little patch she’s behaving Super well Less interest in the grass now because She satisfied that curiosity and so this Is kind of a micro Example of how you allow your dogs to Satisfy their curiosities Over time and in different places so if You’re having a really tough time when You give your dog a walk Maybe consider taking a walk in a much Smaller Area see by keeping early training to a Very small localized area like this This makes it a lot easier for your dog To comply to your requests And this is going to aid in more rapid Progress as their training goes on All right i think we’re ready to Continue on our walk but Some leash pulling immediately is Starting here now that we’ve moved on See if we can work through that a little Bit here come on Good girl moira and i’m happy to let the

Environment serve as a reinforcement Here I’m walking in the street here just Because it’s not terribly busy right now And i want to have a little bit more Room to work with I’m trying to give her as much room to Explore here as i reasonably can i’m Using a 10-foot lead but i’m probably Giving her Access to five or six feet of it right Now All right come on let’s go even though i Wanted her to sniff before i also want To be able To encourage her to move on too Hey that’s our mailman I think i have a barking dog coming up Up here she’s really focused on the Ground sense not the dog That’s extremely encouraging and so the Random sounds of the neighborhood she Continues to do well but i mean there’s People on a roof right it’s good for her To see things like that a little tension Right now Again being very clear i’m picking my Battles she’s generally staying with me I’m getting periods of time with a loose Leash it’s just that give and take that I’m constantly weighing here i’m gonna Try and make it all the way around the Block Here if this walk were an example

She’s quite manageable in a neighborhood Setting right now Now if i were to see a dog coming i Would probably go the other way and Create some distance or go across the Street Because i don’t yet think she’s ready For a sudden presentation with a dog in A neighborhood Moving forward over the next several Weeks to months it’ll make a lot of Sense To train in areas where she’s not Inundated by Dogs so we have these here i’m going to Be a little extra careful She’s done really well around birds you Can look at it but you have to look at Me when i ask Moira here you might see how rapidly Approaching Those ducks with her could really Overwhelm her and that’s what i’m trying To avoid here come on moira she’s Thinking about a good girl here I’m just gonna practice some impulse Control right here sit Stay so here rather than trying to go Past the bird I’m just gonna hang out for a minute This is a good opportunity for her To get a close-up look at them and Understand them a little better without Charging at them

I’m gonna give her a second satisfy that Curiosity then i’m gonna ask for Something in return Moira come on let’s go Well she’s been really good around bird Life that’s really close Because i really want to keep her from Reacting at all to those birds Good job girl come on What i do appreciate here is that she Isn’t fixated on the duck and looking Back at it as we walk away She’s starting to get a nice pant going Tells me she’s Getting a little bit of exercise on this Walk for a high energy dog like her Walks aren’t the most practical way to Exercise her but they can help And i’m just trying to get her to the Point where she can do a casual walk in A quiet neighborhood Like this and the logic is if she can Get used to that then she’s ready For the next steps of being closer to Dogs Which kind of brings me to my next idea Given that my immediate goal Is to gain some compliance from moira When a dog is just In sight i think we might be ready to Try some training Outside of a dog park i love this Particular dog park because there’s a Giant field right across the way

So it’s a dog trainer’s dream for Training like this In that you can so easily modify the Distance between the dogs inside the Park And moira outside of the park so you can Really find that working distance And find that line where you can focus On building on improvement Got a dog approaching unleashed Gonna try and keep distance here we’ve Just gotten here and i don’t want her Getting over threshold moira yes Oh almost come on girl hey what’s this Sit yes okay Now i’m trying to get her interest onto Something else like a toy and then my Hope is That if she’s interested in the toy that She’ll be interested in me So that i can better direct her and Teach her as to how i want her to behave In this particular situation and since Moira is so Fascinated and intrigued by other dogs Simply allowing her To observe dogs albeit at a significant Distance Might also be something that i want to Incorporate in this training session Still very interested in the dog but not A full-blown reaction which is where i Want to be So continued progress but do you see

What i did there when i saw a dog Approaching I thought about okay i want to have the Option to get as far away as reasonably Possible From that dog or the option to stay Close if she seems receptive to Listening it just Is all case by case that’s why i love Training in an environment like this for This particular issue i can very easily Manipulate the distance between A dog and a distraction moira here Yes good All right looks like she just glanced Over there Nice job girl come on let’s keep going i Want to keep her attention On me yes Let’s turn around this way laura here Good well done I don’t even think it’s totally Necessary to give her treats right now She’s like i’ll take it I think she’s just like as long as i can Keep smelling the ground over here and Looking at all this stuff i’m happy nice Loose leash right now I’m just letting her take in this dog Park in the distance over here We’re quite a ways away from it she’s Watching dogs run and play and naturally She’s intrigued by that This is her optimal working distance at

This particular moment in time With this particular issue imagine you Stayed out here for two hours three Hours On your day off or something you can Imagine how a dog may adapt and Eventually just Lay down and take a nap you know and That’s hard to imagine right now with Moira but you never know When we can dream can’t we she’s still a Little on edge a little wired though to Be honest with you so i’m still gonna Give her some time she just needs this Experience in her life right now and i’m Happy to stand by her while she gets That Let’s go back this way come on and so Her attention is definitely on the dog Park but it’s also on the ground here Too so she’s not So fixated i’m kind of on that line Right now where she goes from compliant To non-compliant as moira becomes Adjusted Something magical happens she starts Paying attention to me Imagine that moira yes Here moira ah Here yes morgan is starting to settle Down a little bit let me see if i can Get her to do just some real easy stuff I’m not trying to get her to do anything Hard

And if i can get her to do some of the Easy things she’s learned while out here That’s a sign to me that she’s Capable of adjusting but it’s a long Road here but i’m just trying to give You an idea of how i approach Issues like this with dogs yes Yes Okay good girl nice work very good Here yes Yes right now i’m just rewarding anytime She voluntarily pays attention to me Whether she gives me a heel A glance a loose leash a stop at a look Anything any eyes towards me gets a yes And a treat right now yes So you can see just by waiting for her To naturally glance up those are great Opportunities for us to teach our dogs To pay attention to us naturally too That’s been really effective yes Me backing up is very purposeful as well There i’m trying to draw her to me Just so she’s getting more and more Conditioned to walk away From distractions like we have over There i seem to have found something she Loves so we’re gonna go with this for a Second i love that she’s really into the Toy right now that means i can hold her Attention and with her Being into the toy so close to the dog Park that’s even better keep in mind That just because she’s into this toy at

This moment that doesn’t mean that She’ll always be into a toy In a distracting setting so basically When she’s into a toy i really like to Take advantage of that You can see she’s not giving the dog Park one bit of attention right now That’s what we love let go Good i mean just tossing it a foot or Two Is enough for her to be like i’ll listen To you okay easy girl Sit she gets a little excited still but I’ll take the attention and the Excitement So in the beginning when we first got Here we had to go way down there To get her attention look how much Closer we have gotten to the dog park She’s still aware of them When she looks at me hopefully i can get An automatic look here Yes good good girl [Applause] All right good girl so i’m getting a few Feet closer here I want to contrast this with just the Other day when moira was in a similar Situation She was completely uncontrollable if you Remember we put her in the deep end she Was in over her head then I’ve taken a step back i’ve worked with Her to try and build better

Communication And we’re already starting to see better Results with her and as i’ve gotten to Know moira i’ve Learned the pace at which she likes to Work and that’s something we should all Learn from and consider when we’re Working with a dog Different dogs progress at different Rates here Sit nope the fact that she does not Comply with sit here Is evidence that she’s starting to get a Little bit overwhelmed because she knows Sit very well and usually Will promptly listen to sit this is Evidence that we’re on the very edge of Moira’s working distance from those dogs Remember that when i met moira she was Totally out of control and overwhelmed Even when she was much farther away from Dollars so i’m Really proud of her and this is a big Improvement with her and so we’ve worked Our way To this distance here and she’s doing Okay But we’re just gonna park here let her Watch the dogs Let her smell the dogs and all the other Things going on There’s a lot going on here it’s also Near a busy interstate if you’ve only Been on the planet for

10 months or so as moira has then this Is a lot to take in you would imagine Wouldn’t you let’s go back to rewarding Her for attention again Let’s see how long it takes for her to Just say hey you still paying attention To me Let’s let this play out for a bit and See how moira behaves here This is a lot closer to other dogs than We’ve been able to get before And she’s noticing those dogs but also Behaving decently Here she does start to have a minor Reaction But she does settle down it’s worth Mentioning that reactivity outbursts Like this don’t go from very frequent to Zero Overnight yes good But rather if we’re doing our job we’re Looking for a trend To less severe reactivity over time And there are times when she starts to Get a little excited i definitely Manage her with a leash to keep her Close come on Yeah there you go that’s right ready Here moira yes Moira here here girl Come on Very good Here i like to seize on moments where a Dog gives me their attention

Particularly when they’re not offering Attention very readily sometimes i try To get them extra enthusiastic by Getting a little more animated and Exciting to them And sometimes i can squeeze a little bit Of training out of them and Establish a precedent for paying Attention to me when in exciting Situations and hopefully build on those In the future And i know it must be so exciting for Moira to watch those dogs play And right now she’s still in that period Of time where she has to understand How to listen to a human pretty reliably Before allowing her to interact with Just any dog there’s a whole cluster of Dogs over there I’m gonna let her look right now because It’s a fine line between reinforcing Coming to you and just trying to Distract your dog look at this loose Leash right now that’s pretty Good so this is really impressive Here come on good girl when you consider How moira was reacting when dogs were in Her sight just two weeks ago i think This is a Massive improvement always take the time To notice and acknowledge when your dog Has improvement like this So for me i consider this a lot of Progress on this particular issue not

Every dog is different so keep that in Mind but if you have a dog with Reactivity issues like boira look for Training sessions like this Where you have a little bit of progress And always be willing to take a step Back and keep things manageable And easy from your dog’s perspective so She’s had a good morning of training now I would expect her to probably doze off Here and a little bit or just relax I’d like to give you an update on how She has been doing overnight Overnight has been a non-issue in fact She’s been alone as long as 10 hours at A time Overnight and has done really well but She actually seems to enjoy her alone Time overnight i look at her on the Camera and she seems really content Sometimes she’ll be chewing on a bone Other times she’ll just be passed out But i also don’t put her up for long Periods of time without Having worked with her either so no Issues there At all we’ve had no potty training Issues with her this entire time So that’s pretty good settle so Settling and being off leash in the House is where we currently are with her Trying to give her more and more off Leash time oh yeah i guess we should Update her biting her biting is

A lot better except unless i pet her Belly and then she tends to get into a Bitey mood okay easy no more girl can’t Do that You’re a big german shepherd dog after All that training it’s important to give Her a nice long break and let her take a Relaxing nap I’ve still got a little bit of time left With moira so i’m hoping to be able to Teach her a couple of more tricks Kind of been messing around with her a Little bit on spin You see that’s what she does though when I try to teach her spin she kind of Plops into a sit So i’m hoping to really try to Communicate what i mean by spin so if You have a similar issue with your dog Where they tend to just keep making the Same mistake over and over on a new task That’s your cue Definitely make it easier for them on The next several attempts Good girl so that’s basically a spin but I want to be able to do it without Having to hold a puppet salmon treat Right at her nose there we go good girl Yes Here yes i’m still going to reward for Attention as well Yes good good job of not putting her Butt on the ground there Yes good intercepted her before her butt

Hit the ground Two things happened there i had her do Two rotations and i started to phase in The hand signal my next step in order to Teach her a hand signal see how i’m Having to hold that treat Right there to guide her That’s gross so i want to be able to get Her to follow my finger See that yes good Even though it’s still right there and It’s still kind of gross because she Keeps licking and biting at my finger Yes and i’m kind of calling her a way to Overcompensate for the fact that she Might Fall into the lie down there like she Often does Hey moira here Come on come here that’s okay are you Confused Let me make it easier Yes hey that was pretty good it’d be Great if i could get her to respond Solely to a hand signal for like two Spins in a row Yes good girl because we don’t know the Next data point on the graph it’s hard To know sometimes If we should keep going to try and get An extra success or if we should Hold off because they’re about to fail In the next attempt so that’s way easier Said than done

And you can see how you and your dog can Really grow a lot Closer and understand each other better When you’re teaching this stuff Because it’s so fun and do you think That they’re not blown away that they’re Communicating with you And getting some one-on-one time with You They don’t forget those kinds of things Good girl Ready i do have a big Giant hand signal that won’t always have To be the case yeah sometimes Dogs respond to really exaggerated body Language like that Moira get off the furniture come on good Girl Yes i mean how many people who are Trying to break their dogs of getting on The furniture Tend to get mad in that situation Instead look for the reason to reward She responded she got off the furniture Let me reward that Rather than yelling at her for getting On the furniture so I definitely rewarded her but for coming To me if there’s One skill that every german shepherd dog On earth needs to know It’s how to dance i love teaching dogs How to do leg weaves that’s where they Go

Between your legs you know like this You’ve seen inertia and me do this Before So first let’s make sure her stay looks Good stay Yes here Moira i’m gonna lure i’m gonna start With the lure here yes Look at that here gonna Lure her she’s got one way to go yes Definitely gonna reward her with a treat Okay good girl You like that huh Yes good three in a row i was tempted to Go for four Maybe it would have succeeded maybe not I just wanted to make sure that i caught Her succeeding that’s why i elected to Do three There you go you can get it yes Yes so here i’m really being very Generous and liberal with the treats That i’m giving her as i teach this At some point she’s gonna need to be Able to whip through those legs without A treat at all that is if her new home Decides to Maintain this particular trick just as a Side note rewarding her every time i can With come win call Really important letting her go back to Doing what she’s doing as well Moira come yes Very good all right here what’s this

She’s seeming to get this Yes good got three for one treat there All right sit i think she’s getting a Little bored with this one i think we Should shift gears So i find that luring and using a treat Is a great way to introduce a concept a Lot but once they are starting to get it With a dog like moira she’s like i’d Rather play right now It’s easy to get frustrated and Discouraged when your dog starts jumping And play biting during a play session Like this but if you can harness this And polish this desire to play into how To actually Work for a toy during a training session It can be one of the best things ever So it’s normal in the beginning for a Dog to haphazardly jump and seemingly be Annoying if you’re not prepared for this But this is actually a good thing However you are going to need to take Some extra time Just to teach them that they can play With the toy as long as they stick with The training session Yes good i mean is she catching on quick Or what Our next episode episode 12 is gonna be Our final episode with moira and you’re Going to find out What her future holds i’ll have a link To my free digital dog training course

With puppet and puppet’s awesome Training treats in the description Subscribe to this channel follow us on Tik tok instagram and facebook And get a copy of my books too once Again all the links will be below We’ll see you guys in moira’s final [Music] Episode

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