Will they fight? Introducing a NEW dog to my dog. What I do when they get TOO ROUGH.

Will they fight?  Introducing a NEW dog to my dog. What I do when they get TOO ROUGH.

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Have you ever Introduced a new dog to your dog?? How did it go??? 👀

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I felt like in that moment every bit of Training i had done with him was Meaningless This is reality dog training subscribe And click the bell so you never miss an Episode [Music] From everything i’ve seen inertia and Chop are ready to meet each other again And hopefully this time they’ll open up A little bit more than they did when They first met each other inertia is Sensitive but she is brave enough and There comes a time to test and i think Now is that time during times like this I like to eat some nom nom to think About things now i know what you’re Thinking there’s no way they ship nom Nom to Alaska you’re right about that sorry Alaska the thing is nom nom is super Fresh food so they have to get it where It’s going fast and apparently dog Sledding the product takes a little bit Too long hopefully someday though but This stuff is so fresh and so good it’s Designed by a veterinary nutritionist They actually cater it to your specific Dog and gently cook the food so it Retains so many of its nutrients nom nom Is the freshest food that i know of that You can have delivered straight to your Door if you want to try nom nom you can Get 50 off a two week trial by going to

My special link trinom.com Zack i’ll have a link below i’m hoping That today inertia and chop might Actually become friends this is one of The more significant moments in Inertia’s life at least as it relates to Interacting with a young strong big Other dog he had such an active day Yesterday and he basically woke up after Spending 10 plus hours asleep and he Still looked pretty tired and pretty Subdued so i’m looking at him and i’m Like this is the mindset i want him in When he interacts with inertia not high Strung like he was at the park yesterday And it’s worth reminding you remember Inertia has demonstrated fearful Behavior in the past where she’s felt The need to nip at other dogs and it’s Fortunately not accelerated but i want To keep it that way but inertia has also Come a long way she’s matured Tremendously her training’s been going Very well and so i really think that These two have a very good shot at Hitting it off well together of all the Things that inertia and i have done Together the trust we’ve built with one Another has probably been one of the Things that i’m at least most proud of i Don’t want to mess that up and i don’t Think i’m going to at the end of the day You never know how two dogs are going to Interact with one another there’s a lot

Of variables and we can’t know exactly What’s going on in their head all we can Do is do our best to prepare them for These interactions i’ve brought my dog Inertia outside and both dogs seem Pretty calm and in a good mood i’m Feeling pretty good about this but let’s See if this goes as i expect it too I just like letting the dogs come out Here when i’m doing this type of Training and have their dog time Together and Let them get their fresh air Wake up a little bit And there we have it i mean let’s let This play out for a little bit and see Where they go with this but so far so Good There’s their first game of chase You see a brief moment of cautiousness Here from inertia and she appears to be Communicating to chop settle down for a Second and chop takes that cue from her Extremely well and he backs off for a Few seconds he’s pretty good at chase I’d say so and inertia is going to be Super happy now that’s her favorite dog Game right there Some dogs like to wrestle but inertia Loves to play chase that’s her favorite Game to play with other dogs Chop is behaving extremely well he’s Even ignoring inertia sometimes which Will communicate to her that she doesn’t

Have to worry about him constantly being All over her plus it gives her time to Watch him and decide that he’s okay on Her terms For a nurse to be doing so well with Such a big dog just Makes me as her dad super happy And ursula looks like she’s really ready To play rough here she’s like let’s go For it and chop says okay i’ll Reciprocate i’ll get a little rough too And he does But then inertia says oh okay that’s a Little too rough This is brilliant communication between These two very smart dogs This so far is best case scenario number One reciprocal play they’re both doing Play bows and neither one is being very Overbearing so far they really appear to Be playing politely they’re testing the Waters with one another and there are Moments here where both dogs completely Stop playing they sniff around and chill Out for a minute in a way that isn’t Hyperactive at all so this is a really Good precedent Sometimes introducing two dogs can be a Delicate process i do talk about this And many other dog training tips in my Books i’ll have links below All right looks like his stamina is uh Limited you like playing chase in very Short bits i can see

All right there they go Easy So i’m watching him to make sure he Doesn’t get too rough Because inertia’s pretty good at evading However If he catches up to her He might put pause on her and she Doesn’t like that But so far he seems quite polite they’re Doing so well right now i’d like to see If we can get them coexisting inside the House too While inside here periodically i’m going To get chops attention on me maybe by Snapping my fingers in order to Interrupt him from being too Rambunctious especially when he attempts To put his paws on her i’m going to Discourage that because inertia needs to Have the freedom to create distance from Him if she wants to and if he restrains Her that could make her more fearful and Possibly escalate matters so i really Need to be on top of things here She’s so bad Inside things might get a little bumpy If they continue to play rambunctiously Like this and i’d prefer that indoor Play be a little bit more subdued than Outdoor play with these two because well You can only imagine okay So now we’ll let them resume If they want you or like not that’s fine

Too Yeah and it seems like if we just Interrupt them over and over when they Do things we prefer they don’t do They learn not to do them High inertia You having fun You like your new friend i’m constantly Watching these two and i’m not just Going to make the assumption that oh They’re best friends and i’ll let them Do whatever they want now they still Have a lot to learn about interacting With one another just because two dogs Start off this way and play well Together doesn’t mean that they’re just Bound to be best friends forever though Remember rambunctious play can escalate At times so it’s very important that i Continue to intervene if things start to Get a little too hyperactive that way my Hope is that both dogs continue to learn What’s appropriate behavior over time And even though today went well we’re Not out of the woods here chop is still Coming out of his shell so we still have A lot to learn about one another over The coming weeks You can pick them like flowers these Clumps of hair Look at that sorry bree yeah I have got to brush this dog and give Him a bath today i think it’s a Reasonable guess to say that he has

Probably never had a bath at least a Formal bath in the way we’re going to Give him today because he’s been Homeless his entire life he’s lived Outside i mean he is a very significant Shedder as we have established i mean Usually when i brush a dog i really try To ease them into it make sure they’re Not scared of the brush maybe they’ve Had a past affiliation with a brush that Scares them up Clearly chop does not appear yes to be Scared so i’m just right now i’m letting Him smell it reacting confidently around The brush of course i don’t want him Biting it but i’d rather him be more Playful than nervous of course i’m gonna Come over here right at the side of his Face or under his neck and touch him With it Just because that’s where dogs like to Be touched by humans initially when we Pet them is under their chin which can Be a little counter-intuitive sometimes We want to go above their head or behind Them but that can throw off a lot of Dogs So i’m just kind of tapping him here Going to tap his shoulder yes And i’m giving him a treat so just Really easing him into it yes If you just go in and start brushing Them Yes

Vigorously then that can really startle A lot of dogs See that he got a little nervous that Time yes It’s okay Gonna go A little easier yes So far i have like done one stroke there You go a very light one Yes I’m just giving him his breakfast right Now Never seen anything like this look at That Sorry it’s just it’s hilarious because I’m gonna have to like take the hair out Every three seconds it’s gonna take Forever to brush and going it this way Let me see if i can get a few strokes in Now Yes i got three that time he was a Little thrown off but i think he’ll be Okay let’s see Good man you’re doing great yes Two that time for those of you with new Dogs in particular you should probably Consider getting a monthly pup box they Send you training supplies every month Along with a wealth of information on This extremely detailed training card That’s front and back and extra durable So it’s somewhat resistant to untrained Dogs and this is all based on your dog’s Age so this for example would be the six

Month box i still think it’ll be helpful Here but they also have adult boxes i Love this box though because they send Me my favorite shampoo right here i’m Gonna use this in a sec one of the tips I got from the training card inside the Pup box was you could use a washcloth Too to really ease them into it if They’re very sensitive so that would get Them used to being touched before they Actually have to feel the bristles i’m Going to go ahead and let them eat out Of my hand While i do This this is great This is also a great warm-up for his Bath because i might try to do something Similar when giving him a bath though a Lot of dogs lose interest in eating when You give them a bath because They’re a little bit stressed about What’s going on Yeah he certainly did yes Why did i say yes there he had walked Away I prefer he not do that I’m really careful to allow chop to opt Out here whenever he wants i want to Keep him as comfortable as possible by Being patient here and going slowly We’re dramatically increasing the odds That he will hopefully continue to feel Good about this experience moving Forward as you can see he comes right

Back too came back automatically and i Said chop come as he was coming so i Could really capture that and put it in Context so he understands really What that term means because he’s in the Middle of performing that action and so I’m still trying to be mindful to give Him treats here Every several strokes just to keep it a Fun experience It’s like you were made to live in the Arctic or something And this is after brushing him for 20 Minutes straight [Laughter] Oh gosh come here Oh how’s you with his tail good man some Dogs have sensitive tails Chop Yes That was quite nice Here sit Yes Good man Look at me You ready to take a bath Okay come on let’s go just seeing what Happened outside I’m wondering what is the bath gonna be Like this dog just lost a whole dog’s Worth of fur i mean he basically just Exploded before my eyes but he is still Here and he still needs a bath if you Approach it right giving a dog a bath

Can be a fantastic way to build trust With them i guess it’s a great way to Demonstrate that you are willing to go Slowly with them through new and Potentially stressful experiences the Idea especially in the beginning is to Guide them through this experience nice And easy so that they’ll learn even if They’re a little stressed that you’ve Got their back and once you start Building trust like that it can start to Translate in other areas of your Relationship with a dog at least that’s What i found Thanks He’s a heavy man Yes good man i think it’s really Important to go slowly when we’re Introducing a dog to the bath process Yes Doing really well here and so you can See how the water is making contact with His feet right now he’s aware of it but He’s doing really well so now we’re Going to go to this I’m pointing it away from him notice yes Let me turn it off that would probably Be better we’ll turn it off like this Hey what’s this You can see there’s a little bit still Coming out there but He’s doing really well see if this is Indeed his first bath i want to go out Of my way to make this as good of an

Experience as i possibly can while still Making sure that he gets clean and Naturally a lot of dogs can be sensitive To getting a bath it’s kind of like Going to the dentist for dogs We’ll go to one of the softer Sprays here That’s a nice temperature oh you’re Gonna like this it’s okay Yes See that just a quick little sprinkle Here yes I think i’ve forgotten to take his Collar off good man look at him yes he’s A little like weirded out by the water So you’re gonna do short bursts build Some trust with him here Yes Good boy I wouldn’t be surprised if this was his First bath ever in life Look at this he’s great oh my gosh That’s quite convenient look at that Gosh he’s a big dog look at this He’s making it easy for me here get Under him I mean he’s as tall as me look at this Good boy hey yes You want some treats He’s still taking treats too so You know that’s a sign that he’s not too Stressed all right i’m going to go ahead And soak him up now He’s being so brave right now

Oh you already smell so much better Let’s take a measure of the stress level Okay still taking treats Again we correlate that with not too Stressed dogs that are really nervous Won’t take treats pup box sent us this Awesome toy right here and you could put Peanut butter on the inside of something Like this to keep their attention we’re Gonna let him dry out when we’re done on The deck He’s gonna love that with the dry air Out here in alaska he’ll be dry in no Time i think look at how good he is with His feet look at the size of these feet It’s like washing an suv One of the best first baths ever Honestly baths can be such a stressful Time for a dog and just by going slowly Like we did in this lesson you’re much More likely to have a smoother Experience You did a good job in that bath to try And dry him off a little bit before he Shakes off all over the place because We don’t have flood insurance on this House Okay I’m gonna shake off Shake off all right i think he’s good to Go on the Deck comfy buddy seems pretty happy out There He’s been doing so well out there

Well contrary to the bright sun it is 9 15 at night right now i think it’s Time to go to bed i’ve got lots of Things planned for tomorrow so it should Be pretty fun what do you think chop are You ready to go to bed if he gets Through the night without waking up i’m Going to be very pleased but if he Decides he needs a potty break in the Middle of the night then that’s okay too I want to get some one-on-one time with Inertia plus i also want to give chop Some experience of seeing me work with Another dog while he’s in that calmer State of mind his social skills around Other dogs still need some work and we Found this great hack where chop can Chill out outside and get some fresh air While i play with inertia so far he Hasn’t made any efforts to explore or Jump up on the railing and he seems Really content out here like he could Just take a nap out here for hours but I’m still gonna stay right here in this Room and keep an eye on him at all times Controlling the environment like this is One of the most important things you can Do just make sure there are no flaws in Your controlling the environment plans This is reality dog training subscribe And click the bell get 50 off a two-week Trial of nom nom at trinom.com and get 50 off your first pop box when you sign Up for a multi-month subscription by

Going to pupbox.com zack and using Discount code zack follow us on tiktok And instagram and get both of my books I’ll have links in the description below We’ll see you guys next time

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